[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) "favOriTe"

Published on Aug 7, 2018
[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) "favOriTe"
LOOΠΔ was designed to be at its maximum potential when LOOΠΔ 1/3, LOOΠΔ / ODD EYE CIRCLE, LOOΠΔ / yyxy, and YeoJin combine.
At its maximum power for the first time, LOOΠΔ's lead single 'favOriTe' declares the signature sound of LOOΠΔ at its complete form.
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  • Eu já tô esperando o próximo clipe.

  • 여자 엑소삘이다 ㄹㅇ

  • i like the fact that they dont rap

  • Howm many are they?

  • Besides Yves, who were the other three girls doing the dance in the middle of the girls?

  • I do not want to choose kim lip or hee jin Biaswrecked

  • I love this 😍😘😍😋😋

  • I'm sorry. I have to say, I HATE the camera work in this video. The song sounds nice but the MV is so choppy and shaky and I really don't know what I'm look at or looking for. Cohesion is a real problem.

    • Xin yeah you're not the first pointing out this.

  • น้องง

  • Yves is so pretty 😘

  • Vivi I couldn’t find her but loveeee them can’t wait for all 12 to perform live

  • ➡ 3,5M 🙌♡

  • sound good!!! MAMA new girl group will be interesting

  • I'm happy it's not a cute concept, I'm impressed!👌❤

  • 2:45 name?

  • 2:19 name?

  • Has anyone noticed that at 0:38 Heejin is wearing like a Loona pin of some kind on her chest for like a second amd then it disappears?

  • 파트 하나도 없는 멤버들이 있는 것 같은데..

  • I knew this sounded familiar. The first sound which happens throughout is a sped up version of Jessie J - Real Deal or am i trippin??????

    • No, it's the same song but just a sample of it :3

  • Loona 4M sii vamos

  • Can someone explain to me how Loona works ??? I’ve heard about them long time ago and thought they debuted?.

    • no, they have been presented to the public monthly for the past 22 months. they are 12 members (11 koreans and one chinese), also, they have 3 sub-units: LOONA 1/3, LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE and LOONA/yyxy. this was an "appetizer" of what the 12 members are going to look like together. their debut is on 20/08.

    • they will officially debut this month with an album that will be released 20.08 us-tv.org/tv/video-0uYVAK2D8Rg.html

    • each girl has a solo and they debuted in units too, here's a playlist in order us-tv.org/plid-PLjzc8qFBR4rJeCvBPBhN_AFEgSXyAsvt3

    • Pham Vy en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loona_(band)

  • JinSoul is so beautiful.

  • Do you know which mv ViVi is the main character? Love&Live. It has 1.2m views. So try to put it in your stream playlist, Orbits! It won't hurt. us-tv.org/tv/video-4K4b9Z9lSwc.html

    • JCE PRODUCTIONS yeah... i know.

    • everyday i love you feat haseul is her mv and everyday i need you is her second mv feat jinsoul

  • over 3,333,333

  • Literally every time Heejin has a close up I actually die wtf


  • Still stuck on 3.3 mill omg... hurry up! Lets keep streaming and sharing orbits!!!!!!!!!

  • 3:00 HAIRPORN

  • Give us the dance practice BBC as a gift 😊

  • why are the O and T capital in favOriTe?

    • probably to represent OT12?

  • 4M before debut? :)

  • Can someone help me? I want to buy the album, but I don’t know where lol. I’m thinking about buying it on Amazon, but I’m not sure. ++ QUEENS! 💗

    • Kpoptown is where i buy mine

    • I suggest you to create an account on reddit to join Loona subreddit. You will find good info about the group. www.reddit.com/comments/9798xj www.reddit.com/r/LOONA/comments/97nxql/has_anyone_been_able_to_preorder_the_album_of/

  • Lindas

  • I finally understand the *Stan Loona* Meme...

  • *I LOVE VIVI!*






  • 💜👌👏👏

  • Can somebody help me? I want to buy they album but idk where i can buy it And pay with Paypal

    • Katiti65 thank you so much

    • Or Amazon!

    • Vitany And F YT people told me you can buy it on kpopmart and kpoptown! Kpopmart is cheaper !

  • Whose the girl at 2:18?

