Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate between Jalen Rose and Jay Williams turns wild | Get Up! | ESPN

Published on May 21, 2018
Things get wild as Jalen Rose and Jay Williams debate if Michael Jordan or LeBron James would win in a one-on-one game.
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  • Iab gone lie. ...if LeBron has a hot hand & confidence he could easily kill Mike. ....sheer physicality. ....Jordan can't beat Dominique one on one......Wilkins dominated him everytime.......

  • The one person that would compete with MJ would be Kobe. They both have that killer instinct, they want to win they have that passion. If it’s a one on one game up to 7 I think they’d go forever honestly. If Kobe gets a lead MJ would one up and play lock down defense, the same for Kobe. MJ would go right at Lebron with no hesitation and lebron cant handle that. MJ would rather die than lose its all about the killer mentality. Stop talking bout MJ v Lebron is should be MJ v Kobe

  • Bro bringing up accolades in a streetball 1 on 1 means nothing but Lebron on god is cooking Jordan because Jordan isn’t going to stop Lebron from getting to that rim

  • LOL. Lebron is good but he could hardly get through 6' 3" Steph Curry in the last championship series. Too funny.

  • Lebrons handles are mediocre at best,MJ would have a steal fest.

  • Quicker than Michael in his prime??? Now I know he smoked something


  • Jay works with LBJ, best shot documentary and all, he is biased. He doesn’t count

  • I mean Michael Jordan did get fucked up by magic Johnson until Scottie switched with him

  • Kobe fucking bean bryant start respecting the mamba

  • Is jay williams on crack or something?

  • this guy is on crack. Michael can go up against any player. LeBron James is good Michael is just a bionic man of basketball .He is GOAT. Even Lebron knows this because he's wearing the mans #23!!!!! he wanna be like Mike!

  • Back to the point: Ball is played 5 vs 5 and not 1 vs 1.

  • He had to wait till they got old

  • 1vs1 Jordan

  • U STUPIDS when lebron retire they will call him the goat FACTS

  • LeBron? 1on1? Vs MJ? How often has this guy been on the air since this stupid ass remark? Kobe would DESTROY LeBron 1vs1, not to mention MJ.

  • Jay Williams r u hallucinating.... MJ wins over LeBron 1v1 any day of the year...

  • J the biggest dick rider ever. Lebron would kill Jordan.

  • LeBron is so great, he is going to pass MJ and Kobe in the SAME year in points......next season . now that's funny to me. Champions means team. . Butt hurt those facts.

  • Jason Terry schooled lebum

  • I mean honestly he does have a point, LeBron without trying to pass the ball...I mean he plays like a sidekick and still averages only three less points than MJ. He wouldn't dominate MJ but it would be close either way. MJ is MJ, but he never had to guard a freak like LeBron.

  • Lebron can't beat Jordan in 1 om 1. Lebron is even hard to stop and cant even beat Kobe bryant who's close to Michael Jordan

  • What's the point of speculating? It's not going to happen, ever. So...is there a purpose to crying about it?

  • stage set. MJ

  • Kobe will beat lebron, jordan, and durant in 1on1 match

  • so basically Jay Will is saying he himself would lose a 1 on 1 with anybody taller then him lol...great logic , i played basketball many times in my life and in 1on1 matches i beat players that were bigger and stronger then me , so dont know what Jay is smoking, MJ was more skilled then LBJ , id actually want to see another skilled player like MJ go head to head with him ...example Kevin Durant , that would be more interesting imo

  • Again....Jason Williams decision making is still shitty.


  • Jordan wasn't the best defender ... pippen was stop trying to gas the shit lol

  • Money on bron

  • Wait Jordan beat greats at the end of their career let's stop the bs

  • Dead ass Wilt would annihilate these small guys

  • jay williams is an idiot.

  • the real question is - what would Mike do with today's PEDs? the 90s medical technology wasn't as advanced as it is now

  • If the argument is 1 on 1 then kobe is the beat of all time. Either way. LeBron doesn't have the lethal offensive prowess of either my or kobe, not to mention they are both better defenders. Both would dominate a 1 on 1 with lebum

    • Sry phone auto corrected incorrectly

  • The only way James would have a chance is if he was allowed to just plow through MJ like a linebacker. Otherwise, it's MJ no question.

  • LeBron has poor defense, he could not stop Jordan, MJ can clamp up LeBron. They're both Legends, but LeBron would not win. 1-on-1 LeBron only has size, and strength.

  • Hm Mike better defender and scorer hm and Bron is not faster Then Mike

  • it's not about speed and power, it's about IQ and skill. guys like Michael, Kobe, even a melo all have a PhD in scoring. its not just about physical attributes. michael has better footwork, better fundamentals, better body control, excellent pump faker, good shooter, polished post moves, jab game, etc. All those attributes could also be said about the other two players I mentioned not named lebron. As good a scorer lebron is his movements are still a little akward and have little fluidity to them. it's like trying to teach an elephant balae. I will give lebron credit, he seems to have improved his fadeaway game and 3 ball a little. lebron is certainly capable but he has a little more to go. but the guys I mentioned before all have a PhD in one on one.

