Published on Nov 14, 2018
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  • Hey everyone hope you enjoy the video - for those of you interested here in my goodreads :) xx

  • I'm starting to move towards sustainability and that whole throwing out/buying more to be sustainable is surprisingly challenging. There are so many messages within the community about not using plastic bags or plastic, and that shame attached makes me just want to shed those items and start fresh. But "starting fresh" means disposing of a mass amount of things at one go, still not using them for their intended purpose. It's hard to adopt these new life practices and feel that shame simultaneously, but it's v important I think to process those feelings

  • We have a can of WD-40. I was complaining about our can opener that is about 25 years old. It was really hard to use. My husband didn’t want to get rid of it because it’s so useful, so I had him use that stuff on it and it feels brand new. He’s from a small town in Maine. His family and he has helped me learn a lot about non consumerism. I’m moving to Maine in a few months and I’m looking forward to learning from his ninety year old grandma.

  • So true about need and want! I convinced myself that I need a set of bamboo cutlery to keep at work, but I already have a metal second hand fork that I bought for that reason, so if I buy an entirely new set of something, that completely negates reducing my carbon footprint. So really if I buy a second hand metal spoon and knife I’ll be set. And lll save like $20!

  • Great video!

  • I also love how you said the word ‘need’ depends on the person or situation. So for example for my mom, living low waste is scary to her and very very associated with drab, colourless, and primitive living, so getting her something like an attractive cup, is much more necessary for her not only to use the thing, but to actually open her up to the fact that there are beautiful options and that you can live beautifully this way as well. And then for me I can buy compostable pads, but we don’t yet have a compost bin or system in my area, and so I bought the most affordable period reusable pads kit. It was initially incredibly expensive for me, and my mom thought it was too much, but I still use them and love them and they were necessary, and I highly value that investment. So yeah I loved the way you said the ‘need’ really will be different for everyone.

  • This was my favourite video that you ever did, thank you.

  • Love that you mentioned reading. I’m a librarian and that made me smile 😊

  • I believe we have needs and we don't need only food. And we need to buy a few zero waste things to stop using plastic ect. e. g. We need a stainless steel bottle to stop using plastic botles

  • Thank you for this video.It is so easy to get sucked in to the lifestyle. Luckily, I have seen this before I have bought anything! I have to admit, I took my tupperware shopping yesterday and felt a bit like a fraud! explaining that I didn't want plastic bags!

  • I started using coupons in my shopping, so I started buying more stuff. More shampoo, dish soap,laundry soap, body wash. Even though I already had enough. I started looking up to people who had these large stalk piles of stuff. So I made a smaller size stalk pile. Which I am still using up, but then I stumbled onto minimalism and zero waste videos. Now I realize what I'm doing, my eyes have been opened. It took time and binge watching all the plastic bags and animals being affected by all of this. I absolutely never thought about how my actions were causing all of this.

  • Thank you so much for your honesty!! and for talking about the "aesthetic" fo zero waste that sometimes gets over the fundamental concepts behind zero waste 👌!!!

  • I’m new to truly changing the overall way I live and I am so guilty of purchasing new items in order to get started.... some stuff on the way now....

  • That thing you mixed about 5 minutes into the video, what was it? Looked so yummy!

  • I got called a tree hugger for refusing a plastic bag and asking for a paper one so I could recycle it for a book cover I needed 🙄. Then a woman at Walgreens purposely bagged my items and added three more bags into the plastic bags AFTER I politely refused. I don’t understand why people can’t respect that I RESPECT my environment. Thank you for this video!! Keep it pushin!

  • I’m so glad I found this video-and you! I’ve been on a journey towards minimalism for four years, but has mostly been in reducing the number of things and trying to buy more eco consciousness when I do make purchase. My next step in 2019 is to live aligned to my values, like you said. I want to reduce the amount I’m buying packaged goods. It’s a small amount of most people, but I need to figure out how I can make this feel good, while challenging, my own comfort. Thank you!

  • wow, i never considered reusing the plastic bags i already have. thanks!

  • i am a new sub and i think that she should start an asmr channel

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself! You’re doing great AND making videos to help others.