    • Yes, that’s Heejin! And her month is October <3 She’s in the sub-unit Loona 1/3

    • thats Heejin! the first member introduced in the group and she represents the animal Rabbit and her color is Hot Pink! If you like her, you should check out her solo song MV called "ViVid"

  • Oh my gosh, when did we get to 3 million?!?! o_O I can't believe it! So happy for the girls.

  • Nice song. I won't stan but I'll bop to this :)

  • Cheer up for HASEUL ❤✊

  • 1:28 to 1:48 the best 20 seconds of the summer

  • whatthe fuuuuuuuuuuck i didnt expect it to be soo good ???????!!!!!!!!!??????!

  • Can’t wait for Hi High!

  • Vim pela tia dos EUA. Que ela consiga voltar para o Brasil! #CametoBrazil


  • *Can we get this video 4 million view before they debut!!!*

  • I love this girls, and i love the song, i cat not wait for their debut. I hope at some point Go Yujin join make her debut because i love to see it in Produce 48 maybe can debut in Loona, hope to see her in the future FIGHTING LOONA!

  • Are you all ready for Hi High?

    • Danny Cordero No😂

  • They should release on 1thek's yt acc too 🤔

    • xodus yes

    • nahh gfriend started doing that and now their main channel isnt growing anymore . Its better if they keep uploading here

    • Azizah Chan for sure that could help but the company probably won't do it!



  • Need a dance practice version once they debut



  • They better be a mama or mma this year

  • i feel attacked

  • Toda essa demora pra isso? Ok ...

    • Não é debut, palhaça, isso é só um lead single. Pesquisa antes de encher o saco, obrigada.

    • Orvalho nem é debut. Elas debutam dia 20 tabom


  • stan talent stan loona

  • i never knew why people use to say stan loona now i know

  • I thought loona was only a person lmao

  • finally i remember all member

  • Just a little more to 3.3M views 👉

  • It is absolutely amazing how much talent is in Loona!!! Every song is better than the last!! I think I have a new favorite!

  • 3 287 000 🍒🍒🍒

  • 3,285,046 HELLO WELCOME -> HI HIGH

  • i really wanna see all of loona go on variety shows

  • What a load of absolute crap.

    • thrillhausen Alt oh, I see my friend. Anyways stan Loona.

    • If this is crap, there are MANY songs out there that are more crap.

    • thrillhausen Alt well you may find it bad, but majority of people find the song is good. But i understand, its your opinion 👏 btw any hate is unnecessary

    • +thrillhausen Alt Aww someone needs attention :( And that someone definitely isn't LOONA.

    • thrillhausen Alt s t a n l o o n a & stream new / one & only / love cherry motion thank your for the views and for the love 💗

  • Why the fuck is this garbage on trending in the UK?

    • lmAO okay then Gordon stream New

    • your vids are shit and you’re ugly stan loona! ✨💅🏽😌

    • Gordon because british stan Loona

    • Gordon lmao you were here earlier if you don't like it just go and stop wasting your time

    • Gordon cause it isnt garbage now go cook

  • Let's make a goal: 50-80k sales? Maybe more... so if you can buy at least one of their versions. I know that yt views are cool and all but sales are *much more important* you get paid on yt when you make videos yes but sales are important. So if you can please help them. Make them proud. Show them they don't have just yt views. But amazing fans and amazing sales.

  • This is beautiful

  • 4M ORBİT!

  • why are all these kids complaining about “stan loona”? just look at this. they need to be stanned 💞.

  • Love Kim Lip at 1:10 😘😘

  • Go 4M💕💞

  • 371k subscribers✔ 3.2m views✔ 200k likes✔ Well done orbits💖💜

  • who is the girl in 2:50? SHE’S GORGEOUS

    • Jinsoul, Jung Jinsoul. Her solo song is Singing in the rain, and she’s in the sub-unit Odd Eye Circle. Her animal is a blue betta fish, her color is blue & her month is June! 💙

    • She is JinSoul

  • First Loona mv to reach 200k likes ladies and gentlemen and anyone in the middle. 😎

  • Loona already drop the teaser for debut and sounds amazing! Please support them on the debut too!

  • this song gets me think about growl and monster from exo

  • Go yujin not one of them??

    • Diana C hope, she will debut soon..

    • No, she's still one of BCC trainees. She was revealed for P48

  • 200k LIKES!!! Click that button who still not doing it

  • stan talents, stan loona.

  • Loona Fighting!

  • *I LOVE LOONA!!!*