LUXURIOUS All You Can Eat BUFFET in Mumbai India!

Published on Apr 15, 2018
The Seven Kitchens buffet at the St. Regis was full of incredible food! Some stations include dim sum, a tandoori oven, soba and ramen bar, and a weekly special regional food bar. So happy to share this with you guys!
Location Price- $60 USD
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  • Place looks amazing

  • 9:18 let’s get some hot dishes here... Hands right over the woman’s arse.. lol..

  • I'm having food Orgasms right now

  • Nooooo broccoli

  • I cant eat in such a noisy environment

  • India has best food

  • Take a break by eating some more!!!! U r hilarious !

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  • you are not supposed to eat biryani with spoon

  • Hotel name plzz???

    • ASG Stunner vlogs Regis

  • I love my india

  • This is the best job in the world just eat and roam around tha world

  • Can’t help but to notice, he holds his fork on his right and knife on his left

  • So basically, if he is not making action movies, jackie chan is out eating alot of foods.

  • So, if i go in to a Hotelrestorant in Mumbai with a camera and a cameraman i will traitet like royalty is this corect?

    • Thats why i said royalty, that i will be traitet like a guest is clear.

    • Lukas Griessenberger Its a high end restaurant buffet. You'll be treated warmly regardless of whether you have a cameraman. But yes, having one helps as the restaurants love some free publicity

  • This guy eats more food in one meal than whole African village in a year

  • Ur making me hungry

  • Dude. You just destroyed the whole buffet.

  • Imagine ordering no vegetables on your food as an adult.

  • This guy is every " All you can eat " owners NIGHTMARE !!!!


  • literaly making me starve...

  • 02:28 Germans would never eat Nazi Goreng!

  • Ahh he just said it.."round 3/4".. This buffet looks so tempting..But being Black and Indians being So racists, i'll never set foot in India..Ever..!

  • His round 1 , looks like a round 3 for me... Where does he put it all..?

  • we indians know how to do magic with our spices

  • thats a india .....i think india s heaven of from Australia

  • Too much food there makes it less appetising . What I don't like about buffets is the food is never at its optimum taste straight from the chef. Also too much mix n match, its like curry plus noodles add pizza on top then cover in custard and pickle pour on some coke then marinate it in mango lassi. I want to taste the individual components. Then you can say who does the best kebabs, who does the best noodles who does the best pasta etc etc. Buffets just end up being a mix and match of dried up food or soggy noodle mush etc and some greedy fucker takes out all the meat from the curry and just leaves the gravy. who wants tikka that has been sitting in a wok for an hour after coming out of a lovely tandoor? That totally defeats the object.

  • how do you even eat too much food bro

  • Gosh I wish I had a bottomless stomach too

  • Travel in any direction after 10 KM food changes ,after 50 km dress changes and after 100 km language changes in india You have seen nothing indian food is most diverse in world

  • Only $50............WTF

  • How can he eat sooo much ! I get full after 2 rounds in a buffet and i have a big appetite.

  • Wow. Thanks to you I know more about these wonderful places to eat. Just one question How did you develop such an appetite?

  • Real life toriko

  • Who is that Bollywood star

  • When u know 60 dollar =4000 rupess

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  • have you never gotten an upset tummy from the streetfood you eat? Im british indian but when I go back I always get a tummy ache. :/

  • I wish I was from the US so that this buffet looks cheaper than it actually is!

  • EVER eat at home? LOL

  • what the hell is on his feet...

  • thirsty

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  • Looks like food heaven

  • I have gone there and the food is amazing and the service is great 👍

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  • Gordon Ramsay, watch this...😉

  • buffet sense i like that .

  • I have been here


  • 27 K with 1 K thumbs down because he's practicing GLUTTONY for $$$!!!! 2018 kids, soak it up!!!

  • Mickey needs to go on a diet. His heart isn't going to make it after another year of his current diet. People are starving and "no real job" Mickey eats enough food in each video to feed 10 people at least. What a spoiled little kid who never wanted to get a real job. Gluttony isn't cool and never has been.

  • i hear SRK in background ..... dude he is the king of Bollywood go get your pen tf😭👏

  • 4:50 background like if u see😱

    • Just trying to make his baby sleep. Not abducting anyone🤣🤣

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  • Global dumps outgoing

  • WOWWWW..That's some CLASSIC buffet...Loved it

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  • India is the second largest English speaking country

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