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NBA Funny Defense Moments

Published on May 25, 2018
Some Funny, Hillarious, Crazy, and Unbelievable Defensive Plays!!!
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  • First pin?

  • Stupid HARDEN ☺😍

  • And people think harden is mvp worst defender in nba history he is a fkn joke

  • I would never vote for harden as mvp.. Thats just trash basketball

  • Tex ME something to do

  • James harden was fouled in the making of this video

  • Is the 52 mark not ironic? Wesley Johnson getting a wide open shot on offense due to hardens Defense

  • Change intro

  • Potang INA mo Ginagawa mue

  • y dónde estuvieron los funny moments????

  • XD, oh come on!! What's up with pulling pants off thing and grabbing balls!?! XD

  • That dude just got out of lebrons way lmao

  • James harden is so gay

  • James Harden is incapable of defending, shame

  • I will pants you 👖👌

  • 2:15 we playing volleyball?

  • 4:31 like street-hockey when you throw your stick to try and block a goal

  • 1:11 he did on purpose

  • All I did was search up "terrible defence in basketball" and the first 5 results were about Harden, and this was one of them. 😂

  • Javell McGee is a professional volleyball player LOLOL!!!

  • kkkkkkkkkk esses cara man kkkkkkkkkk

  • I wonder what team he likes?

  • 30 seconds of into.. just do it already

  • Yo what’s the name of the outdo song

  • This is gonna be all harden

  • this should be "proof harden is a offensive stat padder and doesn't deserve to be mvp" video lol

  • Get rid of the cancerous intro

  • 1:12 and 3:03 Bro I'm sick of these gay niggas in the NBA.

  • !wäăş

  • You are the best youtuber ever I AM a kings fan I live in Sacramento


  • How is James Harden still in the NBA?

  • What a ironic name for carmelo Antony team sac and he got hit in the sac😂

  • Че за музыка 5:25

  • - Defensive Breakdown

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  • Does James harden even wanna to defend

  • That James Harden guy is lazy on defense.

  • If the shoe connected with the ball would it be kick ball?

  • Hardin must play some defense

  • 1:09 no home dawg lmao

  • 2:53 LOL?

  • James Harden has no defense.

  • 2:13 ballin with your little bro be like

  • The last clip is more defense than James Harden will play all year.

  • Whats the oturo song? THE LINk in the desc. doesnt work :( ty!

  • I swear JR does the most dumbest things on court😂

  • Wait wait wait where tf is Okafor standing around spinning in a circle?!?!?!?

  • "thats a tech, thats a tech, he grabbed my nuts"

  • The shit that is the NBA is not even worth watching anymore..boring and predictajle with no d and no heart..wwe is more entertaining and real

  • Wath is tha song

  • 2:50 😂😂

  • 3:00 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Like si la barba es el mejor en eso🔥🔥💣💣💣💣💣suscribanse plus✋💕

  • Safe to be not injured harden

  • Nut tap🤣🤣

  • Damn Buddy Hield went nuts on Boogie.

  • Hahaha

  • What is the name of the bgm in the end?

  • Nice

  • That guy got into basketball to touch some balls.

  • That my husband James harden he get harden

  • Melo and James H. Who take home the trophy for worst defend of the year?

  • James harden is the best defend player ever!!! Respect!

  • I take it you're a Kings fan lol

  • lmao balls grab

  • 2:12 thats how we got to the moon

  • defense in todays era is

  • Respect the beard. 2 way player does not equal double the money.

  • All of this will be James harden bet 100$

  • Hijk😳😡😴😱😱😱 0

  • who can see lebron and milwakee

  • Are all of James harden 0:0 - 0:40

  • Kings win

  • 2:12 we don't play volleyball

  • 3:15 the guy on lebron right sid said i dont want no problems😄😄😄

  • 04:43 steps?

  • James for nothing...#travelking#idiotdef

  • what's the title of the intro song??

  • You like the worst team

  • 4:44 when 2k glitches

  • I wouldn't count the defense on Lebron's dunk at the 3:21 mark. He just didn't want to get a shoe in the mouth when Lebron went for the dunk, he was just out of position.

  • 2:10 dammmmmmm

  • Harden is just a ball hog!

  • 1:54 the moment Cousins realized that hes on the wrong team

  • 😂

  • kings fan for days

  • LMFAOOOOO McGee came a longggggg way

  • 1:05 😂😂😂

  • if i need to stop lbj dunk i will dodge😂😂

  • James Harden really "step back" on his defence too.

  • What was wrong with McGee's block ?

  • i wouldn’t want to get in front of a 6’8 275 lb man either especially lebron

  • Mcgeee😂😂😂

  • I think this guy is a kings fan

  • God's plan使ってるのいいすね👍

  • 0:50 You are b+ and this happened: Leave Assignment, Defensive Breakdown, Bad Block. Ooops you are back to C+

  • the guy with the shoe in the hand and throw it, i just died

  • this guy just grabbed the balls of another player, nasty, that hand should have smelled like shit

  • Harden can't defends