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Published on Jun 6, 2018
Welcome back to my Minimalism for Hoarders series, I am so excited to be bringing you another minimalism video...this is an absolutely HUGE kitchen minimising, organisation and declutter - this video is so highly requested but it's always felt so daunting to do it, so I hope you like it.
I'm really excited to share this video with you which is a collaboration with my lovely friend Eilidh from Maisy Meow because she is going to be minimising her bedroom which I can't wait to watch to give me the inspiration to declutter my own room! You can watch her video here once you've watched this one - - I think you will really love her channel so pop over and give her a watch if you don't already :)
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I love the way I feel when I have decluttered and organised my home, and doing it room by room makes it feel a lot less daunting.
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  • Your staff males me feel dizzy.

  • You buy/bought too much food ... plan in advance and write shopping lists .. old fashioned but it works .. random buying doesn't..

  • wow - that's a lot of food to waste, not judging but I find that unorganized random grocery shopping w/o meal planning equals waste of food and finances. Nowadays with grocery ordering online - it helps us to be more conscious of what we are buying by checking the pantry and fridge BEFORE we click that re-order button.

  • Did you recycle the packaging? It’s easy to empty the food and then recycle the jars/boxes/tins. Please consider this next time.

  • Eggs should be in fridge

  • well done great achievement xxx

  • Honestly it looks the same from when u started

  • But what about stopping shopping for a while? It is a real pity to throw away good food. Francesca from Italy. With respect for your decision!

    • I like to run the fridge and freezer down now and again but sometimes store cupboard things are bought for certain recipes and then not used very much so it means they are left alone in the cupboard, I will try and buy less and use more! X

  • Great inspiration! I love organization videos. :) :)

  • Wow, 4 bags! You did great!! :)

    • Thanks so much! I love the feeling of when I'm finished, so satisfying!! X

  • My kitchen is half the size of yours, so I find it refreshing having a good de-clutter. There is only three of us, but I keep four of everything. It means I have to wash up after each use rather than fill the dishwasher. I also use little baskets so that it is easy to pull things out and you can always see what is there, so we use it all rather than it getting pushed to the back.

  • Great job on organizing your kitchen!! Loved your look when you opened your cupboard and sighed - i feel your pain! My kitchen was similar when I did a round of decluttering last winter. It got cluttered again (life!!) and when I did it this time, it was so much easier. Ignore all the haters. I LOVED your video.

  • Hope you donate & recycle.

  • Great job! Minnalism is different for every family so try not to mind the haters. Such an improvement

  • Brilliant your before kitchen looked like mine so I said if you can do it then so can I.Thanks for sharing.

  • I've recently started decluttering. It's a lot of work, but the results are so satisfying. Great ideas!

  • Eggs in the cupboard ?!!

    • Yep you don't put eggs in the fridge ..

    • Other countries do that. Also, if they are fresh and unwashed they will last out for weeks. They have a natural covering that keeps them good.

    • I don’t understand that either..

  • Minimalism for hoarders ..that's me.

  • That's a lot of food waste. I am very mindful about what to buy to keep food waste to a minimum ... we mostly eat almost everything we have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards and then buy more of the essentials as well as those foods we need for the week. Im very stingy with this. It also helps keep my head clear, and keeps spending to a minimum and there's just something so therapeutic about clear and tidy cupboards. Saying that though there will always be a few out of date things but we try our best and that's all we can do really. My only question is.. have you a food wastage bin to put all that food in ?

  • Wait. You don’t have to refrigerate ketchup once opened?? 😟

  • I don’t why?

  • I also keep eggs in cupboard 😂

  • Her kitchen cupboards look like ours. Full full full and same style of kitchen 😂 🤣

  • O my God, I thought it’s only me. That god I watched this. O God my kitchen is like this. We are 5 and 15 to 20 plates

  • I used to live in a very small home and our kitchen was tiny... many crockery sets are so heavy. I ended up getting a corelle set. It’s awesome! Light weight, dinner, lunch and bread n butter plates. Mugs, cereal bowls and wider flat bowls fit salads or spaghetti bol... everything is light weight, thin and non breakable. So you can get rid of all the kids plastic plates and cups etc and just have white set for everyone. I love my kitchen now I got rid of all the silly gadgets and excess crockery/cutlery and utensils etc

  • Marmite!! Yum

  • Didn't know how to cook rhubarb I guess?

  • Awesome declutter, it feels amazing doesn't it.

  • Mugs and glasses can’t fit on top shelf?

  • Wait you don't refrigerate your eggs

  • 素晴らしい(^^)

  • Not the Liverpool mug!!! 😫

  • Always store your eggs and used condiment bottles in the fridge.

