Published on Apr 8, 2018
HEY EVERYONE! Where are all my glow addicts at? Today I'm testing out the brand new Fenty Beauty highlighters! Rihanna just launched two different formulas and I had to see if they were worth the hype! The BODY LAVA is a liquid body highlighter and retails for $59! The FAIRY BOMB is a glittering puff pre-packed with superfine 3D rose gold shimmer! There also is a brand new synthetic brush that is for applying the body luminizer! Are they Jeffree Star Approved?? Watch and see!
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  • I do know with most products that are for the body, you should exfoliate before applying the product this way it doesn’t feel tacky or sticky or drying. Maybe try that and see how that goes?

  • jeffre looks gorgeous here

  • Kylie Jenner needa watch and learn!

  • I like how Jefree reviews A product,saying how it wouldn't feel right if he's laying up against Nate,that tells me I wouldn't want to use it if it's sticky like that

  • Loving Jeffree’s makeup look rn

  • It looks good on his tattoos

  • I use to not even look at jeffreestar videos bc I thought it was too extra (not like my opinion matters) but I gave it a chance one night and now I live for his reviews! So now I’m a fan and I’m trying to catch up on as much as can. Because if it isn’t jeffree approved does it even matter?!? Hahaha 💋❤️🖤🧡💙

  • That hair looks BOMB on you Jeffree ✨

  • I love how sweet Nathan is with you! ❤️😍 couple goals frfr!!

  • "shine bright like my p*ssy" 😂😂😂

  • Almost 8millllll!!!

  • I dunno.. It looks less blinding than i expected? And the glow seems more from the oil than highlighter

  • "Shine bright like my pussy" Me: WHAT THE F-

  • You are beatifull shsjsjsjsjjsjs

  • Damn, you glow girl

  • Jeffree looks extra beautiful in this video.

  • Come to Washington state and do my face! 😩

  • "Shine bright like my pussy." 😂🤣

  • at first I thought he had a shirt on... sorry

  • jeffree! we have been making home made ones of this for years! you get baby oil, and mix in highlighter. id love to see you do a comparison vid

  • Hey Jeffree put faint amount of Loose powder on top that’s should work for the stickiness😊

  • Bella Thorne

  • Fairy Bomb? Sorry I Only know *Cherry Bomb* k bye.

  • _shine bright like my pussy_

  • He said "ri-anna" right? 🤣

  • she should have called it White People Try Melanin

  • shine bright like my pussy 😂

  • Love your hair MissStar💕💕💕

  • Nate is fucking hot..! The two of you look amazing together.. Uugghhh You give me life!!!

  • Hahahah I half expected him to rub the highlighter all over his body

  • I heard that if you don’t glob it on that it doesn’t become sticky

  • Fck u

  • Because it's so sticky, I just get a big brush and use powder highlighter all over my shoulders and chest when I go out instead, I'm still looking for a liquid highlighter that dries down completely to wear instead though because powder highlighter still tends to transfer a little bit if you touch or rub it too much

  • OMG why no censored. 😱

  • Hey Arnold is my jam

  • I feel like his skin doesn’t do the products justice just because he is tatted all over and we don’t really see it on his bare skin, where the product is meant to go. But we all love a shiny kween

  • “This is my ex, this is Nathan” 😁

  • he literally points an object & says “Welcome Back!” in every video

  • Subtitulos en español por favor

  • your hair looks AMAZING in this video!!

  • THEY ARE SO CUTE. 😭😭😭💖

  • Momas high hahahha 😂😂❤👑

  • “this looks like my ex, this looks like nathan” lmaooo SAME jeffree exept my ex was like 5 feet tall and his name was nathan 😂 but now i got that upgrade 😻🤪 and you know my new man be tall and got that 😉 (sorry not sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️)

  • i love how nate looks at jeffree

  • I'm sorry but his hair make me go crazy 😫😫

  • “Shine bright like my pussy” 😂😂😂

  • "Shine bright like my pussy." HAHAHAHAHAHA

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  • Omg "SHINE BRIGHT LIKE MY PUSSY" that made me laugh so hard

  • Nate is so cute!!!!

  • I would approve of the body lava because it does do what it says it does ,you know? we all know all these different products be bluffing..

  • U are perfect af 💖

  • *whispers* "i love it right it the mouth..."

  • “Shine bright like my pussy” 😂😂😂😂

  • Maybe you gotta spritzer some setting spray over it..?

  • ار اهي رجال ركزو على ديوده

  • Living for this makeup on Jeffree. Sexy af

  • "Oh Holo!!" i diedddd

  • I’ve been binge watching for like 5 fucking hours😂😭❤️fuck man it’s 3 40am😂

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  • There's a frog on my porch I thought you guys should know

  • He looks like Bella Thorne here

  • The stickiness can be corrected I guess, it still looks beautiful. And fairybomb is SO NICE WOW

  • ✨Shine bright like my pussy!✨ -Jeffree the Queen

  • "Shine bright like my pussy"😂😂 lol

  • your hair is perfect in this video

  • I know if jefree had something to say about one of Rihanna's product she wouldn't take personally because she doesn't take crap and wouldn't remove jefree from the pr list 😂💛

  • “Shine bright like my pussy”

  • The liquid Shimmer that you used on your right shoulder and arm needs a formula change so it will dry to the touch and you won't get sand all over yourself. The glitter bomb, I definitely think that worked a hell of a lot better.

  • shine bright like my pussy

  • Nathan's voice reminds me slightly of Breckin Meyer

  • hi

  • hi how are ya

  • Queen!!!!

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  • I mean you did put a fuck ton of that body lava on, maybe it would be less sticky with a lighter application? Idk looks really great on you anyway!

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  • I have the puff yasss

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  • I'm not over the highlighting phase either.. I love highlighter a little too much

  • i went to Rihanna website and couldnt find body lava.

  • “shine bright like my pussy”-JeffreeStar 2k18

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  • This is my first video I’ve ever watched, and I’m in love with everything Jeffrey 😂 he’s so funny! Love ya queen

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    • Soph Baily That ain't just u sis