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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Drawing Symbols (Official Video)

Published on Aug 14, 2018
everything was fake i knew it you'll never truly know someone in this life we live its cool though yeah that too be prepared to die karma never missed nobody ha ha if you reading hello goodbye
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Drawing Symbols (Official Video)
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  • Bro fuck a disease . A disease dont make who you are bro . You a G keep it that way

  • at the bottom of the letter it says to ones who want to kill me, "go ahead im going to do it when the times right

  • Read description it has a meaning

  • Money can’t stop your pain bro I feel this song I’m going through my problem alone now but when I bounce back y’all gon know wassup because u can’t help me when I need help

  • I use the 38baby picture

  • Sup NBA youngboy

  • Like if he ahh good rapper

  • 😁my cousin makeup remixes with your songs


  • I love this song I really cried my daughter said she will give all her present for like 10 years just to meet him

  • Like if listening to this in 2018!

  • NBAYoungboy is the goat!

  • And he crying for help and he dieing you'll don't know what he going through

  • I'm scared because he gone die and he my favorite rapper and I'm his biggest fannnnn

  • I hope this youngboy dont harm himself or do something crazy because he has family , fans , children , and people that love him that will be hurt.🙏

  • All who say he the best❤👍

  • Hey bailable to do a whole video what’s your whole family

  • He had a baby at 13?

  • Why people hate on nba so much he is one of the best rapper

  • please don't leave 😖

  • #Deep🙏

  • You're a favorite in gangsta

  • Do not die

  • can you play be my daddy

  • who feel his pain coment down below

  • I love NBA Youngboy if you do like this

  • He is begging for help . Somebody help him please .

  • He is going through stuff he miss 🚶 hi 👨

  • This is my favorite song

  • Man I need them white vans his homie got on🔥💯

  • Like if a real youngboy fan

  • I need to be a rapper like him

  • *die

  • Please don't did

  • I love you

  • His pain deep deep I feel his pain

  • This song get me in my feelings and I cry every time

  • Shit deep

  • Why all this niggas sound the same

  • 😢😎😧😥

  • I love you Youngboy ! U got real fans out here, I promise !

  • bh

  • Down in his link Young boy I am reading haha...its all fake this is your last song right?haha goodbye..but I won't let it happen dude so haha karma never misses unless you give it something else..

  • Young boy is hurting this guy has bin hurting for awhile he showed a note in one of his songs saying that something "come kill me, be my guest "lol".he said he won't make it till Christmas and he's just waiting......

  • This song is cool ❤❤❤❤

  • yung GOAT

  • Drawing symbols one of my favorite young boy songs they all 🔥🔥🔥 but this one is touching keep it coming bruh!!!!

  • I feel this shii 💯💯

  • I like this song 😍💋❣️

  • You don’t wanna go there yet


  • I'm nba young boys number 1 fan

  • Yo,bro he said "he keeps his eye on the time" maybe he think someone going to shoot him in a certain amount of time like if you agree

  • Moving on

  • Wsp

  • fuck the fukin devil

  • Sex

  • They said everything 😂😂😭

  • NBA youngboy

  • 2018?

  • I'm 44 yrs old sorry but come from streets and this the realest Lil dude living and geniunely lived what he talks.....@youthedopestongod

  • Me

  • Long live Jacques Walker August 31st 2000-june 9th 2018 I’m drawing symbols in the sand till the pain gone baby

  • Eho

  • anyone realize in this song he talk bout someone killing themselves and in Not Wrong Now he says he gone die before Christmas soooo maybe he gone kill himself before Christmas

  • Where yall youngboy fams at

  • You don’t go to heaven when you kill yourself idiot ...maybe the gates to hell

    • TexasMade 817 no shit buddy he Islamic

  • Best rapper ever and i care

  • NBA is my favorite rapper

  • I love your songs

  • 😎 cool

  • NBA for life

  • Ok baby I'm missing you know walking

  • Dang Bru junk fie ong

  • He got so much pain in his life main😥👩‍🌾👊

  • Your fans care bout you don't die

  • youngboy its a boy in my class he sa you his dad i siad he lying his name is marquese

  • look at baby draco

  • your songs are fly

  • He is a god rapper

  • This song is basically a cry for help💔

  • I listen to this everyday

  • Blackpink

  • Shit

  • Kodak way better than this clown and he don’t beat on women

    • Courtney Mccormick you a fucking idiot Kodak beat the fuck out of a women at a night club in North Carolina last year dumb ass

  • Sup its nba 3 three

  • Please dont do it !! Its people out there that love u yo son family etc..!! Dont know how deep your pain is but please think about who u leaving behind who do love u..!! 🙏 ask him for HELP...

  • It sound good

  • Good rapping

  • Kentrell gotta beat this depression 🙏🏻

  • What is your problem you see your comment down below cuz you be talkin about my big sister is not going to have so you better stop playing with me

    • Everybody's like him which is Showbox

    • I mean I know boys will be cute for girls

    • Why you talking about cuz everybody know them be there for you everyday you just trash don't try to bring it up to us cuz you always got to be famous but you just NBA youngboy you don't got to be all over that NBA youngboy because you just know everybody love you cuz you boy baby boy don't means you can be all that is and all that like you would never hit a girl Thousand Oaks I don't know thank you poop NBA number 1 all of that is never going to work is that what you're rapping about rapping about everything you see is not everybody you know you posed to love the picture you be with don't crash him don't tell him that's talking about penises you don't even know what's going to happen to her or what does beautiful you keep saying you keep talk rapping about it stopped doing it She Lovely does not the goal did you still there when he was a little kid did you still want to go to grown up did you still want to have kids

    • Don't want you to understand it

    • In NBA Miss Underwood datcu every other day

  • Greatest rapper ever

  • I ain’t gone lie I got stuff goin on in my life and I cried my eyes out to this

  • So many high like comments and 0 which fortnite player r u, it’s finnally dying

  • L ,,

  • Not Wrong Now Instrumental

  • Yunboy

  • I do feel it

  • Young boy been that

  • Fire🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤑🤑🤑