Markiplier Animated | PRETZELS

Published on Nov 3, 2018
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This might be one of the funniest animations anyone has ever made of me! PLEASE show Haricz and ToonCee all the love in the world!
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  • I love these animations it gives me that feeling of just laughing inside and feeling contempt it's so good

  • I like pretzels

  • The fack was that!? O.o

  • He cant stop eating pretzels. Does that make him a pretzel addict?

  • Why do I hear the SCP containment breach theme in the background

  • Pretzels

  • Nothing can stop you from eating pretzels Not even if you: Get ran over Held hostage In hospital Dead Buried Sad Angry Alone Bullied Hated Unpopular Have a family Doing school lessons Gaming Hacking Trading Sick In prison Get divorced Running from a killer Shooting people Exercising Making a video Laughing Getting pretzels confiscated Erasing Pretzels

  • I can relate so much to the one more thing with pretzels

  • that is crayzy

  • Eh just one more time


  • He makes the pretzels look so good!


  • A car ran over his face, Now his leg is broken.

  • Oh how everyone would love to have a never ending supply of pretzels and soda.

  • bruh this is me but Pringles

  • One more

  • I saw tooncee!!!!

  • I may not be the first to request this... but can we get an animated markiplier series?

  • That bag never runs out of pretzels am I right

  • What?!

  • best animation

  • Who's watching while eating pretzels

  • It's dry

  • Pretzels

  • Maybe just one more

  • How many pretzels are in that bag???!!!!!?!!

  • Scp sond?

  • Its dry 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Noice

  • For some reason I thought the thumbnail was a naked beakless owl with soulless eyes...

  • Scp music

  • i want an endless pretzel box

  • {\_/} ( T_T) />🍪 U ok?

  • Lick the itch, the curse of the non eating pretzels

  • I was eating preatzals and watching it and I loved the PREATZALS


  • 714 Crunch Crunch

  • /is this italic/

  • One more -Markplier

  • omg can't stop laughing XD

  • :3

  • If I had those pretzels I would be like *Crunch! Crunch!*

  • It’s a good kind of stupid

  • Are you the scientist?

  • i laughed at the part when mark got ran over like if you laughed at it


  • *Just one more?*

  • 1:54 thats what she said

  • wut

  • Animated markiplier should be dead. I mean... A CAR WITH MAYBE 120 miles/h HITS HIM DIRECLY HIS FACE!!! AND BROKES JUST HIS LEG! wow....

  • Mark looks different each clip XD

  • When you eat all your pretzels and you are like ok that is enough

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  • I’m eating pretzels right now.

  • Mark has infinity pretzels in that bag

  • This funny

  • 100% me

  • The guy) na The guy)now I need one Markaplier) mmmmmm, pretzel

  • I.... really want to eat pretzels... *takes out a bag full of pretzels* UGH.. by the GODS that is good -w-

  • them pretzils got you high lol

  • dammit im hungry for pretzels now

  • maybe just one more....

  • 0:18 is it just me or does ToniCee show up

  • *SNNIIIFFF* One more...

  • me like one more markipler vid 12 hours later

  • *Pretzels* ...

  • It's more diri


  • two words STANLEY HUDSON

  • I hear containment breach in the background

  • "Eh, God, these pretzels suck." - Handsome Jack

  • I‘m currently eating pretzels.

  • *Me after watching this animation* }looks at the replay button{ "... eh, one more"

  • does anyone know what game he was gonna play before he got distracted by pretzels?

  • Pretzel lover

  • I'm out of pretzels right now

  • That a lot a salt.

  • I got to stop watching this video..... Eh maybe one more.

  • This is a brilliant animation lolz

  • I want some pretzels

  • This is what we all needed, a 3 minute video of Mark eating pretzels

  • Let’s just go to pretzel heaven shall we

  • Anyone notice tooncee?

  • 1:50 and to the end of the video was funny 😂😂

  • *" more..."*

  • *Do you ever feel like you're forgetting something?*

  • Friq now i want pretzels

  • It’s even more Dry

  • We thought we got rid of the demons. But no. They came back for revenge.

  • This is the definition of funny

  • 1:57 ohh okkk

  • LOUGHING so hard

  • that's how i was when i tasted Skittles 😭👋🏽 ; i was smacking extra hard

  • ummmmm

  • Me jackassing off

  • Markiplier is a vampire aaaaaa chomp 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • P . R E T Z E L S

  • I saw another US-tvr

  • If i was sitting beside him in that stadium this would happen.. Markiplier:*eats pretzalls* Markiplier:ITS SO GOOD!!! **eats more** Me:hey since its so "good" give me some Markiplier: NO F*CK OFF B!TCH!!!!! ME:*takes pretz anyway* yum!