Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate between Jalen Rose and Jay Williams turns wild | Get Up! | ESPN

Published on May 21, 2018
Things get wild as Jalen Rose and Jay Williams debate if Michael Jordan or LeBron James would win in a one-on-one game.
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  • for the record lebron would stand no chance against mj

  • williams has hate for jordan for some reason, like he couldnt live up t him in chicago or something

  • Where is Skip when you need him???

  • I understand what's going on. Sports talk shows are on 24/7 now a days so they have to come up with topics to keep people interested. Lebron is a physical specimen no doubt but beat MJ one on one! 😂😂😂 plus I am taking Bird after MJ. Nobody could stop his shot either. Those guys where just cut from a different cloth!

  • I would easily take mike but jalen had the dumbest arguments. Like teams he played against my god

  • LeBron is the GOAT no one compares he is a talent like no one has ever seen

    • then why he lose the championship every year?

  • You’ve never seen MJ become a drama queen over a cream puff foul like LeBron. Mike would call people out who played him physically so he could turn them into a highlight reel. LeBron has game but he doesn’t have Mike’s toughness or tenacity. The only reason this debate about the GOAT goes on is because everyone knows they’ll never play one another to make that determination. SO all of this is moot! There are no statistics that can tell you which dog would have the heart to come out victorious in a fight.

  • I am not even basketball much but I absolutely love this debate, it was like a heavy weight boxing match conference

  • I swear Jalen rose is the mossst fuckn annoying sports caster ever

  • LeBron would dominate Jordan fax

  • It would be much better to see both MJ and LBJ go one on one than Finals between Cavs Vs GSW

  • Did lebron played someone like mj? Yes kobe. And he lost to him on a one on one iso 😂

  • LBJ ain't a great 1 vs 1 player. Kawhi stopped him for crying out loud. I mean that's 1 player. MJ was constantly double teamed. LBJ can't win 1vs1 vs old Kobe and this is prime MJ we're talking about. LBJ can't even guard quick power forwards how much more MJ. LBJ's not a lock on defender like MJ, Kobe nor even Kawhi. Just stop. That's just stupid. Back in the first Bulls 3peat, the iso rule (illegal offense) was made because of MJ's dominance on 1on1 plays...

  • Jay Williams is so dumb in his reasoning. A three inch difference in height does not make a person dominant. Michael has played other players taller than Lebron. Believe me, if Michael had to play against Lebron in his prime, he would easily beat Lebron. Jay Williams think of Lebron James as just going to run over Michael Jordan in the court. That would be Offensive Foul. Jay Williams says Lebron James is stronger. So what, there were a lot of NBA players stronger than Michael Jordan that could not guard him without fouling him. Jay Williams I tell you... just go... you are embarrassing yourself. You really really is dumb.

  • I just LOVE how Jrose reacted! Between the two of them, i would believed Jalen, not just because of the stats he put on the table, but he GUARDED MJ, thus can clearly compare.

  • Its such a shame to c someone puts lebron next to his airness, lebron dont even as good as kobe kmt

  • Jalen didn’t have a single point related to who would win in a 1 on 1. He literally had 0 points that had any direct relationship to that question. He kept fucking blabbering and stuttering and trying to think of stuff to say out his ass, because he knows he’s wrong

  • Who has a better shooting average mj or lebron? I think jordan is the swish king

  • Kobe Bryant is an MJ but a lower Level and LBJ wouldnt even beat him 1 on 1. MJ would destroy LBJ 7 to maybe 1 just so Lebron dont cry at the end...

  • Shooting : mj Fade aways : mj Dribbles : Psch mj Defense : mj Athletism : lebron but i mean mj is very good too Passing to someone who is open : lebron Playing with team : mj 1v1 : mj

  • Hate these questions. They're purely hypothetical we'd never actually know

  • Lebron James and Lebron James Jr. easily beat MJ and Kobe

  • its a hypothetical question. Jay Williams argues that the player with the better height, weight and other physical attributes would win. But thats not the case in basketball and in any sport. Jalen Rose refers to the facts/actual performances which is a much accurate reference if we were to hypothetically match up any two players.

  • Man and Im a Duke fan. He's making HIMSELF look silly

  • You have respect the sport nba is not the same now and in 1988 there a lot of players that are better than Michael jordan

  • Basquetbol isn't about just fisical strength and agility is about will to win and that make mike a winner vs any other player , lbj good for a team game thx

  • I think I watched this 100 times

  • this is still funny. did they fire this guy yet!!!

