Molly Makes Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich with Bacon and Cheddar | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

Published on May 9, 2018
Molly Baz makes our ultimate two-egg breakfast sandwich. Warning: A fork and knife (or a bib, at the very least) may be required to tackle this sandwich.
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Molly Makes Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich with Bacon and Cheddar | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  • I mean....who can resist a Crispy McCrisperson Egg in a Hole bacon egg and cheese?!? Get after it and report back!

  • Omg thank u..

  • Well... I would probably make the holes further to the side instead of the middle so I would have egg with almost every bite 😁

  • You almost had me. But where's the tomato, lettuce, dill pickle, mayo, and spicy brown mustard?. 😏

  • Mi receta preferida una delicia muy semplice,que tradicion en carnavales ,Es pan bagano con leche y despues frito ,y despues unto completamente con azucar, ,para coner con fruta o helado o solo es muy rico ,el pan tiene que ser rustico o rebanadas grandes ,ok un gusto espero me lo haceis en vuestro programa tan actual y entretenido muakkkk 😇

  • I lile to much bon apetit,

  • Or you can just fry some bacon and eggs and put them on some bread with cheese lmao I don't understand this recipe

  • You call it an egg in a hole... I know it as a bullseye

  • Hey shoutout to Iranian-Americans in the beginning. Thank you.

  • Is this food for millennials?

  • My youngest son learned to make these when he was a boy scout. He's loved them ever since. I'll have to tell him about making it a sandwich.

  • The machine brought me here

  • Please go on something’s burning with Bert . Molly is the best

  • Her face lighting up when she realizes the pun is just the cutest thing ever

  • Low key burnt

  • my dad called them "One Eyes" as in "I'm making One Eyes for breakfast. Do you want one?" me: no, i just want the toasted cut outs they always turned out with the exterior of the egg too crispy (i'm not a fan of crisped fried eggs), but with the interior whites still disgusting and partially runny

  • Less heat!

  • No such thing as a "knife and fork" sandwich.

  • I made this at home & it was pretty damn good

  • Ohh that is one tasty looking sandwich!! will definitely try this!

  • You burned it

  • iz burnt

  • hole in bread with egg is called birds nest as binging with babish said.

  • So a nest egg sandwich..

  • Great presentation, thanks

  • the amazing Molly McMolly sunshine sammich

  • i'd like to see her hole

  • It's called egg in a nest. How come nobody knows that?

  • Props for not endorsing store bought bread like every other youtube recipe.

  • samwich

  • nice apron, but where did you get the beige one ?

  • I. Love. Molly.

  • Need to try it, seems yummy! Would make an awesome lunch!

  • She’s a keeper. 😀

  • In Australia it's called toad in the hole.. don't ask me why

  • Looks so delicious 😊 sandwich isn't that bad either 😛

  • Muslim don't eat pork

  • Growing up I always called an egg in the hole a “bunny puff” idk why or where is came from but that’s what I know it as forever and always

  • The hole is better than some of it's parts

  • id put and egg in her hole weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Yeah buddy, "TOKHMEMORGH BA NOON" that was a cool persian surprise there! You should definitely do a Persian food episode !

  • perfect hangover food because you can't eat it otherwise

  • this looks so good but i feel like id die if i ate it 😂

  • My mom calls it “hole in one”

  • another for the collection: sock in the eye! to this day idk why we call it that, makes jack all sense

  • Bird's nest is what we called them.

  • Put some fresh avacodo and its become 3 times more powerful

  • That looks SO GOOD

  • My WIFE

  • "nuttyyyyyy"