Musical Shopping | Rudy Mancuso

Published on Oct 30, 2018
Thank you @target for sponsoring this video. #TargetMyWay #Tarzhay #ad
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  • Thanks for watching. Enjoy!

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  • That poor guy is so used being forced to sing that he already sings without anyone saying anything

  • Fazes um excelente trabalho! não sabia que eras português mas reparei na tatuagem! Gostava de saber falar fluentemente inglês mas acho que só conseguiria se for para fora... Continua assim :p

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  • My favorite song was the food section one and rudys face at the end lol

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  • Anyone notice his name tag sais randy?

  • Anyone notice his name tag sais randy?

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  • my favorite part was the end

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  • 3:39 anyone noticed his hair changed??

  • sounds like he's singing about Lele

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  • This was really good than the other ones

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  • You are not Rudy Mancuso you look so different from the haircut you got

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  • Wooow cool vidéo i love it keep it up Rudy !

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  • Great Harmony Rudy You always seem to please us

  • Rudy how r u so creative? I’m amazed

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  • Seven years Later is a cowboy fan of the game

  • Have you ever heard that joke that’s says “When you go to target to get one thing and come out with so much stuff.” I think that’s what this video was all about

  • That looks like the target in Ventura (California) 😆

  • omg I can't believe you put an Arabic caption thx I appreciate although I can read English I just love how you considered us Arabic

  • It’s sooo funny! I love it!😂

  • Im the Cashier! *SIR THAT WILL BE$1877726265252525252626265* Rudy: *_can you put it in my bill_* Me: *lat me guess you dont have a pelican, how will i put it in its bill,huh* Rudy: *_y-yes, but-_* Shop manager Rudy: **SINGS** Rudy: *_Here we go again_*

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  • His name tag said Randy

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  • Honestly you look like the type of guy to speak a lot of Spanish

  • What’s the song on 1:50

  • “Welcome to *Sing-it* “