Monsta X Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

Published on Aug 2, 2018
Monsta X and puppies, it doesn't get any cuter than this. Special thanks to North Shore Animal League for these adorable puppies!
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Monsta X




  • IM

  • These puppies!

  • Fashion tips, Kihyun: Follow me. Monsta X: /no/ I.M.: unfollow him. OMG. i love this bunch. I.M lives up to be the ‘savage’ team he wants to be remembered for. This is the softEST INTERVIEW. THANK YOU. would like to see more of Monsta X. Fighting. Saranghae ❤️

  • 4:08 HiS fAcE wHeN hE rEaLiZeD tHe PupPy wAs sLeEpIng I dIeD

  • they are so cute i can’t-

  • I love them so much 😂❤️❤️

  • Kihyun's english is so amazing, like...BOI STAPH.

  • Can I be those dogs?

  • 2:01 "I wanna play with dogs. He's not coming to me, nobody's coming to me." 😫😫😫😫😫Why is he so cute?!!!!!!!!I can't take this anymore.

  • Puppies getting puppies♡

  • the way they say Harry potter

  • Changkyun is us constantly just *uwu*

  • okay this interview made me fall in love with monsta x and i was not mentally prepared for this at all

  • I like how all of them could speak and understand english well.

  • 4:52 Jooheon: nee *remembers to speak English* eeess

  • Cuter than the puppies uwu. Edit: Hyungwon is distracted lol

  • i come back to this almost everyday

  • awwww soooo cute

  • RM: Heart attack IM: Heart attack *Im gonna die* 😭 😍

  • but can we talk about the puppy that keeps chewing on hyungwons clothes/shoes if i didnt know better i'd think its trying to undress him lmao

  • Who’s the blonde one in a dark grey shirt?

  • hhhhhh theyre cute. i wanna stan them. someone teach me something about them!

  • *how to become a puppy*

  • It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!

  • Who is the one who said okaaaay at 3:46

    • Lee Minhyuk. Btw Monsta X Shoot Out is lit af! Currently has 29M views. Please help Monbebe to stream Shoot Out before their next comeback.

  • I was kinda mad when he said heart attack but lowkey happy because bts

  • Mi corazón va a explotar de tanta ternura :’ccc

  • 2:16 that guy is legit just there for the dogs XD

  • who are the puppies again?

  • Who's the one that said "hEY FoCUS ON ME" ? 😂 (While throwing the ball)

  • Rm: "Heart Attack" I.M: "Heart Attack" *ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED*

  • Lmao whenever I watch US-tv videos the ad for Glass keeps playing😂

  • i love that each member read the question in english and speak english more frequent

  • love how minhyuk loves talking so much that he knows English, Japanese and Korean so he can talk more.

  • If I was that white dog, I would stay in Shawnu's lap throughout the entire interview too.

  • want to stan... really getting into their music :). I'm ARMY, NCTZEN, getting into Stray Kids and Got7, any recommendations?

  • I’m wondering if a fan or something edited this video haha. The edits seem like it 😊

  • They are so cute!

  • i'm not a fan but i came to watch this to check out their personalities even tho i have no idea what their names are.. from the comments i'm seeing the guy at the end of the right side is I.M? edit : okay so i just finished watching the video and i had some laughs from these guys they're adorable ^^

  • uwu

  • ... I dont know who they are but they are cute and hot and i am now going to become apart of the fandom so pls have me ok thnx

    • wave Monsta X Shoot Out is lit af! Currently has 29M views. Please help Monbebe to stream Shoot Out before their next comeback.

  • They're so cute my heart can't take it

  • Next Got7 play with puppies while answering questions Jackson: heart attack

  • Who’s the guy at 4:07

  • Subtitles when they speak korean : (speaking in foreign language)


  • All:"OH MY GOD!!!" Me:I love these boys so much...😂

  • One pack 😂

  • This is actually my favourite video ever! 🥰

  • I.M's maknae is showing lol

  • I love how good their English has gotten! *Monbebe is proud*


  • jooheon i love youuuuu 😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Kihyun: Hey, focus on me! Minhyuk: Im sorry xd

  • I click monsta x i see joongkook in the comments

  • SH: "I want abs" MH: "You have" SH :"Only one pack" i'm screaming

  • I wish I was the black puppy in Kihyuns lap T-T

  • OMO I.M's reaction when the question what "who would you like to collaborate with...." was so adorable

  • I wonder how many kpop groups will go to buzzfeed and play with puppies and make stans hearts melt into happiness.

  • Do like playing with puppys keep Rick and God Bless make me smile☺

  • wonho trying to speak english omg im in loooooooooooove

  • WH: Harry potta


  • 4:07 so cute 😭😭😭😭 the puppy slept on shownu's lap

  • i come back here way too often theyre so precious i love them

  • Shownu’s little gasp when he sees the puppy fell asleep in his lap breathe if you agree

  • -i have four dogs -*-MonSTA x SunBAeniM nOtiCe Me-*

  • Hyungwon literally speaks one sentence and I get a heart attack instantly.

  • 4:08 I can't tell what is cuter, Shownu's face or the sleeping puppy

  • GUYS! I’m new here and I don’t know their names! Who is who? Halp

    • from left to right: Kihyun Shownu Wonho Hyungwon Jooheon Minhyuk I.M (I recommend you watch their survival show, or any of their real variety shows) 😊😊

  • Don't Stan but just clicked cuz why not Definately after this video cuz damn omg 😂😂😂😂 They were funny af The only song of theirs I ever heard was HERO so if anyone can be so kind and help a potential stan out 😁😁😁

    • +Watch MONSTA X 'SHOOT OUT' MV!! thank you so much!!! Will stream for sure 👍👍👍

    • Becki isAloser Shoot Out is lit af! Currently has 29M views. Please help Monbebe to stream Shoot Out before their next comeback.

  • This Is Art.

  • 4:07 hahahaha the puppy fell asleep in his lap

  • 2:14 hahahahaha he’s so happy the puppies finally came to him lol ❤️

  • 1:06 the pup chewing on hyungwon and him letting it

  • * googles how to be a puppy *

  • Only I hear in 2:20 Wonho said Polish word ,,Przestań"? O.O

  • 💜

  • Puppies that touched Monsta X aaaaaaaaaa

  • I don't know whose CUTER, MONSTA X playing with puppies or puppies with MONSTA X?! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • MonstaX and BTS have the same energy when it comes to puppies


  • Do got7 next or blackpink or idk i'm just mess up with kpop and puppise so cute ahhh💜💜💜 i watch the other one bts so cute.

  • I love these guys tho❤

  • I watch this when I'm sad and it always helps me feel better

  • Jooheons English pronunciation is so good

  • I want to adopt all of those puppies!! They are too cute! My heart aches when I see puppies and I can't adopt or even touch them😭😭😭💔💔

  • IM is a whole mood


  • Theres 3 blond membres, whos the one in the middel?

    • +GoTen2PM he's really cute, thank you!

    • That's Jooheon, he's a rapper.

  • 4:27 KH: Harry Po-ter JH: ohh, harry paw-ter WH: *says it perfectly* wtf wonho

  • 3:30 We can all agree nothing has changed from kihyun being the attention seeking nagging bitch that we love



  • I cant believe all monsta x members are good with english daym 💖👌

  • rm & im: heart attack

  • i’m not a bebe or whatever they’re called 💀 but this was a pretty good video & they all speak english so well

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    • alizé ! Shoot Out is lit af! Currently has 29M views. Please help Monbebe to stream Shoot Out before their next comeback.

  • Try the world hotts chocolate