  • Thank you for touching on need and privilege!

  • Your last point hit me RIGHT on the head! I literally just purchased a freaking Keep Cup because I felt like I "needed"'s almost like marketers are developing "zero waste starter kits" and enticing us to buy MORE when in actuality, what we need to do is REDUCE our purchases, reduce our need to buy and cause more waste (through packaging, plastic, bubble wrap, etc.) Gosh...and the fact that I am just now striving towards the low waste journey, the one question I had the most was "what do I do with all this plastic stuff that I have?" and I read an article where a woman basically said, "USE IT!" And that took so much weight off my shoulders. Because immediately when I made my decision to reduce my waste footprint on this Earth, I thought I had to pretty much trash everything I had and re-purchase all new things. Now I know I don't have to do that. All I need to do is be more conscious of my decisions and my future decisions when it comes to buying, purchasing, discarding, decluttering, etc. Great video! New Subbie! :D

  • Great video, thanks for sharing. :D

  • Are there any low waste dishwasher detergent alternatives?

  • I watch Matt D'Avella too :)

  • could you make a video of how to take care of your piercings more low waste? I've been stressing about trying to find better ways to care for mine.

  • Such an insightful video, thank you! :) I find that I get in a frenzy and donate lots of my things to charity, only to find that I have to do without or am tempted to repurchase clothes etc when an event comes along... it pays to do things mindfully!

  • Just found your channel and wanted to tell you what a wise young woman you are. Thank you for sharing your insight with the world!

  • I noticed the Kite Runner is on your to be read list. It's one of my favorite books. I'm reading another right by the same author, a Thousand Splendid Suns, from a young woman in an arranged marriages perspective. Thanks for sharing your goodreads link!

  • So humble. Thank you for sharing your mistakes so that others can learn.

  • Hey there, I really like your channel especially as you are pointing out not throw everything out without thinking. So the thing is that I have quite a lot of plastic containers which I use to store food. Now I've heard that one shouldn't do that. So I was wondering what is actually so bad about storing food in plastic containers? Are there any differences between certain kinds of food? Should I get new plastic free containers?

  • Question for you: How do you reconcile buying things made ethically with avoid microplastics from synthetic materials and the footprint of cotton production? It isn't always possible to find perfect products, even after months of searching. Do you cave sometimes when you actually do NEED something to improve the quality of your life? I guess there's usually a way around it, but sometimes those ways require more energy than we have available to us in our lives. I loved this video. I'm maybe halfway in my journey. This was an excellent reminder of what it really is all about. Everything has an impact.

  • I sold all my plastic Tupperware because all of them were Tupperware brand from my mother in law and I used the money to buy glassware. However ever once in a while a family or friend will send me gone with some plastic container with left overs and I just keep them to send food with friends and family in return that way I don’t have to send them home with my glassware!

  • Happy to find your channel! Good video!

  • I’d be interested in seeing the Goodreads books, but I can’t find a link to your Goodreads page. Maybe someone could supply me with that? :)

  • If you truly need mason jars, check out your Goodwill. Mine has them at a dollar a pop which is kind of expensive, but at least you are refusing existing resources.

    • Cara Page mine was 50 cents a piece this week and I had 20% and a 25% off coupon total purchase. It made my day for sure. I have plenty larger ones but like the small ones for herbs and spices and I was able to get a dozen for less than $4. I’ll be good for quite sometime!

  • Your first point already means so much to me, because I feel like in the ZeroWaste Community everyone has new metal boxes etc,. and I was thinking: but I already have the plastic Tupperware... so why buy something new just because and leave my other stuff unused? It's not just about the ZW aesthetic :)

    • And, sure, plastic is bad. But if you already have Tupperware, they are already produced. Resources were already used to make it. You might as well use them until they break apart (which can take a long time if they are real Tupperware!)