  • How is he quicker than MJ?

  • He stupid Mike is a beast one on one

  • Don’t get me wrong Lebron James is something the world has never seen before but when it comes to leading his team and dominating while doing it scaring niggas when he gets to that hArdwood it’s not there back then Michael Jordan was killing everybody they were making defense to stop him but it just wouldn’t work Michael Jordan set the bar high Lebron plays in today’s nba where if you fart you gettin a flagrant this league is soft today’s NBA yeah we have greats you can’t take that away but the nba has put Lebron on a pedistal that’s disrespectful to Michael Jordan not only does mj have the Accolades but he has that dog in him he knows when it’s go time that’s something Lebron will never know and the thing with him bouncing around teams to win championships it’s just stupid Kobe didn’t do it and mj didn’t do it i respect Lebron when he came back 3-1 and brung a chip home to Cleveland you can’t hate that if you do your just a idiot but Lebrons talents will hold him as the second best player of all time his size and athleticism is just extraordinary but to argue that he’s better then mike look at the eras look at the team difference back then every team had atleast two all star caliber players

  • Defensive? NOOOOOO!!! 😂😂

  • Ok JALEN. Lebron HEARD you. Let's see how far you get!

  • Mj is the Goat no one can be air jrodan with big respect

  • Labroo is losing in the city's like every team he joins he done then to the next La will be sorry that LA based fans is just like the raiders .Jordan is the king

  • First debate Jalen ever lost.

  • LeBron is not a beast...he's a stupid ape. The way he makes his 2 handed dunks and he dances around like and ape when he growls and pounds his fists

  • But a 1v1 dose not mean ur a better player overall since they might be a better team player..mj might be one of them and lebron might be the other??who knows,all ik is that team player skills also matter

  • I mean look at this,1v1?in todays world its hard i get that comparing two legends from different eras is hard like pele vs messi or in this case lebron vs mj but how in the world are you suppost to have a hands down win with only stats and saying that your side would win in a 1v1...FIRST OF ALL AND LASTLY...THEY CANT DO A 1V1..! MJ IS NOT IN THE STATE TO DO A 1V1 I MEAN HES 55 years old...! Stats ehhh I mean lebron is deep in his career right now and if look at his stats vs Mj then their might be a possiblity mj might MIGHT win in stats but who knows maybe lebron might put on a miracle! but at the end of the day u can support your side but with todays world it seems impossible to win a hands down argument.

  • Never ever seen. Mj miss a shoot basketball he’s a complete player better than lebron is nothing compere Jordan skill Jordan. It doesn’t how tall is lebron doesn’t matter Jordan still the best

  • Jordan didn't have to play the 3

  • Mjs is built around 1 on 1 lebrons game is involves his teammates more

  • Mj didn’t have to learn it? He was getting bounced in the first round wtf

  • Lebron isnt even 6'9


  • Lebron’s defence is OVERRATED, MJ Locked down GP who was a point guard. Who has lebron guarded? He doesn’t play defence

  • This dude talks only about physical make up...as if mental make up has no factor. Jordan crushes Lebron.

  • And Jay Williams , you only play in NBA for a year, what make you think you have the right to say who is better? What a shit head...

  • Lebron can't even move the ball like mike, basketball is not all about power and strength, more importantly mike was AIR JORDAN, faster then mike? your next life stupid lebron.

  • This is bullSHIT!!! How the fuck does he think that he is unbiased in saying that no one can beat mj in a one on one.

  • jay williams,why dont you french kiss lebron, j rose played in NBA,so shut up,let the experience player talk,not you..,

  • Stephen A. says James is the best player "for the first 46 minutes of the game". Anyone who watches LeBron play knows that's true. Michael was tip to finish man, and anyone who saw him play knows that. Michael was one of the best at getting people off their game. I've never seen LeBron get into anyone's head. Finally, Williams talks about how LeBron "learned" his killer instinct. Put that up against Michael's all natural killer heart, and you're going to have a long and embarrassing day my friend.

  • OOOH!!! & I almost forgot ... this clown (J.Will), said LBJ is 6'9 (he's 6'8) & moves like a guard (he does not!!!). Is this the same LBJ that "moves like a guard," that was CONSTANTLY getting called for charging vs. defenders that weren't even considered elite??? So he attempting to compare a muscle-bound (on the juice), meat head to a a guy who constantly pro-hopped between 2-3 defenders &'d make reverse layups (& ONE!!!). Which means better footwork/skill ... hell most of MJ's layups looks better than LBJ's dunks ...

