NBA legend David Robinson on Spurs' recent culture challenges: 'It's unusual' | First Take | ESPN

Published on Mar 12, 2018
NBA legend David Robinson joins First Take and comments on the San Antonio Spurs' recent culture challenges saying "It's unusual."
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  • Keep pushing that narrative. David Robinson out classed Steven A Smith.

  • Hey SAS, can you please wait until he finishes....this guy is annoying

  • Why isn't Kawhi fired yet? To do what he did to his team, is just sickening.

  • Wish we had these In-depth questions regarding poverty.

  • Great interview! I couldnt have said it any better than what David did. The Spurs thrive off of leadership and having humble players. Those are not easy shoes to fill especially these days. Spurs players really have to be something special in order for that dynamic to work the way its supposed to.

  • The Admiral. Man, I miss those days! Class Act.

  • David fixed his hair. I remember he was balding in the front, and he didn't look good. Now, he looks better. Great player and classy like Dr.J

  • Pop going to retire soon. There are some great picks for a head coach to replace POP. David Fizdale is my top pick. He could bring Mike Conley with him. Mike and Kawhi on the floor at the same time Championships.

  • Pop 👍 coach

  • David Robinson has a disease called LIP DAMAGE 👈🏾😂😂😂

  • Give me Lanzo Ball N kuzma n Randle for khawi,

  • There is a reason why Micheal Jordan picks Hakeem as his Center on his pick up team to face any other team. Hakeem is the most underrated Center of all time. Hakeem continually handed David Robinson, Shaq, and Kareem L' s in decisive games through out his career. Think about it which center much less power forward could guard Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaq, David Robinson, Kareem, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe, Patrick Ewing, Tim Duncan. None of them could stop Hakeem.

  • I dislike Stephen A very much


  • Tony and many are interim leaders of the spurs. When Tim Duncan was there everyone was together. Just like the mother of a family. Everyone listens to mom but (god forbid) she passes away every thing falls apat

  • Well done, Max! David should get more praise for the winning culture he started in the Spurs

  • I think there is a dark shadow still hanging around from the injury. The league handled it wrong. So, any third rate bench player can step out under you as you rise to shoot and nobody says boo? Pachulia basically handed the series to the Warriors, one it was likely they would have been hard pressed to win. It was a shameful moment in NBA history. Pop has been a great coach but the system is waning along with all of its pieces. Cut Kawhi loose to help shape the future or give him leave to go. As it sits Kawhi could have been a scoring leader, first team defender, perhaps even a guy in the mix for best player of this era, but he has to pull it all back to fit into the Spurs? That makes no sense. Team is one thing when it makes everyone better and gives everyone a chance to be their best. I think the Spurs have squandered Kawhi as a talent and in the end this will be one of the longest lasting criticisms of the Popovich approach to the game.

  • Off topic, did David Robinson ever play with Manu Ginobili?

    • keigorjai01 Nice! A true Warriors fan...I can't say I'm a fan of GSW or Curry.. although I did like the team (when they had Baron Davis) and upset the Mavs in the playoffs. I'm hoping they can keep Kawhi...or we are in BIG trouble..yep..we all miss Timmy!😢

    • Kristi Martinez WOW, 30years, I am a fan of GSW since 1993 who live in Bay Area. I like Spurs too, I am a fan of Duncan. BTW, I wish if Kawhi Leonard will extend his contract with Spurs.

    • keigorjai01 No problem! I've been a fan for 30 years and that's my I know a little history:)

    • Kristi Martinez thanks for the answer

    • keigorjai01 Yes..not for very long though..both won a ring in 2003.. same year DR retired

  • Don't drink the coffee at the First Take studio it's lava hot!

  • Imo I think Pop isn't happy with the whole team except for a few of them.

  • Damn those lips are chapped

  • D.Robinson simply doesn't get the talk that he was a beast!!!and I hate the Spurs!....hahahaha

    • You r right about all of that!!!!!!

    • talgwatr probably because there were so many great centers around that time. Hakeem, Ewing, Mutombo, Mourning don’t get the respect either. It’s unfortunate. One of the best defenders ever too

  • What a man! Miss the good old days with him on the court :/

  • "

  • For fuck sake can that guy shut the fuck up and let the legend talk.