  • If you adopt the zero waste lifestyle you will be purchasing bulk food with your own glass jars and produce bags and therefore, save money and produce incredibly less garbage.

  • Oh my god, you should try a spending freeze and really try to use up everything in your kitchen. We really need so much less in our cupboard than we think. And this way we don't waste that much...

  • I am in the process of eating what’s in freezer and pantry only so I can get them cleaned out. Working on minimizing too everywhere- so needs to be done

  • Please don't keep eggs at room temperature! - Please research it! Don't know you all, but don't want any of you to get sick!

  • A while ago I did an "eat the kitchen" month where I only ate food I already had in the kitchen. It really helped me get rid of all the extra food I had that I may not have eaten otherwise.

  • Loved this! New subscriber from America.

  • Why would you keep eggs in the cupboard?

    • Charlene Brissette they do that outside of the states. Something about our eggs are washed before they are sold. Not sure I'd want to take a chance. Same with butter.

  • Love it

  • there was still so many stuff :O not very minimalistic video, just some decluttering.

    • +Hannah Richards yes!!!

    • Lara Joanna Jarvis. The plates that u threw away were such a pity to throw away. U can ask a neighbor/ friend etc if they can use it maybe. Pls take in consideration. Ty Feels so good to c clean cabinets!

    • Anyone on the minimalism bandwagon soon realises that everyone's idea of minimalism is different! Take THE Minimalists for example, they constantly say this. What's too much for one, is plenty for another. You Do You. Maybe focus on leaving more helpful constructive kind comments in the future, and your own journey. x

    • Hence the title, declutter and organisation...I think 5 bin bags full is a good effort! Thanks for watching

  • New subbie here, I enjoyed your video. I know how it all of the sudden seems to be full and you need the room. I know I need the room more that I would ever need out of date foods. I'm like you, get rid of it as there is a reason for the expiration date on the packaging. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! It was so good to get it done, need to do more now! X

  • So satisfying getting rid of excess stuff isn't it!? I'd love to have as much cupboard space as you! So handy to just close everything way. I do have a pantry but its a nightmare to keep vaguely tidy!

  • I love how REAL this is. Thanks !!!

  • Looks like baby steps. I hope it's working for you and you are getting a handle on your hoard. I know a lot of people have a problem of buying too much food in the first place only to turn around and throw it away. It's a problem of bad habits. Try keeping a record of what your family actually eats and only buy to replace. You may have to make more frequent trips to the market at first, but it should help you to break any habits of buying things just because they're on offer or it looks good in the moment. Meal planning is another great tool for keeping the shopping to essentials. Try planning meals in advance to use up the stuff you know is going out of date soon, then only buy what you plan to cook in the following week.

  • I really enjoyed watching your video. I like how you showed us how to declutter, before and after it was so gratifying! Thank you for making this video.

  • Great job~! It looked like a ton of work but now your kitchen is nice and neat ^.^

  • Man miss my HP sauce hard find in American grocery stores

    • Haha yes my hubby missed it when we were in the states too! X

  • Too many mugs, one per person, maybe an extra. Eggs aren't in fridge. Watch exp. dates on food items.

    • although they have a natural protection they should be in cold place with the maximal and stable temperature of 18°C

    • She mentioned that she kept extras for when people came to visit~ Many countries don't refrigerate eggs because they haven't been washed (like in the US) and thus had their natural protective coating removed~ and now that everything's clean, she'll be able to do that more easily ^.^

  • Why are you keeping the eggs there..and the cleaning routine...why making a clip...

  • Fellow hoarder here - I feel your pain! I'm tickled pink to have found you (must have been living under a rock?) because I create similar content and sometimes I feel like while there are loads of subs who "get me" - it's nice to stumble across a fellow creator. I have been putting off doing my kitchen (again) for so long. This video has inspired me so much - although I'm not sure I have your stamina - I can't get over how much you achieved! Thanks so much for sharing. xo Mel

  • Wow that was a clutter and in the end it was satisfying great great work girl loved this video ☺

  • the stuff in kitchen are too much.I don't buy too much of anything to save time and clutter

    • Mona Khan same. My mil likes give me stuff usually have throw it away if know never use it.

  • Do a garbage night cleaning video

  • 8:53 12:48 Everything in one bag? I hope you recycle...

    • Katherine Canon, Not in Sweden! Here circular economy is a big thing!

    • void in chains screw recycling they do same thing I seen dump truck. Dump in all one.

  • I stick my school menus to the inside of a cupboard, so open the door and it’s there ready to see but out of the way 😊

  • Great job!!! 👍😁

  • Anyone but me annoyed by the fact that totally good food gets tossed out because it is "out of date"?