  • Amazing, It is exactly what i need To hear

  • Thank you! Just discovered your channel as I am starting to learn more... slowly moving from minimalism to learning about veganism to zero waste to now low waste. It's quite overwhelming and as with anything, I jump in with great enthusiasm that is hard to sustain. Your down to earth (pun intended ;) manner is wonderful. Just yesterday I was actually in the process of changing out all my lentils stores in plastic to glass jars... yesterday I went and bought some glass jars, but it didn't sit well with me. I was thinking all night that I'm going to return those and just use the glass jars I already have and just wait as things in my fridge finish out to have some more jars. So listening to your talk was perfectly timely. I think there are so many beautifully curated images of this lifestyle, that it's easy to get carried away with the "esthetic" appeal. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you for mentioning the oh-so important but often overlooked action of reading the original science rather than someone’s opinion in an article!!

  • I personally think zero or low waste doesn’t have to be huge changes, atleast not immediately. I’ve very recently got into it myself and I’ve made small changes here and there. Like buying garbage bags made from sugar canes, changing my toilet paper and paper towels to ones made from 100% recycled paper, cooking smaller quantities of food, freezing food in portion sized batches, emptying my fridge and cupboards as much as possible before buying new food, switching from items wrapped in plastic to items wrapped in paper or cardboard, sorting my waste thoroughly, give my old clothes/things to friends and family (or a charity of some sort) instead of throwing them away etc. It doesn’t have to be a gigantic lifestyle change if you can just hit the keypoints that actually make a difference. If you’re new to it, don’t throw all plastic or other ”wasteful” items away, that’s part of the problem. Use what you have until it breaks or can no longer be fixed before you buy a new item. And obviously, if you’re in the market for something new, buy the one that’ll last a very long time. I personally live in a country that doesn’t offer bulk bins in shops so lessening my plastic use is a bit harder, but I try to make up for it in other areas while also recycling the plastic. And if zero or low waste sounds boring or useless to you, let me tell you that in this past month of me trying to cut my waste I spent 40% less money than I usually do!

  • I see so many zero waste videos saying "you NEED to buy these bamboo forks and spoons" or "you NEED a metal water bottle". I thoroughly disagree with this! Why buy those things when you can just use a reusable bottle you already own, or the extra forks and spoons in your drawer? If you need an extra fork, to take in your bag, get one from your local op shop! It makes me mad how we are throwing away perfectly good things for the sake of consumerism. Shouldn't we embody the full true meaning of the word zero waste and start making more deliberate purchases and reusing what we own and stop being so wasteful? (BTW! I am not completely blameless! I have only started my zero waste journey this year and I am so upset at the amount of things I used to use and throw away a few months ago. Even now, I still struggle with the temptations to buy things I don't actually need and admittedly I still create single use trash when I could avoid it and I kick myself for that! However, I try to be better every day!)

  • Hello from your new subscriber. I just want to say thank you for making this video. I've had so many arguments over the years with people thinking they need to throw everything away and buy all the fancy and trendy 'zero waste' stuff to show they are sustainable and who tended to bully anyone who dared to tell them they are being wasteful I stopped associated myself with the movement. Listening to you being honest about that is so refreshing. Thank you again xxx

  • this is so handy thank you, I feel like you're describing me right now!

  • Long story short: live more like that 85 year old from down the street, that lives like she used to in the countryside in the 60s; and less like the girl with sleeve tattoo and shoes that "donate" shoes to kids in Africa when you buy them. No offense to anyone with sleeves or those shoes

  • My deepest respect for all your thoughts, you put in that topic and that you are sharing them now in this personal kind of way

  • Rice is not grown in the UK anyway

  • I love how you are truthfull just awesome

  • All the time I was watching this vid it was terribly ironic that there was an advert strip for M&S must haves for Christmas along bottom of the screen!