  • David Robinson. My favorite player of all time and the most underrated player of all time. Top 5 defender ever and great athlete with a handle and a jump shot. Won every award that was to be won.

  • Did his voice change?

  • The guy just wants to make sure he's fully healthy. He's an amazing player and should take all the time off he wants and needs, he doesn't wanna risk his career. Let him take his time. It's not worth coming back not fully healthy and risking the rest of his career.

  • David Robinson is a class act..GO NAVY

  • I love that Robinson is still part of the team!!!

  • They haven't adapted.....they got Tim, Tony and Manu to play way below their worth in the league as far as money is concerned for years......who have they paid BIG money too today in a league that is paying its stars BIG miss me with the adapting stuff...... they still trying to run old school pimping.....they've wasted good years developing young talent still kissing up to Tony and Manu.....lost J Simmons, great young prospect, Danny Green still green, Kyle just really coming out his shell, Patty Mills has pretty much been a career back up, etc......

    • Koach K JSimmons left on his own..they couldn't do anything about that

  • He didnt sign autograph for shaq. He didnt...

  • I like kawhi, he’s a great player with no big ego. Hope he gets well and where ever he goes i hope the best for him

  • Pause

  • ‘But that bein’ said’ 😑

  • David Robinson for President!

  • this isn't unprecedented. they had issues with Rodman also

  • People sleep on D'Rob because of his lack of emotion but the guy was a beast of a player on the court. A cornball,....but a beast of a player.

  • David Robinson was talking facts and postitivity. Stephan A. just wanted to interject, so he could add his negative bs.

  • Didn't think anyone would be more quiet than Tim Duncan

  • The "twin towers". Good days of basketball.

  • Sounds like the spurs need a Kyle Lowry or Mike Conley type player with a bit of leadership.

  • Has the record been broken? Ya I didn't think so 😅

  • Kawhi is a mute. 😷

  • ☯️ S.A SPURS all day ☯️

  • Lying admiral. Clearly the spurs are tanking

  • Gregg Popovich gets too much credit for the sustainability of the Spurs' winning culture but without Tim Duncan, none of this, none of what we see right now would have been possible. The Spurs were always a classy organization that put the team first even back to when David Robinson was the face of the franchise but Duncan was the final piece to the puzzle to that elusive championship. After Robinson left, the franchise continued to keep that winning formula because Duncan took pay cuts to keep the core intact. Think about it. While younger teams kept trying to assemble super teams, the Spurs kept beating them while gradually and smoothly transitioning into a new rotation.

  • David is really intelligent

  • Popovich is getting to be like Phil Jackson. Basketball genius but crazy as hell thinking Kyle Anderson aka Slow Mo is better than Jonathan Simmons who was athletic and with Kawhi could beat GSW and they let him go to Orlando Magic.

    • Pretty sure he wanted to leave. They didn't let him go. He wanted more playing time. It was his choice.

    • S .McNeal Also add Bill Belichek to the list.Theres a fine line between genius and lunatic....and these coaches have eventually crossed it.

  • Steven A. Holy GEEEZ STFU let people talk... 😒

  • The Admiral! He’s a real nice dude..tall AF tho

  • I knew Stephen A. was gon with that today's culture bullsh*t

  • David Robinson! The Legend!

  • Maybe Poopavich should focus on coaching and less on politics.

    • Jimmy K maybe you should worry more on getting laid then talking basketball.

  • One team has 4 all stars in their prime and RC faggot Buford thinks leonard is gonna defeat them by himself where the hell is this bitch boy Buford from does anyone know

  • A 73-9 team adds durant and they do nothing and now they stuck on what leonard thinking and all this stuff I just wanna slam my head thru a window. God forbid if they think about getting this thing called a fukin all star when a 73-9 team added durant nah that's not possible they must stick with all roll players

  • He's so qualified to answer the question yet you don't let him because you can't wait to open your mouth

  • Kwahi doesn't want to be held on cruise control until the playoffs and take a pay cut

  • Did anyone notice how quickly his vernacular changed at the very end when he said "Ahh, Thank you I appreciate that??? He back to Ebony on 'em... from O.J to Will Smith Lol!!!

