My Drunk Kitchen: Matcha Do About Nuttin'!

Published on Apr 15, 2018
Today we make matcha chocolate peanut butter cups! Whatcha think? Wanna give it a go?
This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!
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  • The Internet's working. 😊Also your sister is great!

  • While chocolate is dangerous to animals, xylitol is much more poisonous! Be careful with it around your kitty! :)

  • ...What happened to the pan from the mini shepherd's pie video? Wasn't that basically a muffin pan?

  • I like how Charles is just casually sitting on the counter listening and watching! like he is very much part of the conversation for both you and the audience 🤣🤣

  • "It looks like water, but tastes like gin!! I'm not a mixologist.." 😂

  • Maggie is the cutest person in the world

  • Oooooooooooohhhh that title is gay 😂💛💛💛

  • Maggie: Hey viewers at home! It’s me! Your favorite sister! Hannah: Wow, Naomi is gonna be pissed. Maggie: Oh F***! my favorite part ❤️❤️😂

  • Maggie is cracking me up, "Hey, America!" xD Great episode! And I've been LOVING the podcast too!

  • Hannah with glasses

  • Highly suggest watching the JumsKitchen channel for tips on how to keep Charles away from your cooking ventures!

  • Fuck matcha, what even is that? DON'T TEASE US WITH MAGGIE YOU BITCH! xx

  • Oh my gosh!!!! My dogs middle name is Xavier! His full name is Cassanova Xavier Boone. XD

  • I really love when all these guest just happen in his video, it seems so much more relatable, also, amazing sass on Magi XD

  • Maggie for president 2020

  • Charles is my inspiration

  • nice 🌻👈

  • I sincerely loved this video because of the caption.

  • I feel like that title (much ado wordplay) is underappreciated in these comments, for once it was a title that actually made me click And although I love all of the things in this video, I'm probably too lazy to ever make this. Fun personality to watch! And I love your cat

  • Ellen ?!

  • U ok mate?

  • Okay let's go back to the main chemra!

  • Xylitol is really a redundant ingredient here. Is regular peanut butter not sweet enough for you as it is?

  • 4:55 That pan is the devil!!!! Throw it away! Team center pieces right here!!!

  • 😋Lmao! "Matcha" is one of those words that's just hella fun to say even though its really just a hipster term for green tea!😂

  • I hate cats

  • Anyone else google macha because they've never heard of it before?

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  • How did simba even eat after thinking he MURDERED his father. Asking the real questions..

  • There’s something about this that’s warm, classic Harto humor but with fresh, modern Harto cooking and editing skills. Such a wonderful blend! Also, I’ve GOTTA try this recipe!

  • Xylatol is sugar alcohol. No calories. Eat too much and you will have diarrhea.

  • Peanut butter rules! So do you!

  • I put comment with no meaning at all

  • Cat hair anyone

  • Xylitol will give you the major shits if you overdo.

  • Haven’t seen you in years Hannah! You haven’t aged a bit!

  • You will be doing this from rehab soon

  • You are such an annoying cunt.

  • Hannah is a sweetheart and I love her so much But do you ever whisper: **

  • ^Skyfires . S A L V A T I O N ○ THE GREAT BEING loves the world > HE came in 'YESHUA' - believe . live forever

  • Ooh I'm gonna try to make these, but a keto version!

  • This is the best hahaha Love it!!

  • SHIT

  • That white woman's probably gonna get raped and strangled by a nigger.

  • what was this thing about a podcast? I missed it

  • Tell Charles I love him

  • I never seen a this I’m new and I already like this XD

  • Spoof on Uber...has this happened to you guys with your drivers?

  • Charles rules. He steels the show

  • Remind me if Ellen😱😱😱😱

  • I love you

  • What so special about this video? Why it's trending?

  • I don't know if I'm missing out some good stuff from life but 1. I think the middle brownie pieces are the best why yo need a corner tin?? 2.WHAT IS MATCHA?? Also Charles is lookin fab as always!!

  • so glasses, those are new! that is great !

  • hold up, why not flip the brownie pan upside down because it has those weird holes and fill the weird holes with tin foil and then boom, muffin tin?

  • I'm allergic to the peanut butter :/

  • Why? (Just so you can say someone asked) I loved drinking matcha tea. I will have to try cooking it

  • Hi guys! Check out my vlog channel! ❤️

  • *unpopular opinion* brownie corners are the WORST when i make brownies i make other people have the corner pieces and edges so i can have the entire middle

  • 6:12 she did the mash . . . . . . . she did the matcha mash (the matcha mash) it was a youtube smash (the matcha mash)

  • Just fyi Xylitol is in a bunch of types of peanut butter, and can be harmful or even fatal to pets! Don't let the kitties near those, Hannah

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  • fuckin retard.

  • I think this girl is gay and that is disgusting

  • Always interesting to see what is being projected likewise promoted within the trending section....good luck folks.

  • Lucifer song must

  • Matcha is the only reason I can walk.

  • Ok when Charles has a middle name and I don’t. Also when his middle name sounds like something from Game Of Thrones. GOALS🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Edit: I thought she said Exavier 😂😂

  • Atleast youve made your money before falling off

  • Get sum peanut butter let's muff dive

  • I recognize it’s not my house but pets on kitchen counters just grosses me out.

  • I love the pun in the title😂

  • Привет из России Russia

  • “Hey viewers! It’s me! Your favorite sister!” She’s not lying. She’s not lying. Side note: GREAT CATCHPHRASE. If Maggie started a her own channel with that catchphrase, I’d watch (it’s all about engagement).


  • I've never heard of Matcha...I'm up in Oregon, maybe it hasn't spread yet?

  • too organic.


  • I definitely love matcha, not because it's becoming a trendy food or anything but because I'm a massive weeb and I love the taste (;^_^)/

  • My penis never felt bigger than it did today - doctor had a puzzled look on her face

  • Where is the drunk for the kitchen?

  • I guess I missed that trend... I don't even know what matcha is lol wonder when it'll make its way to canada...

  • Let you hair grow, stop telling yourself your normal, start getting fucked by men, after the 5th time your body will get addicted and stop this lasbian nonsense...

  • Fancy name for sugar

  • "buddie-pal.. bye bye" literally how every cat person converses with their cat.

  • how do i get more of that soft chocolate texture on my peanut butter cups? i noticed a snap sound when you broke yours

  • you do have a muffin tin. you made mini shepards pie thing in it. or was that someone elses?

  • your so funny you remind me of a therapist I had in rehab in Roanoke VA....keep on looking!!!

  • mommy can I be a drunk brainwashed TV robot when I grow up

  • Matcha isn't really a thing here in New York, but I work at Starbucks so I see the potential

  • Xylitol can kill dogs, not sure about cats though. Ugh

  • My friends say that I have no soul because I laughed when Simba's dad died in The Lion King. Like if you did too.🤑🤓

  • I was gonna go away...then I heard what she named the cat....

  • Love the glasses!

  • I would just like to note that I am procrastinating on a research paper on Much Ado About Nothing by watching this video. Props for being topical.

  • "Like a ball, like a flat ball, like a pancake" Hannah Hart 20-gayteen

  • Matcha matcha man yeah 🎵🎵

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