Mother Knows Best - SNL

Published on May 13, 2018
Three mother-child pairs (Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Chris Redd, Leslie Jones, Mikey Day, Kate McKinnon) compete on Mother Knows Best, hosted by Shelby McAllister (Amy Schumer).
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  • Do these types of communities exist in real life? I mean, I know that certain groups like the Amish normally live this way but are there any other known types of groups?

  • I am the castle, I housed a Prince, I am the woman who made her King, He holds the key to the castle, No one else can come near, No one else can come in.

  • That intro sums up Emma Blackery's channel 😂😂😂

  • How would you even spell Kate's character's name? Abysoleth? Abbisoleth? So so horrifyingly funny.

  • "He is of me."

  • We have some lanisters here

  • *_why_*

  • Amy Schumer is actually a very nuanced comedic actor. It's quite impressive.

  • Of course SNL picked Amy Schumer, the unfunny liberal to star in their skit. I miss the old days of SNL.

  • Hilarity

  • Ew Amy Schumer

  • Paul is a cutie pie 😀

  • Yayyyyyy..........incest.....yayy..?

  • theres a lot of upsetting things about this but the most upsetting was the usage of "menarche"

  • Schumer NAILED it. Funny as hell. Leslie Jones you are the worst SNL member ever, at not laughing during a skit. Which I think is hilarious.

  • I love how this is one of the few moments where Amy Schumer is funny couse she is not writing/stealing jokes from other people

  • I love it when Kate plays straight woman. Hilarious.

  • Amy is such a good actress I fucking cannnttttt!

  • “And Lyme Disease” 😂😂😂

  • Amy Schumer ruined everything!

  • I wonder if they fucked on their bed right after

  • Lol Leslie trying so hard not to laugh 😂😂

  • Only took until 2:40 for someone to break character! Love how Leslie is the first to go... That must be Mate's secret plan, to make everyone laugh and break character

  • 😂

  • How many FLDS hair tutorials did they have to watch to ace this lol

  • I'm surprised to see amy did so well. I suppose she's still a professional and just has an unappealing schtick as a comedian

  • My jokes are so sad...

  • I hope the show is still going great 👍

  • Amy shcumer trash

  • I love the hosts reactions.

  • Incest is wincest

  • Not all people from PA are like that, I'm from PA and most people are normal here

  • alone. alone. aLOOOOOOOONE

  • not my proudest fap..

  • This was funny but that youtuber joke tho... -_- Great to hear her coments on US-tvrs/singers from someone who steals jokes.

  • Amy's character in this was less annoying than her real personality

  • This one and the close encounters skit are my all time favorites

  • Yeah... You kiss that les..

  • Why is Pete in this at all???

  • Not a big Amy fan but she had me rolling in this.

  • This skit died in the first 10 seconds

  • She pronounced "menarche" wrong. 😂 Do they not practice before?

  • Ofc the incest people were from pa

  • Her excited Gasps, cuz they won the points. :#ded:

  • The idea of the game show would be great

  • heroin addict Paul. gross

  • The look on Ebisaleth's face when John Christopher, is combing her hair, kills me every time I watch this.

  • Pete was high as shit in this sketch

  • I would say this original but Amy Schumer is in it so it’s not

  • Leslie isn't the type of person to break

  • amy schumer talking with children and mothers... while she advocates for birth control

  • fuck amy shumer

    • Zachary Foster i’m not saying i want to fuck any shumer. i’m saying amy shumer is a bitch and I hate her

    • Gross

  • I guess the question is does the host shelby McAllister have a brother named Peter who lives in new york?

  • Nightmarish

  • I hate Amy Schumer

  • I hate Amy Schumer

  • MY VAGINA!!!

  • alone. Alone. *intense stare and screeching* ALOOOOOONEEEE

  • Amy shumer is so unfunny

  • Amy’s just not funny

  • I have no clue how they make it through a scene with Kate 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Was gonna watch this but then I saw Any Schumer

  • Wow Leslie laughing in another skit, what's new?

  • That is what you call a titty baby

  • good actors, though!!

  • Why do they have to be Amish smh

  • Alone, Alone, Aloooooone 😂😂😂

  • when kate started singing i died

  • I hate Amy Schumer.

  • When Kate said my son is my life I immediately got April from parks n Rec vibes

  • Seen the first person walk out, hit pause, click dislike, comment

  • .....What the fuck?

  • My mom hates when I bring a different GF to church.

  • LOL Amy already has blonde hair whyd they give her a wig

  • creepy and very funniest 😆

  • Pete Davidson is so hot

  • Lmfao omg Kate is so good it’s cringe worthy 😂😂😂😂

  • John-Christopher and his Mom is the explanation of crazy christian sects. Summer and her mom are me and my mom in a nutshell.

  • *h e i s o f m e*

  • I just noticed SNL makes lots of pedo themed skits... why tho

  • They 100% modeled Kates hair and outfit...and weirdness woth her son after the church of latter day saints

  • Kate is my favorite person ever omg she plays every role perfectly

  • that was so HOT! just wish it was longer!

  • Amy honestly killed it! I normally don’t get too into her comedy but she did an awesome job here!

  • I live in Pennsylvania...

  • * sees Amy Schumer * * clicks off the video *

  • Fuck Amy Schumer

  • lmaO sounds about white.

  • Amy just isn’t funny

  • Am I the only person that pulled the video up and as soon as Amy fucking Shumer walked out said “nope, fuck that” aloud?

  • Wanted to hit the like button, but all that incest show left a bad taste

  • “He can’t aim” and “our bed”. Nothing says happy Mother’s Day than incest

  • Tempe, Arizona? Get the hell out of my city!

  • Tempe, Arizona? Get the hell out of my city!

  • Mikey Day is just fantastic. And Amy Schumer had great delivery. Kate McKinnon great as always

  • Fuckin Jews.

  • Ok that’s an Oedipus complex...

  • Kate is a really good singer! And i really want to see more of this sketch. I have a kind of morbid curiosity.

  • He can’t aim🤣

  • I guess SNL is funny again.