Makeup Lovers Try All-Natural Makeup For A Week

Published on May 11, 2018
"You could lick my face if you wanted!"
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Thank you to Susie Wang and 100% PURE!


  • Both girls are so pretty oh my god

  • Damn that make up.... So awesome.. i hope that brand will be in Indonesia soon

  • Sequoia's skin is flawless without makeup.

  • Hi love organic make up i uze it i bay it at bellisima

  • Lookin like a snaccc

  • If you are right handed, the left side of your face is harder to do because it's on the farther side of your face. My left eyebrow looks like a meth addict while my right slays lolol

  • can we just talk about how beautiful they both are

  • The blond girl’s voice and laugh is so cute

  • Super informative, loved this!!! We make organic herb-based products like body wash, lotion sanitizers, scrubs, and more, and we'd love to send you guys a few free samples! Ours is unique because we use organic (not conventional) indigenous herbs from other countries. We break our bank so you don't have to break yours! Love&Light!

  • This would’ve been more interesting if they chose people who don’t wear natural makeup looks

  • So didn't refinery 29 already do a video exactly like this......

  • As someone creating an organic makeup brand, I'm stoked

  • Would I buy organic makeup sorry but no because it’s so expensive and I feel like I could get some products better for a better price but maybe not as good for my skin but I am fine with that

  • Bruh if they are makeup lover I think there makeup before the organic was natural it wasn’t a full on makeup face like if it’s a full on then what am I??!😂💔

  • LOOOOOVE 100% Pure! Saving up for their entire makeup brush collection now. Cruelty-free, Vegan and made with good stuff! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • What brand is this line of organic make up? 🤔💋

  • it seems like in a wa?y the organic makeup is both skin care product and make up so technically it's a 2 in 1 steal?

  • the white lady is so pretty 😍 for that matter, they both are!

  • I own a bunch of natural makeup, setting powder, bronzer, lipstick, mascara, highlighter, foundation, concealer. But the concealer and foundation don’t match me well so waiting for my summer tan 😂😂 the foundation oxidized on me. But most of the stuff I like I just can’t find a good concealer, primer, and setting spray but I’m 13 and I hope to own all organic makeup so I don’t break out my skin but the reason most of my makeup isn’t organic is because most of the time it is gifted to me so if it’s a gift I’ll use it.

  • They look so pretty without makeup❤


  • The Dark skinned girl, WOAA😍😍

  • "Makeup Lovers Try All-Natural Makeup For A Week" features 2 women; 1 who uses foundation & eyebrow products, and the other one with very basic stuff (foundation, lips (and I take it that the concealer was also from that store??)). If you want to showcase this brand/store - get people that uses stuff like eyeshadow, blush and highlighter aswell. Do they have mascara and eyeliner? Because alot of people use those things for their everyday look. What they wore looked really good (some issues with undertones (in certain lighting)). But the name of the video was very misleading compared to the actual video (imo). But, DAMN are these two women gorgeous :O

  • You guys should try Beauty counter its a completely natural makeup and other things like lotion to sunscreen.Many people sell it,it is not as expensive but around the middle price range.It is made for people who want to go natural but still want to look beat.

  • How pure?

  • if you put Alix in the thumbnail i will 100% watch the video. i love her so much

  • I thought that this was going to be them having a natural makeup look.

  • i would just like to point out that organic and all natural doesn't necessarily mean better :^) a lot of ingredients in our everyday products contain synthetic chemicals and such because it may be more stable, have less irritation, and various other benefits over their organic counterparts! It is true that big names makeup companies do mix in cheap ingredients to maximize profit, but the misconception that all synthetic chemicals are bad is just wrong! Take shampoo for example, we used to use fruits and flowers but found the advent of shampoo to be convenient and also contain medicinal benefits like anti-dandruff to taylor to your hair needs

  • I love 100% Pure, the makeup and the skincare products are GREAT! I highly suggest their primers (I use the luminous one) it's the best primer ever for glowy skin

  • I would love to try more of their line again. I've tried it before but the colors they sell in stores are not for brown skin at all. I have seen what they sell online and hopefully the shade range improves.

  • That pink lip color on the blonde girl is GORGEOUS


  • the white girl needs to chill with the fake tan

  • I would try organic makeup

  • I love 100% pure! Been using their various products for years with other natural makeup.

  • Thanks As/Is for making this video and showing us an amazing store for buying natural makeup products, I'm obsessed with it!!!!!

  • Natural/organic doesn’t necessarily mean good for your skin! Lots of natural ingredients can be very irritating, and chemicals are not necessarily bad!! A lot of this is based on buzzwords, not actual science. do your research.

  • Sequoia is gorgeous omg 😍

  • only issue with organic makeup is 1. the term is extremely loose and 2. the makeup takes a long time to set and isn't particularly long-lasting - that being said, this stuff looks really nice

  • Savoya's makeup is amazing !

