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NBA Most HYPE Plays

Published on Jan 4, 2018
Intro: Travis Scott - Antidote
Outro: NKOHA - Anguish of heartache
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  • 2:40 travell on lebron james

  • 3:26 totally not a moving screen

  • 1:40 Why did they add 3 points for the spurs when Vince Carter is on the Dallas Mavericks and made the three?

  • Old jr.smith was awesome 🔥

  • 1:34 they gave the wrong team points😂😂😂

  • HYPE WARNINING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Im so used to the commentators saying “OH BLOCKED BY JAMES”

  • SSOM

  • JR did the best in game dunks

  • 1:15 watch after harden gets blocked Eric Gordon picked it up and made it 😂 all he would of needed was 2 more seconds

  • The sad part about ginobili's block on Harden is that Eric Gordon made it right after

  • Lol look at the score the 3 should go to dallas

  • 3:41 warriors fan in the game

  • Hope Jayson tatum funk on lebron there

  • Fo surrree got me hyped. Hella quick

  • 2:31 dat travel boi

  • 1:36 didnt the mavs score?

  • Kyrie Irving 1 v 5

  • I miss when Paul George was actually playing good now he’s ok.

  • 2:40 play .25 speed and see Lebron travel with 4 steps

  • So LeBron a block in the finals not hype?

  • look at the scoreboard at 1:40

  • LeBron traveled

  • 1:34 these idiots increased the score for spurs and not mavs

  • Fire ass outeo with a trap version of the sad naruto song...

  • 1:39 lol they gave the spurs 3 points

  • 2:18 Lonzo in a karate movie 😂

  • 1:45 was so shocking that the officials scored it to the other team accidentally XD

  • Song on end

  • Larry had his 5 seconds of game only to get slaughtered smh I don't like kd btw he's an amazing player just a fan of other players instead

  • sometimes i come for intro it lit as smikes vids

  • kobe

  • JR Smith legitimately blew up the rim

  • LeBron double dribbled

  • Damn that porzingis Play

  • 1:40 wrong scores!!

  • 1:40 gave point to sa

  • 1:39 why does the spurs add score?!?!?!?!?!

  • Damn kd like if kd is good

  • Ending music dope

  • 1:44 what? It count for Spurs

  • If jr Smith Carmelo Anthony and porzingus stayed all on the knicks they would have did something

  • Song?

  • 3:35 was Kobe’s last game before he retired if anybody didn’t know

  • What the intro song

  • 1:40 DALLAS 106-SAN ANTONIO 110 AFTER DALLAS SCORES A 3 2k glitches?!?!

  • this intro is sick af

  • Lillards buzzer beater?

  • Did anyone else notice LeBron travel??

  • Ooooooooooooooh🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  • best video

  • Anybody remember what the lady asked Paul Pierce when he hit that buzzer beater?

  • That Vince Carter pump fake fadeaway 3 down 2 in the playoffs was CLUTCH AS FUCK, that was HYPE.

  • 1:20 eric gordon hits lmao

  • best video

  • video was aight but who else heard that naruto at the end?! that was fuckin nasty

  • 1:37 Vince makes the shot but spurs get the points

  • 1:17 so we just gonna ignore that Gordon made the shot

  • 1:32 the score updates for the Spurs ?????

  • 1:38 the TNT guy is trippin

  • 1:56

  • 1:35 they gave the spurs the point then tried to switch it

  • None of these were that good

  • Please sub to me so I don’t lose a bet

  • fr feel bad for josh jackson

  • i saw some of these live and it's hard to describe what those moments are like lol. it's like witnessing a miracle.

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  • 1:36 they gave the 3 pointer to the wrong team

  • what's the intro song

  • Jr Smith CA`nt dunk any more

  • 4:41 song?

  • 1:34 they gave the point to san Antonio

  • 2010 and 2018 LeBrons are the best players the NBA has ever seen.

  • 1:40 look at the score WTF xDD

  • Y'all realise when ginobli blocked harden gordon after the buzzer that was bad

  • 4:50 song?

  • 1:43 Why did the Spurs get the 3 when the Mavs got it?

  • 1:39 the 3 pointer went to the spurs😏👌

  • 1:39 well damn snapchat iN A BALL GAME RLLY NIGGA

  • 3:45 a bandwagon fan with a golden state jersey cheering kobe?

  • Intro song?

  • Smart is the head of boston.

  • From 1:09 to 1:10 you can hear a shwoop

  • 1:20 can we acknowledge that Eric Gordon made that? Like if they had 1 more second Houston would have won

  • good video

  • fire intro

  • No Damian Lillard against Rockets WOW?

  • haha fuck james harden

  • 2:13 the guy behind is bad bunny

  • Anyone ever see that dunk by Westbrook against the grizzlies? Look it up on US-tv I think it’s one of the greatest hype plays I’ve seen.

  • The DWade poster to Varejao?

  • Song??? Intro

  • Them flops on harden

  • %80 harden gettin multiple L's %20 lebron showing up

  • I thought the intro was going to be in sync with the beat but it wasn't.

  • Smart is flopping everywhere 😂

  • Naruto outro

  • Dude where is bron block in Game 7

  • Don’t @ me TD garden has the most hype when ur there holy shit