[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "favOriTe"

Published on Aug 7, 2018
[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) "favOriTe"
LOOΠΔ was designed to be at its maximum potential when LOOΠΔ 1/3, LOOΠΔ / ODD EYE CIRCLE, LOOΠΔ / yyxy, and YeoJin combine.
At its maximum power for the first time, LOOΠΔ's lead single 'favOriTe' declares the signature sound of LOOΠΔ at its complete form.
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  • Knew to kpop first loona mv ive watched and i was caught off guard by the 12 members

  • can we talk about yeojin and heejin’s “BRRRRA”

  • BuT mR CraBs

  • ok but why is no one talking about favOriTe? y'all edgy stans can call me anti-cute concept or whatever but imo, this is Loona's best song. it just really displays their talent and visuals so well.

  • In this video the only girl whose face I can separate is Hee-Jin, she just had unique features. In all her parts and close-ups, I can tell that it's her. The faces of the other girls all look similar. I think the only other girl that I can recognize is Yeojin.

    • +lip soul I guess this means that Hee-Jin was already my bias since the Vivid video.

    • freeloaner30 not really


  • 500k subs --->

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  • Okay so, two of my friends were fanboying over Loona and once i said i don't stan them i got judged VERY hard.. now i understand


  • 1:16 That wink. My wig is gone.

  • this song better than their debut song lol

  • Am I the only One who's Watching this AT 2019??

  • "oh school theme cute" **really aggressive music** shook mr. krabs

  • 진짜 한국음악시장 너무 작다 해외에선 먼저 알아주는데

  • okay but i'm so attacked???? 12 beautiful girls with tHAT banger song and that choreo though??? Oh my god now i know why they're so popular

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  • yeah they’re amazing but i still hate when people say stan loona

    • stan loona

    • stan loona

    • Then stan LOONA and then you can spam stan LOONA to other people. Its a win win situation for you, LOONA, and the people you spam.

  • Yeojin line is so damn powerful i recognized her voice instantly

  • 2019???

  • Yves killed that dance break, her moves were so powerful and snappy oof

  • 00:32 who is the girl to the left of jinsoul

    • the left on the screen is hyunjin and the girl to jinsoul's left is choerry

    • Choerry maybe

  • This song is good but I don't like the video it should be little cute But I like song so much

    • +BLACKPINK -BLINK i get what you mean,, it would be nice too

    • +blue yeah but just little bit

    • I don't think a cute video would suit this song because it's a more powerful song with snappy choreo

    • +----- OK

    • BLACKPINK -BLINK this was a “promo single” and not a title so it didn’t get a huge production. the title is “hi high”!

  • Todas hermosas 😍 ♡


  • that BBBRRRR cringe AF. it sound like BRA.

    • +blue yeah I'm not saying this is the worst. I've heard more cringe than this.

    • Shae Shae no

    • r u dumb (x3)

    • well for kpop standards it's not that bad imo, I've seen cringier lyrics and sound effects.

    • +fullsun nct no I'm not dumb. it is called an opinion.

  • there you go i said it (if i've changed my username from it's_chuu_my_favOriTe then this wont make sense lol)

  • LOONA invented hair flips

  • Could someone help me to stan them?

    • hi watch unhelpul guides on US-tv

    • Follow their social media on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @loonatheworld

    • If you want to know the girls better check out LOONATV 이달의소녀탐구 (LOOΠΔ TV): us-tv.org/plid-PLn2nfuATkZsQzaTPcar9B0vPVO2a59hf5

    • Link to their pre-debut MVs Official MV: us-tv.org/plid-PLn2nfuATkZsQfG8no7wsG2t6GnYtAy8OB

    • 데니스 loona are from unknown company blockberry creative! their concept is "this months girl" which is what their name in korean translates to. each month (vaguely) they revealed a new girl with her own solo mv, and subunits within the group during this predebut period. loona also has lore that connects the music videos from minor callbacks to reoccurring themes or set pieces. each member also has a color and animal associated with them. there are plenty videos that go over their names, colors, and animals! i reccomend searching "unhelpful guide to loona ot12"- despite the name they can actually be very helpful! hope this helped you out a bit!

  • Heejin my wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't forget to stream hi high


  • *...* _god why am I so gay?_

  • Guys help I don’t know who they are but I wanna stan 😭 may I have some help?

  • ive just realised heejin looks like anna kendrick and i dont know how to feel

  • 🤔🙄 is no good😑

  • we stan


    • The Orbit thankssss

    • 1:10 her name is Kim Lip 1:11 her name is Olivia Hye

  • Im new to loonaworld😆

    • If you want to know the girls better you could check out LOONATV, a collection of short video clips (0:30 seconds to 1 minute) which serves as a behind the scenes look to their MV filming and jacket shoots 이달의소녀탐구 (LOOΠΔ TV): us-tv.org/plid-PLn2nfuATkZsQzaTPcar9B0vPVO2a59hf5

    • In case you didn't know, the members of LOONA had a 2 year pre-debut project where they released a solo album for every girl and combining them into sub-units Here's a link to their pre-debut MVs :) us-tv.org/plid-PLsy2F-QMOfzstWJhElv5MsjysKEj7fGxQ

    • BTS is great -Yoongi is my bias wrecker- hello! Welcome! I wanna try some right now! Eyy! Let’s get it!

