Navy SEALs vs Army’s Green Berets - Special Forces Comparison

Published on Jun 6, 2018
Navy SEALs vs Army’s Green Berets - Special Forces Comparison
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Navy SEALs vs Army’s Green Berets - Special Forces Comparison
U.S. SEALs and Green Berets are both elite units of U.S. Armed Forces. The SEALs are part of the Navy, while Green Berets are Special Forces unit of Army. SEAL is derived from their capacity to operate at Sea, Air, and Land, but it's their ability to work underwater, that separates SEALs from most other special forces in the world. On the other hand, Green Berets are deployed behind enemy lines from years before the large scale...
Today we will compare these elite soldiers in this hypothetical match up, and determine which unit is better in a real battlefield scenario.
1. Quick Facts
Let's have a look at some quick facts first.
The Navy SEAL teams are the U.S. Navy's principal special operations force and a part of the Naval Special Warfare Command…
On the other hand, U.S. Army Special Forces are known as the Green Berets because of their distinctive service headgear…
2. Structure
There are eight SEAL teams. Each team has six platoons and a headquarters element. SEAL platoons consist of 16 SEALs -- two officers, one chief, and 13 enlisted men. SEAL team 6 specializes in counter..., counter proliferation, special reconnaissance...
In contrast, green berets are organized in small but highly trained groups. This ensures maximum efficiency during a mission. Teams are made up of 12 men, called Operational Detachment Alpha…
3. Selection & Training
SEAL candidates must be male American citizens age 17 to 28 with good vision. They must be able to obtain secret clearance and pass the SEAL Physical Screening Test, a demanding battery of events…
Green berets must endure roughly two years of training prior to even being assigned to a group. This is very tough, intense training, where various language and unconventional…
4. Gear & Equipment
Nothing gives a weapon system more credibility than a stamp of approval by the Navy SEALs. These Tier 1 operators use an extensive array of weaponry…
Similarly, green berets have the most advanced equipment available. They have a specific procurement process for mission specific equipment. This process allows them to obtain the best equipment for specific mission requirements, both from within or outside Army inventory…
5. Mission & Roles
Navy SEALs are rapid deployment force, which has the ability to conduct military actions that are beyond the capability of conventional military forces. SEALs are superbly trained in all environments, and are the masters of maritime Special Operations…
On the other hand, Green Berets are trained to perform missions that fall into five main categories which includes. Guerrilla..., foreign internal defense, direct action, counter... and special reconnaissance…
So what do you think that which Special Forces unit is better? Navy Seals or Green Berets? Let us know in the comments section. Also be sure to check out our other military videos. Thanks for watching and as always don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.
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  • I wanna be a army ranger, I want action but my parents want a doctor

  • Both are outstanding operators with different missions and they all deserve our highest respect and gratitude.

  • Both accomplish same endstate.. Win.. Win.. Win

  • why the USA is having so many special task forces, do they have to protect so many secret special interests ? or are they so much paranoid? or are they trying to make a great business out of the war, maybe they enjoy sending young blood to other countries' soil to kill other young bloods of other countries to keep the money flowing for oligarchs like Trump

  • This should be titled " Brussil sprouts Vs Cheatoes" What a ridiculous comparison.

  • SEALs actually have female officers in the black team. I don't imagine they are doing the same thing as the SEALs do, and I have no idea what they do but there are female SEALs operators tho.

  • U saw this I had to watch it

  • Isn't that like comparing MLB Champions to NFL Champions... both are sports teams but the game is different. bay rays?

  • At 6:31 those are Air Force SOWT candidates

  • Forcerecon Marine. .best of best

  • 2 different fruits are hard to compare

  • You can’t compare the two they have completely different missions.

  • SF are nation builders

  • I'm preparing myself for green beret selection 18yrs hope that by the end of next year I'll be ready

  • Seals are best

  • Seals Marine recon spiecal Force's EOD and the one many don't know actually exist CIA black op best of best the British SAS are bad ass allys

  • ODA all day!! All the way!!

  • Have you sound the arm

  • Raiders for sure

  • They both play completely different roles. It is not a matter of which one is better but rather which one you prefer.

  • seals

  • The US military is the best military in the world.

  • SEAL is the best...

  • 0:53 shows a PJ not a green beret

  • Who cares? Both are on the same side last I remembered!

  • All the dummies who think these two branches are our best, your wrong. Our best branch is delta force, go look them up, oh wait you can’t because everything about them is classified.

  • 1. Delta Force 2. Green Beret 3. Seals 4. Rangers

  • LAPD 😁👍

  • Me parece que no son fuerzas comparables, tienen misiones muy diferentes.

  • The time to get into "action" takes a long time for both. Im too inpatient for that. I think the rangers get into action pretty quick though. Who get the most action, just let me know that?

  • In these comments.. everyone is an army expert.

  • They're both great because in the end protect the nation are real mission of this two elite unit.

  • For me id root for the Green Beret or Special Forces the real silent professional

  • Navy Seals all the way they go from sea to air and land S.E.A.L.

  • No comparison. Two vastly different scopes of operation.

  • Always protect USA go army

  • Army

  • Neither is better than the other....they are both tough motherfuckers. They are used in different capacities and can function as the same unit if necessary...these are literally professional war fighters...they are the best of the best of the best. I truly dont believe either of then is better than the other.

  • 🙋

  • One is not "better" than the other. Each one is exceptional at what they do.

