Navy SEALs vs Army’s Green Berets - Special Forces Comparison

Published on Jun 6, 2018
Navy SEALs vs Army’s Green Berets - Special Forces Comparison
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Navy SEALs vs Army’s Green Berets - Special Forces Comparison
U.S. SEALs and Green Berets are both elite units of U.S. Armed Forces. The SEALs are part of the Navy, while Green Berets are Special Forces unit of Army. SEAL is derived from their capacity to operate at Sea, Air, and Land, but it's their ability to work underwater, that separates SEALs from most other special forces in the world. On the other hand, Green Berets are deployed behind enemy lines from years before the large scale...
Today we will compare these elite soldiers in this hypothetical match up, and determine which unit is better in a real battlefield scenario.
1. Quick Facts
Let's have a look at some quick facts first.
The Navy SEAL teams are the U.S. Navy's principal special operations force and a part of the Naval Special Warfare Command…
On the other hand, U.S. Army Special Forces are known as the Green Berets because of their distinctive service headgear…
2. Structure
There are eight SEAL teams. Each team has six platoons and a headquarters element. SEAL platoons consist of 16 SEALs -- two officers, one chief, and 13 enlisted men. SEAL team 6 specializes in counter..., counter proliferation, special reconnaissance...
In contrast, green berets are organized in small but highly trained groups. This ensures maximum efficiency during a mission. Teams are made up of 12 men, called Operational Detachment Alpha…
3. Selection & Training
SEAL candidates must be male American citizens age 17 to 28 with good vision. They must be able to obtain secret clearance and pass the SEAL Physical Screening Test, a demanding battery of events…
Green berets must endure roughly two years of training prior to even being assigned to a group. This is very tough, intense training, where various language and unconventional…
4. Gear & Equipment
Nothing gives a weapon system more credibility than a stamp of approval by the Navy SEALs. These Tier 1 operators use an extensive array of weaponry…
Similarly, green berets have the most advanced equipment available. They have a specific procurement process for mission specific equipment. This process allows them to obtain the best equipment for specific mission requirements, both from within or outside Army inventory…
5. Mission & Roles
Navy SEALs are rapid deployment force, which has the ability to conduct military actions that are beyond the capability of conventional military forces. SEALs are superbly trained in all environments, and are the masters of maritime Special Operations…
On the other hand, Green Berets are trained to perform missions that fall into five main categories which includes. Guerrilla..., foreign internal defense, direct action, counter... and special reconnaissance…
So what do you think that which Special Forces unit is better? Navy Seals or Green Berets? Let us know in the comments section. Also be sure to check out our other military videos. Thanks for watching and as always don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.
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  • One name...RAMBO Enough said

  • Both are equally trained to the for the task they do. I'm an ex army ranger and I agree with the Marine that both are on the same side. An awesome power to have and respect for each other as each is trained for specific combat situations... so neither on is better than the other... God bless the USA...

  • All I have to say is GO ARMY!! BEAT NAVY!

  • Where does MARSOC fit in Spec ops community

  • Green Beret isnt the Best Navy SEALs Still Best cause when i was 30 years old i complete the BUDS and SQT and i became Commander in 2017.

  • They are both good but since I was in the Navy I go with the seals.

  • After doing two tours in Vietnam in the Army Green Beret, I joined the Seals because I always wanted to learn to swim. The seals have some wonderful swim instructors. I went on to win 4 Golds and two bronze medals in swimming events during the 1970 winter Olympics. I love both clubs, every time we get together everybody brings the best drugs and some really badass drinks. I love to get completely shiteface and shoot at anything that moves on my big Texas dude ranch. My motto is, " If something ain't happening then make it happen" If you would like to get really tough and prepared then send a $500 down payment and I will hold a place open at my Get Tough Dude Ranch and Survival School. Train with real American heroes ,"Get tough with us while we get tougher" is what we say.

  • SEALS are Hollywood. Green berets are professionals

  • Honestly, both groups do us proud time and again.

  • I'm a Marine a Branch of the Navy, so I'm gonna go with th Navy Seals ! SEMPER FI ....... But at the same time the are both elite and both serve different purposes ! Go Navy....

  • In the 60s the green baretta (hope I spelled it right) were the popular special forces. Regular army are the ones that go head to head and toe to toe . Now tell who's the best.

  • US Navy Seals, why do you think the President sent a Seal Team in to capture or kill Obama Bin Laden.

  • I would have love tu to spend 6 years in each

  • They’re both great!

  • Seals Mission Specific...Green Beret Mission Specific... best of the Best@ what they do!

