New York’s Best New Pastrami Is Made with Fish Sauce - Prime Time

Published on Feb 19, 2018
On the second episode of Prime Time, hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young head to Harry and Ida's, the survivalist food science lab masquerading as a sandwich shop where they learn how chef Will Horowitz is making pastrami from scratch.
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  • 😭👌

  • How did I not know about you guys? This is awesome.

  • True meatsmiths, not like my great grandma, she sucked off Capone back in the day!

  • I'm convinced you're only allowed to eat on camera, because I would be morbidly obese if I was around steaks and sausages all day.

  • daves not here man 2:03

  • I find it hard to concentrate on a good cooking show when the theme of mid-life crisis is so strong.

  • I Need 13638 Of Those Sandwiches Now Pleaee With Sugar On Top

  • This was insane. Ha ha.

  • Funny how in western world, it's a hipster thing to be sustainable and not waste food as much as possible. While in other parts of the world, it's a normal, everyday thing...

  • Really love Harry and Ida's, I go there every Friday for lunch

  • These guys seem like they love what they do and it makes me smile while watching lol

  • 5:24 wtf lol

  • Why? Why? Why? Why do I love food so much?


  • No way to brake it down? What about every barbecue smoked brisket?

  • Unlike other animals. It's the domesticated beaver that has the gamey aftertaste.

  • This guy NEEDS to write a book!!!! Someone please document his recipes!! I have been nose to tail eating and cooking for 4 years now and this guy just blew my mind...

  • He's sooooo high.

  • Bring some hanwoo beef and smoke it

  • Go to Korea and try Korean hanwoo bbq

  • sea weed

  • I So Want to Eat There

  • So this is a trash restaurant?

  • "This is a three year aged beaver". Once again youtube got weird at unexpected times.

  • I didnt know Lee Syat's brother made pastrami

  • All this work that goes into it but he puts it in some trash ass soft sweet bread...

  • How many pots have you smoked lol

  • that guy seems baked out of his mind^^ but hes really smart about his approach and i like his no waste philosphy

  • Everyone loves aged beaver😂😂😂😂watch the video and it makes sense

  • This guys gotta make they're own show

  • I thought he only makes vegan foods, turns out he also makes non-vegan foods

  • I think cooking that maximizes the value out of animal products or just food in general is admirable. There is a restaurant in Canada called Antler that got some vegan protesters, just because of a sign that said "venison is the new kale." Out of all the restaurants in the area, they went after the one that tried to use all the edible cuts of deer. Anyways kudos to these guys for trying to tap into flavors that are usually ignored. I didn't know you could make use out of liquid whey from cheese production.

  • I had a couple sandos from Harry and Idas a year ago, and it was amazing.

  • It's like the guy is stuck in this 18th century mindset and I can't help but to love it. He is experimenting and doesn't want to waste a thing. Kudos.

  • Enjoyed the last few vids I've seen from yall subscribed. I like you guys don't get political yall stay on target!

  • He’s so stoned lol

  • OMG I love this guy! He is living my dream. Like a very specific my dream, I never though another human on the planet would be that interested in that many forms of fermentation and preservation. I want to visit this restaurant SO bad!

  • Just try boiled pork belly and then soak in the boiled mixture of sugar+fish sauce +water+whole garlic and chilies for at least 3 days. After 3 days,cut a small option, steam to warm it up, Slicing thinly than serve with rice or wrap in rice papers with lettuces and fermented anchovies dipping sauce on the side. It will blow your mind.

  • Is that a blood bucket tattoo?

  • This guy was so high lol

    • Lol.. I believe do.. but he's gotta be high af to come up with these recipes..

  • Awesome 👏🏻

  • Did he say the seaweed corn husk mixture tastes like chocolate?

  • The way he pronounced the word milk is MELK lol

  • The chef sounds super stoned.

  • I really liked the guys personality. Seemed like a super likable dude lol

  • dude is a literal food virtuoso

  • I love these guys

  • dude I am so glad I found this channel

  • Great video. Aged beaver sounds like it would be cool to try