[NEW HERO NOW AVAILABLE] Moira Origin Story | Overwatch

Published on Nov 3, 2017
Unravel the secrets surrounding Talon's shadowy scientist: Moira.
Learn more about Moira: blizz.ly/Moira
Watch her trailer: us-tv.org/tv/video-8tLopqeL9s8.html
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  • B O W I E ?????

  • DPS main: "SUPPORTS CAN'T DEAL DAMAGE!" Blizzard: "BitchPls! Release the Moira!"

  • After the blast Mercy tried to bring Reyes back to life but the effect was negitive so he turned into that ghost and people though Morrison died in the blast but he didn't after that Morrison left Overwatch and became Soldier 76 meanwhile Reyes went to see Moira and she gave him the Power and became mortal again (like Tracer) after that Reaper was born and he went to get his revenge on Overwatch and he went to seek for his friend Soldier 76 as in the game Reaper says "I need to see an old friend"

  • My favorite ❤️❤️

  • When that trailer came out (well now it's 2018 and that trailer was made on 2017) everybody understands that mercy was not behind the "smoke" or powers of reaper

  • She is ugly and dumb and annoying

  • Uhhh, Moira's jawline is way to thin for a woman's and it looks incredibly weird.

  • why are all the heroes girsl?

  • Okay, but in what way are McCree and Genji using Moira's biological research?? McCree is just a simple gunslinger with no weird bio-abilities. Same with Genji. Only Reaper's make sense since he uses Wraith form.

  • ㅠㅠㅠ언니 사랑해

  • Hello Moira main here! This is why I love her!!

  • The sounds and music in the background are amazing...and I can't find them anywhere....help

  • I keep coming back to Moira's videos (both this one and her intro video) because the voice acting is just superb. I really love her voice and her lines. They are just so sassy.

  • She's trans right?

  • moira looks like a trap.

  • anyone remember when these where CG?

  • Moira and Medic could long conversation about their research over at coffee table

  • Moira kinda looks like an "evil" Mercy to me.

  • Who's the artist??

  • So Moira is basically Josef Mengele. Guy who froze dozens of jews in icy water to learn about hypothermia.

  • I think talon would be more helpful.

  • Moira looking thicker than a snicker

  • Wisecrack should make philosophical analysis of Moira, reflecting upon scientism

  • 01:14 an evil omnic? That would be a pretty cool hero

  • Moira: *What new world could we build* Me: more death to genjis

  • *Use of tobbaco*

  • If mon mofma stayed in the empire

  • Lol she does look like hisoka she even has the patch of purple on her eye

  • I love a girl who live in dream of relationship with Moira i can't wake her up. She is crazy and driven me insane i love her so much i can't leave please helppp

  • there's like 5 or 6 people in the game that's not part of overwatch

  • So Moira did this to reaper not Mercy....

  • Sent a chill down my spine when she said “what new world could we build?”

  • She reminds me of Dr coyle from arms

  • She looks like a man, that jawline, lenght, the face shape

  • The creepy aunt who harasses you, because she hasn't gotten laid.

  • Acer cuando haces un héroe para gente que si sabe apuntar PD:imbécil

  • Good hunting!

  • Bloody dark eldar

  • Make sure that she looks almost like a dude more next time. Liberal idiots.

  • That's a woman I thought that was a guy. You know she is ugly if you confused her as a man

  • I'm confused... Is Genji bad or good?

  • When Moira first came out, mercy still dominated the meta and her healing and ultimate were amazing. Moira was played as an off healer. But it was when Mercy was nerfed that I realized the true potential of Moiras healing. She heals more than all the other healers in the game. Now I play her as an actual healer, and personally I find it really satisfying to heal as Moira more than any other healer.

  • Aaah an Irish character at last! South Dublin I believe. Not surprised she’s a support; we are neutral as a country after all. What surprises me though is that she’s a part of Talon

  • So that’s how reaper got his shadowy ghost

  • Spokyyy ;)

  • 1:10 who are the other two at the table? I see Doomfist and Reaper but who's the robot in the suit and the guy in white? Could one of them be Liao?

  • #Mercystilldidit to reaper

  • Ohhhhhhh so thats why reaper Can turn into shadow.

  • It's been 4 months and no one have posted a comment on how the suit Moira is wearig at 1:08 resembles Mercy's Valkyrie but more dark and with the head accesory looking like horns?? Can we have this as a skin?? Please!!!!

  • no gender.

  • @0:56 I'm calling it, I think that's gonna be the uprising 2018 skin for Moira. I'd love to get her scientist suit tho.

    • i think it will be her uprising skin too

  • Recipe for Moira: Half a cup of Symmetra Half a cup of Mercy 1 table spoon of Tracer Mix it together And Done!

  • "I take risks that others would consider unwise" As she is doing a lab experiment without any PPE

  • honestly I prefer brigitte because she actually makes healing fun

  • Mad scientist, yes. Villain, good. SHE wears a TIE?! YES WANT


  • 0/10 not enough guiness.

  • Theory: I think that the reason Moira and Zen are so alike is because Moira either learned from Zen and they both helped Genji, or Moira was Zens master and Zen became Genjis master. Because it's a fact that Zen is Genjis master but... That's just a thought 🤷

  • is he really a girl or a man? she reminds me alot of hisoka, thats the main reason i used her a few times hahaha... lab coat skin pls!

  • I just busted a nut

  • Science will reveal the truth.

  • I freaking hate Moira balls 😂

  • I really like this character. She is indeed radical but she has a point. If we want to evolve, we need to move forward and take risks.

  • Her voice is lit tho

  • 1:15 Who dat

  • 0:57 blackwatch moira CONFIRMED SKIN

  • Looks like ms frizzle from the magic school bus

  • We’re the heck is dragonicus

  • Anyone notice Moira’s Blackwatch science suit kinda looks like Mercy’s? (Also this video make me like her more)