Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump's Space Force Is Not A Crazy Idea

Published on Sep 12, 2018
America's favorite astrophysicist returns to The Late Show with a surprising argument for why Trump's call for a Space Force may be a good thing.
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  • Why does he sound like the DNA strand off the old Jurassic park

  • He's involved with the Illuminati

  • Stephen "Not criticizing Trump, but he's actually worst american president in the history" Colbert

  • two professionals, doing what they do best, right here

  • You could use an emp to kill satellites, laser beams could burn out specific parts of satellites, with out filling the whole of Earth's orbit with crap

  • 40+ years ago we would always go to the Hayden Planetarium. Went back and Mr. Tyson removed the Planetarium from the building to install a movie screen. What a loss. Because of that, I do not like Mr. Tyson.

  • The difference between being *rationally objective* and being *ideologically possessed*

  • Colbert has really become insufferable. I used to love him as a kid, but all he does now is bash Trump. He's contributing to this ridiculous mindset the country seems to have where everyone has to be 100% against everything that comes out of Trump's mouth. Thank you Neil for speaking some common sense!! It's comforting to know that there are still sane people out there.

  • Retarded liberal bashes on Trump trying to get a smart man to agree with him but is hit with the "just because Trump says it, doesn't mean it's crazy" Stupid ass liberals.

  • Two of my favorite people

  • Just because it came out of Neil deGrasse Tyson's mouth doesn't mean it's a good idea. It's just another excuse for Trump to increase the "defense" budget. There are better things to spend taxes on.

  • & to all who believe he is smart & genius, I'd hate to break it to you bit your standards for smart & genius seems way too low. Follow a wise leader. Not the loudest, or most charming, & someone who has the knowledge about his art. Which all country is this video not available to view btw. Otherwise we could have had better debate on his intelligence, I'm sure a lot of Europeans, Russians & most higher secondary science students can debunk his claims about a lot of stuffs he tries hard to explain. I'm sure this video is only available in the countries the US has not put trade sanctions against. At least we have a good education system in which we are free to find our own answers if we disagree with what we see. Most of the stuffs he talks about defy simple scientific reasoning. He's what they'd call in the old days truly #blasphemy

  • As announced in the beginning of the show. He's the favourite. Not the best by a far margin. He's kindda like a scientific Obama. When will the US citizens understand what's going on. It's more depressing to see the citizens being made dumb by their own state & then use them for their own means. 😊he's stuttering in his explanation, wtf is he even trying to explain. How long will the people keep believing in the media.

  • I want this guy to write, direct and produce a space movie!! Omg

  • To all of you posters out there: Please watch this segment carefully. Steven does not talk over Neil, nor is he bashing Trump in every other sentence. Trump is , as most people know, a stupid liar, and nothing a trump supporter says will ever change the fact that he is a stupid liar. He has never shown the least bit of interest in space, or science or history, for that matter, so why is he proposing this now? Is Trump serious or is he just looking to distract us from his other actions? As Neil said, we already have a space command, its under the air force for military matters, and NASA is for scientific research and exploration. The questions are; do we need a separate branch of the military? Will it duplicate what is already being done, or will it be totally separate? How much will it cost? Will it violate treaties we have signed that prohibit the militarizing of space? Remember President Regan's "star wars" defense initiative? By a treaty with Russia we agreed not to deploy weapons in space, will this "Space Force" violate that treaty?

  • Tyson wants Trump to invest in futile weaponisation of space that can be later used for scientific purposes. Good one mate and good luck to you!

  • Trump 2020

  • Honestly, highly doubt trump gives two shits about how good a "space force" would be to establish (or like Neil said, put under a new umbrella), but that being said, I at least could admit even prior to NDT's interview here that it didn't sound like a "cooky" or "silly" idea to some of the comedy liberal outlets I watch are portraying it to be. I mean that doesn't make me a trump fan by any means, and I still will be delighted if he loses in 2020,.(because lets face it, with him the cons far outweigh the pros) but it just takes a mature person to be able to sift through bias to see the big picture is all. Just because he's in charge when it's going to be implemented (lets not go as far as to say it was his personal idea, because that's certainly doubtful), doesn't make it a horrible or stupid idea. If you see it on the aspect that we're steadily continuing to fuck up this planet as we know it and sooner or later space will be our future, better sooner than later that we start to establish a more specific presence there. Also the asteroid thing is something to be considered as well unless we want to go the way of the dinosaur one day.

  • wish i had a science teacher like him...

  • Ready the Gundam boys!

  • hes prolly the coolest guy on earth

  • Everywhere Tramp's name is mentioned, HATRED and Bigotry and Division pops up it ugly head. Whatever happened to the good old UNITED States of America? The word UNITED has been Removed by Tramp's administration and his loyal sheeple. Bye Bye American Pie.

  • Space Farce: War in Space is the Very Worst Idea. Quarantine Humans on Earth. Everywhere humans go, gets contaminated and ruined.

  • What song did they play him in with?

  • Neil makes science exciting

  • There should be space peace force!

  • Just because trump said something, doesn’t mean its bs. We got Neil here who looks at something logically and scientifically and then we got this idiot who just speaks words.

