Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate between Jalen Rose and Jay Williams turns wild | Get Up! | ESPN

Published on May 21, 2018
Things get wild as Jalen Rose and Jay Williams debate if Michael Jordan or LeBron James would win in a one-on-one game.
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  • Bron gonna take that. 1 on 1 nobody else in the way bron just gonna bully him.

  • Lbj can not beat mj 1on1... Simple lbj is fucking afraid... 1on1 means no one to past to...

  • Just Appreciate Greatness We Have many Goats Dammit

  • Jay Williams is a Bron d rider

  • Jalen is so on point

  • JAY WILLIAMS, take yo dumb azz somewhere and saddown!!! You outcho damnnnnnnnnn minddddddddddd!!!!!

  • to jay williams in snoop dogg voice: If you ain't up on thang

  • A guy that couldn't stop Jason Terry is supposed to stop Jordan?

  • what debate? is there a debate?

  • Jay Williams right

  • Jay still has head injuries from flipping that motorcycle,DumbAZzzz

  • Did LeBron play in a hand check league

  • Looks like Jays Williams been smoking a powerful form of weed!

  • Lmao.... LeBron isn't even Top 5! I won't take away his talent but he will never be the Goat!

  • RIGHT ON JALEN you owned and dominated that discussion just like the LEGEND AND GOAT MJ would lebran little crybaby ....MJ actually can play defense the way its ment to be played not this watered down new stuff he had to put in work back in the day and did play against just as big and definatly stronger more dominate opponents then lebran lol 😂😂😂😂😂 c'mon man u ain't serious w that talk bro

  • Jordan is a better scorer than James whereas nowadays compared to Jordan's era teams score much more. He's a better defender, the best concerning the ability to do unreal things, a better jumper, a better runner. He has more endurance. He's a better athlete. And he has an unrivaled gracefulness. Despite high definition screens watching James play is much less exciting than watching Jordan play.

  • Lbj is a bumb in a bumb era one of the best players travels and flops mj would dominate lbj in this era and his own did lebron dominate boogie? Mj dominated centers like mutombo Hakeem the dream and has hit multiple game winner

  • Lebron maybe faster, but MJ was more physical defensive player. It would either be Lebron getting mad at that there are no calls against MJ, or MJ getting mad at today's officials cause he be getting called on him. LOL

  • Jay Williams a bust . Even before his accident

  • This william guy dont deserve the job at espn

  • On that day Jay fell and bumped his head on the way to the studio. Jay should have his mic and his credentials taken away for that comment. Jay has no career or credibility to speak on this

  • MJ, Kobe, both better than Lebron.

  • This is like saying Glass Joe can beat Mike Tyson in "Tyson Punchout". Come on man, Lebron against MJ 1on1?

  • He can't even post 5'9 jj barea 😆

  • who the hell is this jay williams?

  • How about a reality check for you bron bron and MJ fans.. 1. John Rogers 2. MJ 3. Lebron "ohh no"

  • Michael Jordan Forever

  • " I'm compairing them physically " so to decide who would win.. Nice way to lie and sorry that you're so naive.. You don't get that supreme basketball is not played by high tech uberplayers but by artists. MJ is supreme in team playing and he would eat LeBron alive on a one on one in the end.

  • Kobe would beat Lebron and MJ would beat Kobe ..case closed

  • Can't be the background, I'm barely paying attention....Mike putting his feet up was funny.

  • MJ is not just the GOAT in basketball. He is the GOAT of GOATS. He was probably better at basketball than anyone has every been at anything. He would have beaten Magnus Carlsen at chess. I think he might even be faster than Usain Bolt. This is laughable.

  • Jay Williams done lost his damn mind!!!

  • Jay Williams needs, I mean, absolutely needs to do his homework! Lebron couldn't even stop Kobe. So what the @#$% is Jay talking about?

  • Mj will destroy lebron any day

  • Jay Williams does not know what he is talking about hahaha

  • that this is still a discussion every now and then .. MJ had it. people who watched then , they know.

  • Where does jw get Lebron is quicker than MJ?!

  • KD would dominate lebron 1v1

  • This guy ended his career just for the drama.

  • Not even a question... wtf!!! Jordan vs James one-on-one in their prime??? Jordan wins!! Y'all hear? Jordan wills himself to win. Your kidding me right? One-on-one, LOL

  • Jalen, you can’t debate a LeBron suck-up. 1 on 1 really? How about Iverson vs Wilt? Look who MJ played his career against. The Celtics, Pistons, Knicks, Lakers. No contest. The main difference is MJ’s work ethic and indomitable will to win.