  • David Robinson one ugly nigga has not aged well

  • Big Dave, The Best forgotten big.

  • well

  • should have resigned Simmons and Dedmon.. period.

    • Real we talk we should be never let those guys go

  • “There’s gonna be some vacuum sucking in the locker room.” - David Robinson

    • Paul Nelson .... Suspect for sure

  • Let the NBA legend talk, not some sports journalist who never played at any meaningful level

  • Is this true that: Kawai L. will go to 76ers for Dario Saric and Fultz, it could be true cuzz I know that Greg Popovich wants Dario Saric

  • Can Steven A. shut the fuck up for 3 seconds!!!

  • This is what DC Young fly gonna look like when he's older

  • He kind of talks like obama at times

  • Robinson is great. Put Steven in his place, no room for this bs drama being manufactured!

  • i fucking love david robinson.

  • Stephen never lets anyone finish there sentence 😂😂 “well....well...well” bro chill let the man speak lol

  • Oh my god SAS talking straight bullshit, trust Robinson's view, not the loudmouth idiot. What he said about the personalities is spot on

  • Stephen a lmao chill dafuq down man let the man speak man especially somebody who has more information than you

  • Did he get frostbite on his lips ?? lips been robbed son. Deflated ! Shits look like they been smacked with books.! Tuck ur lips in man 😂

  • This is the same guy who scores 71 and got a quadruple double

  • Damn bro put on some goddamn chapstick

  • So no kawai shit

  • He said Tim was quiet and his leadership grew and he matured, so thats kinda a cool way to say Kawhi has not done none of those things.....geeesh ok

  • David Robinson out here looking like Charlie Wilson

  • D Rob class act

  • David robinsons lips dehydrated like crazy lol

  • Stephen A is the only person I know that ask 20 minute question.

    • ballerheatstreak2 spot on 😂

  • #Olajuwon

  • Stephen A please go away forever....

  • Had David Robinson been more selfish he would be a GOAT contender. As it is, he is a top 10 all time player who seems to be rarely mentioned in conversations of the greatest. He had the defense of a freak defensive specialist while being a prolific scorer.

  • "Not to be a little bit of vacuum sucking in the locker room" tf this gay nigga talkin about

  • Yo what's up with David Robinson lips looks like extra meat hanging off

  • He looks in great shape for a 52 year old

  • Wen Kawhi comes back all this bull shit will stop....i think the media got to the younger players minds ....thats why there losing everyone has gotten better ...

  • LaMarcus Aldridge is Carmelo Anthony’s cousin.

  • First year they won't win 50 in 20 years or so

  • Spurs Go Spurs!! Say it loud

  • What a class dude!

  • cant leave out tony parker he was for real in his prime

  • The Admiral🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  • Tim duncan and david robinson always seemed gayish.

    • Junior S .... No doubt

    • Junior S well word is Tim Duncan is gay on the low I could believe it

  • Man I love the Admiral. What a classy, loving guy. Great man. ‘d love to get some beers in with him haha. David’s one of the most underrated big men of all time together with Patrick Ewing. Such a shame because they shaped that organisation for yeaaaaaars.

    • Jonas Stalpaert he doesn't drink alcohol.

  • No this type of constancy is not unprecedented, I have to disagree with the Admril. It's just another pie in the sky San Antonio comment. The Boston Celtics, the Lakers, the Jazz and others I'm not aware of have had multiple decades of success. It's like him saying Tim Duncan is the best 4 to ever play and it's not close. Sorry Karl Malone a true 4 and KG are very close to Timy so really back it up and realize you're not in a class of your own.