  • United States Space Command is so close to being United Nations Space Command (UNSC).

  • Who are we fighting up there? Seriously....

  • Maybe instead of seeing Space Force as adding muscle to space activity see it as peacifying the military? Star Trek is kinda militaristic, but it's not about war it's about exploration but it uses the discipline, training, and command structure of the military to it's advantage. Personally I think we need another branch of the military to "fight" natural disasters. Not through warfare, but by using good techniques to have more efficient evacuations, help people board up their homes and businesses, shelter and evacuate the homeless and animals. I read that millions of farm animals perished during the hurricane Florence, surely there is something that could have been done about that? It seems likely that natural disasters are only going to get worse, why not have a branch of the military specifically structured around dealing with these events? It could even serve as a great way for people who would like to continue in the military, but for whatever reason would not like to or are unable to serve as they are serving and thus would normally exit the military, to perhaps continue with a military style lifestyle, which I know some people really find to be something they like, while still being able to be stationed in the states with more stability and not have to worry about being in a combat situation. (The last bit is because I know there is a lot of talk about people having trouble transitioning to civilian life, especially when that choice is not made willingly but because of injury or other circumstances.) Anyway, my point is that military doesn't need to be all about war, it can be celebrated for it's virtues too. As the planet (hopefully, everyone keep their fingers crossed) becomes more peaceful, we don't need to abandon the warrior, but give the warrior new battles to fight. I think Worf is an excellent example of that. Star Trek is an amazing example to me of the future of how we can use the military to fight more abstract battles than traditional warfare. Discipline and routine can make certain things a lot safer for the people involved.

  • Electro Magnets can be used to clean space debris. Name a star after me.

  • Bravo! I have such a huge crush on him. We could talk stars any time! (Big fan of StarTalk)

  • I'm all for a Space Force but lets make sure every American citizen has full affordable healthcare.

  • Not a big fan of Neil. I just feel he is the spokesman of the required supported answer. He makes me feel like he doesn't want people to think and ask questions. Not the man to fill the shoes of the late Carl Sagan. Carl never told you how anything was. He just challenged you to look for the answers.

  • What's the song the band's playing when Neil walks out?

  • Democrat-think: Every f*cking idea Trump has is crazy no matter what.

  • Subscribed just for this! The intro song is soo funk tho!! What's the name of it?

  • I never liked NDT's showman tendencies, but make no mistake - the man knows what he speaks of.

  • haha by now with the fact trump never said anything reasonable in his life (or things that sound reasonable until asked for details and the insanity insues) by now it is a statement akin to well god exists because you cannot prove he doesn't.. niel always tries to keep as many people listening to him so i get his angle with this. but the only people he gets listening for a moment are dumpsters.. two words further and you lost those dumb fucks again anyway. i doubt he doesn't see the futility in teaching calculus to cows why think its any better with doing something more complex with people who's brains barely function because of apathy? trump is not going to have a solution to space debris.. he wants soldiers in space to fight the Chinese presence.. so him using this as an example in trump being reasonable at times is a terrible example lol.

  • space force shouldn't exist as a separate entity . let it be part of the USAF

  • Why are there so many trumptards in the comments. Neil isn’t advocating for trump as a political leader. He’s just talking about the probability of militarizing space. Neil degrasse Tyson doesn’t like or vouch for trump sorry redneck republicans you don’t get to have this guy on your side. He’s made it very clear he’s not.

  • Ugh... Colbert has a scientific genius on the show that is capable of talking to anyone and explaining the craziest concepts to average people and he goes to Trump withing the first 4 seconds. I feel sorry for Colbert. It's like Trump is consuming his every thought and he has no life or thoughts that don't involve Trump.

  • theres a car in orbit look it up

  • Hes so down to earth while being up in space.

  • He is talking about orbit, how can neil not know the difference between war in space and war in orbit?

  • "Just because it came out of Neil deGrasse Tyson's mouth doesn't mean it's a good idea".

  • Trump's Space Marines... Reminds me of GTA somehow.

  • And just like that NDT was off the Christmas card list..

  • I stopped watching television back in November 2016 along with the rest of the intelligent world.

  • everyone laughed at Trump when he said he could achieve 3 % growth. Turns out he is achieving 4.3 %. Don't underestimate Trump. MAGA 2020 #WALKAWAY

  • 2:30 someone make me a GIF of that right now pretty pleeeaaasee!!!🤣

  • Let's just say that when Trump says "Space Force", "Optimized command & control of space assets" is not what his supporters are hearing ¬_¬

  • With a baptismal like Nail of Grace, how could he not Look Celestial? He surely was predestined to become an astrophysicist.....take or leave...LOLLLLLL he works as a heathen in Hayden Museum (l8r he absconds)

  • The only good choice for americans all this years is trump

  • Make it the Space Guard so it's more like the Coast Guard.

  • I think Trump talked to Putin, (Russian Space Forces) Trump is like, space force, we need space force!