  • Michael Jordan. Best there ever was. Best that ever will be. Period.

  • i wonder how MJ would do in the league today with no hand checking? probably about 50 points/game including 20/25 free throws/game average for his career if he played in the league today

  • Difference is Jordan's day they played fuckin dfence. No standing around takin l Plays off, look wat he did to kobe when he came in he EMBARRASSED HIM. MICHEAL PSYCHE U OUT B 4 U TAKE THE COURT

  • Not quicker than Michael. Can't go to his left. LeBron is a freak of nature, true ... but if the refs called charging ... I like Mike.

  • Everyone forgets that mike loved playing one on one with his teammates for money and he never loss no matter how big they were he was a beast nobody could check him.

  • Jay played ball?

  • Who does this guy think he's talking about?, saying LeBron is quicker than MJ??? He may be physically better in every other way, but no way hes quicker!! But more importantly 90% of sports is played from the neck up, so my count is MJ wins 9 to 1 all day!!!!

  • Oh just stop it

  • My man pulled out the notebook🤣😂 for a 1 v 1

  • One on One does not make a great player.

  • The guy in blue shirt has been watching too many cartoons.

  • Jordan had better players on his team/teams......than lebron,

  • Prime MJ vs Prime Lebron play make it take it, Lebron probably wont get the ball...EVER..

  • MJ!!!!!

  • 30lb extra for Lebron doesn't matter if there bove that big. MJ's defence and offence was just to extreme for Lebron. MJ was like a machine. Would make a couple of steals also for sure.

  • Lebron James is ALL CRAP!!! Jay Williams you are SO BRAINWASHED, full of CRAP!!!

  • Kobe was the closest to reaching mj n thats a fact

  • Y do ppl still have this arguement....come on...i hate this topic

  • mj would lose and die. he not living that court alive

  • One of the last reasons for paying attention to anything NBA now is Jalen Rose. Mike, Larry, Magic, Clyde, Barkley, Peyton era will never be topped.

  • Bill Russell

  • 1 on 1??!! Now we got a debate!!! But I'll take Jordan!!

  • Lebron can’t beat Kobe..he can’t beat Tim Duncan..

  • You can't learn a killer spirit. MJ is an alpha and LBJ is a beta. LeBron would be running to play on Mike's team!!!

  • lebron is a great player, but the song was “like mike” not “like lebron” .. nuff said

  • LeBron is great of this era, but Jordan is the GOAT. Just check how he overcame Bad boys, and never lost Finals. He was a complete player, and dominant on both sides of the court for much of his career.

  • Air Jordan!

  • J Williams is lost his fucking mind

  • MJ was in college playing against NBA pros 7 games Olympic Team !

  • By the way, Lebron James... WORST DEFENDER EVER! Just watch his games. He spends more time whining to the officials when he doesnt get a call for himself! Meanwhile... the other team is running down the court and SCORING while he cries to the nearest official! Defender... seriously????

  • Let's look at the times... In today's NBA you can NOT even touch each other. If you do, FOUL! In Michael's day, you COULD. So much so that they had fouls, and they had HARD fouls. Look at what Michael did when players could defend each other by touching and being all over each other. If Michael played in the NBA today, does anyone really think or believe that he could be stopped???? Um, I don't think so. He'd be even BETTER!!!! I really thought Jay Williams was smarter than that; that his basketball IQ was higher than that. Guess not.

  • Half of yall that say Mj is better have not even watched him play lmaooo

  • Larry Bird would be LeBron one on one.

  • MJ ran a 40 in 4.6.... he is fast

  • Overlord Jordan would beat his ass up and down the court and out into the parking lot up the street and around the block. Get the Hell out of my kitchen!

  • Damn Jalen is a cool name

  • MJ IS THE GOAT. lebrun high lights DONT empress ME

  • Jay Williams is definitely a Trump supporter.

  • Jay Williams is the personification of Cringe. He says things just to say things.