  • I’m sorry, Michael created the NBA. Period. These guys wouldnt be on tv without what Michael created.

  • I'm old enough to have watched both play in their prime. LeBron James is the better athlete period. He's bigger, faster, and stronger. NOSTALGIA is clouding your perception as to who is better. LeBron would have beat Jordan ALL DAY!

  • 0:16 Probably one of the worst BULLSHIT I've ever heard in my entire life.

  • I think MJ is the best, but the 1-on-1 scenario is the best argument and it gets Lebron pretty close in my book.

  • My homie from my block Detroit got it right MJ all day🏀

  • Jordan would shake Lebron, Kobe would use lebron, magic johnson would dominate lebron

  • Jordan is the🐐but Kobe would be meat Jordan on a 1 on 1

  • J will facts: 1. 2002 drafted by bulls 2. Crashes a motorcycle that his contract prohibited him from riding 3. Was NOT wearing a helmet in the crash neither was licensed to operate a motorcycle 4. 2003 Waived by bulls after 1 season 5. Picked up by nets 6. Waived by nets 3 wks later 7. Signed w/ a Texas D league team 8. Released by that D league team a month later 9. Pops up on espn Bitterness sometimes causes you to attack those that did what you wanted to do but failed at miserably. The city, the team, that "cut" you (even if your own fault), psychologically that can turn into severe bitterness over years and cause you to attack that city, team, or better yet, the revered icons/legends who represent that city/team. This dude should roommate w/ Chris Weber so they can both talk about how it was "somebody else's fault". Jay look like the type that'll try to avoid family members that may be doin bad. I actually like his college bb commentary... but he seem like one a them ones that'll be "uneasy" at a soul food spot in the hood.

    • +Surfin' Brain nah... he wrote too much but I say he about spot on tho

    • theshipissinking no 😂😂 u reachin boii

  • Rose absolutely won this debate cause the other dude just kept saying "ok" and has LeBron ever played against someone like MJ? Lol c'mon now

  • If if if they played where a time machine could transport them at their primes,.. that will not happen. Most people unconsciously factor in the old version of MJ as he lost some explosiveness, also the first 4 or 5 years Lebron wasn't a good shooter as he has become. In Lebron's first 5 years he and Kobe were like 1 and 1A as the best player, where Lebron was clearly physically superior but Kobe had more finesse and could shoot under pressure better. If you watch old clips of Jesse Owens sprinting in the Olympics he was faster than everyone else, transport him into today not on the old cinder tracks, with nutrition and training, better shoes, lighter clothes and most importantly faster people pushing him, maybe he could beat Usain Bolt, but of course we will never know. MJ built himself up quite a bit from his rookie year to handle the bigger players, maybe confronted with Lebron he would have lifted even more weights. Both are great, I believe overall composite of their whole career MJ was more consistently great every night.

  • People forget why MJ is the 🐐. Seriously...this should NOT be a debate.

  • That will be a good game but I'm putting my money on Jordan because Jordan is a assassin. During the Olympics Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson went one-o-one LOL Magic Johnson 6-9 230 ask Magic Johnson what happened during that game.

  • michael jordan is god when he is taking a human basketball player form.period.

  • Mj would rather die than lose in a 1-on-1

  • That’s why you broke your pelvis bone

  • I am 6'5" and my brother is 5'8", guess how many times outside, one on one, weight more, and I am only 5 years older then him. How many times my brother beat me? Guess? None, zero, notanannutta! Because I was and still is bigger then him. I enjoy reality then fiction, this was the classic example of programming at it's finest. I will another example how many times You think Jalen Rose and or Jay Williams will beat me? None again, I have no NBA or Professional basketball experience. You know what All You did, and Jalen Rose. You went with NBA rules, and No Logic. You did not even think why and how Lebron James could beat, just how? You and other went to what You know, Your likeness for Michael Jordan kicked in. No one thought about height, nor size? No thought about NBA or outside? No one thought about nothing else because they heard MJ....lol.... Fair or not fair to say since You have not the money Donald Trump have, "*You* Will not Succeed @ Life??" I would never say that because my Perspective can vary, experience can be different, and or the make up of who I am. I still can Achieved, right?! Outside on the play guard I can match any NBA Star, but on the court that is a different story 5 v 5. Now we speaking about calls being favored one way, teammates, and coaching strategies. Even people mentioned Kobe Bryant beating Lebron James 1 v 1. That means no in the comment section could beat me 1 v 1 because You already gave up, with saying Michael Jordan is better then Everyone in the World playing basketball. No matter where Jordan is at, who he is against, and if the person is bigger, Jordan wins. *smh*