  • I'd love a really good quality organic brand that stands up to my normal routine! I just wish they'd make more budget friendly options for those of us who can't always spend 20 dollars on a lipstick lol

  • I've been on the 100% Pure website before but hesitated buying the foundation because I wasn't sure that their darkest shade would work for me (I'm NW50) but I'll def try out their brand once they launch the expanded shade range.

  • White girl can't do make up :/

  • I love 100% pure. Been using it for years. However, it is a very natural look. I personally like that, but other women like heavy make up.

  • so her last name is wang. no wonder she likes organic things

  • I want their Instagrams 😍

  • i cant wait to buy some!!!!

  • I wouldnt because, I need that mannequin mask coverage

  • The 100% pure makeup looked flawless dang!

  • Probably expensive

  • Only makeup I wear is lip gloss

  • both of them so beautiful! ❤😍

  • 🗣,261.aspx Organic, NON GMO, Vegan, Kosher Free, Gluten Free Makeup and won’t break your budget. Comment if you would like more information 💁🏽🍃💚✅🌱🍏🙌🏾👸🏽 BossQueen

  • Yes! I would try organic makeup

  • Pfff 'everything you put on the skin is absorbed into your blood' 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 scare to sell is never a good tactic, it only raises doubts and makes you become less credible. Please refer back to 9th grade Biology about the body has ways to regulate substances going in and out

  • I could be buying hella grams of weed with that shmoney 🍃💀

  • They're so pretty!

  • If they make a foundation pale enough, good. But with 30 shades I don't think the lightest is gonna be even near to enough... 🤷‍♀️

  • Omg the blonde girl is BEAUTIFUL

  • It's expensive

  • i dont understand why they are plugging lindsay's channel can someone pls enlighten me

  • Sequoia's skiN WOW SHE IS BLESSED

  • I would maybe try organic makeup💄

  • im curious on how much do they cost... most of the time organic things are pretty expensive...

  • I'm sorry but at 6:35- when she says she couldn't not have make up with chemicals, that is so ignorant. Like she probably knows nothing about it, but since its natural she can't do it or it's hard. Aside that triggering me, I love the video. I'm glad As/Is is trying to bring a better light to natural make up.

  • The blonde is so cute and funny omg. Trade me your face & personality thx

  • The girl with the dark hair is so beautiful like omg what water you drinkin

  • They dont even need makeup..

  • cause some corporate tactic immigrant insight unknown ah.

  • This is so fake

  • Fade truck own tybekxn continuing Dutch deep feedback belt Spanish formal talented.

  • ok when she’s freaking out about buying makeup on amazon ..? like doesn’t everyone do that??

  • Honestly thinking about throwing all my makeup away

  • Sequoia is literally a goddess

  • Plant grain loyalty technique poetry district consider regional secret since describe.

  • ...Wait, I think I heard Susie on NPR a couple of months ago talking about her transition from big company to small business and why she doesn't think organic makeup is a fad. Neat to see NPR and Buzzfeed cover the same thing from two useful angles. Now if only her products were in my area... 'cause I have skin that does not like teflon lol!

  • The blonde girls eyebrows were a little too dark

  • Both are putting on Simpson's make-up o_O why that yellow??? that doesn't suit them? The other things are ok, but not exactly too much their colour-palette as they have yellow faces now ._.

  • Does anyone know of a more affordable organic makeup brand? I like my high end make up but I just can’t see myself spending $30 on a lipstick..

  • I looove alix❤️

  • How about do a video with girls using only CRUELTY FREE makeup? 🐰💕 I use exclusively cruelty free products and would love to see people going through their makeup collection and sorting what is and isn't cruelty free.

  • They are so oo beautiful without makeup 😍

  • Alix!!💕

  • I'm the only one that thinks that the blonde girls looks sooooo much better without makeup. She seems yellow with makeup

  • The brown skinned woman looked like she already had makeup on to start. Clearly she doesnt need any makeup.

  • Im not just saying this! Y'all are gorgeous without any makeup like I wish I looked as drop dead gorgeous as y'all

  • I feel like they should change the title of this video. I don't know.. it just makes it seem like natural makeup is a huge change/is a bad thing. I'm not saying it is, its a great thing but thats just what it made me think of.

  • I love 100 percent pure!

  • in other news they need to drop their teeth whitening tips and care frrrrr😍😍

  • You should see my eyebrows.

  • White girls makeup looks awful and cakey

  • am i the only one that thought this would be natural makeup looks?? 😂

  • Her contour looked too cool toned on her

  • Their bodies tho 🔥

  • Is the makeup know.......I’M ALWAYS HUNGRY 😋

  • omg did she really try on the tester on her lips 😖😣 nooooo

  • Im actually obsessed with organic makeup I actually do my own bronzer and my own face powder and foundation but the rest im still figuring out a great recipe

  • skin is not an organ tho

  • Simple being, I see Alix...I click.

  • Go back to BOLDY