  • Both are good but both are different. For each mission you call a specific team. No edge both are great.

  • Its a stupid question like asking whats better a rifle or pistol. Depends on the mission.Both are the very best at what they do!! period!

  • 1

  • Nether, they have specific purposes... that's like asking what screw driver is better a Philips head screw driver or a torque head screwdriver... depends on mission and purpose

  • Thank God they’re on the same side.

  • Fascist armies. They should all be killed.

  • They both call the airforce when they meet the enemy.

  • And silly me. Here I thought they was on the same team...

  • i love my family too much to be any of them, respect to these guys

  • Isn't one teir 1 and the other teir 2?

  • Navy seal

  • Better comparison would be SEALS to Delta "The Unit" and "The Teams"

  • Both are the Best at they do

  • It has already been said below, but I will accord to that statement. The mission of the two elements are different however being a GB for 22 years I will say this. The GBs have a much larger and broader mission than the SEALS. I won't go into the details but the GBs missions does include what the SEALS are known for and can do it (Underwater Ops). The SEALS, at least during my years as a GB did not do FID, and I will just leave it at that. My personal opinion is that due to their pin point missions, the SEALS stayed in much better shape than the GBs. One thing is for sure, if you have ever worn a trident or a SF tab, especially with a dive badge, you were in superior shape.

  • Seals

  • Navy Seals

  • Seals are fight-specific, berets will get the job done without raising a weapon if possible.

  • Just glad both are on our side. I think SEAL indoc would be harder for me because I'm not the best swimmer.

  • Seals all the way .

  • Like with so many american agencies there is confusing overlap and competition, would it be fair to say Delta Force is a mix between these two?

  • Ive always wondered

  • LAPD Homicide Unit is the best. 👍🏻

  • ive watched 5 seals back up when challenged by one green beret you tell me.

  • I don't think you can compare seals to Green Berets you should have compared the seals to Delta Force cuz I believe they have a similar job

  • They all do amazing work for the country and I couldn't be happier to have them on our side me I'm going to start training so I can try and become a Navy SEAL and of course it will be hard but you can do anything if you put your mind and soul into it the green berets might go through more tough challenges but sometimes when you plan things out they don't go as plan so sometimes going in headfirst is the right answers than going legs first

  • Triedent true navy seals all the way

  • British sas are worlds best special force on the planet fact

  • Women can be Navy SEALS now but so far not many have applied and none have gotten through the training yet

  • As a US citizen, I’m just happy to have such excellent experts from all branches, all who serve and compliment each other’s missions and keep us safe. My Dad was a Ranger, while all tease each other, at the end of the day, they are the same side and the baddest military on Earth.

  • Can’t really have “vs” type things with our Special Forces or any branch. They all compliment each other. My Dad was a Ranger.

  • One is not better than the other, they are both United States military and all branches work together

  • The best troop is the portuguese "tropa do iamine" the rest are boyscouts...

  • Dumbest fucking video ever.

  • Hail to all special operators and really all in uniform who fight and defend this country and their brothers next to them.

  • Not better, just different. Each with its own tactics, perimeters and solutions. God Bless our Special Forces, branch notwithstanding.

  • I bet Viecong armies were better than both team. Vietcong forces are far better and stronger than both team. They can kill both team easily.

  • How can you judge, when they're perfect at what they do for the situations ordered.

  • Their roles are different. But the gentleman below already stated that.

  • You have the Armed Forces, Special Operations, Special Forces and Chuck Norris...and we're all on the same team and all are bad ass!

  • They both are great, and they are capable to protect their country U.S

  • They do their jobs well. I think they are both spectacular.

  • The weird thing is that the best navy seal and green berets are no match for locals who have been fighting all their lives in their native countries. All the training in the world is no match for people with war experience.

  • They're both good but when the s*** hits the fan who do we call MARINES

  • I'm from Philippines and since i was a kid i dream of becoming a navy seal of USA. But then it's only for americans. Whereas my granfather was a US veteran although he was a filipino. Can I use that as my advantage to get into application and soon to be a candidate?

  • Different missions....different training.... known people who have served in both. And sadly, their bodies take a beating.....

  • Both are the best. American made. Professional experts at the trades!

  • I have deep respect in both SF Units, Since I am Retried (Navy) I guess I have a predetermination to the Navy Seals. I have dealt with both in my Military Career. AS the Narrator mentioned the Green Berets normally stay in country a lengthy time so they get affiliated with the local area and people. The seals are more of a quick reaction force that can deploy to an area anywhere in the world within about 72 hours. I remember a good example of that was when the Merchant ship Alabama was taken over by Somalia Pirates, taking out 2 Pirates in a enclosed lifeboat which was about 500 yards off the stern of a Destroyer and taking them out simultaneously - try to take that shot on a pitching ship with a pitching lifeboat.

