Mother Knows Best - SNL

Published on May 13, 2018
Three mother-child pairs (Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Chris Redd, Leslie Jones, Mikey Day, Kate McKinnon) compete on Mother Knows Best, hosted by Shelby McAllister (Amy Schumer).
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  • amy schumer sucks

  • I want that jumper!!!

  • Menarche!

  • Amy Schumer is funny only when somebody else writes for her

  • Amy Schumer's character making fun of youtubers who say they are singers is pretty redundant considering she says she calls herself a comedian.

  • 2:50 Dude kate looks straight up jealous 😂😂😂😂😂

  • This was sooo good 😂👍👍👍

  • Wow the fat knuckled jabs at Pewdiepie and US-tv.

  • Wow amy schumer funny it really is the end times

  • Why does my mother have leslie jones' shirt?

  • I don't understand how people can say Pete Davidson isn't cute like what the heck, he's so handsome.

    • I'm a dude and he is quite handsome. Doesn't matter how many roles he does as an unattractive geek, it's obvious that he is the opposite.

  • I am from Fountain Valley CA and my moms name is Shanel. Weird coincidence

  • I was sooooooo dissipated when Amy Schumer walked out

  • : z. ,k.

  • Norma's hair's gone long

  • I really enjoy Amy’s inflection (Is that the right word?). It feels very natural, and it makes her lines more lively.

  • _where's my mom?_ *oof*

  • Yep bates motel is a weird show

  • God, I felt so uncomfortable

  • im sorry for pete that he had to be with amy schumer in a sketch

  • WTF

  • Kate and Mikey were perfect for this skit. *"We won the points.."*

  • So Messed Up. But Check My New Music Video for Truth

  • The new season of Bates Motel looks really good

  • 5:03

  • Me and my mom are the ones in the middle Mom: "Yeah we forfeit only because we don't wanna watch this incest crap" Me: "Duces Bitches, duces Summer whore, and duces to the disgusting incest family"

  • That amy ...wont watch anything with her in it...had to stop watching this one when i noticed her...shes not funny at all

  • That's got to be a Bates Motel reference

  • That boi is the guy from disjointed

  • she really isn’t funny at all

    • even when someone actually writes her jokes (with permission) she isn’t funny

  • Oh my god... we’ll be right back. 😂😂😂

  • God Pete is so disgusting. AG what's wrong with you?


  • This is the best I’ve seen Amy Schumer act. This whole sketch is hilarious

  • Hahaha that was so freaking funny!!! I have watched it about 100 times.

  • Thought it would be Alabama but ok

  • Proving even the best comedians can be dragged down faster than you can imagine by Amy Schumer.

  • *PLEASE JuSt cAll mE pAul* XD I'm so dead Edit: 3:38

  • Flowers in the Attic who??

  • I wanted to watch this, but then I saw Amy Schumer...

  • Damn incest I mean they might be Mormon but jeeeeeeeeeeez

  • 5:16

  • Not fair the blacks no point 🛇

  • Know i say youse a mommas boy alot but... DAMMMM!!!!!!!

  • I see Amy Schmuer, I dislike...

  • Ummm.... you know those blue human things well touching their hair is like sex so yeah.... 3:34

  • I was so happy. And then I saw Amy Schumer walk out

  • Amy Schumer is the worst

  • **screams** iNcEsT

  • alone...Alone....ALONE!!!!! OMG- I CANT BREATHE😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😎

  • Amy was surprisingly great on SNL! She’s a really good actress, just not a good writer.

    • Why do so many people hate Amy? I've always found her to be quite entertaining. Am I missing something?

  • Creepy 😂😂

  • That incest thing was some Norman Bates shit

  • all memes aside, amy schumer isn’t funny at all

  • fucking hilarious lolol

  • "im a youtuber sketch comedian and serious sing" *cough*lele pons*cough*

  • 5 seconds in and i knew it wasent gonna be funny

  • I love that Pete was there for no damn reason hahaha

  • I'm 17... My name is summer... I'm scared, but happy????

  • I fucking hate Amy Schumer, but this sketch wasn't half bad.

  • Surprised Amy Schumer had time to do this in between stealing jokes and being gross

  • Leslie is trying so hard not to laugh

  • oh, cabbage patch hostess, next.

  • The rest was funny just not Amy Schumer though honestly


  • 😂😂😂

  • God Mikey is hot


  • Omg I’m so weak!!! Lmfao the delivery was so real 😂😂😂😂

  • Kate looks like shes about to pull out a knife.

  • 0:18 This reminded me of gabbie show in a nice way lol

  • The best sketches are the ones where Amy Schumer’s character isn’t important

  • damn that sketch is cringey

  • the only part of this skit that wasnt funny was the person being paid to host the show

  • FLDS community should watch this.

  • 1:23 you can see a young Norman bates on television

  • Jojo Siwa when she's 20 is the announcer

  • Mikey Day's facial expressions are the funniest!!!! LMFAO!


  • 😂

  • Honestly I've never been so disturbed by a snl skit. By any skit. Wow. I'm uncomfortable

  • Leslie and Pete nearly cracking up make this whole sketch 😂

  • couldn't tell if that was Cecily or Tina Fey until I checked the description ngl

  • Was I the only person that immediately frowned when Amy walked out?

  • 0:44 fountain valley!

  • Hey Shelby looks a lot like Amy Schumer lol🤣

  • Why does Pete Davison always looks like he's tired and sick?

  • What decade is this from??????

  • I saw Amy Schumer I clicked off it’s quite simple really

  • Pete Davidsons face was so funny

  • 😐many questions😐

  • Umm so why did Pete only get two lines ? Why even put him in the sketch if he has no role smh

  • Everything is better with 2 except Amy Schumer I wish there was zero of that bitch on this planet, fuck Amy Schumer

  • Why does cutie pie Paul looks like lowlife junkie? What's the joke?

  • "Pewdiepie Paul" xD

  • "Also Lyme disease "

  • ❤Kate

  • Fuck that Traitor HACK Amy Schumer

  • Amy Schumer = Immediate dislike

  • Kate is low key hot