Maniac | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Published on Aug 6, 2018
MANIAC tells the stories of Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Jonah Hill), two strangers drawn to the late stages of a mysterious pharmaceutical trial. Things do not go as planned.
A Netflix Limited Series from Cary Joji Fukunaga. MANIAC arrives September 21.
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Maniac | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


  • I also liked the attention to detail in this show. For example, even the simple way their names contained their numbers, “one” in “Owen” and “nine” in “Annie”. It shows how well thought out it was, both on a holistic level and minute.

  • I loved this show. And I’m so glad there’s no season 2. I hate when nobody lets shows remain untouched as masterpieces, renewals tend to ruin them and so I’m thankful there isn’t a second season for this so it won’t diminish the excellence of this show.

  • She's a maniac! Maniac! On the floor.

  • series 5.6/10. could've been cut down to 5 episodes instead of 10.

  • I just binged the entire season in a couple days. Stone and Hill were amazing together, very solid script. Mind-bending premise! It well appeal closely to those who have taken psychedelics to any degree. I highly recommend it even otherwise.

  • I wish Cary fukunaga did the Stephen King movie "It".

  • Just watched the first episode and seems boring AF. Is it worth watch all the episodes??!

  • I'm so clean I piss detergent!

  • So this happens after Superbad?

  • The best show Netflix has ever made at least for me. Loved the ending so much.

  • I absolutely loved loved loved this series-especially the ending!!!

  • "Life is simple as hell until you bring on a partner." "Whats wrong isn't that i'm sick. It's that i dont matter." Two mindblowing quotes, as simple as deep. Almost unbearable clear and true. The music, the costumes, the design, the artwork, the psychotic episodes that stabbed directly in my mind and give me a weird mix of feelings like shared pain, dazzling findings, resignation to a fate and healing. For me its not a tv-show. its a cure to my soul.

  • Happy that Emma Stone exist

  • I'm all in!

  • This show is so beutifull. I really think people that are autistic or suffer from anxiety and things like that (im both) will really appreciate it

    • I have BPD and I really loved it. It tells us that 'sane' is something that doesn't exist and we are all about human connection. The disconnection makes us ill.

  • awesome show! i loved it

  • I absolutely love Maniac. It's beautifully nuanced and will make you laugh at the same time as it breaks your heart. It's not to be missed.

  • Such a beautiful show. It’s 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Inception. I loved every second.

  • 2019?

  • It was such a complex and skillfully woven story... The 9th episode really made me so emotional...worth it though. Watch this show!

  • mmm... is this about psychology or about fantasy? I'm confused. Let's just call it Magic.

  • Soooo boring, only maniacs would watch this. Not even interesting. I watched it up to 5th episode and got annoyed how ridiculous this show is. I watched it because of emma stone and jonah hill otherwise its not worth the watch.

  • this is pretty fantastic

  • Nobody’s gotten a handjob in cargo shorts since ‘Nam.

  • Seth and jules together again

  • Omg,I love in this series everything 😍

  • who tf made this trailer with the cliché ass sound effects how does this even remotely do the show justice BIG DISGUSt

  • trailer made it look epic but it turned out to be a waste of my time

  • Amazing series!!

  • Why do some white people look extra white in some netflix shows??

  • So far the best show I’ve seen this year plus I can relate so much!!

  • Alternate trailer over here for those interested ! Cheers to Netflix for this gemstone.

  • Anyone knows who did the set design? It's just so awesome and in a Wes Anderson style.

  • Yikes this is a terrible trailer for the show. It doesn't capture its quirkiness

  • for me, the moee you watch, the more interesting it gets, believe😸❤

  • the more and more watch, the mire intereating it gets, believe😸❤

  • This series is so damn good

  • And you could have it all, my empire of dirt.

  • Best serie of 2018

  • Hab vier Folgen geschaut. Die ersten drei Folgen fand ich richtig klasse - schön schräg, humorvoll und dennoch tragische Charaktere. Als es dann aber in der vierten Folge richtig losgeht bzw. losgehen soll - hats mich nicht mehr gecatcht und teils gelangweilt. Die eigentliche Rahmenhandlung wird nur noch dazu genutzt Kurzgeschichten in verschiedenen Universen mit den Beiden zu erzählen, die durch ein Missgeschick in ihren Träumen zusammenfinden. Nur...TRÄUME sehen total anders, wirrer, morphiger aus! Ist zwar witzig und gut gespielt, aber wirkt zu aufgesetzt und gewollt :-( Mich würde viel mehr interessieren, wie es mit der Rahmenhandlung weitergeht. Mal sehen - ein, zwei Folgen werde ich wohl die Tage nochmal schauen. Wenn es dann nicht heftig funzt...

  • Dramatic rip off of dream corp llc

  • What's the song they use?

  • Fuck this show

  • Jak zdobywczyni Oscara za rolę w filmie raczej romantycznym oraz aktor komediowy mogą tworzyć razem tak zgrany zespół i dać nam dobry serial z zaburzeniami osobowości i depresją w tle? Zadanie pozornie niemożliwe.

  • This gets alot of recognition because of A-list actors, but Legion doesn't? Wtf?! This is a great show in general, but sorry to burst your bubble, Legion is the pioneer series of modern psychological science fiction on TV, and it's better. Written and directed by Noah Hawley. If you guys haven't seen the show, I suggest you watch it before you start CRITICIZING MY OPINION.