  • We create the market for sustainable practices. The demand of customers is a powerful thing. The market rises to meet the demand. Understanding this is understanding how the concept of the power of one person making 10 small choices can add up fast especially when you consider that 'no person is an island' and it's never about the choices made by one single person. It's more that each person makes several small decisions today, and tomorrow, and the next day and so on... And each of those decisions added with the decisions of thousands of other people add up to big things. If you and ten thousand of your closest friends all decide that today, and every day forward, when you bring lunch to work you're bringing a set of flatware instead of using the single use disposable kind, that does make a difference. Similarly, if you and all those same people decide that you simply must buy something that essentially replaces a perfectly good item you already have, but you like the aesthetics of the new thing, so you get it. That creates a market for that new thing. That tells the companies "this is popular, we should make more of these. If we make more we will sell more because people really like them." A lot of people don't consider the philosophy behind a minimalistic mindset in a capitalist society. The idea is to use your purchasing power to streamline and simplify your life while making better decisions for the earth and using your purchase as a vote to tell companies what you want to purchase in the future. When you buy a sandwich from a shop that sells all organic food and pays it's employees a living wage, you're voting for all of that. You're telling the industry that there is a market for that. That customers are willing to pay for that. When you buy fast food in the drivethru at 6pm for your family dinner, again you're telling the industry that there is a market for that. When you buy from a secondhand store, you're voting for that. When you buy ingredients and cook yourself breakfast, you're voting for that. 30 years ago there was basically no large companies making eco friendly cleaning products. Then there were a few. Now there are a lot, because people have made it clear that they are willing to buy them, that they want them and they voted for that with their purchase. Our economic system makes decisions based on money. We to a large extent can control where our money goes. When we buy something sustainable it sends a message not only to the company/person we bought from, but to the other companies/people we didn't buy from. This ability to change the market itself is basically yet untapped (as far as I'm concerned, regarding the massive potential) and is our biggest weapon as low waste customers.

  • Oh I'm sooo guilty of the last one... The minimalistic aesthetic that I saw online made me crave all those pretty bits and pieces that, of course, can help you reduce your waste but aren't necessary. Especially if you have similar things on hand, like I did. Well, I learnt my lesson after all 😅

  • I love what you said about compartmentalizing. Since some months now I've had this idea of how we humans tend to think of life, or better phrased, what we tend to ignore about living. We grow up and we live and we think we can just do that as freely as we wish with no consequence. I know so many people dream of having an impact in the world and in others' lives, but it's curious, how almost no one cares about their impact in the environment and in life itself. One cannot only live, use resources, buy stuff, eat, and have no concern about what they're leaving behind. Every action and decision we take has a consequence, and we should start caring more not only about the nearby consequences of our actions, but also about the further consequences our lifestyle may have on the planet and the society. I've tried to switch my mentality the past few months and it's been a bigger transition than the physical ones I've endured recently (I'm vegan). Therefore, I fully agree with you on how we should stop compartmentalizing sustainability and we should attempt to perceive it and apply it in every aspect of our life, especially our mentality.

  • What was the name of the minimalist she mentioned?

  • I know there are a lot of low-waste lifestyle people here. I have a community question. Where is / what is a great brand or store to buy reusable pads at? Those cloth ones you clip into your panties. I just couldn't do the cup, it was uncomfortable for me, but cloth reusable pads could be just as sustainable for me.

  • I love how your videos have changed over the last couple years!! It’s amazing to see your growth as a person and an activist

  • Don't be too hard on yourself. No one becomes guru over night. It's a learning path and everyone is expected to make mistakes or wrong decision because simply you don't know until you learn it. I've been hearing about zero waste now and then and always inspires me although I haven't found courage to actively start living like that yet. I cannot imagine turn into the way you live overnight but I could start with small things and see how I feel about it and hopefully one day I will be able to share my experience with zero waste too. Thank you for inspiring.

  • I love this. A lot of low waste living is simply learning contentment. Very good points!

  • i needed this reminder, was looking at fancy new reusable coffee cups when i have so many already that aren't the best but do the job

  • It's so easy to get caught up in the new excitement of low waste and then splurge on items that you don't actually need! Great point.

  • Where do you throw your garbage in your country? Where I live we throw it in plastic bags and the we throw the plastic bag in the big bins outside which are emptied every 2 to 3 days.

  • Thank you for the tupperware one! I was recently given some pretty dirty looks for using my old plastic lunchboxes for buying bar soaps and chocolate from a zero-waste/bulk store. Why would I throw them out if they can still be used -at least making the waste that they will inevitably become "work off" some of it's negative impact in longevity of use? Just so that I can parade around a fancy newly bought stainless steel box? No thanks for the hipster judgement. Also like some of the others here I'd love some input on christmas presents and ideas? What do you think about giving digital consumer goods like a year worth of streaming or e-books or even tickets to spend time together at a show or concert- even local ones. I have no idea how much invisible/indirect waste I'd be a accountable for with those!

