"Love Is__" Cast & "Girlfriends" Movie Update

Published on Jul 12, 2018
Will Catlett, Michele Weaver, Mara Brock Akil dish about their hit show, "Love Is____" on OWN.
Then, Mara reveals the inspiration behind the show and sets the record straight about what happened with "Being Mary Jane" on BET.
Plus, Mara tells us why there hasn't been a "Girlfriends" movie.
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  • MY GOODNESS that man’s gaze is just astonishing


  • I mean, at least she gotta be the same color shade!

  • Them toes got me hard like Wendy long legs.. . THROBBING HARD

  • Mara is absolutely brilliant and beautiful! Fan of all the work she’s done.

  • Movie roles are fake ,my hair is real not cutting my dammit hair for nothing.

  • Great interview! Yasss Will “I have a wife *flashes* 💍”

  • He just be looking at ppl with dreamy eyes and what not

  • Will is looking super gay to me! Don’t get me wrong he’s fine but I don’t like that sugary demeanor

  • Im so mad his pants are so dam tight .. I like them tho

  • The Girlfriends movie is black peoples Sex in the city

  • Being Mary Jane should've never went to New York..the show was so much better in Atlanta. it was one of my favorite show. I live in Atlanta and that show literally represents a lot of successfully Black women living in that toxic city call Atlanta. Im going to get into Love is...lets hope it doesn't get can and leave the viewer wondering.

  • Did Wendy try to make a pass?

  • Girlfriend’s movie PLEASE!!!!

  • Where can watch the repeat cause I come In late on Tuesday and (own) is something else with they program

  • I want Being Mary Jane back, Girlfriends....okay Game too!!!

  • Michele is gorgeous and Will is FINEEEE

  • Mara you need 40,50,60 million dollars for the Girlfriend’s movie? You need to call on Tyrone..I mean Tyler!

  • What's up with the shade between Wendy and Will starting at 3:54, I guess his female shade hormones kicked inn and Wendy's male hormones started to flow. Psssssssss!!!!

  • The haircut is a no on her! She looks better with the longer hair

  • They getting all the coins. I love Black lighting and Love is__________

  • Ppl keep commenting on how Michele doesn’t look like Mara but although Love Is ____ represents her story, all of it does not. Y’all gotta understand that elements and different things were added to make it more appealing to the consumer. Everything isn’t verbatim. I honestly think that regardless of skin tone, Mara obviously picked Michele based on her tv presence and how she could tell the story and ultimately how she could embody a young Mara. So please everything isn’t always about skin tone when it comes to finding the best actors. To me, Will doesn’t favor Salim either. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Damn, Wendy barely spoke to the female in the middle.

  • For someone behind the scenes Mara sure talks alot. Lol

  • Damn them pants is mf Ti-zight!

  • Love is ... The bomb

  • Mara is so classy, this is how all women should be.

  • Michelle looks like Tisha Campbell when she smiles. And Will is looking like peter pan with them pants.

  • Let's start a petition for Girlfriends the movie!

  • Mara is gorgeous

  • I absolutely love this series 💚 Both actors are phenomenal 👏👏. Thank you for your talents Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil 🙌 I'm already having withdrawal pains before the season finale next week. #CantWaitUntil2019

  • Who are the two people telling the story? It's not Mara and her husband

  • why couldn't they use an actress who is closer to Maya's skin color? Another black show with a super light skinned woman protagonist. We were just getting out of that with Mary Jane, Scandal and HTGAWM.

  • Idc what none of you say Michelle is beautiful and Mara is not chocolate or was she looking for a exact replica of herself. Y’all doing what social media does all the time. Taking the focus off the meaning of the show itself and not realizing what a beautiful thing love can be and and isn’t sometimes.

  • He is a handsome man; but, those pants are too damn tight.

  • This woman Mara is beautiful! Such a classy and well spoken lady.

  • Will looked like he was ready to pounce on Wendy. Damn.

  • I love all her shows!!!!

  • What happened to doing research before the interview? Girlfriends belongs to Kelsey Grammar and yes it is very valuable. The 8 Season DVD Set valuation is so expensive now. I've been putting off buying it for years. I thought $60 was a lot years ago. Girlfriends is very valuable. $150 to $200 today. I'm so cheap. LOL! I throw away $60 on lunch take out every week. I could have bought that box set years ago. Goodnight to me. LOL

  • Yea he's handsome but those pants aren't doing it for me! It's a turn off....

  • Can Wendy interview the other guests on her couch! Damn. She so hood sometimes!

