Marcellus Wiley: By firing Dwane Casey, Raptors are extorting their fan base | SportsNation | ESPN

Published on May 11, 2018
Cari Champion, Marcellus Wiley, LZ Granderson and Jemele Hill break down the Toronto Raptors' decision to fire coach Dwane Casey, with Wiley saying this is simply resetting fan expectations ahead of the same result.
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  • The coach of the year shall never be fired he didn't deserve that he basically got fired because DeMar and Kyle didn't have what it takes to beat LeBron...

  • He's a loser just like Ty Lue he needs to go

  • Most retarded thing that the raptors did like come on this guy is coach of the year

  • This is such a dumb analysis, there is an entire off-season left, there's a good chance that roster gets heavily shaken up, Dwane Casey isn't the only one being fired/traded he's just the first one. Also there's a difference between losing to a team that gives you major matchup issues and getting absolutely destroyed 3 straight years even when you were definitively better than that team. If this was just DeRozan and Lowry falling off than okay it's hard to blame Casey, but when your league leading bench disappears, your big men get destroyed defensively, and you're struggling to get your main scorers involved, then some blame has to fall on the coach. And Casey's use of CJ Miles was awful, the offense couldn't generate any clean looks for him and LeBron and Love continuously destroyed him on switches on the other end. As a coach you can't allow 6 straight minutes of that, that was essentially how game 2 was decided. Worst part is that this matchup was the one matchup we were anticipating all year, it wasn't some sort of surprise, if Casey still deserves his job after this debacle, then what should happen with Nate McMillan, should he be promoted to president of the Pacers, and what about Brad Stevens? Should he be ascended into basketball heaven?

  • Lebron wont be in the east next season so the next coach we be a big hit with the raptors regardless

  • trade either lowry or derozan coz they are competiting whos the best,,

  • It's funny hearing all these people talk about the raptors and the Casey firing like they been watching the raptors and his tenor for the past 7 years.. how many games have you guys watched in the raptors in the past 7 years?.. I'd be surprised if it was over 3 games.. (not including playoffs).. ESPN is really funny.. they don't watch a team, HAVE NO IDEA about a team.. but then talk about them and their fans.. lol shut up fools.

  • That women is so ignorant...To say they're no scheme to beat LeBron after the Pacers brought the Cavs to seven games ? laughable.. Casey is a great coach but not against LeBron I believe LeBron is Caseys Kryptonite because with the right strategy the Raptors had enough talent to get by this year Cleveland team. Brad Stevenson is already up 1 game.

  • In the defense of the decision to fire him. Brad Steven's beat the Cavs without his two leading stars. That's coaching. He's getting the best out of what he has and doing well. Casey is a great coach but seems to have lost the ear of his players or at least can't get them over the hump.

  • Damn......they pulled a Del Rio on Dwayne Casey SMH

  • Most of this panel's views are a little bit shallow. Casey had four years to beat the Cavs, and the Raps couldn't get through them again this year at a time when the Cavs are in it's most vulnerable, if not weakest, state. Since they couldn't easily fire the players who've got $100 million dollar contracts, Casey's deficiencies were highlighted which resulted to his firing. Ultimately, the team can't just be satisfied with good if they have championship aspirations. Something needs to change to get over the hump.

  • Thats what happens when you have two first names.

  • #Great Commentary!

  • true, i been a bball fan since like 1995, and i don't like them firing Casey at all. i blame the players, they didn't match up well against the cavs...Toronto needs to rebuild or something man i just dunno. Celtics killed the Cavs today in game 1

  • I knew they was going to fire him .

  • Raptors fans are some of the dumbest on the planet; no self respect. They pay top dollar in tickets to watch a team SUCK BALLS. Idiots.

  • jemele, lebron is not the "immovable object of this generation". btw, nice Wire reference, jemele.

  • does every team that runs onto Lebronto in the playoffs have this same out come and over negative bias from the media like they do to the raptors, when the Celtics eventually loose to the Cavs will there be a "knee jerk reaction" to their organization.

  • Are u guys watching todays celtic cavs game ok coaching

  • :LeBron James background 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lol another mother of the babbies is gone🤔🤔🤔🤔 next up is make a alpa pregnant coach

  • Raptors fans here thank God they fired him I wanted him gone ling time ago can't adjust on a crash time.

  • Jamelle so fine

  • All these media pundits really don't watch the raptors. Most raptors fan agree with this decision, they've been actually calling for a new coach for a few years. Dwane was great but he lacked x' s and o's. His in game adjustments really hurt the raps in the Cavs series and he doesn't push his best players enough. 7 years as demars coach and demar still doesn't play defense

  • No coach can get you past the 🐐. If you judge him on everything else, besides losing to LeBron, it seems crazy to fire this guy

  • most of the comment section knows nothing about the Toronto Raptors outside a couple playoff games ... so y'all don't see why Casey is/was a problem when it mattered....this isn't only about this playoff sweep

  • When the Celtics take the Cavs to 6 or 7 games people will understand more clearly why Casey got fired. LeBron is hard to beat obviously but these guys making it too much about him.