  • kweens

  • Loona es un grupo con mucho talento, lástima que no es tan conocido :')

  • Could some one tell me all there names I wanna start to like them I would very much appreciate it if you could tell me there names

    • Here's a link to their pre-debut MVs us-tv.org/plid-PLsy2F-QMOfzstWJhElv5MsjysKEj7fGxQ

    • This may help you www.reddit.com/r/LOONA/comments/6l5ix8/beginner_intro_to_loona/

    • Kim Lippie thanks

    • Lily Lee it’s easiest to watch their solo mvs to learn their names. Here are the names of all the solos in the order in which the girls were revealed. I put stars next to the most popular solos! Heejin- vivid⭐️ Hyunjin- around you Haseul-let me in Yeojin- kiss later Vivi- everyday I love you Kim lip- eclipse⭐️ Jinsoul-singing in the rain⭐️ Choerry- love cherry motion Yves- new Chuu-heart attack ⭐️ Gowon-one and only Olivia Hye- egoist⭐️

  • You are my favOriTe🎶

  • Primera canción que escucho y quedo enamorada :v

  • Why is the world sleeping? Like, hello? Wake me up inside, am i right?

  • It's 2019 and this song will always SLAP

  • I miss loona

  • favOriTe

  • 제발 컴백 때 컨셉 요런 컨셉으로 해주시면 안대나ㅠㅠㅠ

  • This makes me gay

  • im not a loona stan but this SLAPS

  • Anyone else seeing the connection between this aesthetic and the x1x teasers? Isn’t this supposed to be after they entered the loonaverse too?

  • Kim Lip: The idea that I might lose you, keep making me anxious XIX teaser: (anxious kim lip)

  • Yves: With just you, I will be happy Chuu: JUST LOOK AT ME, BABY

  • This kpop group does not get the recognition they deserve!??! Like wtf where the hell is everyone??? Just because they think a kpop mv has 7 Million views and not like 100 Million doesn't mean it's a bad song and like not worth your time...

  • 2019?

  • A lot of suprised!!! 😍. Go LOONA!!!

  • BBC for the love of god PLEASE a dance practice of this PLEASEEEE

  • Ah, they're seriously amazing.

  • *me watching this for the first time, trying to introduce myself loona* me: wow... they're so beautiful. but who's that ugly one? *after months and months of thinking there's a ugly girl in loona i realized that it was my reflection in my phone.* I'm so ugly.

  • Wow i like it !

  • Alright I stan them now.

    • Welcome to the Loonaverse. You're just in time before Loona's comeback. You should watch loona tv too. It's on this channel. Maybe this guide can help you, it needs to be updated tho, because some of the girls hair have changed. aminoapps.com/p/squf9i8. Please look forward to their next comeback

  • The thumbnail changed huh...

  • I wasn't ready

  • oh, would you look at that, wbk I was gay.

  • ❤👍🏻


  • 2:18 ouf heejin im gay


  • heejin

  • hyunjin

  • haseul

  • yves

  • chuu

  • gowon

  • olivia hye

  • hino


  • For the 9713243 times, Stan Loona

  • Choerry, Kim Lip, Heejin and Jinsoul feat friends

  • please post a teaser today

  • Well they *S N A P P E D*

  • I get postmates adds before every loona mv .. and I can’t skip it because loona has my coins

  • 7 056 410

  • I need help in recognizing these gals!!

    • Watch their solo MVs

    • Welcome to the Loonaverse. You're just in time before Loona's comeback. You should watch loona tv too. It's on this channel. Maybe this guide can help you, it needs to be updated tho, because some of the girls hair have changed. aminoapps.com/p/squf9i8. Please look forward to their next comeback

    • It’s a little hard from this video alone because of all the quick shots, but I highly recommend watching the solo music videos starting with Heejin! (The first loona girl). It helps viewers remember faces AND each mv slowly unravels more story to the “loonaverse” and its very interesting!

    • Watch their solo mv

  • 이 달 소 오 래 보 자 ♡

  • Soy la única que habla español y le gusta este grupo? :"v Me daré autolike :"3

  • Stan loona tweets brought me here😐😂

  • Heejin😍


  • Happy 491k subscribers LOONA and Orbits🐱

  • Eu amo essa música MDS, parabéns Loona

  • I've stan the right girlgroup. They've got a bright future ahead.

  • Stream this (FavOriTe), Hi High and the X1X teaser🐺

  • 진짜 너무 좋아 언니들 사랑해

  • Missing: Wig Color: Ash blonde Length: Medium Please return if found, I really need it for the X1X MV.. I would buy another one if i had money but unfortunately I already spent it for the + + album. Thank you in advance.

  • LOONA🌙 이달의소냐❤


  • I am late/new to the party: where do I sign? ❤️