"Love Is__" Cast & "Girlfriends" Movie Update

Published on Jul 12, 2018
Will Catlett, Michele Weaver, Mara Brock Akil dish about their hit show, "Love Is____" on OWN.
Then, Mara reveals the inspiration behind the show and sets the record straight about what happened with "Being Mary Jane" on BET.
Plus, Mara tells us why there hasn't been a "Girlfriends" movie.
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  • Idc what none of you say Michelle is beautiful and Mara is not chocolate or was she looking for a exact replica of herself. Y’all doing what social media does all the time. Taking the focus off the meaning of the show itself and not realizing what a beautiful thing love can be and and isn’t sometimes.

  • He is a handsome man; but, those pants are too damn tight.

  • This woman Mara is beautiful! Such a classy and well spoken lady.

  • Will looked like he was ready to pounce on Wendy. Damn.

  • I love all her shows!!!!

  • What happened to doing research before the interview? Girlfriends belongs to Kelsey Grammar and yes it is very valuable. The 8 Season DVD Set valuation is so expensive now. I've been putting off buying it for years. I thought $60 was a lot years ago. Girlfriends is very valuable. $150 to $200 today. I'm so cheap. LOL! I throw away $60 on lunch take out every week. I could have bought that box set years ago. Goodnight to me. LOL

  • Yea he's handsome but those pants aren't doing it for me! It's a turn off....

  • Can Wendy interview the other guests on her couch! Damn. She so hood sometimes!

  • Mara’s hair is beautiful.

  • ..keep real, it wasn't per se BET or Gabriel that ended Mary J, it was 50...

  • Ok what the hell he got on stretch pants

  • I really like Mara Brock Akil. She seems very personable, I love how she handled herself with Wendy messy self even with the difficult questions she was sweet and genuine.

  • I love this show ! best love story Ever!!!

  • Such a good show!

  • We need ALL of the Girlfriends cast back!

  • I love her stuff but my anticipation of this show was met with disappointment. I love Girlfriends and Being Mary Jane, but I wasnt into it

  • Everyone looks great!

  • Wendy is sooooo ugly. What has she done to her top lip? Mara is around the same age and look how beautiful and natural looking she is.

  • I guess the white studio executives forced her to cast a woman, mulatto, who does not look like her.

  • I guess the white studio executives forced her to cast a woman, mulatto, who does not look like her.

  • I guess the white studio executives forced her to cast a woman, mulatto, who does not look like her.

  • WOW LOVE IS IS ICONIC beautifully written artistry evolving

  • Wendy needs to do her homework! Embarrassing!

  • I would love to read a series

  • Love, love, love this show❤❤❤

  • Love is- Is so good💜💜

  • OMG!!!!I am shocked about the eye contact between Wendy and Will 😮😮😮🤔😱😱❤

  • I need more information on what was going on between 3:56 and 4:00 please!! lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Here for the comments on Will and Wendys chemistry

  • Dammm ...he is one fine male species!

  • The comment section is Sheneneh commenting on Martin's light skinned gf parody all over again God! Black ppl are messed up

  • Yes he is SEXY!!! I liked him on That Guy too

  • Love is.....the best show ever.

  • I really enjoy this show

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-8uHLpkIbcGM.html

  • Wow. Gabrielle Union forced her out.

  • He lookin on the sweet side. Lol

  • Lawd, he looks like he's looking into your soul

  • Will has a wife? 😒 sus

  • Hold up whats going on with him and wendy?

  • His outfit is unbelievable!

  • I love Love Is!!!

  • Still waiting on Black Lightning season 2...

  • She's hotter than the young actress He seems gay and I recognize him now with that beard. Nuri is meh, she needs her hair back

  • Dang! He reminds me so much of Teddy Pendergrass!!!

  • He looks high as hell.

  • That linebacker is so nosey...😂

  • Beautiful black people

  • I love “Love is..”

  • Wendy ain’t had that waist held tight in while 🤣

  • Love ❤️ Love is. Excellent writing and storytelling. Yasir and Nuri are fun to watch and he is so fine and confident and forceful even though he doesn’t have a pot to pee in.

  • Now...you know it was more than just a respectful look given in conversation😕

  • Girlfriend's Movie please....

  • Wendy is so rude! I don't like her show anymore because of how she interviews people and seem very rude when asking questions and having casual conversation.

  • Do not like his character Yasir or if that is how he really is. He is a controlling womanizer!

  • We. Just. Want. Maya. toni. Joan. Lynn and William!!! Lol I'm sorry y'all.