  • Such BS. Wish I had not wasted my time on this but it was entertaining even if a little far fetched.

  • Why not mention Delta force? Delta force hand picks berets from my understanding,like the elite within the elite of special forces in the Army. Also both are awesome. Seals,berets,etc,all have their purpose an mission.

  • Both teams are great God bless the USA and thanks for serving our Country!!!

  • everyone forgets the air force!!!! Pera ? who. More training than any one in the WORD!!!! by far

  • Wouldn't Delta and Seals be a better comparrison?

  • why comparing apples and oranges? they were designed for specific purposes.

  • Delta force is best though

  • American Bla Bla. SAS are the best

  • #WWG1WGA #Qanon #TrustThePlan - In God We Trust - We The People - AMEN!

  • Messi is better than Ronaldo. End of discussion!

  • All special forces are intel and recon specialists. But otherwise their jobs begin to differ greatly. And qualifying for each is incredibly hard. Neither is better than the other.

  • If you cant figure out that SF is the better unit. You don't even deserve to comment with your ignorant vitriol.

  • man,.....but seals do more tough training, they are quick and stealthy...

  • Navy seal

  • Snow Boarding Fool....Air Pocket only...No blasting Spark that Ripple ...Trees will kick your Ass...

  • Green Barrett

  • Thank you all veterans and or soldiers for fighting for this countries freedom and peace. I will not join you Navy Seals, Marines, Marsoc, Delta Force, or Green Berets. I will be joining the operation of the motto being, "This we'll defend"

  • I have been shot by both..and both sucked just the same..shit hurts.

  • The most elite fighters? The CIA Special Activities Division drafts the best of the best from SEALS, Green Beret, and Delta Force.

  • One thing that wasn't mentioned was Delta. He spoke of the tier 1 team of SEALs (Team 6) but did not mention the detachment of Army SF (Delta), which is by far the most elite team out of all in the world and in my personal opinion the only operators that come close would be 75th Ranger RRD/RRC, which was recently added to tier 1 groups or the Israeli SF guys. I guess the best thing about Delta, is that they weren't mentioned on this video, as of how elite they are. You didn't hear much about Delta in the media until recently and I think the only time they were really shown was during that hostsge exchange years ago, Delta is no frickin joke, hardly even like being in the Military at all, its more like CIA work, which they work alongside of all the time, same with Ranger RRC (Ranger Recon).

  • I'll choose reguler cavalry... Nuff said

  • Send a Navy SEAL into the jungle for 6 months and he'll come out with a beard and modified uniform. Send a Green Beret into the jungle for 6 months and he'll come out with a trained army equipped to overthrow a nation!

  • 500 meter swim? check your facts.

  • BOTH! Trump 2020

  • I have to say seals

  • Neither is better but I think the Green Berets have a harder job

  • And we are still not even as strong as delta lol


  • That was cool!

  • Both!!

  • I still dont get it what is a purpose of Green Berets ?!

    • So that means that Green Berets are real motherfucker ninja who is the best of the best in US ARMY right ?!

    • the green beret mission profiles are as follows: 1. foreign internal defense (making shit good for the locals) 2. special reconnaissance. 3. direct action (door kicking) 4. unconventional/guerrilla warfare though the capabilities and mission profiles of seals and green berets overlap, eg. unconventional warfare, the primary mission profile changes with the times and theater of operations. as of now, green berets aren't primarily door kickers. they insert behind enemy lines and teach guerilla forces. seals on the other hand kill fuckers and gtfo. they're like ninjas with m4s and body armor.

  • Dont leave out the Boy's Scouts Of America alot of them where Boy Scouts before what they are now. Scouts Honor!

  • And when thier both in trouble they call Air Force ParaRescue...

  • Seals all the way

  • This video left out an important part of the Navy spec ops, Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman, SWCC. They operate the boats with the SEALS and are responsible for getting the SEALS in and out of hotspots, etc.

  • I'm honored to have both on my side

  • What is the difference between rangers and berets

  • Why? They are both bad ass mofos and they are both Americans. That’s all that matters!

  • Thank God they are both fighting for the Red, White, & Blue!

  • Different missions. Both can get it done.

  • i wanna know who would win in a fight?!?!

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  • PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seals rapid deployment capability means they are more geared up for combat.

  • seals are pussies tier three they cant carry a ruck and cant go up mountains which is why they messed up on anaconda every sf unit said they werent fit enough but obamas boys had to get in on an op , stick to helis velcro and storming three story house's 45 mins even to do that delta/cag rangers and marines are the real deal

  • The Russian Spetsnaz are gonna kick their silly asses anyday. Don't bet on it!

  • Long term vs. Short term Green berets ... But both are great and thankful for their work and commitment to our country.... A.T.W

  • I am planning on going into the green berets when I get older

  • Yeah! Somebody's gotta save those other branches. GO ARMY! LOL! Big ups to my fellow Vets and those currently serving.

  • Why isn’t the “ Army Rangers” never mentioned? This guys are beyond slick.

  • Seals are waterborne and green berets are land spec ops,but the green berets can operate in water too.

  • Green berets are better in logistics and planning but seals are the best in fighting and endurance

  • I believe Green Berets are a highly trained but SEALs specialize in more so there for more ever more effective.

  • you fuik king mannn

  • Green Berets

  • Navy seal Marine corps USA..


  • So in conclusion at my best interest. The SF are the police men while SEAL are the S.W.A.T team but in a way different nature👌☺

  • Paskal from Malaysia