    • Lara Joanna Jarvis. Canned foods don't go bad even if it's expired for ten years. This is Bec it's canned and sealed and no air goes in. Good luck!

    • Jiru Candy I really hope you’re right about that

    • Oh definitely~ but of course this was a video showing how much is wasted when you're not paying attention and keeping up with things~ and now, she won't have that problem anymore ^.^

    • Jiru Candy Well idk I believe in being really aware of when things expire and then meal planning. If there were things like some pasta or tomatoes it could’ve been made into dinner 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Incorrect, Anni - many items, even if you can't taste a difference, it can effect your liver, etc. Nothing past 3 days expiration should be consumed.

  • I clean our kitchen cupboards and draws out about a month ago, I go in and u wouldn't believe i done them. U don't believe how much stuff we collect. Brilliant video

    • Yeah, where does all this stuff come from! I am a regular declutterer, and I try to buy few things, but we always seem to have a lot to get rid of!

    • It's never ending isn't it!!! Always so much stuff collected along the way! Xx

  • I'm so cheap we eat a lot of things that are seriously off-date. I bought way more food (especially canned veggies) than we would eat in-date. Lesson learned. I can say that sweetened condensed milk changes when off-date for a few years. It gets darker and unbelievably becomes less sweet. Enjoyed your video.

    • I do the same thing too. I must have an iron stomach because I regularly eat leftovers, cheese, lunchmeat, etc that are definitely questionable.

    • Lara Joanna Jarvis lol yes 4-5 years way too far out of date. Don't let any of these other people fool you sure get sick alot eating expired foods.

    • Sometimes we can definitely get away with best before, but in this case 4-5 years might be a bit much!!

  • Great job! This totally motivated me! I cracked up because my 90’s playlist is what I like to clean to as well!

  • I loved this!!!! 💗

  • I have the flamingo glasses 😍 bargain from IKEA!!

  • This must feel good now when you go to the cupboard. Something I would suggest is getting some plastic organiser boxes , about the size of a shoe box so you can put things like the herbs and spices in together so you can pull them all out at once and the crumbs get kept in the bottom. In fact you had a box in your Tupperware cupboard. You have done this for snacks in your big grey bowl. I do this for all food stuff in cupboards so you don’t get the dead space at the back. Same for under the sink, who wants to crouch down to get stuff at the back? Use a box and it makes it into a draw. 😀

  • What a good clear out you have done. I'm the same with my freezer 😂. Let's hope you don't need anything you have got rid of 😝. I'm very minimal myself but Gary is a bit of a hoarder 😳,I just recycle it. Xx

  • My've made me think I have WAY to many of everything!!! I did a tidy out on the weekend but still have about 40 cups in the cupboard!!! Cups are my weakness! Great video x

  • This was so satisfying to watch! X

  • Loved this! I feel like I really need to do mine again! We’re getting a skip I’m chucking ALOT! Lol x

  • Great video. Thank you for the motivation to get my cupboards blitzed xx

  • loved watch this Lara, I feel like you uncluttered my mind too haha! xxx

  • I love a good kitchen sort out. When I moved house last year I found I had spices from 2014 too haha xx

    • Haha glad it's not just me! I think if we moved we'd throw so much away but we haven't done for years!! X

  • You did great but I have a question: why are the eggs in the cupboard and not in the fridge?

    • Another perfect answer, thanks for sharing! xx

    • The perfect answer!! In the UK they are sold unwashed and therefore protective layer is in tact and are safe in the fridge :) xx

    • Exactly!! z

    • LUCILLE WARDELY the store i shop st keeps them in a refrigerator

    • Eggs are not stored in fridge in supermarket and don't nerd to be in fridge

  • Love these declutter videos. You’ve inspired me to do mine. Nothing more satisfying than sitting down and relaxing after it’s all finished. Xx

    • Ah thank you! I love it when I open the cupboards now, it makes me smile!! X

  • Get baskets for your cupboards !. I swear its the only way I keep mine tidy and clean. Nothing gets lost at the back. Home bargains and ikea are good for baskets and storage solutions You did a great job x

    • Ooh yes, such a good idea!!! Every time I out the salt back up there I cringe that it's happening again!!! X

  • This was so satisfying to watch and omg I need to do this to my freezer so badly! We are currently trying to eat our way through ours cos it’s so overloaded 😂 definitely doing my kitchen next! I am SO jumping on the minimalism bandwagon now 🙋🏻‍♀️😂 loved collabing with you on this! ❤️xxx

    • Lol honestly need do this again whole house. It's amazing what half a year can produce 😂.

    • Ah it honestly makes me feel so less stressed when it's done!! The freezer was gross!! Loved it too xx