Markiplier Tries KOREAN CANDY

Published on Oct 2, 2018
My Korean family helps me try some bizarre Korean Candy! Some of it's good, some of it's weird...
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  • Mark's mom played him like a fiddle

  • Mark is like me, my family speaks a language besides english (Urdu). I can speak the language but can't read or write in it. T^T (Or barely can...) Edit| Actually no, it seems like his brother to me is more relatable.

  • Mark and the moon is Korean!

  • My 2 fav things korea and food👌

  • 13:06 The fact that he ate vitamin candy made especially for kids(that hate vitamin shit) made me laugh WHY THE HELL DID HE EAT THAT

  • 제 코멘트 해석할 수 있으면 답장 주세욬ㅋㅋ~

  • Damn. Park Soo Young’s finger nails are long as hell

  • Momiplier is hilarious.

  • Candy list 종합 카라멜 Mix caramel 아이셔 Oh..Sour 짜서 먹는 젤리만들기 Making Jelly with Squeeze 쥬시드롭 Juice drop 솔잎맛 캔디 Pine needles candy 킨더조이대왕알 Kinder joy (idk it right spelling) 샌드박스 알껌 (아 이거 이름 까먹음 맛있는데) Sandbox gum 초코비젤리 (...?) Chocobi jelly 호박엿 Hobak yut 스니커즈! Snickers!

  • Hey guess wat Read More

  • yer a very strong boi

  • 와...

  • Mark is so American

  • this is my fave video og yours LOL so funny omg xD

  • Wait.. So Gomu in Japanese same as Korean? Just knew that. This video is educational

  • Mark2702

  • Thanos candy.......... tastes like grape

  • Watched 3 markiplier videos and suddenly I’m getting kid commercials

  • really mark really

  • Great, now jack *AND* mark know korean

  • Steve Aoki is MARK'S BROTHER!?!?

  • How popular do you think I am?? At least your family has high hopes for you xD Edit: *GaSpPpPp* SOURR!!!

  • Wow... his Korean is adorable

  • E

  • My god

  • JASON LOOKS LIKE AN ASIAN POST MALONE this has been my ted talk

  • Markiplier s first lemon face

  • WHAT I NEVER KNOW THAT YOU WAS ASIAN i finally learned something cool

  • Try Finnish candy; you'll hate it and we'll love watching you suffer XD

  • Mark veels like he is the BOSS |- OBEY ME (a vid from mark and jack and ze gang )

  • LOL,he literally chose the worst korean snacks XD

  • “ How popular do you think I am?” *you have 22M subscribers...*

  • Nice to know the whole family is crazy. ;) And having a laugh at Mark saying the candy stuff in Korean. ;)

  • I know this old but I'm Korean too

  • I just wanted their Instagrams Mark, how could you do this to me.

  • Mark's mum is savage. 😂

  • Grandma

  • 22 minutes of watching Markipler struggle with his Korean

  • This is one of the most awkward videos I've seen. I love it.

  • I'm sorry but he looks like sid from I've age

  • I instinctively clap whenever they clap

  • The stuffed Pucca next to the minion is cute

  • Domo arigatto mister robotto

  • So.....Juicy Drops are actually really popular in America and are produced by Topps, a US company with its HQ in New York City, NY. So seeing them in a video labelled Korean Candy just confuses me. Either Markiplier was unaware OR he was testing us. I'm going to believe he was testing us cause we ALL know just how perceptive and aware Markiplier is of his surroundings at all times.


  • why does mark look so american and his brother and family look more asian

  • Omg I have the same necklace as his mom. It’s a meteorite that landed in Sweden in 1904. It was an iron meteor.

  • does anyone know who the dude is at 4:16 next to markiplier? does he have a instagram ?


  • my god so much cringe this is what happens when you stick someone in a completely different culture XD

  • Im in korea

  • yeh boi

  • Aka Mark trying to Korean

  • Domo!

  • Where the father? Oh... Right..

  • *ShUt Up ThOmAs*

  • North Korea or South? :)

  • Your brother reminds me of Attila the Hun No offense

  • What??? He didn't link their social media in the video description. False advertising at 22:00. Lol

  • momiplier literally bet 89 cents (1000 won) suddenly it's less dramatic

  • 1:45 YOU BROKE THE BAG......... GET OUT!!!!

  • Where's Adam?

  • "Can you make me like the kpop?"

  • Mark: “Mine tastes suspiciously like petroleum.” Uh... yeah. That’s kinda what most candy and other things with artificial flavours and colourings are made from.😂

  • Did mark get schooled by his mom

  • Why do you have too. Make such a mess 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆


  • That’s good tHoMaS sHuT uP 😂 had me dead

  • He didn't even eat any Haitai. Disappointing.

  • i love that he’s learning korean!! i speak korean *and itssexy lmao*

  • Pine needles smell good and I am American

  • honestly for real for real, ever member of marks family, i just imagined marks head/face on there bodies.

  • Markimom giving Markiplier the smack down

  • Mark- *I don't trust you*

  • I love it so much when you speak Korean because it makes me think of myself 😂💜💜( you're struggling to speak Korean and i struggle to speak Korean aswell😂😅 i have Korean people in my Family so i want to learn it😂😂💜)

  • He literally is just dropping everything and ruining his grandma's house for 22 minutes😂😂😂I'm dying

  • Mark “I’m not on tv how popular you think I am?” He says knowing full and well he’s been on Disney XD before

  • I love his mother

  • mark: grabs sponge Thomas: * eats it * that's good

  • wait.. which Korea?!

  • he and his brother sound so similar it's crazy

  • According to my mom it’s 🖐🤚(sour)

  • 7:39 I have to make my foukin own

  • THEN JUST GIVE US KOREAN TRANSLATION JK, Thank you so much for making video like this!

  • You suit being korean. (Y)

  • 8:54 What is going on here with the subtitles? I'm so confused. Are these Mark's subtitles? And then someone else comes in telling him not to make jokes? It looks like two different people are writing the captions. I'm so lost. Someone help.

    • Interfectorem Someone made English captions for Mark and another person rudely came in to try to shame the original captioner. It wasn’t necessary, the captions are good!

  • I haven’t heard Chocolate Jelly before

  • When you let your country down

  • Im go

  • Try Mexican nerds and not people like the weird candy blob thing I don't know how to explain them...... Suppose to be Frog shaped candy things that taste bad..... good enough

  • Question: Why was baby mark squinting in the pictures? He was honestly squinting in at least three of them... 14:59

  • Hey, I recommended to you to play Saw:Flesh&blood And Quake 4..... That's a nice game you should play

  • turn on closed closed captions and thank me later :)

  • i will be thrown onto the streets and devoured by wolves

  • Mark: どうも Momiplier and others: どうも? Mark: I've been calling you Doumo this WHOLE time! Me: (dies of laughter as the other explain that it's a japanese word) 16:36 (dies of laughter again seeing that minion)

  • wait he's asian?!?

  • how have you not had juicy drop or juicy drop pop's...…….

  • Try swedish candy ;) See if you'll enjoy Salmiak

  • The clapping killed me

  • Yo mama took your money and run. Lol!!!😂😂😂