Nippy Little Mink!

Published on Nov 8, 2016
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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets up close and chomped on by one nippy little Mink!
While visiting Steve Kroschel’s Wildlife Center in Haines, Alaska the Brave Wilderness team was privileged to meet many amazing animals but this little Mink was by far the most entertaining in interact with!
Leaping and bounding all around Coyote and Steve the Mink sure showed off its speed and agility. Just when you’d think it was ready to calm down and take a rest it was back in the water for some more splashing around because playtime is never over when you're a mustelid!
Get ready to get up close with one adorable baby Mink!

HUGE THANKS to Steve Kroschel and his amazing team for hosting the Brave Wilderness crew and making this video possible. If you’d like to make plans to see this Mink in person please go to Steve's website for information on how to book your visit! -

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  • SO F*CKING ADORABLE. I know that in certain areas they've been a threat to certain other wildlife. They are carnivores. I love THEM! Amazing how these beautiful creatures have evolved to do sooooo many interesting things.

  • Should've had Joseph Carter the Mink Man on your show. His minks wouldn't go crazy like that.

  • Joseph Carter has tamed mink and they hunt fish and rats and even musk rats

  • I've seen a wild mink in Upstate New York before. It was riɡht off the Mohawk river.

  • @ 4:23 I'd arɡue otter is the best predator in the Weasel family. But all weasels members includinɡ Minks, Fishers, Martens, and even Skunks are pretty ɡood at what they do.

  • Barefoot to connect with the earth... God what a moronic thing to say.

  • i wonder if jospeh carter has seen this

  • 6:43 Coyote: Stay wild. Mink: No problem! 😜

  • I know others have already mentioned Joseph Carter, but if you watch his vids he explains why the mink was not happy being held around the body. You want to get an up-close shot for the camera then hold it by the tail with the other hand as a support for it to sit on. Any semi tame mink will be far less squirmy and more likely to sit still that way.

  • Mink are the best!

  • Steve Kroschel is an absolute madlad

  • This reminded me of buizel pokemon

  • I've seen too many muskrats and rats die to Mink XD I will always look at them like the little balls of death and hunting prowess they are. I can't ever see them as cute, they are fierce hunters.

  • "You lead the way" Runs ahead of mink.

  • You guys should colab with "Joseph Carter the Mink Man"

  • I have a pet mink , I named him Bink the Mink !


  • Coyote:did you brush your teeth Mink:I’m out

  • My cats named mink lol

  • Minks are not this friendly. They can bite. They are not house cats nor dogs. Go get a dog or a cat if you want go pet something.

  • Soooo cute! Hope more minks don’t become fur coats!

  • Check out the JOSEPH CARTER THE MINK MAN channel on US-tv, you will be surprised ,he is training his minks to wipeout entire rat population from face of earth , his videos are very addictive , so watch out guys

  • Pause at 0:40 don't that cloud in the middle look like a face

  • He needs to meet a ferret

  • Who else came after seeing Minkman in your recommendations

  • Otter

  • is you name really Kioty

  • She's too cute! :)

  • Can kids join your team

  • Ahlalalalllalallalal come here mink ahahhahahaahhahahah

  • He looks like a cute little otter!!!

  • Gorgeous

  • Ok so Peterson can get near a highly venom animal not care Peterson gets near a mink or weasel SHHHH DONT MOVE IT CAN KILL US

  • Have an episode with Joseph Carter! Would love to see Coyote interact with Joseph's hunting minks!

  • The mink is so cute!

  • It’s like my ferret, but more spastic

  • Such a cute fur coat 😍😍

  • Cute!!!!!

  • I love minks so much, sad they're hunted for their fur tho

  • Steve_ngert6 Coyote_te4

  • This makes me so sad, my ferret ran away a couple of days ago and that mink really reminds me of him

  • Coyote you need to meet joseph carter the mink man

  • Oh god! So cute!.

  • Joseph Carter can do a million times more than this. He needs more followers. If you like mink, please look up his many amazing videos. Joseph Carter people.

  • Umm you get bit by bad stuff but this dude😲

  • My dog watched this with me

  • Fantastic video!

  • Gimme then toes

  • I think patty mayo tool notes from coyote

  • Try a coconut crab

  • You should do a collab with Joseph Carter aka "The Mink Man" his videos and Minks are awesome!!.

  • Best little minky boy.

  • OMG so CUTE

  • Awesome coyote

  • Such a cute beautiful animal.

  • I love this channel 🤠😘😍❤️

  • Lots of respect for these animals! Absolutely love them. However how does the BW fan base feel about getting rid of these from my land for killing the chicken on my land?

  • This reminds me of a otter

  • I hope coyotes got his 50 cal!

  • That mink reminds me of fang and brocc (joseph carter’s mink)

  • She looks like my ferret!

  • like small otter

  • Joseph carter is more better than steve krochel ..!!!!!

  • Those things are just fluffy slinkies

  • 😍

  • 0:12 mink: is that a camera ??

  • I got a mink in my backyard. I don't know how that's possible. But no kidding, it's for real. He or she comes in a while. It's so fast that I haven't been able to get a decent picture of it. It's so cute, though.

  • I have a mink corpse in my freezer. It got clipped by a car and died so I thought I may as well have use of it. I'm gonna get it taxidermied so I can use it as a reference for drawing.

  • I love minks like if you agree

  • I have ferrets and they have the same look as the mink does! The mink, weasel, ferrets, pine marten, Fisher, and otter

  • Whats this hairy turd called a “mink”

  • Cute little bugger

  • Steve frightens me

  • Isn’t that a ferret

  • Zplease get a Féria it will make my day

  • It’s adorable

  • You need to go to norway i has the best wilderness in the world just trust me

  • CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  • Weirdos


  • To be honest, if rebirth exists, I kinda wanna be reborn as either a mink or a dog.

  • I have one

  • It looks nothing like a weasel.

  • 5:55 ha. Someone needs to make a "out of context" compilation video of all the funny faces coyote has had including this face

  • This is the cutest video ive ever seen. Hecc. I couldnt stop smiling

  • He so cute..

  • ( っ'-')╮ =͟͟͞͞🏀

  • Videos: Bite or sting videos: 40% Animal encounters: 50% Cute animals: 10%

  • My last names Mink so I love it that much more!!!

  • why are u wanting it to bite ur toes lol oh my ur brave coyote

  • Gute


  • Yay



  • I used to sit in my barn with an old rifle scope, watching the mink attacking the muskrats along the bank of our pond. They even used to rat out under some tractor equipment we had sitting around during winter. Since I knew where they had their burrows, I would sometimes catch a sunfish and leave it on the bank nearby and hide to coax them out for people who wanted to see them. I love watching them, they're awesome little predators.


  • Reminds me of my 3 ferrets lol

  • So what kind of parents name their son “Coyote”?

  • weasels are so cute and slim!