  • lebron cant beat kd on 1 on 1 wtf that guy saying he stupid

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 hell no queen James wouldn’t beat the goat

  • LeGoat

  • the only person that would give MJ a run is Kobe because he can do what MJ can

  • The physicality wont matter when the difference is that small. Freaking 6'6 vs 6'9 . And we've seen lebron go against kobe. So itll be close. But when yall mention guys like durant and davis. WTF is mike gonna do? Its one on one. No handles, no three point shot.

  • He is making common sense. Lebron should be able to beat MJ on a ono on one game. He is bigger and stronger. Lebron is probably just as fast.

  • LeBron was scared to take advantage of Curry on him in overtime in game one of the past finals, yet he gonna beat Mike?? Lmao

  • good debate

  • Yall telling me lebron can beat mj when he got torched by jason terry in the finals 💀



  • Like why is everyone wanking off mj and sucking him off? Like bruh plz be unbiased

  • Jay williams said lebron was quicker.. Thats a lie

  • Jalen should have responded: no league has ever since a player like mike before either...

  • What happened to Kobe

  • The only player that can shut down MJ is .... Nobody. Ever since he went to the NBA, they all tried to find a suitable contender... Jabbar / DR J, Magic/Bird , Jordan ...none. Barkley, Drexler, Hakeem, ... MJ breathes, eats, sleeps, lives one-on-one... NO one has defeated him on a one-on-one ever since winning his 1st title. MJ has experience already being guarded by a taller , agile defender... ever heard of Kevin Garnett? MJ has footwork that can take away big man's stable position on the ground.

  • A one on one game is different from playing 5 on 5. Any tall ok guy will probably be able to beat Jordan just by shooting over him or throwing hooks down low.

  • I don't like Michael but LeBron can't touch Mike .......

  • well FIRST, rose don't like NOBODY from duke...that's the biggest issue right there...lol...

  • Come on you people, human kind didn’t stay in the 80’ or 90’, everyday are better athletes, better teams and of course better players in all sports disciplines, every year people runs faster, jump higher and does better things, so please stop saying the basketball GOAT played in the 90s or 80s

  • I thought Jalen was going to launch his chair at Jay.... I would. 🤣🤣

  • Jalen trippin

  • Ur crazy as hell.i walk off too

  • Stats don’t matter in 1vs1 , that’s not Lebrons game, but he is way stronger than MJ and could post him up

  • that idiot asking why LeBron cannot beat Jordan. get ure ass back to school. I think ESPN sacked his ass...don't see him no more

  • On my life Jalen Rose funny as fuck y’all hear dude laugh when he brought up the spurs

  • If Bron get the ball first it’s over he can easily bacc Mike down for every point it’s not close the math is there 6’9” 260 > 6’6” 190

    • Capitalhill27 that’s still too little for Bron 215 is a joke nigga I’m about 215 he still giving up at least 35 to 40 Ibs to a machine try and keep talking yourself into what u want I know Bron would overpower little man lol

    • zelle908 completely ridiculous. Mike was 215 by 91’ and a brick shit house. Tons of players even PF’s would call him the strongest player they’ve played against. So, doubt he’s getting thrown around like a rag doll. 2nd is even if 1 player is stronger than another doesn’t mean they can just back them down. MJ guaranteed as strong, quicker and a much much much better defender. Especially on ball defender. Then last are intangibles, MJ got him in spades. Mentally destroyed players. You’re being a little naive. Highest ever vertical recorded in the NBA was Mj’s 48”. Dude was an athletic freak as well

  • correct me if im wrong cause i might be wrong as my memory is a little fuzzy but MJ got 47 points on Detroit team that was literally battering him..They lost the game and finals i think but food for thought 47 points while getting physically battered..Today's game while the 3 is important the soft rules MJ would score at will...

  • MJ papa goat 10/10,kobe big bro goat 10/9,Lbj baby goat 10/7😄😄😄thats my opinion.

  • Mj wouldn't miss so if winner takes out LeBron never even shoots. Those were your rules Jay Williams wtf man

  • Mj had a verticle leap of 40' and still put up all-star numbers at the age of 40....so I think we know who was more athletic