Nearly CHOMPED by a SHARK!

Published on Aug 31, 2018
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On this episode of Base Camp, Coyote, Mark and Mario discuss their new series Blue Wilderness, what it was like to go shark diving for the first time and just how close Coyote was to getting nearly CHOMPED by a tiger shark!
Get ready…this episode of Base Camp is about to get aquatic!
Watch the original tiger shark face-off video here -

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    • What's your phone number come to my house I live in 7st

    • Great channel guys. Would love to see you use your platform in some way to help Florida. The super charged red tide is killing literally any wildlife it comes in to contact with. It’s absolutely disgusting that the gov are doing nothing to stop it. Can you? @joogsquad @savage

    • I love blue wilderness

    • When is the executioner wasp

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  • what happens when you meet that one freak shark that doesn't follow the behaviour guidelines that you rely on lol

  • Mario what will be your own series called I wanna know!


  • All siting in same position

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  • 7:45 i like the fish that is chilling on the sharks head

  • The sharks are awesome, holy cow!!!!!!

  • Coyote: I'm coyote Peterson I'm about to get chomped by a shark Mark: are you ok

  • 0:10

  • Coyote has got to be the most unlucky lucky guy. If an animal is going to uncharacteristically attack someone, it's probably gonna be Coyote. Like that bee beard episode. What's up withthat?

  • what is the PO box no?

  • just asking how can i send you my blue wilderness posters/charts

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  • Everyone who sees this comment: What is your favorite dinosaur? Mine is 9999999999999999999% Spinosaurus!

  • “Coyote gets eaten alive” Mark:are you ok?

  • Ok pretend you are coyote peterson Would you rather Not let the tiger shark bite you | consequence: only 2 million views on the video Or Let the shark bite you | consequence: 7 billion views, 4 billion dollars, 5 billion views, hospital with injury and pay $150

  • Seriously love learning about the wilderness I thrive for this something I seriously would love to do it’s very dangerous but very cool and I cant imagine how fun that really is :)

  • You should try to get bit by Grandma shark doo doo doo doo

  • such a brave man 1 in 10000000000000000000 would do this great job

  • H

  • 6:32

  • A game of chicken

  • Future video: *Coyote receives a life threatening injury and must act fast to survive* Mark: "You Ok?"

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  • Executioner wasp

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  • Dang, gotta throw away the whole ocean now.

  • 3:20 why are legs crossed?

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  • Sharks are beautiful misunderstood creatures. Respect them and their world. The moment you enter the sea, you're entering their domain, the very ocean they keep clean by eating the sick, the old and the dying. Protect sharks at all costs.

  • Guys, an idea for you when you feel brave enough - the oarfish. They did a piece on River Monsters and they are incredible.

  • Coyote was probably really shocked and shook after that. I love your videos and keep it up so god bless you all and stay safe! I love y’all

  • I never get enough shark related content even during shark week so this is a welcomed surprise.

  • Tell him to make a new video of him getting bite by a Tarantula

  • Coyote's encounter reminds me when i went free diving (without a cage cuz they seemed to not want to put it in) with bull sharks... I was 13 (last year cuz im 14) when we firt went. We didnt see any that time but the second time we went, I had a close call with a bull shark. The bull shark was swimming directly at me and the dive master had to push it away. It didn't veer off and could have just slightly reached my arm out to touch it. My dad barely caught it on camera. It was such a cool experience and i think they are misunderstood for how they react and test thing (test as in taste testing and bumping things to see what they are).

  • I love your videos you guys are awesome I would love to do what you do

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  • 12M?!?!?!?!? I WAS WHEN U GUYS WERE 500К

  • Call me to present something too. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Wait wait wait! At 4:39 did coyote just give away the new series name?? 🤔🤫

  • WOW I didn’t know that tiger sharks are so big i had pissed my pants when I’m in there

  • Jeesh that bearly chomped his heart

  • If you’re wondering why I was out there I’m a marinebiologist and I support Coyote all they way with what he’s doing we need more people like him

  • I’ve being chomped by a school of 3 nurse sharks I had to have my arm amputated

  • I have a dig brick

  • I thought he was gonna get bit!

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  • lol when ever the Base Camp thingy comes on I dance to the music haha

  • My name is coyote and im about to enter the bite zone

  • :O :O OMG

  • I love how coyote was so willing to let the other two guys move in front of the camera more and now Mario is directing. He’s a super humble and awesome guy obviously

  • No no the shark wanted to give you a kiss :3

  • Well that’s dangerous!!! Don’t get yourself into it again you can die😵

  • IH coyote I got something for I want you too gooo too the sea and find a walking shark please coyote I'll be happy for you OK by coyote and mark and mario by guys

  • A show hosted by Mark, and Coyote is still the one getting into chose scrapes. :0) Glad he made it out again. Good thing the shark wasn't that interested in having a taste of Coyote that day.

  • Are u going to do an episode with a great white

  • I love how they are honest and share real information and explain what happened with real facts instead of making the shark seem aggressive because he wasn't, it was a reflex reaction from the animal. Keep it up, boys!

  • Fantastic show

  • Omg mark and Mario are great camera man people they had some awesome shots!

  • Are you going to make a shark bite you now?

  • I heard Guadeloupe Island is a pretty good spot to Cage dive with Great Whites, As a matter of fact i watched something on shark week a few years ago where a diver got out of/ on top of the cage while there was quite a few Great whites around the boat. Can't remember what that was called though...

  • Okay it’s obvious that it’s been a fight of some sort between to two stars I’m feeling mainly over third party people and MONEY!! Trust we can feel the energy

    • It doesn’t feel natural

  • i mean..OBVIOUSLY

  • Almost rip arm 2016-2018

  • Swim with WHALES!

  • Man stay out the water. Don't end up like Steve..RIP

  • Coyote: almost gets face ripped off by shark Coyote: I should’ve put the camera in it’s mouth😂😂😂😂

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    • Anna Ramirez Crafts! To give the shark something to bite as long as it’s not his hand. Not for the camera angle

  • I love the new BW. I just got back from the beach an there was a guy that caught a starfish an a sand dollar it was so awesome to pet the starfish. Keep up the good work guys love it

  • Please be safe... you’re too great to go.


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  • I thought coyotes were land animals.

  • I didn't know Mario talked

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  • Omg you were realy close to get bitter by a tiger shark I would never do that

  • Thanks Mark for the Blue Wilderness

  • I ❤️ SHARKS!!!

  • Go explore the atchafalaya basin in Louisiana man. Would be an epic video

  • Go explore the atchafalaya basin in Louisiana man. Would be an epic video

  • Go explore the atchafalaya basin in Louisiana man. Would be an epic video

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  • I think mario should get his own series coyote and mark have one so i think mario should have one also. And keep up the amazing work guys and dont stress yourselves out to much ^^.

  • Coyote Peterson, I have seen the poison vs venom, Cottonmouth vs Banded water snake etc. but can you please make a Green Frog vs American Bullfrog episode?

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  • Did you know....SHARKS ARE FISH....... and i love Freddy Mercury

  • As long as environmental education is the primary objective of this channel, I don't mind about the expansion.

  • Coyote I’ve been watching you for a long time and I’ve always wished that you’d go with sharks and it’s here, it’s a dream come true I might play games a lot, but I do spend a lot of time on sharks I’ve been learning about them for years. Besides that, the tiger shark only tried to bite you cause you were in its territory and there really cautious about there space