  • Mara saw him on First too. That is where she got the idea for her show.

  • Will got some tight pants on.

  • Girlfriends needs to be a movie ASAP. this is well past due.

  • Mara has a RESÚME!!!! A full resume! She has a track record for showing young black people being successful. So many facets! Mara is a powerhouse!

  • If it wasn't for the fact that he said he was married other than that this guy is gay with those ugly skinny pants on. Yuck

  • In reply to comments below - Yes the interview was one-sided and could that be reason for the Will stare (like WHY are you not askin us more ?s). Mara is not dark skin so not understanding Lupita suggestion & Will does have that gay vibe but that don't mean he's gay esp since many guys (+ the DLs) with NO gay vibe are gay !!

  • I just noticed how beautiful this guy Will is.....

  • Meanwhile I'm still waiting for Season 3 of First!! Issa bring back that show and brownskin women leads!!!

  • OMG.... The writer is gorgeous. Love that natural salt and pepper.

  • I’m so happy to see Will getting the recognition he deserves. I’ve been watching him since his Black & SexyTv webseries day and I knew then he was a good actor then❤️ you GO WILL!!😂

    • M.B. Jones same here! I'm so excited for his success.

  • I'm sprung on "Love Is" every Tuesday.

  • Really great interview! Bring them back! Also bring on the Black Lightening crew in season 10!!!

  • I love the show "Love is__"!!!

  • I love this show! It may not be ratchet enough for some people but it's a great romantic dramedy that gives me the nostalgia of the 90s.

  • Will forgot his belt.

  • Mara seem so cool!!

  • Did not know Black Lightning was her husband’s production. No wonder Will got the gig. He will probably put Will in some more of his stuff.

  • Wendy's face at 3:57!!! Will rendered her speechless! 😅

  • Haicut looks awful. Sad she had to chop her beautiful hair. A wig would have done just fine and looked the same.

  • I enjoy watching this show! I thought that was actually her and her husband on the couch telling the story in between the acting. But I guess not.

  • Love is

  • Lol...The way Will was looking at Wendy. Those eyes of his and that smile :0)

  • I don't think he was looking at Wendy "y'all know that" that's his natural face.

  • His whole swag is just chill to the max!

  • Mara is a force, light and a whole vibe!

  • I am so happy for Will Catlett...been watching him since That Guy and First.

  • The table that I set, people still eat from...

  • I so love the show love is

  • Will Catlett as Teddy Pendergrass!

  • Totally addicted to this show and it’s concept!!!!

  • 3:56 the way he looked at Wendy and when she started to stutter i nearly died.

  • will and the super tight pant, why will why????

  • New favorite show, soooo amazing 90s black love, friends, and 90s black Hollywood trying to make it

  • Love is ...is a great show. Love it.

  • If you look on Mara's Instagram her and Michelle look alot alike. She is only one shade lighter than Mara. She just has a good tan. She is light too. Mara has always written stories that included all shades. We have 5 other shows on the air with beautiful darkskin leads. There is room for all of us. This isn't to say colorism doesn't exist. Just saying this doesn't seem like the case.

    • Jessica A How to get Away with murder, Queen Sugar, Insecure, She's Gotta Have it, Have and Have Nots.

    • Cherie Danielle out of curiousity which 5 shows have dark skin female leads. I want to watch :) hopefully their positive representations like love is __.

  • He looks like a young Teddy P! Fine, just fine

  • Am I the only one who likes the show? I'm a hopeless romantic so I don't mind the "corny" aspect of it. It's a black show so I was open to it when I saw the trailer. I've been tired of shows like Love and Hip Hop for awhile. I like the chemistry between Will and Michele in this show. The soundtrack is also great referring to the 90s music.

  • I love this writer, and I wanted to like the show sooo much but it just isn't doing it for me.

  • love these 3 and how you doin, Wendyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? love you 2

  • Mara has given us many great shows and I loved them all, I just can not get into LOVE IS...but regardless I wish the show well...

    • dang , a lot of ppl are saying this

  • And i love Mara!!! She's an amazingly talented writer/producer and she repped my home town KCMO!! lol

  • omg!! i didn't know Will, Mike from 'That Guy', was one of the leads!! I'm gonna start watching!

  • So if color does not matter why not pick lupita ? Just sayin'

  • Will may be multitalented....BUT he could SURELY use some coaching on his facial expressions during his talk show visits. GOOD LOOKS DON'T MAKE UP FOR THE BAD VIBES HE WAS GIVING OFF !