Mason Ramsey 'Yodel Kid' interview with The Highway Happy Hour

Published on Apr 28, 2018
Before his performance at Stagecoach, Mason Ramsey stopped by The Highway's Happy Hour to talk with Buzz Brainard about his life after internet fame. Hear more from The Highway on our app, get a free trial here:
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  • Can someone tell me who is the interviewer because he sounds like the guy who used to do the Disney promos before every tv show like “Next is that’s so raven” I WANT TO KNOW HIS NAME

  • Why is this so dead?


  • I wanna be his gf so much lol I’m 11 tooo

  • im 2006 and im 11 i think he so great

  • He’s kind of being a punk..

  • I see skrillex behind the kids

  • Lol hes funny XD

  • Not sure if I like his parents.. Look like dead beat.. Just in it for the money!

    • jelless See this is what I find funny about the internet,people take a short clip and jump to conclusions.

  • Lol smh it's getting to his head but hes still my fav

  • this kid is so cool