  • MJ was super human. His body did things that a man's body was not supose to do. And MJ played during a time when the NBA was brutal. They damn neat killed eachother back then ,and he went up against the best. Now the NBA has turned poweder puff. Lebron said it himself when they interviewed him when Kobe announced his retirement. He, "You always hear me talk about how Jordan was my insperstion, but at the same time, that man, was so far out of this planet to where I knew I couldn't compete with him". MJ WON 3 straight, retired for TWO YEARS, and came back and won another 3 straight. Now that's GANGSTA! I've never seen Lebron fly like him, i've never seen Lebron walk on air like him, i've never seen Lebron do all these 360 unparrallel trickshot freestyle move like him, hell Lebron has never even been in the dunk co test! MJ is 6 for 6 in yhe finals, NEVER LOST! never let it even get to a game 7. Lebron has lost 6 times in the finals. MJ WAS 10 TIME SCORING CHAMPION! FOR 10 YEARS STRAIGHT! Lebron? Only one. Damn the numbers! Because if Lebron wad playing in Jordans era, his numbers will noy be where they are. MJ WAS A SERIAL KILLER! A COLD BLOODED ASSASSIN ! A PLAYERS WORST NIGHTMARE. And if you mouthed off at him, HE WOULD GO FOR 50 ON YOUR ASS! And the closest thing to MJ was Kobe Bryant. Lebron never has, and NEVER WILL BE, as great as Michael Jordan. I rest my case.

  • Here’s the truth. In a 1v1, if Lebron took the lead, he would lose. MJ rises to another lvl that nobody can touch when things heat up. Lebron is the best complete pkg I’ve ever seen. MJ is the best winner I’ve ever seen.

  • MICHAEL JORDAN.JORDAN never moved from team to team and try and get the best players around him to win the championship.look who Jordan had and still won the nba championship.com,on.jordan no doubt the goat.done .over.....

  • Kobe had more chance beating Mj 1v1 thank Lebron

  • LeBron would get his Ass Torched by MJ!!

  • Lefag has zero chance of beating anyone. That's why he's always running. Look, it's simple. Put lefag and his soft ass in Jordan's era of tough physical play, put him in one quarter against the bad boy pistons, using the Jordan rules against lefag. That shit would be over instantly. Lefag is a weak, soft, no willpower , crybaby, flopper, cancer, chump. Lambier would have floored his punk ass one time and lefag would have broken out into tears because he couldn't get the NBA rules changed then to allow him to score. Put Jordan in today's era, you can't touch him, defend him, or attempt to stop him. AND Jordan shit all over everyone in his era as well. 6 rings in a row, should have been 8, 6 Finals MVP, 5 MVP , he didn't shy away from the dunk contest, he didn't blame his teammates for everything, it's a man vs a little girl debate here. Lefag is garbage, soft, weak, pathetic, cry for his mommy in his safe space GARBAGE.

  • LeBron gets blown by defensively on a consistent basis. He refused to guard KD in the finals. How would he even muster up the sack to guard mj? Dude would've been annihilated.

  • LeBron doesn't have killer instinct he has bully ball instinct it's he much bigger a lot the NBA are smaller he's not type of player I care for

  • and Dr J is the greatest

  • Bald dude is a moron. ESPN sux balls anyway.

  • He could just foul lebron

  • Come on Bald guy, get out of the room quickly Jaylen and the other guys is beating you and they are correct MJ may wanted dead instead of losing the 1-1 games against Lebron...

  • Jay is a fool. Lebron couldn't even stop or guard a 30+ year old JASON TERRY in the 2011 Finals and got roasted and he's saying he could guard MJ, the greatest scorer of all time? LMAO

  • LeBron is an has never been faster or quicker than MJ.. J. Williams is a former duke player who can't give it up MJ because he's from UNC...

  • Kobe vs Mike is the only 1 on 1 that would be competitive. Larry vs LeBron. Larry would just drain threes all day. LeBron would shoot bricks and dunk.

  • Lebrons biggest weapon is his passing. Who ya passing to in a one on one game? Add that to the fact that he can't shoot.

  • Jay knows he lost that argument the second Jalen started laughing. What a dumbass

  • I know it’s about hypothetical but I like what Angelo Dundee said About Rocky Marciano Ali fight . It leaves him cold. Makes no sense . No one will ever know.

  • Everybody in the comments is dick riding Jordan just like jalen is in this video

  • Labron wouldn't be anything in the 80s and 90s, today's Basketball is a sissy league ! He would be knocked on his ass going to the basket. Don't believe me, watch what jordon went through against Detroit, another thing Rodman would have frustrated the hell out of Labron and shut him down.