  • It really is a show of how arrogant the human race is, thinking that its not a good idea to have a militant space fleet to protect us from aliens

  • Neal degrasse tyson is black jesus

  • He is a very intelligent man but that hairline though😂

  • What is going on with the comments, talking about "ignorant" Colbert being "shut down" by Tyson? Obviously Colbert wants Tyson to explain his points to the (possably uneducated) viewer and gets him to do so by asking him the respective questions. You wouldn't actually believe he was beeing serious when asking if space could be vacuumed, ...?

  • SC is a dummy just saying. Suppose your entire country are dummies though ......... With the occasional outliers

  • Just because it came out of a whinny, narcissistic, shit for brains 4 year old doesn't make it a bad idea , Let's let him drive the car. And Just because an award winning astrophysicist who was there, is still touting the "official" 911 line doesn't mean that a 4 year old couldn't figure it out.

  • I miss Carl Sagan. Neil Degrasse Tyson is too much of an establishment apologist. Sagan would have questioned the $200 billion military budget increase in a time where there is many other social programs that money could have been invested in.

  • @5:00 wow that made Colbert extremely uncomfortable.

  • Colbert doesn’t deserve to lick this man’s boots.

  • When Trump's Space Force discovers and accidentally opens the Hell Gate on Mars, I suppose Robert Mueller will be looking for collusion in that too..

  • I saw an interview with Trump supporters and the interviewer asked about NASA and they said Trumps space force would tell them what's really going on space, like NASA isn't tell us everything that's going un space, that their information us supect, more conspiracy theory garbage!!

  • Plausible denied - ability they track screws, a lost glove, paint chips and the like!!

  • It is not. Just like using my unicorn to pick up my date on the first encounter.

  • I already heard these stories in Joe Rogan experience

  • and the martians are going to pay for it

  • the intro music is "i like it" by debarge

  • China blew up a Satellite in order to add to Space Junk.

  • The Gov't knows something they're not telling us...

  • ya but are wars not a bad idea in general but people keep doing them anyways.

  • You are like an innocent child NDT... The military will not clean space or defend against asteroids. They want to build orbital bombardment weapon platforms. That's what Trump wants anyway, unaware that there are International treaties that forbid it. It's not nuclear and no other nation has the means to do it, so they will classify them separately than other WMDs, and start dropping tungsten rods on countries that won't give them their oil a few megatons at a time. Now you might expect that splitting space command from the air force will lower the air force budget and reallocate part of it to the new space force... Yeah, right...

  • Trump Has Much Guidance To. Even My Elders Require Guidance Sometimes.

    • Trump Is The President Of An Entire Great Country. Surely You Don't Think He Speak Only On His Own Behalf.

  • Y'all realize these interactions are rehearsed? Steve is giving him easy ignorant opposing questions because they both have an agenda. Trying to get a reaction out of us whether or not they even believe what they're saying. Oops nevermind, I forgot my place.

  • I used to like colbert a lot, but he just doesn’t have any common sense. Jumping on the ‘shit on trump because thats how you get views’ wagon is just weak.

  • BS to get your tax money

  • I am pretty sure Trump made Space Force because he believes aliens are coming from Mars.

  • You don't want someone with a multitude of scientific accolades, praising an idea formed in the mind of a narcissist who just so happens to be the highest in the chain of command of a military force. ... Stupid move, Tyson. Number 45 will take what you've said and spin it as support for his ideas. Ideas - plural.

  • they wouldnt need to blow up the satellites, they could fry them with a laser or some other advanced weapon and im sure neil forgot to mention that lol

  • Stephen has completely woven his entire fabric and identity around the fact that everything Trump says is wrong or evil, regardless of whether or not it is. It has become his schtick. It’s predictable. And in the world of show business, predictability is the worst thing someone can have.

  • Does anyone know what Trumps Space Force is all about? Haven't heard himself explaining anything - and neither people who thinks it's a good idea. Don't know if the links works ....but here it is, and it's quite amusing :o)

  • I never thought I’d hear Neil degrasse Tyson say “we need somma dat”

  • Lasers Neil, lasers! no need for no projectiles in space man!

  • Bigger picture here; why spens fundings to start something that basically will do what we've been doing ???? Or am I wrong ???

  • Meth played a role in this interview

  • I wish I loved anything as much as he loves space

  • What a treasure of a man...

  • This man is the richard feynman of astrophysics

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson is pro anything that would throw billions at the ridiculous expenses of space exploration. So basically he’s just trying to protect his job at the expense of the planet. Rather than wasting all that money and resources on looking outside the planet, why not just use it to settle our home planet instead? Synthetic Non-Vegitrian food, Global Warming, A-Forestation, Pollution control, alternate fuels, Law Enforcement etc, all these things can be helped move in leaps and bounds if the same amount of money and intellectual resources are used on them.

  • Common sense ... common sense is that even in our world military excursions (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Rohngya, Israel/Palestine) always lead to blow back (in the form of terrorism, ISIS, etc.). Until World War ... it's the same inescapable concept. But since the result is not immediate nobody cares to give it a second thought unfortunately. May God guide us towards unity and peace.

  • Heyyyy! "I like it" Debarge


  • Rods of the gods

  • Space debri..... Lie.

  • Accurate.. Not..

  • “Aww you so know ,Ima get you drunk” 🤣 2 divorces later I’m here