  • Absolutely love this video and your channel. You are an amazing human. Thank you.

  • Bless, an intelligent video on low waste lifestyle. Well done!

  • Oops! I just threw all my plastic containers in the recycle bin. Since I purchased glass containers, I didn't see the need to keep them.

  • This video really resonated with me and I am so glad you made it. I have found myself falling or almost falling into some of these traps that sustainability has to look a certain way. When I first started watching your (and others') videos I had this urge to buy all of these new eco-friendly products without putting much thought into it. Luckily I am lazy and cheap when it comes to shopping and didn't end up buying many new things. I am slowly starting to learn how to navigate through all of this and I have found that your videos really do help me. It has been amazing to see your growth and progress in your videos as you try to consciously learn more and dig deeper into these issues. I always come to your channel when I need some inspiration. Keep up the good work!! (:

  • Really good content.... Its all just a journey and you have to start somewhere.... We all learn as we go💖

  • I loved your video! You took zero waste to a very practical and down to earth place!

  • I think this is important for a lot of people to hear, whether or not they’re new to low waste. Thanks for sharing:)

  • 👏👏👏 Thank you

  • My biggest mistake was thinking I could transition partly. I'm naturally a holistic, big picture, thinker but for years I've been living a life where I do bits and pieces of being a low waste person w/o ever committing to being low waste and accepting that all the other changes I want to make in my lifestyle (eating out less, not eating junk, recycling more than I trash, having a minimalist home, etc.) will come with being low waste. Now I know and I'm starting on my journey to live a sustainable, low waste, minimalist, vegan life. Phew, that's a mouthful.

  • Hey Immy, have you watched "The End of the Line" and "A Plastic Ocean" documentaries? I just watched them recently and they were both fantastic and life-changing.

  • I Love how authentic you are 💚

  • Thank you for sharing! xx

  • If you still wanted to get rid of plastic, you could stop donate them somewhere or to someone you know would use them

  • I think that plastic CAN leach intro dry stuff too. I just hate it so much I don't want anything to do with it.

  • Please make a series on invisible waste!

  • It's so amazing how you create videos that are so inspiring and thought-provoking - every time! Thank you! 💜

  • Shop at home, before you go shopping out ☺ when I moved to England and I re-sized my wardrobe and craft room with just the essentials I needed and few fancy bits, going back to my old bedroom in Rome was so overwhelming. That big wardrobe and the drawers so full that you can't move around the stuff to see what you have, things with labels still attached, things I didn't want to get rid of and kept there, almost hidden, everything was and still is almost suffocating. Keeping this feeling in mind makes it so much easier for me to not buy new stuff, unless I really need it or really want it, cos it's been stuck in my mind for weeks, if not months. I'm also a bit tight with money to save for the future, so probably that helps. As usual, very informative video and very recharging! I'm far from perfect and probably always will be just average, but thanks to you and people like you I'm more aware of my mistakes and of what goes on around me. Sometimes it's painful and disappointing, especially with our often bad footprint or with careless or giving up people, who just don't want to try to change, but I wouldn't go back to not knowing, just to have a lighter life. Thank you!

  • Love this! Very smart, very honest. Thanks for sharing

  • Hello! I have been enjoying your videos and I have learnt a lot on the topics you talk about and inspire me to do research on my own from now on. I'm not from an English speaking country so a lot of the books that are talking about sustainability and environment, in general, are really scarce to find here, so I was wondering if there is a website that sells second-hand books. I don't have an Amazon account and if I buy from eBay I would be paying too much for the delivery, so if there is one place that I can order from would be amazing. Thank you for your lovely videos!

