Published on Aug 16, 2018
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Louis Vuitton Sperone backpack
Louis Vuitton neverfull gm
Louis Vuitton KEEPALL 50
GUCCI GG Supreme Monogram Medium Blooms Print Backpack Green
CHANEL Woven Straw Raffia Deauville Large Tote Grey
CHANEL Calfskin Chevron Quilted Medium Backpack
CHANEL Caviar Quilted Mini Rectangular Flap BlackLOUIS Louis VUITTON Monogram Reverse Palm Springs Backpack Mini
Gucci GG Marmont leather-trimmed quilted velvet bucket bag
Celine Smooth Belt Bag
Jimmy Choo Sweetie Glitter Clutch

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  • Im waiting right now for my LV Palm Springs, and my LV Belt and my Chanel Flap Bag, cant wait

  • Love luxury videos. Be proud of your collection girl. Haters will hate.

  • Can you say when you purchased your Chanel flap bag?? Or where or a more detailed description of the bag.... I would love to find one!

  • Yesssssssssss!

  • Can you do an updated what's in my bag? I love those videos!!

  • What is the price of Chanel deauville

  • What is the name of that purse u said looks good with a leather jacket u never said the name of it I think its chanel one? It came after the backpack one and before the mini chanel bag?

  • I completely agree that backpacks are a necessity in everyone’s closet ♥️♥️♥️

  • I love backpacks too. Yours are so cute.

  • Stop talking

  • Where do you sell your bags?

  • LADY 🖤 Gucci Velvet bag is the BEST!

  • part 2

  • love your wedding bag- keep as a family heirloom to pass to your daughter/granddaughter when she gets married?

  • I found the Chanel bag you mentioned that looks great with a leather jacket and bought it, someone was selling brand new via a personal shopper and I can't wait for it to come in!

    • Amanda Bustamante if I ever see another I promise I will come back here and tell you!

    • Victoria Johnson thank you so much! You’re so lucky to have found it! I’ve been looking everywhere!

    • Amanda Bustamante when it was in stock on fashionphile it was listed as the “shiny sheepskin chevron biquilted flap black.” It was a seasonal bag from 2016

    • Victoria Johnson what is it called?!?

  • Plz give me any one of them i love bags but I can't afford bags plz give me your extra bag i am your big fan

  • Love this video,

  • Lovely collection 👜💼😘👑 Yaas part 2

  • Part 2!

  • I loved watching this video because I am OBSESSED with backpacks as well and I don’t see many you tubers having luxury backpacks in their collection, unless it’s the lv Palm Springs bag. But I love that you have a few variety of backpacks. I’ve recently purchased a ysl loulou backpack as my everyday backpack as a treat to myself and I’m absolutely in love with it.

  • too many black bags... I hate black leather goods.

  • Hi girls, connect and collaborate with brands on PHLANX platform!

  • What is the name of the chanel bag with the gun metal chain?

  • I 💜❤️💜 All your Handbags 👜💕!!!

  • @ Kroger/kings soooers they sell these small yellow bottles in the same area that they sell stain removers, and they sell one for makeup that works like magic! Try it for the foundation.

  • Please do more of these!! :)

  • You know some people can't afored that kind stuff p.s. just unsubscribed

  • Omg the part where you find tour lipstick is literally me every time I switch out bags 😂😂

  • Save the JC one for another huge life event - your child's Christening ... your 5/19/25/5o year anniversaries... give your daughter to wear on her wedding day. Stuff like that. You can keep it forever and ever. Heirloom style. Your Chloe bag you showed in P2 is still my FAVE! Xxoo

  • I love these videos casey. I personally live vicariously through peoples purchases lol. I love to see different peoples collections of different things.

  • You should break out your sparkly clutch every year for your anniversary!

  • Lotsa fun!

  • I’m a Kate spade kind of girl (may she Rest In Peace) but I love color!

  • This is what makeup gurus spend they’re money on so keep supporting them

  • 💕💗

  • Hello where is your top from

  • Does she say ANOTHA one?? Just like makeupbytiffanyd? Georgian thing?

  • Check definition of "bragging" its basically everything that makes ppl jealous, so everything is bragging depends on the point of view of jealous person, so disclaimer is unnecessary , no need to repeat so many times you are not bragging , it wont help change anyone mind :) Ps you are totally backpack person same as me, we have 3 similar backpack ( i have sperone but bb, sadly this bag is not popular in social media, i think it deserve more attention), also palmspring pm and chanel urban (but classic quilting) and promised myself I DONT NEED MORE BACKPACK. Than they came out with clapton backpack with magnolia omg i think you need this also in ur collection :D

  • I love luxury items, handbags are my favourite things ever

  • Where is part two!!??!!!?!?!! I love your collection ❤️❤️

  • Recommend the company Leather Surgeons for Chanel and Hermès repairs! Can even check out other US-tv video reviews

  • I see it. I like it. I buy it. 🤣

  • I need a link to this cabinet. 😩🙌🏻💕

  • The people who complain about luxury videos are probably just jealous. I love watching videos like this and listening to people’s opinions on things before I buy them and just to see people’s style.

  • Part 2 please!!!!!!!

  • Where did you get your top ? I've been saving up for a design bag as well and this video helped alot !

  • Where do you sell your bags?