  • im not taking anything away from LeBron. the man is a specimen but given all we know (those of us who grew up watching mj) his competitiveness ALONE would not allow LeBron to win. were talking about a man who ran his team and brought out the best in his team mates in their respective positions; year after year. Jordan knew what it meant to be on top after that first championship and he wasn't about to hand the ring to just anyone. being on top meant everybody gunning for what you have. but if you were going to beat michaels bulls you had to be on their level, play at their level and exceed them. Ewing never won a championship, Barkley, Stockton/Malone, Michael wouldn't let them. i get that LeBron is a much bigger guy but you make it sound like later in his career Jordan was a pushover. Michael never backed down from anybody and Jordan wasn't a pushover either. he bulked up and could pound in the paint with the best of them and still come out on top. and let me remind you - no one EVER figured out how to stop Jordan. no one.

  • He never went against Bird, Magic, etc...excellent point, Love James, but he ain't no Jordan, not even a discussion....Jordan was sooooooo killer instinct, sooo good.....win or die

  • Lebron would probably look to pass it to someone else in a 1v1 against MJ 🤣🤣🤣

  • In the finals last year, Lebron wasn't the best offensive and defensive player. They both were on Golden State!!! lol

  • Lebron would dominate him

  • Drug is bad kids

  • Mike would score every time.

  • Lebron couldn’t fuck wit Kobe why would you think he head could fuck wit Jordan

  • First off, Jay Williams is a scrub that was an NBA Bust.....Why are ppl taking his word over Jalen Rose is insane. I agree lebron is a freak of nature BUT he is not being MJ 1v1.

  • LeBron is a great player, but I think that MJ is the greatest of all time. The NBA was much more physical in MJ's time and the style of play was different. I think that LeBron would not be as good as he is now if he played in MJ's time and MJ would be better if he played in today's NBA.

  • Sized KD “he’s to little” 😂😂😭

  • The blasphemous words that comes out of Jason Williams mouth.

  • Kobe just like Mike and Kobe Bryant rock LeBron James

  • How does any conversation about the GOAT not mention Wilt?

  • 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ it's frustrating seeing some of the shit y'all say. I can tell some of y'all basketball career high is 7 pts in a rec league. The intensity of MJ is unmatched, the closest thing we've seen is Kobe and even he's not on the same level. It's amazing watching these analysts try to catapult LeBron, although he deserves the high praise, past MJ but he's not better than Larry Bird. Yeah I said it. Go look at Bird's career numbers in a short, injury riddled career and look at Bron's. LeBron is one of the greatest to ever lace em up no doubt, but they need to slow down on all that 🐐 talk......at least for right now

  • Jaylen come on lmao we talkin' about one on one he came with stats maaaan! Anybody on this universe can stop Lebron so stop!

  • Did this cocksucker just say labron is quicker than MJ? Now I know this shit is fake... Somebody is pay these people to say this crap...it’s like I’m in the Twilight zone🤪😜😳

  • One on one doesn’t mean anything, Shaquille would beat anyone

  • First of all I don't believe LBJ is better than MJ as a basketball player. But I noticed that Jalen is hating on LBJ AGAIN! (ENVY) Check out this qoute from Jalen on Get Up...just yesterday, us-tv.org/tv/video-1DH8BztEGSE.html Just in case you are too lazy to check it out, in the first 40 seconds He said.."We only count the championships, so as media, we do a disservice also we dumb down everything that happens and just say how many rings someone has." Now he's is counting rings to support his position on whether LBJ is better than MJ.

  • this is the craziest Jay Williams has been since he got on that Yammy without a helmet...you dont speak ill of Black Jesus...if not for him there is no Lebron...he'd turn bron inside out and then 360 dunk on him with the tongue wagging the entire time...

    • point in fact....Jordan could probably still pwn Lebron right now...even at his age just depending on ruleset

  • LeBrick played Kobe who was the same size as MJ.... He couldn’t handle Kobe. If he can’t handle Kobe, how the hell is he gonna handle MJ? LeFraud is weak. You can’t foul in this league, that’s the only reason he gets to the hole uncontested. The NBA is rigged to make him look good. When there is a bad boy like Draymond ready to pop his ass, notice how LeFraud “makes the right play” and doesn’t drive... he doesn’t even shoot, he passes like a pussy.