  • Cuthbert J Twillie has stated the facts. Totally different missions. Both are totally awesome.

  • They shouldn't be compared. We're all connected in the fact that we're all armed forces

  • Lost ALL my respect for the SEALS after working alongside them in Bolivia....

  • Don’t think they see each other as better than another. They do the same job which is protecting our land.

  • In Australia our commandos = seal Our SASR = green beret/delta

  • I'm joining tge army with the goal of working my way up but navy seals are badass

  • Seals no doubt

  • The real question is... who do they call in an emergency? Air force PJ's. Let's that sink in... while everyone goes back and forth over which of these two is better, no one considers that when shit hits the fan for these two groups, its some how the damn air force who is sent in to unfuck the situation and rescue them. All I'm saying here.

  • Both are bad ass

  • I always liked the army but since team 6 went and killed aloolalike obl General mic new

  • I scored a 92 ASVAB and a 149GT. I went to MEPS and had to do these squat and jumps...Graduated soldiers called them " Monkey Fuckers". Yeah back couldn't take it! I couldn't walk like that let alone jump! Unfortunately I was released. I think about it every sucks...but I understand...because one team may have needed me...and I wouldn't be there!!

  • I would say the green berets but the army does the dirty job the shit job

  • Dudes that fail or DOR out of BUDs go and make it through the 18x pipeline. You never hear of it the other way around.

  • Anybody here from Rambo First Blood?

  • All candidates of either special force must think he is the best... learning his pecking order as time and tactics evolve from each mans effort. It is true that there are alpha type , they are the ones you can learn from, depend on, and look up to. These are people that are the cream of the crop. Sorry for pissing you guys off when i didn't salute your captain, I did't see his bars.. BM2 ESWS SAR

  • Understand no one special forces group is more on target than another however recent events say different in fact they tell me your full of it. Go ahead get a MARINE RAIDERS and a couple special forces and stick them in room with no lights how many will come out?

  • I think green bret is better

  • Pips & Tea

  • I'm amazed by both of their capability, wish I were young again and could enlist ,but I am proud of our special,elite forces

  • Green beret fam it aint even a debate

  • If you can't cut it as a SEAL, try the Green Berets. lol

  • The ghost recon

  • They both have different Missions there the best of the best. Can do their job's with honor. I thank the whole military for their service.

  • Wow. I never knew this is what 25 buttholes did when he's not slaying goblin boys in the wilderness

  • Navy SEALS

  • Nice

  • much love for us army from israel

  • I wonder how many guys we lost in that whole east coast/west coast thing ...

  • Steven seagal

  • Know your shit before you make a video, you are like the lamestream media. ONLY green berets are "SPECIAL FORCES" green berets, seals, rangers, marine recon, pj's j tacs are all special operations.

  • It is easy to compare; compare and compare. The big diference is the mission each unit, branch plays. They are capable of conducting the missions they are trained and called to do.

  • Both lead to tier 1 special operation forces both basically the same unite (tier 1) but still very different. Personally I think seals are better due to their deployment and missions green berets on the other hand and more send into war and then they live there for long periods of time. Seals go in for a mission and then get out 2 very different personalities 2 very different special forces one army one navy. If you go further than green berets and further than seals you go into a tier 1 unite 1rst sfod army or devgru navy basically the same unite they also share and mix operators a lot basically the same team one is just army and the other one is navy. But it can be that devgru is more experienced at war than delta due to the devgru operators being selected from seals that see a lot of action. And green berets camp more behind enemy lines. (1rst sfod totally a unite on its own and devgru not a seal team at all operators chosen from seal team but not seals anymore a tier 1 unite totally different. (They both become sting units they purely get in and get out they don’t camp.

    • Wil Lavender. Fog names has changedalso was know as support activity(collects intelligence in advance of tier 1 special missions devgru name has changed 1rst sfod name has changed.

    • Are you a SEAL or GB? I can tell you're neither. Then why provide an opinion? I was one, and its comical to you read what you guys say about us. I/we usually dont say shit, and we laugh amongst ourselves. Sometimes, you laugh at you here.

    • Wil Lavender why so?

    • Lol. Funny shit

  • Sometimes when I see this, I love my Special Forces but I wish I had the opportunity to do something like this.i get depress because I can’t join the military :(


  • I agree with cuthburth

  • What’s the point why would they even fight if there on the same team

  • SAS Vs SEALs

  • What about Delta force?