Published on Feb 18, 2018
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It's time for another Honey-do List video and this time we're tackling the basement and doing a MASSIVE DECLUTTER and clean out of all the clutter! This is the ultimate clean with me for the basement!
COMMENT QUESTION: What should we do with our magazines?
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This is a clean with me style video which hopefully will serve as cleaning and decluttering motivation for you to take on a project like this! Decluttering and parting with stuff can be difficult, but it feels so good to rid yourself of unwanted and unused stuff - and leaves much more space for activities!
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  • I think this has become my new favorite clean my space video. So inspiring and Chad, you slay me. This was definitely entertaining and educational. It’s gonna help me get motivated to do my office/craft room. Many Thanks.

    • It works ;)

    • kinda sucking up huh? HaHaHa

    • Cut out the articles and put them in a book. Make copies or frame the newspaper articles, those won’t age as well. Recycle what’s leftover after cutting them out. (I’d say scan them and go digital, but technology is always changing. Just go with a good old fashioned scrapbook.)

  • make a scrap book of each Article. not the whole book u will Condense and get rid of so much

  • I would keep either the covers and/or the articles and make a collage out of them then hang the collage on the walls

  • I’d say to cut out the articles that you absolutely want to keep and make a beautiful collage or put them in a scrap book!

  • Wheres all the non wastable stuff goin? 😅😅

  • Laughing! 😂😂😂 Love your videos!! I suggest you cut out the articles in each magazine & place in a scrapbook. ❤️

  • Keep it

  • You could scrapbook them the ones that she was on instead of keeping or have both of you sign them and give them as a giveaway.

  • Love, love your sense of humors, drama, show off your collections and your wife’s too. Great video. I am going to sub you.

  • Why is he so adorable hahaha I love it!

  • Humane Society will take chairs

  • Recycling

  • With the magazines you could make a scrapbook, I guess

  • Two reasons to keep the boxes. 1. In case of return. Be sure to take photos or video when opening expensive item so you know exactly what was in the box and how it was packed. 2. In case of resale. Items always bring more money when in original box.

  • And put them in one book!!

  • Just take out her story !!

  • those gold picture frames/mirrors looked cool!

  • Take out the pages she was featured on, hole punch them and put them in a binder!

  • Cut out the article and put it in a binder. On the back of the page protector tape the name of the magazine and date published.

  • I could cut out all the articles and make a collage to hang on the wall

  • Scrapbook them!

  • great clean my space looks great


  • Put the mags in binder.

  • This is my first video I’ve watched on this channel and oh my god, the production quality is top notch. I love it

  • II think maybe you should pull that pages where Melissa is mentioned and possibly make a scrapbook

  • Hi there ... Take pictures of each of the articles then use what you know and make a flip book or a digital photographic frame.

  • Loved the video!! I got so excited when I saw all those cleaning supplies. I love cleaning.

  • “Room for activities” - I spat tea across the coffee table 😂😂😂 Magazines - take out the pages featuring Clean My Space and place them in a portfolio with clear pockets, so you can view them and keep adding to them!

  • Kitty! Meow! 😍🐈

  • With magazines and articles you guys have. Maybe cut and clip them into picture frames on the wall. Or into photo books

  • I would definately keep her magazines, it is something your daughter will love to look at when she is older.

  • wow what a great work you did here.

  • Create a feature wall with the magazine!

  • make a digital and hardcopy scrapbook of all the articles featuring your channel!!!

  • I’ve accumulated things over 50 years and after watching you for awhile I’ve decided to pay charities and missions a visit with a lot of my memories. I prefer to have a clean orderly home like yours. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m starting NOW! Thank you both.

  • I would scan the articles and keep one or two magazines

  • This is my favorite video

  • I think you should throw them out because they are not very useful. You probably do read them so what’s the use

  • You guys could cut out all the clips and pics that you guys are featured in and make a huge collage and frame it and hang it in your new space or anywhere!

  • Go Digital or make a scrapbook or collage. you could even put the cover of the magazine and the article in a binder in paper protectors and than recycle the rest.

  • Make a museum for your magazines and newspapers

  • looked better b4

  • With the magazine's, you should take out the articles that u guys are in and make a scrapbook

  • Take article out of magazines and put them into sheet protectors inside binders.

  • Dear Chad & Melissa, First of all, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! Second, my idea for the magazines is this: From each magazine in which Melissa/CMS is featured: Save the front cover, the table of contents, the article that features Melissa/CMS, and the back cover, and organize them into one or more CMS scrapbook(s) like mini-magazines, sandwiching the table of contents and the articles between the front cover and the back cover of each magazine, like a time-line of Melissa Maker/CMS features! If you do this, I'd LOVE to see a video of you both flipping through and showing the results!!! :)

  • Hiiiii

  • Just wanted to say thanks. On a chilly morning when it’s very hard to get the motivation to get up and clean I watch one or two of your videos. It really helps get me in the cleaning mood.

  • you have excellent music taste.

  • Keep

  • What happens when your entire house is clean?