  • My message to the Toronto fans. There is no shame in being another man's bitch. But the Raptors are King James Bitch!!!

  • Doug Collins didn't do well in Chicago. They're not the top team in the East in his years and didn't even make the conference finals

  • Those dreads look so unprofessional

  • Raptor fans been calling for Casey's head for 3 years lol

  • I'll buy in if we don't get swept by Lebron again. I'm not expecting us to beat Lebron (we're still missing a superstar or at least someone who can guard him) but if we can Win 2-3 games against them that's a step in the right direction.

  • when the cavs sweep boston i'm guessing Brad Stevens will get fired too

  • Should have fired DeRozan. His games 3 and 4 were embarrassing.

  • Derozan and Lowry are intimidated by Lebron thats it... they need players that won't take a backward step....unless the Raptors do that they wont be making it to the E.C Finals...

  • I hope Raptors don't think the Coach is the reason they didn't win. The players were not good enough. You need better players.

  • Who’s the Bitch with the glasses

  • bruh real raps fans been calling for this for time, obviously not all on casey but his suspect rotations especially with benching valanciunas and inability to change the game plan in game were growing old. Americans act like this guy on a phil jackson level. he coached in the east and got dominated by LBJ everytime they matched up without changing strategies.

  • Unless Raptors get a player like Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Paul George too play alongside Demar Derozan, Kyle Lowry and the rest of the guy's, your not going to beat Lebron James until he retires which would be in 10 year's from now, you need a superteam with 3-4 allstars, which Toronto cannot afford, like Golden State have

  • So #6 Indiana took Cavs to game 7 and #1 seed gets swept. Fire him !

  • This guy made zero adjustments throuout the entire series. You got to know playoff basketball is all about adjustments. You could have schemed to take the ball from his hands on that game winning shot.

  • One Of The Best Raptors Fan Reactions Ever vs. Lebron James, Cleveland Cavaliers!

  • I believe the word that was required was EXHORT.

  • Imagine getting named employee of the month. Then you get home and get a phone call. “Yeah.....we have to let you go.”

  • Baby girl tried to apply Pareto's principle and fell flat on her face. Mmm mmm mmm.

  • Fire Demart and Kyle Lowry, they are no good, and one is eating too many cheezeburgers again.

  • Brad Stevens should be Coach of the Year, not Dwane Casey

  • So the "immovable object of this generation" is 3-5 in the NBA Finals?

  • I dont think Casey should’ve been fired it kinda reminds me of mark Jackson getting the boot from golden state after what they accomplished (however of course we get the two white coaches in Collins and Jackson as a comparison, they neglect Steve Kerr coming in and winning two rings but okay) if Casey was white I don’t think it’s a unanimous verdict he should stay imho you don’t get beat 9 times in two years in the playoffs by the same team when it’s all on the line and get a pass...that being said I do believe if you’re voted coach of the year and you got beat by lebron they should’ve kept him...different sport, but hell joe girardi got fired from the Yankees after making it to the alcs I don’t recall too many people saying it was a bad move (and look at them now with Boone) i know this is about race and people will get touchy but that’s just my view I just think this segment was one sided and a bit of a waste but they stayed classy

  • The simple answer is no

  • He deserved to be fired he got swept 2 years straight not even one game that's why

  • he was never coach of the year to begin with.

  • That god awful playoff record is the icing on the cake.. but at some point you gotta blame the players, this was probably thier best chance at making the finals... Cavs lost kyrie, kyrie injured on boston, Sixers are out, this was the year for them.. again tho, the raptors have been sht since forever idk if firing a coach who delivered their best season ever was a smart move. I would give him 1 more year and really try and sign a quality free agent this off-season.

  • Jemele negro xeno-queen hill still alive on a sport network?? Them alien s are hard to kill

  • She is so right.

  • Knee-jerk reaction to do what you believe will keep ticket sales high. The Raptors will be a worse team next year.

  • What the Hell is jemele talking about? This was the best decision the Raptors could make going forward. Jemeles wants to reward this man for consistently losing lol

  • C'mon now, put it in context. Phil Jackson was the only coach on that list to win a championship in the year he didn't return. You think they are going to fire a coach that just won a championship? But they made it seem like that, he left on his own term. So you can't compare Casey situation to Phil

  • I dont think Marcellus knows what extortion means.

  • Sign derozan then sign lowry ...then blame casey for why they are so crappy. Raptors are such a fail..Derozan and Lowry are not players to build a team around.

  • The sad fact of the matter is that 2 games were so close - it did come down to coaching and referees. The Raptors should have had at least 2 wins. Maybe not the ability to win the full series.

  • 1:12 LeBron JAMES......hahahahaha, I don't know why that cracks me up, when they do that in the background..

  • NBA media, don't overreact to Dwayne Casey firing. If you change nothing, then nothing changes. Indiana took Cavs to games 7. Yes, games 7. And the Raptors #1 seed get swept. Come on people coach deserve to be fired. And they should be more move to come. Kyle, demar and ibaka, something as to be done to that group. When the Cavs wasn't winning they change the roster. And win. Nothing wrong with firing coach Casey.