  • Noch nie in meinem Leben hab ich so eine Schei*e gesehen. Nein ernsthaft, wer zum Teufel hat sich bitte diesen Rotz ausgedacht. Die Storyline existiert nicht, ich dachte teilweise das ich selbst auf Drogen wäre. es ist gut gemacht ja. aber einen Turm aus Schei*e zu bauen ist halt Imme noch ein Haufen Kacke schön geformt. Der Fettsack hat jetzt abgenommen... Glückwunsch dazu.

  • This show is an ARTWORK. I will just watch it again to understand it more deeply.

  • stupid ass bitches taking off the grinch movie fuck yall

  • The reality is too inadequate for Netflix I've discovered!

  • 1:26 carol is that you

  • 1:26 carol is that you

  • This show was insanely good

  • legion !

  • Anyone know the music that's playing in the background? Really good

  • Will it be good or will it suck?

  • I felt like they could have trimmed a couple of episodes, but overall this is the best show I've seen in a while. From the acting, directing, cinematography, world building, etc. It's beautiful. I hope the people involved win some much deserved rewards.

  • This series was phenomenal

  • Okay I loved adored this as someone with mental illness it was healing much appreciation Emma Stone and Jonah Hill incredible performances💙 👐😳

  • What song is it starting at 1:25

  • It's probably a good show but the trailer is fucking junk, literally junk. It looks, sounds and feels like it was scraped up from the floor of a modern American horror movie cutting room. If I had only known about this series from this trailer without reading about it first I would definitely not watch it as whoever made this PoS trailer did a F'king awful job. Style (which this has none) over substance (which this has none). I hope the show is good because this trailer i fear only exists to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

  • a beautiful production. well made

  • It smells like inception.

  • Music name?

  • Me encanto la voz de la chica de publiamigos


  • I'm confused scared and I don't know if this is reality or US-tv I'm trapped in The Matrix somebody called Neo

  • Fugly from chicago had botox ...shes pretty

  • Mmmmeh mmeh mmeh mmmmm mmmeh emeh *Matthew Mcconaughey

  • Jonah Hill's lost some weight damn

  • *Aquela série que dá sono* Zzzzzzzzz

  • This was exceptional.

  • BORING , SLOW , you wanna kill your self just watching this garbage . THUMBS DOWN. Don't waste your time. ONly people who will enjoy this are the same dillusional people in the series . Trash

  • Ok THIS fucking trailer and the trailer for "Godzilla: King of monsters" are totally synced together i the weirdest fucking way dude. I'm not making it up, play the audio from GKOM in one window and play the muted trailer for this over another... Jus sayin, someone copied someone's fucking homework. Hell, the music is even similar af...

  • What???? Gwen??? She wasnt alive. Let the spider-man see it... i thought she was dead, the spider-man will be so happy with it.

  • There should be a game made with that story also

  • This show is sooooo fucking awesome.

  • I highly recommend this show, the trailer doesn’t nearly show how good it is

  • I'm gonna watch this over again, and I've never wanted to watch a series more than once.

  • Just finished the show but seriously can we all talk about where the fuck is azumi’s tits ??? The Asian dr she has no tits flat af

    • Yoyo smuggler 212 No one cares u whiny bitch

  • How many people keep replaying just because of the background music

    • aoki animearmy no one cares u whiny bitch

    • Manic is just a Dream corp LLC rip off

  • matrix

  • No complaints about Jonah Hill losing weight,... but it looks like he did it in an unhealthy way. Or maybe it’s just the makeup for this series?

  • Jonah Hill was so awesome in this. I loved every single different version/reflection of him. Best work since James Macavoy in Split

  • Just heard That Caryr Fukunaga which is the director of this series will be directing the upcoming new James Bond film!!👍

  • I watched it and then read like 5 reviews that just trash it and I HONESTLY don't understand why. To ME the whole thing is about how you process memories and how trauma can fuck you up and how you CAN move on from it. It's also about how dreams will incorporate things from your real life. The ONLY bad thing I will even halfway admit from the haters is it steals from Inception but since that movie STFU RULES I don't think that's bad AT ALL. The visuals ALONE make it a must watch. But EVERYTHING about this show is FANTASTIC. Watch it. You'll be SO glad you did.

  • “When is this fucking horse gonna die” I LAUGHED SO HARD

  • coooool

  • What's music half way through this trailer? I cannot find it in the sound track.

  • Amazing, incredible, never watched something like this. No words to describe it. It deserves a long term. Congratulations, it is needed a great mind to make this. 10!

  • The best TV show ever made

  • This shows is a masterpiece, the art direction and cinematography are stunningly beautiful, as well as the story, and most importantly Emma Stone, she’s such a breathtaking actor.

  • Perfect

  • "Pure Intention juxtaposed will set two lovers souls in motion."

  • this is the best thing i ever saw, hands down.

  • This looks a lot like that one episode of black mirror

  • I watched the whole thing because of the amazing reviews in this comment section. But to be honest I didn't like it. The whole show made me feel like I smoked a whole lot of marijuana and didn't know what tf was going on. I watched the whole 10 eps though because I wanted to see how it finished and I love Jonah Jill and Emma stone.

  • If you are skeptical about watching this show based on the trailer put that aside and dedicate the ~7 hours to watch this series. It's absolutely amazing. Shot to shot it's some of the best television I've ever seen. It's like if Charlie Brooker, Stanley Kubrick, and the Coen Brothers all dropped 200ugs of LSD together and wrote a 7 hour long movie. I would even go as far as to say it's an experience.

  • Thank you .. ❤️❤️ for fucking amazing series...

  • Saw the first trailer, thought it was gonna be crap. One of my favourite tv series ever made. It's pure art. Watch it and get deep :D A good director, and writers/actors can really make something better than the best.

  • What is a limited series?