Nippy Little Mink!

Published on Nov 8, 2016
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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets up close and chomped on by one nippy little Mink!
While visiting Steve Kroschel’s Wildlife Center in Haines, Alaska the Brave Wilderness team was privileged to meet many amazing animals but this little Mink was by far the most entertaining in interact with!
Leaping and bounding all around Coyote and Steve the Mink sure showed off its speed and agility. Just when you’d think it was ready to calm down and take a rest it was back in the water for some more splashing around because playtime is never over when you're a mustelid!
Get ready to get up close with one adorable baby Mink!

HUGE THANKS to Steve Kroschel and his amazing team for hosting the Brave Wilderness crew and making this video possible. If you’d like to make plans to see this Mink in person please go to Steve's website for information on how to book your visit! -

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  • 4:38 he’s like wtf

  • This dog is awesome

  • coyote is retarded

  • He would make a great scarf!

  • I dissected one of these once. Never again lol

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sooooo cute!!!!!!

  • ohh, i saw a family of minks once!! they were so adorable and quiet, but that was the only time in 15 years, haha! i didn’t know they were so elusive!

  • I want one :D

  • 5:56 when your parents tell you were gonna get a cat. Pause the vid before you click the time stamp

  • I am probably the only one here in 2019

  • Gi check out the mink man a guy who tames and trsins mink to hunt muskrats and fish

  • So I'm guessing by the 'mink noise' that mink are related to Wookies.

  • Wolverine plus otter equals mink

  • its so cute

  • 4:37 Coyote: “-and the length of their body...” Mink “WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?!”

  • Like I f this man is awesome

  • You should get in touch with Joseph carter the mink man

  • I like how you guys use some of the songs from the prehistoric park soundtrack. It brings back memories.

  • So adorable! I can’t believe my dad worked on a mink ranch! I’m glad my father didn’t make me work on a farm I’d be so sad if I had to do what My father did to them!

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  • The mink is planing how to kill them both the whole time.

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  • It looks like a ferret

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  • "Careful he's gonna bite you!". Coyote: "Here, hold my beer".

  • Really cuteee

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  • Wait I thought sea minks extinct never mind it’s another species of mink

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  • Being barefoot to connect with the animals? More like the other way around, it seems.

  • Steve"its biting you!".Coyote,"I was bit by a giant snapping turtle,German shepard,and a lion,I dont even feel this."

  • Very cute and playful animals, my grandfather & uncle had a mink farm. They multiply like rabbits, when they were adults my family sold the minks to the Space Farm Zoo in NJ and they made fur coats, mink oil and fed the mink meat to the zoo animals. I love minks, and think that trapping them in the wild is worse than to raise them on the farm.

  • I think Steve is always on acid lol


  • These guys have autism.

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  • My friend said, mink meat so tasty. Why u dnt try it ?

  • not alaska... skyrim

  • it's so cute if it wasn't a wild animal I would love one as a pet, so sad that we kill such cuteness for coats/scarves and gloves.

  • My Spirit Animal.

  • that's a funny lookin 🐱

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  • Does any1 live in alaska. P.s. i live in alaska

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  • I love minks! We have them around here but, they are so hard to find :(

  • Hey coyote I have been watching your videos with my family and I would like to thank you. Because you gave gotten me through some pretty hard times. And when my dad and brother wanted me to hunt you reminded me it is ok every life is beautiful but with that death we are giving back. Because we are eating it and giving to the predators what we can't eat. So thank you Kyotie it wouldn't look like I have Ben watching your videos but that is because I have Ben watching them on my mom's account with her. Any way I would just like to thank you for being my childhood and present hero.

  • Coyote, I don't watch you for the bites. You're just a stellar human being. Your passion for nature and life is contagious. The bites are just your purple cow.

  • 😍😋

  • i have a ferret and he have the same actitude that this little guy

  • Damn shame you didn't meet The Mink Man to do this video, you could've joined him on a muskrat hunt with his pet minks.

  • OMGosh he is so sweet! His face & body remind me alot of ferrets too!

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  • I legit cried. So cute

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  • Goodness! I have ferrets, it's like comparing a dog to a wolf! What a great family the weasel cousins are!

  • I would name that mink "noodles"! Also, coyete, how does it feel to be dethroned from being king over animals? Look at that furry, skinny Choco pie!

  • Now thats a mean cat

  • I’m coyote Peterson and I’m about to dive into this guys b****

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  • Get TMJ doing that sound all day.

  • 0:11 the mink looks like its say who called my name

  • I own the ferrit

  • I love Mink, they are almost the perfect predator, unfortunately animal activists in this area raided a mink farm and let them go, YES I KNOW that farming fur isnt good, but also releasing hundreds of mink in the UK, where they proceed to decimate the local wildlife isnt good either. Mink got a REALLY bad rep as a result

  • 😂the Communication

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  • Last year a mink just about murdered one of our ducks on the back patio we had to kill both animals in the end.

  • im coyote peterson... and imma bout to enter the bite zone with a mink. ....gets his pinky finger bit off....

  • There is a population problem , its the Human races , especially the Eastern Hemisphere , but its okay for Humans to over populate as if they are really special gods of Earth or something right ? Leave room for nature .

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  • There Was This Full Grown Male Mink On Our Farm And It Killed FOUR Of Our BABY Chickens ;-;

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  • Merry Christmas

  • And to think, some humans see this cute, playful creature and think "KILL IT! Turn it into a coat." Ah my kind, how I love to hate them.

  • Bit by parere dog

  • I bet the guy with the feathers on his beanie thinks he can fly