MINO(송민호) - ‘아낙네 (FIANCÉ)’ M/V

Published on Nov 26, 2018
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  • where is that sample from?

  • I'm in love😍😂

  • Cope lạc trôi- sơn tùng mtp

  • 1:29 나만 이부분 좋나용?ㅠ 한 20번은넘게 들은것같은덹ㅠ

  • 축하드립니다 . 한국인을 발견하셨네요 . 그리고 다시 오셨네요 ㅎㅎ 잘하셨어요 !

    • 크흠...딱 전데여?ㅋㅋ

  • Mashiho neee... hahahaha

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • 💙

  • 💙

  • 💙

  • 36.7M

  • “My fiancé” he meant me ☺️💜

  • 2019, where are Mino’s biches at?

  • 37 M 🔒 38 M 🔒 40 M 🔒 Before march Go go IC 💪


  • Guys let's do this, 40M before his birthday 30th March🙏 We can do it💙

  • amazing

  • He's indeed GD son

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  • Essa música mudou minha vida vou escutar ela pra sempre xD

  • 36,730,074

  • Lets get 40M for his bday? Leggo!!

  • *God wasn't playin' when he made this man*

  • Love it ❤️

  • Im so happy for you.i love all your songs.

  • Very thrilled with Asian elements. Big Mino fan.

  • 썸네일 싴케인줄 알고 왔자너

  • 아니 무슨 우리나라 아이돌?레퍼 뮤비 댓에 한국어를 못보겠어...젠부 영어 데스네......

  • Mino 😙

  • 36M 🔓 40M 🔒 45M 🔒 50M 🔒 Lets get 50M before his birthdayyy!!!

  • My idol. I luv u vvv much . Hope u ll succeed on the way u chose

  • 히히

  • 💓💓💓💓

  • 36M ✅

  • So it doesn’t actually translate to fiancé..... it’s like a woman he can’t have. And a fiancé is a woman you’re engaged to.....

  • I'm never getting tired of this song !! I keep listening to it, it's so good !

  • Mino please collaboration with Legado 7❤️

  • Love Mino❤❤

  • 2:08 *HIM on the BED is sexual asf lmao look at his body movements*

  • 왜 한국 댓글이 없는것 같지.

  • Can't stop listening

  • Olha esses raios de luz

  • The girls 🤤

  • Mino bebé hermoso💕

  • 36,626,629

  • my man

  • 👤

  • Legends only

  • still a bop.

  • Wow. Mino. Awesome. I watched this. I watched the explained videos. And just wow. It is intense at first and better when analyzed. Thank you!

  • This is for me to sing along .. feel free to use it - Tok tok gudae bogoshipsoe Ne bur so op ko Ka ji so op so (so sad) Tok tok numur soda ne do Ku gun ja te ang bobby (XD) juji ang ko Ne mu epo Ne gai ma gaji rango yonen u mung ah nen koi? Soul de byol ta ode nai (oh) in your eyes Oh k wra hum ke myo nun distopia Ne baikure o kara uhmyong utopia

  • 36.5M

  • 아직도 보고있는 사람 있나?

  • 넘 멋있잖아 어떻게!~♥어떻하긴 어떻게 사겨야지 어떻게 그치?!? 맞지

  • 👑💛

  • OMG i love this song

  • OMG i love this song start the toto first 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Did anybody hear the song by Kim Taehee - Soyang's River girl @ 0:48 & 1:58 ?!?

    • Gold 7 I think everybody noticed it so far as connection was emphasized by Mino through meanings of songs too)

    • +annie -on indefinite hiatus- Ya I know that but I m just asking if anybody noticed it but thanks for telling me anyway!!

    • Gold 7 He used the sample of the song for Fiance 🙂

  • Hay quá anh ơi

  • Mino is a king🔥🔥

  • so good

  • 대박

  • love mino

  • This is the first time I listen to this and realize it came out on my b day(this is also the kind of beat I like lol)

  • 40M soon!

  • Ngl I love this SO MUCH MORE than all WINNER songs combined.

  • Still waiting for that mobb comeback

  • 36,525,254

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  • a masterpiece

  • 여기 한국인 나만있나 Is there only Korean here?

  • a masterpiece

  • 크 역시 민호

  • 한국인이 안보여서 댓들남깁니다 구걸 생각도 없고 그냥 적고갑니다

  • I'm very proud of my son, let's work harder.

  • My fav song still now

  • This came up in my Spotify discover weekly and I’m literally obsessed

    • Same girl same... the whole album is lit

    • Thank God for Spotify you have found yourself a masterpiece 💙 We hope you can listen to his music more 😊

  • Soyanggang~~처녀

  • 소양강처녀 있음

  • THIS IS THE MAN who was an underground rapper at a young age then made a decision to become an idol, trained with block b but didn't make it and debut with another group but failed after a year, then became a trainee again. He needs to compete for a survival show in order to debut. Participated in SMTM to prove himself then their group lose a member. It's been a long journey for you idol but LOOK AT HIM NOW. Slaying his whole country into his music. 😊😍

  • gang :)

  • 341k for 1 million likes Inner circle Go go go go

  • 36,424,602

  • 3:03 was he drunk?

  • Elles sont où les fans françaises là ?! Nieh 😂♡♡

  • u r doing amazing , sweety ♥

  • Mino you’re a GE-NI-US!

  • Woaavv song is very good.Turkish fan love you mino💙

  • MINO I love you 💙💙💙

  • I think I found the best 2018 song

  • 1;28min sing p.o?!!!?!?

  • I still don’t get how he could make this sick beat, it really amazes me. He’s a whole package isn’t he damn

    • ikr..after repeating the songs a lot of times i took time to listen to the beat and there's a lot of instrumentals going on but it doesn't sound a mess...they all complement together..

    • YG made them spent 2 years in the dungeon and he was probably bored so he had a lot of time to harness that already glowing potential 😂

  • india here!

  • one of my favourite songs of this lifetime

  • Mino is one of a kind

  • Bruh *this will forever be a bop*

  • This gives me indeed strong old kpop vibes, I really can't stop loving this song.

  • 한국인!!!

  • This bubu can rock any hairstyle 👑👑👑