  • Love you Jemele!

  • Lebron James is not an immovable object. How many finals has he lost again? The East is trash hands down.

  • This show is lame it's a racist show. white people wake up !

  • So far, it's but nothing but personalities who dont even watch raptor games speaking out and making the exact same statement about things, that Casey shouldn't have been fired. Wiley, LZ, Hill, Stephen A, and a host of others dont know anything about the raptors. Firing Casey is the best move. It's overdue in fact.

  • Creampie for Cari

  • Derozan needs to follow, he has no heart and fears Lebron. Give us Oladipo at least he is not scared.

  • "And look Phil Jackson is on that list"...and Chicago hasn't been the same since 😂

  • The only way Lebron can take down the Golden State Warriors is to join the Raptors. in a Raptors System with Lowry and Derozen , O G, Paskel, Yacob, Wright, FVV, Cj, Bellinelli...

    • he can bring Korver with him too

  • Dwane Casey can't take them further though, so this is a great drcision. People forget how average the Warriors were under Mark Jackson, as soon as Steve Kerr came in, 2 Championships, 3 straight finals.

  • If LeBron is the immovable object, why does he only have 3 rings?

  • Raptors fan base is not dumb! We know the reasons why we lost the series and it wasn’t because of Casey.

  • I'm tired of this "theres nothing that can beat lebron" narrative. His team kind of stinks, and Indiana could have won that series. The raptors choke hard, and casey has no offensive scheme when it counts. He had to go, and somebody needed to fall for this. Obviously the GM would rather it be the coach than him.

  • The Kyle threw his coach under the bus on support. Wow.

  • The pannel keeps going on about he was fired because he they lost to LeBron. Thats not the issue. It's how they lost. If it was hard fought like the Indiana series or even hard fought 6 games. I am sure he would still have his job. It's the manner in which they lost. It was total domination to the point there are LeBronto means going on. A new coach doesn't mean they will get past LeBron but just a inject something new and create hope for change going forward in the fan base and even the locker room after such a demoralizing series. Coach is easier to change than the star players unfortunately. So Dwain has to fall on the sword.

  • it's

  • Them firing Casey won’t change the fact that Derozan and especially Lowry are fuckin BUSTERS. Most overhyped team of this generation. Average ass pg and a sg that can’t make consecutive 3’s. Trade both “stars” and start your rebuild, Toronto.

  • jamaal hill is gross looking. stick to radio and text

  • Well it could be a blessing in disguise for Dwayne Casey, Toronto will need another Vince Carter type player to beat a LeBron James lead team, so it could be better if Casey is freed from that " going no where " ship.

  • What? Nick Nurse is the reason for the raptors improvement this year, not Casey. He will be promoted.

  • Pacers pushed LeBron to 7 , raptors got swept . That's on the players

  • Deserved to be fired? Yes. Were we watching the same games where his inability to adjust was blatant? Next question.

  • That’s not the 80/20 rule..

  • I didn't know he made derozan and Lowry disappear every 4th qtr against lebron

  • not the coach the stars are really not good. Paul Pierce told you what it is; they don't have IT plan an simple

  • Indiana took the Cavs to 7 games. Toronto got swept. 7 years and 3 straight loses to the Cavs, equals easy scapegoat.

  • How you get fired on your day off! You gotta be s stupid mf Craig!

  • Exactly. Raptors franchise wants another profitable year without blowing up the team. This isn't a championship team. Firing the coach won't do much. Dont get your hopes up, Toronto.

  • Exactly. Raptors franchise wants another profitable year without blowing up the team. This isn't a championship team. Firing the coach won't do much. Dont get your hopes up, Toronto.

  • Demar Derozan isn't a killer thats the problem

  • No jemele...espn should have left you in the back room where they put you after "The six" failure. Anyway, 80/20 refers to 80 percent mental 20 percent physical. What Toronto is missing is the 80%. Consistency?? Yes, they were consistently losing to Cleveland for the last 3-4 years...

  • Guys kill me with he shouldn't be fired. I disagree with Jemele. Everything begins at the top. Coach Casey continues to make the same mistakes in the postseason. His Raptors don't just lose, they get swept....3x in 5 years. These pundits are silly.

  • They should've got rid of lowry or ibaka for cap space. This just kills chemistry even more. Raptors always make the wrong moves, from Carter leaving to signing Turkoglu??? and letting Bosh slip away.

  • 720p60 my ass

  • If Raptors didn't fire Casey and kept him all these sports analysts would be putting them on blasts still gtfo

  • Dude in the background talking about “Lebron James”

  • Wrong ! I am super happy we got rid of casey ! Best of luck to him but moving forward .. We need a coach who can draw up plays x's & o's .. casey is below average in this department !

  • When you get swept in the playoffs, it's hard to argue against firing the coach. It's an organizational embarrassment to get swept. If Toronto wins a game, they probably don't make the move.