  • Kd would kill LeBron 1 on 1

  • How about kd vs LeBron 1 on 1

  • You guys forgot that there was a song about MJ in the early 90's "BE LIKE MIKE" LeBron sings that in the shower

  • Bro Kawhi Leonard will look MJ up bro

  • Jaylen rose dick riding Mj bruh kd spanking Mj

  • damnnnn the first time i herd jalen rose sound stupid hes a pretty good commentator Jay Williams just had a better education sometimes logic is easier to a broader thinker

  • Ok, so we've learned that Jay Williams is an idiot. Even grandpa Kobe was taking Lebron 1 on 1 and blocking his shot multiple times in the All star game, and this is Kobe's slowest self XD Jordan would slaughter Lebron, as several other players have said.

  • lbj never won a king of the court at the olympics it was kobe melo then durant..people are crazy

  • I don’t bother with the “Lebron vs Jordan” or even “Lebron vs anyone” debate because basketball is a TEAM SPORT and isn’t truly about individual skills. And as far as comparing the teams from different eras, that’s pointless too because of all the changes in PEDs and rules and globalization and coaching. I simply enjoy both Lebron and Jordan as two terrific stars in their respective eras.

  • So wait lebron vs kd 1 vs 1 who wins. HOWEVER WHO IS A BETTER PLAYER. Of course lebron

  • Kareem would beat them all 1 on 1 !!!!

  • jesus, jalen is so dumb

  • That thumbnail is legendary

  • Scottie pippen can beat Lebron James in 1on1.

  • Did this man just say Lebron had no competition...

  • Wilt in his prime will take anybody

  • Lebron James is a LOSER. Jordan is a CHAMP. What the f*&^ are you talking about? How can you even compare a LOSER to a CHAMPION?

  • Lebron is good, real good but he is not a "killer" as is MJ and he has no defence...MJ would use him like a dirty wash rag

  • And fuck you jalen, Jordan was never the best defensive player if the worm was on the court. Fym?

  • Motherfuckers this is why they add weight classes to fights.

  • Man some of y’all mafkas dumb as hell. In a 1v1 game, Lebron would body him

  • Shut yo mouf J. Williams.

  • THIS is a hot take 😂 Not fucking skip lol

  • Jason hating because he a duke boy

  • I think the difference would be MJ's jump shot, I don't see Lebron stopping that jumper.

  • Lebron would beat him 1v1. Hes 30 pounds heavier, 2 inches taller. He would back him down every time and lay it up.

  • He does know that lebron James when on the heat would routinely lose to Michael Beasley in a 1 on 1, right?

  • How the hell do you think LeBron is the best defensive player???? Just because of this nonsense everyone says "he can gaurd every position" doesn't mean he's the best defender or shutting all those positions down.

  • J.Rose Speak The Truth.. He tried once to beat 38 years old MJ with a shame results was J. Rose Crying like a baby and was sent off to locker room T-Foul..

  • NAS MICHAEL JORDANEVER PLAYED AGAINST A PERSON LIKE LEBRON JAMES ... yes...dominque , barkley , bernard king , bird , webber , kobe , aquirre , toronto's mcgrady and carter and some guy name MAGIC JOHNSON 2 times every year since jordan been in the league

  • Jalen keeps skipping over the point, jay is saying 1 on 1 not team game which he’s right, lebron would win 1 on 1, who had a better career it’s up for a debate but 1 on 1 no way I’d have kd beating mike in a 1 on 1

  • This guy! Lol THIS GUY Jalen put this silly SILLY man in his PLACE. Jordan would slay James mmmhmm! Michael is the GOD of basketball No one Nobody gonna beat Mike, Michael will tear his (LBJ's) heart out, cold got's to be Jordan TOUGH! The 88 - 89 Pistons defense LBJ would crumble Bill Lambeer would break every bone in LBJ and KD put together MICHAEL would have none of it and would knock Bill the #*@k out! Smokey would run up standing over LBJ from the movie FRIDAY he be like "u got knock...ed the... f#ck out!". One on one Jordan would beat any and everyone.

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-sFe8KUEQdn4.html

  • Jaylen rose just looks dumb when his arguments are all like that

  • So because Michael had the championship and didnt have to learn it he would have beaten him in a 1v1? Its about individual. Lebron isnt a scoring first player

  • I think bron could of won 10 scoring titles just didnt wnt to

  • Lebron isn't quicker and faster than MJ, anyone who's watched both play know this and MJ's footwork is at another level comparably. Yes, Lebron is a bigger and stronger guy, that's undisputable but toughness isn't in your size, it's a mentality and MJ was a lot stronger than his 215 pound showed. Stop telling me Lebron could guard MJ, he couldn't guard Jason Terry and switched off KD FREQUENTLY in the last 2 finals. He's been an overrated defender his entire career. He'd give MJ an abundance of problems on the offensive end due to his size, but I don't see him stopping MJ from scoring at all.

  • Michael Jordan was called “assassin in sneakers”. End of story

  • People seem to forget that Jordan wasn’t a good 3 pt shooter Lebron is Jordan can not stick wit Lebron in a 1v1