My Sister in Real Life

Published on May 9, 2018
You guys all wanted to know: Is my sister REALLY evil in real life?
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    • itsAlexClark lol 500th reply ecks dee

    • lol

    • itsAlexClark *DUN DUN DUN* _-the triangle eye confirmed-_

    • knew she wasn't evil, not because my little sister is evil, just because 99.9% of people have redeemable qualities ya know?, no? ok then


  • I don't believe you she must be nice

  • You think YOU have a bad sister!!!!!!!

  • For the entire history of his channel, he makes us all think his sister is the freaking devil. Then he makes a video saying that this wasn't true and his sister is actually an angel or something... and then he comments that his evil sister actually forced him to make this video and that everything he said was false. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE, ALEX?! I'M GETTING MIXED SIGNS HERE!

  • Your sister is awsom e and you too

  • When are you going to show your sister in real life


  • I wanna go to that Skool

  • your sister, gave me NIGHTMARES...FOR 3 WEEKS! Shes,very scary....

  • I 💜 winnie the pooh

  • I know what Mary Poppins is okay Alex, I'm not dumb

  • You dummy robots are big but they can't exist how did your sister get a bazooka dummy

  • You bootleg odd ones out

  • my sister is evil... evil I tell u

  • :O

  • 1:37 hey you anime lovers

  • I can't do the poll because I'm an only child

  • In my house they used to connect until we put a privacy door up for my brother. But when my brother used to chase me it took a while for him to get me. But always did XD

  • 1:35 reminds me of the noise free willy made lol.

  • op

  • o

  • o

  • o

  • How would your classmates even see your underwear or socks (I kinda get the socks part)

  • 2:37 fortnite

  • I'm more evil

  • What does your sister look like?

  • Hi Alex my name is Alex too but im a girl

  • I’ve been here since 30k subs

  • Little brothers are the worst. When I was yonger my brother got this plastic power Ranger sword and his first idea to use it was to beat me up with it. Basically I was his punching bag. Even to this very day I am terrified of that sword.

  • Thanks so funny

  • Yaaaa Alex she made you make the vid


  • Do you actually have a restraining order ?

  • Pink is a great color 🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽

  • God why why!!!

  • pink is for big boys son

  • wtfrick

  • I don't know what to know any more.

  • Same I love pink but I never wair it # jigglpuff Is powerful because he's in my pink squad like and wear pink to join

  • Lol i luv your content haha!

  • Mary poppeeeeeen

  • your animations have gotten better .

  • Who is better? ItsAlexClark or TheOdd1sOut

  • Alex is like my older brother cause he thinks Im evil cause im am but loves me anyways

  • Alex is your sister really that evil

  • 👿

  • I heard u like pink 😈

  • Pink is a nice colour

  • don't you mean little sister?

  • My dad and my uncle had my other uncle jump off a barn with an umbrella.

  • Oh and i am a son and im your biggist fan ahhhhhhhhhhhhjhjjhhhh

  • I know brian hull silly

  • Fake the robot is fake is all fake

  • Wow we have the same house lol

  • 3:18 thats a desesperate housewives episode

  • your sister so bad

  • That was pitiful... My brother use to stack pots and pans at the end of the hallway, about a foot in front of the hallway closet. Then he would go all the way to the opposite end of the hall. (He's 4 years older than me and was 6ft tall at the time) Then he would pick me up by my hair and throw me to the end of the hall with the pots and pans. Not only would I hit the pots, I'd slam into the door as well. He called it, "Ashleigh bowling!" 🎳 my name is Ashleigh btw and I don't think I was even close to being 5ft. Which is my hight now... Aw yes, family...

  • 1st video I seen of yours and almost died from laughing to much... best 7 minutes ever on US-tv

  • God xd Well I have a little brother and he likes to prank me XD

  • I love your animation it's so smooth

  • my brother thinks im psyco

  • Oh my gosh! RUN FOR YA LIFE!!!!!!

  • How do people know your wearing pink underwear? Unless.....

  • Lol why do you make your father seem like a cheapskate? I don't know him but he seems like he will be fun to hangout with.

  • I knew Brian halls mom she was my elementary school teacher

  • Hello Alex

  • I don't have a sister cuz I am the sister

  • Odd1sout,jadien animations'rice gum and your channel

  • Why brian hull