Looking Back At Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers” | Song Stories

Published on Oct 3, 2018
Odd Future rapper Tyler, The Creator broke out in a major way with his vulgar 2011 hit “Yonkers.” The self-produced track helped turn Tyler’s Odd Future collective into rap’s hottest names at the time, and the song eventually went Gold without ever charting on the Billboard Hot 100. “Yonkers” was meant as a parody of New York hip-hop, and also contained some controversial shots at B.o.B and Bruno Mars.
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  • I literally, love Yonkers. That song is my ssshhhhiiiiittttt..

  • This song is ass. That's why we look back at it. Look back at that ass nam sayen? Jkjk this shit a classic😂🔥🔥

  • This isn't even the meaning of the song

  • I rember when my older brother showed me this when i was like 10 i couldent sleep lol.

  • Wolf Haley*

  • Tyler dudes cool



  • I have literally never seen Tim Westwood disagree with anyone

  • Damn it took y’all long enough

  • crazy how much he’s matured

  • I’m a fucking homosexual

  • Finally, what the people want

  • Capital steez did better

  • How can he not like airplanes

  • imo one of the most iconic rap songs ever

  • Tia fine af.

  • I really felt that when he said "Threesomes with a triceratops"

  • I dont need lyrics on screen trust me i know them

  • I love how B.o.b. Dropped a diss track on a “nobody” but nobody cares about him now

  • Man I remember Yonkers. Shit was slapping

  • Tyler’s the actual fucking goat 🐐

  • Back with Tyler was dope fuck him now

  • I enjoy only one song by bruno mars. "Locked out of heaven", and thats it

  • Y’all barely on this

  • Wolf Hayley is to Tyler as Bobby Digi is to RZA

  • moments like 1:40 are why tyler will never say shit back to eminem. he's already won lol

  • Then hanged himself at the end man everybody went crazy over this video I remember the news talking crazy about this video and Tyler

  • Who's ready for this week's SUPREME drop?

  • Only 7 years late

  • damn I was expecting some high level deconstruction of influence and shit but they literally just put the lyrics on screen

  • I love tyler

  • i verified this song when i was 11 Genius y'all late


  • Everytime I hear about Yonkers I think about the line in Colossus

  • going back to yonkers, nice.

  • Tyler really made supreme what it is today tbh

  • nobody can touch my swa A ag


  • A little bit late

  • It 2018 and we’re still talking about Yonkers I love this shit

  • Rip adventure time 😤

  • Wow so he really did bite that roach tf

  • This song still slaps

  • *im a FUCKING walking paradox*

  • No body can touch my swag

  • I feel like this just explained how he got famous

  • Where Leti at?

  • It took so long to find it out but we finally did it

  • A little bit late ....

  • Y’all mad late wit this one

  • wtfff he actually bit the cockroach

  • my golf hoodie came in like two days ago 🔥

  • Bruh you’re late af

  • This is such a bad song, no it's not

  • It took genius a little over five minutes to do a "Looking Back At..." video for Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N***a" but 2:44 for this, arguably one of Tyler's best songs ever. All respect to bobby but this was way to short. For Yonkers, a serious lyrical breakdown could take up to ten minutes maybe more but instead they missed a huge chunk of the song.

  • Never gets old.

  • back when we used to diss niggas when they brought up Yonkers

  • Every Tyler album is good

  • I only clicked because i thought tyler would be in it and i could laugh, but no its just some dumb bitch explaining like shes an autism teacher

  • I did this 7 years ago

  • Eating that roach broke the internet that day

  • Need beats👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

  • Why are they still looking back at this

  • Actually i never understood it at all. Thanks

  • Mad Yonkers is the biggest thing people know about my city!! DESPITE JADAKISS , MARY J BLIGE, AND DMX (MT VERNON) BEING THERE!

  • it took you 7 years to understand the song genius... are the interns 5 y.o? 😂

  • This song what really blew that nigga tyler up to the mainstream

  • I live in Yonkers,NY

  • 7 years too soon man, at least wait for us to comprehend it damnnn

  • Bitch u ain’t Tyler

  • Tyler a genius

  • needs to explain why he hasn't responded to em


  • It’s good to see Genuis is still doing lyric videos that are old but still the best songs

  • crazy every big rap publication dick-rides Tyler now

  • Guys, this song was already explained by their website and the video says "Looking Back At Tyler, The Creator's Yonkers"

  • What the fuck they decided to make this now?

  • He doesn’t want to associated with the damn roach anymore

  • 2012 niggas be like

  • No on

  • 7-8 Years late.

  • grade 7 me loved this song

  • this song came out 7 years ago when this vid was posted. yall are really strugglin to find shit to talk about huh

  • Lol so they gone skip when he said "i called god and told him to stop bitchin"?

  • Where the fat one’s at? I got something to feed em....

  • This song is such a classic


  • he had the supreme hat in 2011 omfg

  • Still fire

  • Still love this song

  • i miss this anti christ tyler. fuck the new flower boy little girl.

  • I'm a fucking homosexual

  • it took them this long for a video explaining a track that doesnt even need explaining 😂

  • do earl sweatshirt chum next


  • ,,I ate one roach,made A lot of money"

  • Tyler the Creator > your favorite rapper 💯 New Tyler the Creator type Beat on my channel though 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔊🔊🔊

  • Careful Joji your Frank is Showing 0:57

  • didn't actually realise he bit the fucking roach lmfaoo commitment fuck...

  • You cant break this down in two mins