  • You should take the cover of the magazine and the page you were feature on out of the magazine, file them in a binder then and throw away the rest

  • Cut out the title of each and glue them all to a cork board or something artsy lol

  • You could cut out the articles that feature you guys or the front page and like put it in Frames like in Kingsman

  • I love this channel so much! I have followed Melissa since 2010 and videos with Chad it is a great surprise. You are a great and funny couple. Love you both!

  • ni

  • It feels so good to have open space and less clutter. You have inspired me to recycle my magazines.

  • Save a digital copy of the magazines. Then with the hard copies make a mosaic

  • Cut out the article's and put them in a book

  • I think you should take some of the specific sections that include her and make a memory board of them and hang it up somewhere

  • What I would personally do is to rip out the specific pages you guys were featured in and out it in a scrapbook or possibly insert them digitally

  • Donate your magazines

  • Who else was worried about his wife hitting her belly on to somthing

  • Get rid of the magazines.

  • Your magazines , look at them once again , keep what you like about them in your mind and let them go!


  • Scan in the pages that you're featured in those magazines, and recycle them!

  • Tip for the magazines Melissa was featured in: scan each article and create a nice hardcover photobook through shutterfly.

  • Make a wall with magazine covers as the background. Like instead of painting it or putting wall paper up have the magazine's

  • Where did you get those white bins stacked three high in the corner?

  • If you haven't decided yet then you should just cut out the parts about you.

  • Fraime it

  • I would do a vertical strip collage. Take each page/cover/article of importance and cut into 5-10 vertical strips (depending on preference). Combine all strips and randomly select to paste sidr by side from left to right until all strips are used. You can superimpose and/or gloss and frame it!! Symbolic for how you live your lives. Even though some things may seem messy at first glance, you can see the beauty if you look close enough. ;)

  • I donate old magazines to Pre-K or childcare centers for arts and crafts projects.

  • Hi your the best and I love your videos good job keep it up

  • Save the cover and the article of each mag and 13 the rest.

  • First time watching . Good ideas and entertaining.

  • Frame them and make a gallery wall numerically ordered

  • On the mags, you should keep the front cover and the page(s) with your feature, and frame them :) recycle the rest ;o)

  • I love chads videos !!!! He is halarious! Especially the one you did with getting rid of 50 percent of your clothing. Chad make more ! Also the best part is you don’t do a lot of talking you just show the videos in quick view and you talk while the video is playing I love it so many times people do way too much talking in their videos and they are too long. You are like a real person not so fake like so many other videos. Please make more. Your music selection is cool too my husband loves hall and oats too !

  • Thanks for the video. It will really help me in tackling my attic. It really helped to show where you put and took items. To show your process helped so much. So many show before and after and never show what they did with the stuf. For Melissa's articles in those magazines you cud cut out the article and put it in a scrap book. Make one book and have it as a coffee table book

  • Clip the articles and put them in a those plastic clear binder folder and put them all in a binder. That way you can recycle the magazines but keep the articles in a space in a binder

  • I love this series. I just discovered it, so have no idea how many there are but i hope it continues indefinitely!!!!

    • Also, the kits are probably already sent out huh? And i think you should file the magazines, like files in hanging order. Or you could just rip out the article with Melissa and file that hanging or in a sheet protector and binder

  • Keep

  • Scrapbook the articles in a nice album

  • I think ripping out the pages that she’s featured in and then scrap booking them would be a good idea. That way you can throw away the rest of the magazines and have less clutter

  • You guys have a lot of stuff 😯

  • scrapbook articles made it to magazine, toss the rest.

  • With the magazines, frame the cover and the clippings and get rid of the rest! If framing takes up to much space, make a clipping album.

  • Why do you wear gloves?

  • The magazines: cut out your ad and frame them

  • Do u drive an Audi Q7? Cos my mom does and the boot looks the same

  • Take the magazines to a doctors office to put in waiting room area.

  • I would cut the front face of the magazine and the article from each of them featuring 'Clean My Space", and put them in clear plastic sheet-holders, then place them in a handsome binder. That way you have the article and the magazine/date for posterity.

  • I am thankful to have run across your videos! I have had a bad, last few years trying to start an home based business, two actually, trying to carve in a dating life, and a very rebellious daughter..that’s a balance that’s gotten the best of me and my home. My daughter actually makes and tears up my progress in all areas as a way to tear me down...I’m lost in how to regain my home back, I try to stay away from home as often as I can, just to escape the ruins...and think, I have 3/4s of a year left before she’s 18 and then I can chip away and find my home again...I am actually motivated by watching this type of video and hopefully inspired to start trying again, but it’s hard! At one time, I was almost ocd about cleaning, how in the world did I let her turn me into a lost soul in a junk yard. Thank you, not sure where to start, but at least I’m finding desire and motivation

    • Way to go on getting motivated again Lisa, you're worth it :)

  • Great work!♡

  • You should hang the magazines on the walls for memory

  • Recycle it or give it to someone that wants it

  • Have you thought about making some sort of artwork out it? Like a display case or something? I hate myself for referencing this, but think the graduation caps artwork in the movie Twilight (shoot me now).

  • Just keep the article that Malisa was featured, and make an album.