  • Watching your videos is a staple in my self care routine ❤ thank you so much for making great great content

  • Hi Immy, this was a really eloquent, clear, intelligent and interesting video, well done! Because of your previous video i didnt throw away my Tupperware but donated iT to charity and kept Some for Reusing as storage etc. I did buy new Ikea glass food storage boxes because i read an article in the newspaper where is was said that keeping cooked food in plastic is a really bad idea. It was an interview with a toxicologist. Anyway zero waste is a difficult journey, especially if you make a reasonable amount of money and like clothing for example, like me. Its hard to resist the temptation to not buy things. What helped me in my efforts is watching documentaires like The true cost and Plastic ocean. Once you have seen a bird with its stomach full of plastic you never want to buy or waste plastic anymore!!!

  • Greetings from Germany 👋🏻

  • I can't use containers at my super market buttttt I have reusable bags they let me use. It's frustrating

  • Great video, thank you!

  • I appreciate it so much that you talk about the "invisible" waste that you produce! I feel like people always talk about what's directly in front of them but forget the pollution by shipping things long distance or wasting power or water or little things you do in your life that people don't often pick up on. Love your videos doll!!!!!

  • This is wisdom, girl. That's awesome that you can realize these things about needs, and consumerism & how it effects our 1st world probs lol. That's awesome. God bless, much love

  • Love this! It’s so true. You don’t need to buy things to be minimal or zero waste!! I definitely lost my way for a bit when I took up quilting and bought a lot of new tools and fabric. But I’m back to buying it all second hand, and keeping it down to just what I’m working on. Great video! People get so caught up in appearance, and it can cause extra consumption to make sure you have the best, newest, matchiest ‘minimal’ items.

  • Yes! I love your honesty =) made a couple of those as well...still learning XD

  • I really loved your analysis of "need". It's easier to justify a "need" purchase than a want purchase. One thing I've been doing to slow down my impulse to get things I "need" is to keep a list (on a basic memo app) of things I need, like clothing, low waste swaps, etc. Then I just let it sit there and see how long it sits on the list. If it's a real need then it won't be on the list long. The act of writing it down helps me to become conscious of obvious alternatives. There's a bit of manifesting in it, too. Once something is on the list, it's amazing how often I will find the item for free or be gifted it.

  • You are so humble. Thank you for sharing your honesty with us. Don't be too harsh on yourself, you do so much already. Bonjour from France!

  • Thank you for sharing this and helping me with my journey. I'm feeling quite stuck for a few reasons. However I feel like you're being unfair on yourself. Changing a whole lifestyle is hard and this just shows how much you've learnt and grown.

  • Hello from France ! I really enjoyed your video and I totally agree about all the stuff we think we must buy to start a lower waste way of life... The paradoxe is really scary when I think about it. Although I use my pretty cotton reusable bags almost every day, I could have kept my old plastic and paper bags, use them with care and it would have reduced my waste even more...This is a mistake I hope I won't do again :) We will need to be more carefull in the future because a lot of company enters the "zero waste" market and try to sell us stuff that we don't "need"in the end (what you said about the difference between need and want is so true)...

  • You're so calming to watch 😍 love your words, love your imagery, love your editing!

  • I thought it was only me.. I started my low waste journey a few months ago and I made the same mistakes you did 😅

  • Love when you sip your tea haha. I feel lucky that I have a lower income because it really makes me think before I bring "new" (to me) items into my home/life (or remove them) and being frugal helps with the lower waste mindset. :)

  • Just recently I realized how many plastic bottles I was buying and how much waste that produced. I went out and bought a reusable water bottle made of stainless steel. It's not lightweight but I at least produce less waste, especially since I can just fill the bottle with tab water :)

  • I wish more ppl were watching this video. You're absolutely right when you say that it's important to read and make some research, especially when it comes to avoiding greenwashing traps. When I started adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle, I bought products that were not that "green" and started using a lot of essential oils. I also had the ambition to make my own cosmetics and bought many products that I had to discard before I could use even half...

  • You seem like the absolute sweetest person omg. I recently got into this whole kick about "I need to start eating less meat, and be more sustainable, and reduce my carbon footprint, and become more green" and etc. And therefore I'm really glad I was able to come across your channel, because you help to introduce these ideas in such a simple way, and without any kind of kickback or judgement towards those still not into your way of life. I really appreciate this.

  • Eyeliner and brow makeup how to please

  • Thanks for sharing