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No Jumper feat Tay K & Blocboy JB - Hard (Official Music Video)

Published on Jul 27, 2018
Stream/Download - - The first single from No Jumper Records gets a music video. Blocboy JB joins forces with Tay K for the "Hard" visual. Look for much more dropping soon
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  • subscribe to this channel bc when we hit 2 million we're going to Dave & Busters

  • 2:11 her @?

  • Free tay k man

  • Who was the girl smoking she looks so familiar

  • Feb 2019 squaaaaaaad!

  • TayK and his friend pimpyZ stood strong and didn't fold like others do... like SixNine. Free TayK the guy is only a kid 16 now he is 18 look at death. Free TayK.

  • tay k the type of guy to make a song about killing people while in prison for killing people

  • Tay k goes hard behind bars

  • When I see my crush my dick is *very hard*

  • Was Tay-K working on this and didn’t finish it because he went to jail? Because tbh I don’t like Blocboys part I wish Tay-K did the whole song. His chorus was fire af.

  • This shit is very trash

  • Tay-K never coming out dude

  • hold up so we just gonna ignore the fact that tay k had a glock in his pants at school?

  • english very hard

  • Tay-k's part is the best

  • fire af

  • This song was pretty hard!!!!

  • One of the hardest rapers

  • Who is blast this in February 2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • For all the retards tay-k made a song already with that lyrics call opp shit goofy ass niccas

  • Chopper

  • 2:07 tayk was kicking VERY HARD

  • Jumper where dat Dave and Busters though.

  • When you come back and her clothes are off

  • Why does tay k and comethazine sound similar? 🤔🤔🤔

  • 5,6,7 сук на мне, они все hoe

  • Выпустил трек в тюрьме

  • lol free Tay-k. Why? He shot somebody dead...

  • Free Tay-K

  • T Kay - jail is very hard

  • Lit you do go hard

  • 2:10 clasic

  • Who still listening??? 🔥🖕😂

  • aint no such thing as a good rap video without an Asian thot in it

  • Bicth I very hard

  • Раз, два, три Tappy варит доуп пять, шесть, семь сук на мне они все хоу.

  • Someone excited

  • Blocboy ruins everything

  • Come on , you know king shooters version go hard 🔥🔥🔥

  • Look up Tay-K “ Opp Shit “ that’s the original of this song

  • school was very hard.. nigga was like in 8th grade lol

  • 1:53 Me when the teacher thinks I'm going to the washroom, but I'm really 'bout to screw my pet hamster.

  • Adam in chem lab whipping it up

  • All the dislikes are from the cops

  • this so dumb harddd but this lyrics man i cant rock wit

  • Tay _k looks gay

  • “Gar”

  • How shit you have to be, to get outdone in a song by a 15 year old boy Tay k washed Blocboy jb

  • Tay K - Prison life ft. 6ix9ine, Bobby Shmurda.

  • appearing in a music video *very hard*

  • TAY-K🔥😈

  • Noise song

  • I like you

  • Free tay k

  • He look likes a boondocks animation

  • I think the Jb was a terrible choise for this song

  • Low key he is a good rapper

  • Life is very hard at Martin high school if u didn’t know that’s the high school I go to and that’s the high school he’s supposed to be at if he wasn’t in jail

  • she thought it was my cock but my glock very hard

  • Trump was really hard!!!!

  • BlocBoy ruined the song

  • Can get a producer name adam? Jeez the description of your videos is corporate as fuck.

  • This song is gay when he says hard

  • Stop doing the shoot my God bruh chill out

  • Wish Tay k was the principal at my school 🚔:2019😂🎶💯

    • Oh so you want to be assaulted and murdered?

  • Opp shit was better without blocboyJB

  • This goes hard

  • why the tay k animation look hella derpy

  • [Insert Shitty Rapper] But Good

  • Free Tay k

  • School was very hard. School was very hard?

  • 1:28 brandon ingram

  • Better than queen, ye and micheal jackson whole dicography

  • Rip you apart

  • Bullets aim fart

  • Lil yay

  • Lit af

  • I forgot about this song

  • Every like = 1 🍕 🍕🍕

  • Wait a sec at 0:46 guy in back of the room is awake, moving to the beat, but at 0.47 he is asleep

  • 0:17

  • 2019 anyone?

  • That lady was indeed foolish to belive it was my male reproductive organ but it was actually my small concealable weapon

  • How did tayk record this

  • Apparently it wasn't HARD to illustrate Tay-K

  • The song makes me wanna go to school and say when will tay k be free on the stage with the microphone

  • 2019-2020 Gang where u at?

  • Crips On Dah rise Now that i think about it(hella rappers that's crips Wanna Come up)So ig Tay K Started a trend

  • Why all the good Rappers That Drop Heat Gotta be locked up,Fuck the Murder nigga He Murdering The Beat too Bitch I Bump his Shit more than Youngboy tf?😣💯💀💪😈🔫

  • He'll yeah

  • This song goes hard

  • not the original.

  • who is the girl at 2:12 whts her IG

  • Free tay k

  • 0:42 on the last day of school and the bell rings

  • Free tay k

  • He found a new way to escape prison

  • One day i listen to this before school then i once again listened to it in class at lunch someone was sneak dissin i went to him like why u sneak dissen he was like u soft i screamed BITCH IM VERY HARD the lunch aid heard me and started walkin over quickly but when he got over there it was already over after i said i was hard he pushed me i swung on him and choked that nigga the lunch aid then dragged me to the office😂

  • No cap tay k rlly hard tho

  • cool