  • Mara’s hair is beautiful.

  • ..keep real, it wasn't per se BET or Gabriel that ended Mary J, it was 50...

  • Ok what the hell he got on stretch pants

  • I really like Mara Brock Akil. She seems very personable, I love how she handled herself with Wendy messy self even with the difficult questions she was sweet and genuine.

  • I love this show ! best love story Ever!!!

  • Such a good show!

  • We need ALL of the Girlfriends cast back!

  • I love her stuff but my anticipation of this show was met with disappointment. I love Girlfriends and Being Mary Jane, but I wasnt into it

  • Everyone looks great!

  • Wendy is sooooo ugly. What has she done to her top lip? Mara is around the same age and look how beautiful and natural looking she is.

  • I guess the white studio executives forced her to cast a woman, mulatto, who does not look like her.

  • I guess the white studio executives forced her to cast a woman, mulatto, who does not look like her.

  • I guess the white studio executives forced her to cast a woman, mulatto, who does not look like her.

  • WOW LOVE IS IS ICONIC beautifully written artistry evolving

  • Wendy needs to do her homework! Embarrassing!

  • I would love to read a series

  • Love, love, love this show❤❤❤

  • Love is- Is so good💜💜

  • OMG!!!!I am shocked about the eye contact between Wendy and Will 😮😮😮🤔😱😱❤

  • I need more information on what was going on between 3:56 and 4:00 please!! lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Here for the comments on Will and Wendys chemistry

  • Dammm ...he is one fine male species!

  • The comment section is Sheneneh commenting on Martin's light skinned gf parody all over again God! Black ppl are messed up

  • Yes he is SEXY!!! I liked him on That Guy too

  • Love is.....the best show ever.

  • I really enjoy this show

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-8uHLpkIbcGM.html

  • Wow. Gabrielle Union forced her out.

  • He lookin on the sweet side. Lol

  • Lawd, he looks like he's looking into your soul

  • Will has a wife? 😒 sus

  • Hold up whats going on with him and wendy?

  • His outfit is unbelievable!

  • I love Love Is!!!

  • Still waiting on Black Lightning season 2...

  • She's hotter than the young actress He seems gay and I recognize him now with that beard. Nuri is meh, she needs her hair back

  • Dang! He reminds me so much of Teddy Pendergrass!!!

  • He looks high as hell.

  • That linebacker is so nosey...😂

  • Beautiful black people

  • I love “Love is..”

  • Wendy ain’t had that waist held tight in while 🤣

  • Love ❤️ Love is. Excellent writing and storytelling. Yasir and Nuri are fun to watch and he is so fine and confident and forceful even though he doesn’t have a pot to pee in.

  • Now...you know it was more than just a respectful look given in conversation😕

  • Girlfriend's Movie please....

  • Wendy is so rude! I don't like her show anymore because of how she interviews people and seem very rude when asking questions and having casual conversation.

  • Do not like his character Yasir or if that is how he really is. He is a controlling womanizer!

  • We. Just. Want. Maya. toni. Joan. Lynn and William!!! Lol I'm sorry y'all.

  • Mara saw him on First too. That is where she got the idea for her show.

  • Will got some tight pants on.

  • Girlfriends needs to be a movie ASAP. this is well past due.

  • Mara has a RESÚME!!!! A full resume! She has a track record for showing young black people being successful. So many facets! Mara is a powerhouse!

  • If it wasn't for the fact that he said he was married other than that this guy is gay with those ugly skinny pants on. Yuck

  • In reply to comments below - Yes the interview was one-sided and could that be reason for the Will stare (like WHY are you not askin us more ?s). Mara is not dark skin so not understanding Lupita suggestion & Will does have that gay vibe but that don't mean he's gay esp since many guys (+ the DLs) with NO gay vibe are gay !!

  • I just noticed how beautiful this guy Will is.....

  • Meanwhile I'm still waiting for Season 3 of First!! Issa bring back that show and brownskin women leads!!!

  • OMG.... The writer is gorgeous. Love that natural salt and pepper.

  • I’m so happy to see Will getting the recognition he deserves. I’ve been watching him since his Black & SexyTv webseries day and I knew then he was a good actor then❤️ you GO WILL!!😂

    • Nice zdh fix did dejejeziziiz Onzdkfjci no vy v buo m me reasvj b. I typed

    • Is will gay?

    • He's been amazing!! I knew he was bound for stardom 🙌🏾

    • M.B. Jones same here! I'm so excited for his success.

  • I'm sprung on "Love Is" every Tuesday.