  • Yes i would loveeee a part 2! I agree, I love seeing others styles and how they style things and what they can fit in their bags so I can save up for the ones that will really be a bang for my buck and will work for my lifestyle personally! ☺️💕

  • Please part two!

  • Yess I need a crossbody video

  • Part 2 please 😀

  • Dang great collection girl. My first designer bag was Kate Spade and remember hanging out to it for yeeeaars because I was proud 😂

  • Outstanding video recording! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we love to check out these types of contents. We create Travel & Food films too, throughout the world, and also we are always seeking for inspirations and also ideas. Thank You.

  • hi hi, will lv sperone arzur bag get dirty easily and can it hold heavy stuff? thanks

  • waiting for part 2

  • Do the Gucci belts have a specific name/style? Beautiful, diverse collection btw 😍 currently binge watching your videos, I’m obsessed!

  • Anyone know what the Chanel bag after the backpack is called? It’s the 3rd Chanel bag shown (but it’s not listed). It’s gorgeous!

  • Yes to part 2!!!

  • does anyone know where i can find the louis vuitton palm springs pm backpack?! i have been wanting it forever but it’s no longer available online/in stores and the waitlist is full! PLEASE HELP

  • Girl if you ever get rid of that Pochette Metis... holla at ya girl. I would cry!

  • About to buy my first ever luxury bag! The LV Neverfull GM, I’ve saved up for a year for this

  • Please tell me where you get your shirt!!! Do anyone know?? ❤️❤️❤️

  • I love how much you love backpacks! Me too. Alot of luxury enthousiasts seems to think backpacks are generally uncool and I disagree so much :P

  • Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to part 2.

  • you should buy the gucci backpack and do a video,"GUCCI backpack vs LOUIS VUITTON"

  • youre collection is amazing!!

  • omg i love this video!!

  • Yes please one day I would love to buy a designer bag.

  • poshmark ... platos closet are the only places ive bought my bags -- one day i hope i can buy LV !!!!

  • I really love ur collection! Really functional collection and I appreciate that you sell those that you don’t use anymore. Only thing I was wondering that why you don’t know any names of the bags even though you say you’re a luxury (lv) lover🤔

  • Amazing collection 😍

  • stunning velvet gucci bag. Great taste!

  • I want to see part 2.. it was very helpful I have never full gm damier ebene and gm damier azur. Chanel Caviar and I’m planing to purchase Lv Metis but still undecided with the reverse or the original!

  • Keep doing them... they match you and I love these luxury videos.

  • Yes pls

  • Part 2 ! 😎🙌

  • Bag GOALS 😍🙌🏼 I love your style!

  • where did you get the closet. I want to put my bags in something like that

  • OMG - just found your channel & Im loving it!!! Our collection is VERY similar so that means you’re AWESOME ☺️

  • I think we need a what's in my bag video!! 😁

  • Would love to see part 2

  • okay that velvet gucci bag is making me DROOL!!!! It's stunning

  • LOVE this video! Thank you for sharing! I'm glad you are allowing us to see your special luxury items. It did seem you were nervous to share in the past but don't be ashamed for all the beautiful and nice things you have EARNED from all your hard work!

  • sweatshirt deets please!!! love your handbag collection

  • Does anyone know the name of the bag at 14:00?

  • Please do another video like this! Part two for sure! Love you Casey! 💕

  • I’m ready for part 2!! I love your collection!! Xoxo ❤️

  • Yes part 2

  • All your bags are stunning BUT please take better care of them. You don’t even stuff them and you have them all smashed together😟 and I’m pretty sure I saw a reflection of a window. Ok I’m done having heart failure. Beautiful collection ❤️❤️

  • PART 2!!!!!!!!!! YAAASSS

  • What style is that Chanel bag that you wore to NYFW? 🧐 i need

  • Hi Casey, you mentioned you sell some of your bags to a company, do you mind sharing which company is it? I'm trying to sell mine too and would really appreciate some recommendation!

  • Quick tip... don’t leave any paperwork in your bags. Keep them in a safe place. All of your authenticity cards, brand booklets, receipts, etc. I used to keep everything in the bags and dust bags until my home was burglarized. It was a hassle to get all of that info for insurance purposes especially gifts since they weren’t under my name and the retail stores couldn’t reprint receipts. Plus, retailers only keep it on their records for a certain amount of time before they delete so if you have something that is almost vintage, chances are you will not be able to get a reprint of that receipt. Now I keep all that paperwork and copies in a safe and safety deposit boxes at my bank.

  • Hey Casey, I really enjoy your channel. I find your videos to be very relatable and I trust your recommendations on skin care and make-up, you have never steered me wrong. I appreciate that you are proud of your handbag collection and want to show off your beautiful things to your viewers however I don't think this video is entirely positive. I don't think it's fair to display your expensive possessions on your channel that most people can never expect to have or afford. I feel as though it makes your channel seem financially driven even though I know you are passionate about what you do this video in my opinion sends the wrong message. Just wanted to share my piece. Keep doing what you're doing make-up wise!

  • When is Part 2 coming out?! I cannot wait to see it!!

  • Shoe collection for the next video!

  • LOVE these types of videos!! I would love to see the rest of your collection

  • Tell ur hair care regime n products u trust

  • I have 4 Louis Vuitton bags but I will never feel complete until I own a Chanel bag. It's like the ULTIMATE luxury brand omfg but sooooo so so expensive

  • Part 2