    • Josh How a Franchise is Organized derectly correlates with what I'm talking about. The franchise is the brand the Organization represents. My beef is how you and the others measuring your so called Facts? You said the Admirals comments are fact. I say it's an opinion that many share. You say player development. That's a chicken or the egg argument. You say no players feathers have been ruffled. I'm not sure the Ice Man or the Admril were thrilled with no rings or solid teammates. I just wasn't around then. Also the media calls the Jazz a classy organization. I'm sure D-Will, AK 47, Dominique Wilkins, Darell Grifth, Enos Kanter and now Gordon Hayward would disagree. So again opinion. Good drafting? Every one has missed and hit. I think the Spurs with Mono and Parker may have hit deeper then most. However the Hall of Fame is made through hard work and success consitanly. Not draft night. How many times do I have to eat crow and say they're currently the best ran franchise. This means to me there organization as well. Players, Coaches, staff, scouts, front office and owner. I base this on there current results. What I ment was the Admril is so high on the Spurs that he is blinded into making statements that are not true. Unprecedented means never done before now. You have seen numbers refuting this. Other teams have had similar success. He says they are the best period. Well to be best at something you need to be number one period. They currently have the highest winning percentage. Is that truly your argument? Because if it is then Karl Malone is the best Power Foward. Both Karl and Timy played 19 years. Karl has more points, more assists and more steals. While Timy has more blocks. Rebounds are virtually a wash at almost 12 a game average each player. The results are very similar in the Playoffs. If the Admril had said these are uncharted waters for the Spurs referring to switching eras from Tim Duncan to Kawi. I still would've barked they did with Him to Timmy. They are on the brink of doing stuff a NBA group, Organization, Franchise, Team whatever you call them has never done. In short get over yourselves and keep giving me a show so I can tell my children how no one compares to the Spurs of my day. The wins, the numbers and results will do the talking. Not a ex player turned fan of an Organization/Franchise that gave him much and he them. That doesn't know how to be vocally rude. As bad as Malone jacked his face with an elbow most people would still be bent. Not David it was just part of the game no big deal. At least that's what he told fans.

    • Big R I feel like we're discussing different things here. On the level of pure franchise success and history of course Boston and LA are gonna get the nod. I'm referring more to the way San Antonio is organized and managed and all the things pertaining to that.

    • Josh Chicago 14 straight playoffs (6 titles) Boston 14 straight playoffs (3 titles) Detroit 14 straight (zero) during streak Lakers 16 straight (zero) during streak Lakers 17 straight (5 titles) Boston 19 straight (11 titles) Jazz 20 straight (0) Spurs 20 ( 5 titles) Portland 21 (0) 76ers 22 (0) Of this impressive list it shows the current run is impressive and on going but not unprecedented. It also shows that in a similar time frame, while a young franchise Boston did much more in 19 sesons then San Antonio. When you talk best franchise I think of the Lakers, the Boston Celtics, the Bulls and yes the Spurs. Great players and Coaches make great teams. Championship teams over the eras make the elite franchises. No one cares how hard it was or if it wasn't. Only results. Only Utah talks about how great we were because we don't have a ring. Also the Spurs have never repeated, consecutive championships ain't in there resume.

    • Big R Well teams can match that consistency? None come to mind except LA but I believe that's do to a combination of an easy era and LA easily acquiring free agents due to being in LA as well as their good management. Wdym they have to top playoffs in a row? They do have that record set I believe as well as back to back 50 win seasons. Karl isn't only second to Duncan due to rings, on a skill level the two were starkly different on the defensive end. What franchises would you say surpass the Spurs? I feel this would be easier if you outlined those so I know exactly which teams I'm arguing

    • Josh No your points were this. Lots of Success in relatively short time. Good image from players present and past. Also sound management. Good player development and drafting. Have I missed any? You on the other hand didn't put what I have been saying together. David says this is Unprecedented no its not other franchise have matched there feats so far. How do you measure they're best? Consistency is one leg you need at least two. The span they did it in is matched by others. Titles have been eclipsed. Also currently they are the best franchise, most playoff appearances in a row currently. Second most titles in that span. A media reputation through the roof. A player development program that's definitely top notch. However you're saying best all time. I'm saying it hasn't happened yet. I'm saying they have to top the playoffs in a row and that will give you your second leg with your third being 5 titles in that time. Otherwise they are the most consistent and you know why Karl is Second not one is Rings. So I'm asking what fact, tangible achevement makes them number one? Titles there tide in last twenty years with the Lakers. They have the current longest streak of Playoff apperiances. The best record in 7 years of any NBA team. They also have the longest tendered coach. However other teams have had spans like this one. So it makes them the currently best franchise. However my complaint was not that. It was this is not Unprecedented, if so how. Also that this is not the best franchise and if so why? Consistency which is a strong suit of there's is not enough.