Little Boy And His Dog Became BFFs The Second They Met | The Dodo

Published on Nov 4, 2018
Little Boy And His Dog Became BFFs The Second They Met | There’s nothing like the bond between a kid and his first dog 💞
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  • Two little monkeys jumping on the bed One fell down and hurt his head Went to the doctor and the doctor said No more monkeys jumping on the bed

  • Pretty pathetic

  • This is child exploiation. The kid was temporarily adopted by them so how can they keep his pictures online? Isn't it sad he got that dog a few months and then lost him? I bet that poor kid's still traumatized by it all. Bad enough to put another persons kid online for money but to take the dog in the end and send him away who knows where..sick. Then to think of all that state money given for his care and wasted on dog clothes is real exploitation.

  • I cant wait for the kid to have to bury the dog

  • Bull , 💩

  • They have a lot in common mostly the hair and dna but I digress 🍵

  • This is SOOO CUTE!!!!!

  • hahahaha! she dresses them up the same lmao!

  • I adored this! 😍

  • Fake! ITS TOO PERFECT 😂😂😪😪😭😭

  • This put the biggest smile on my face😄😄😄, and the matching clothes too cute

  • In Love💜💜😭

  • So stinking cute!

  • DoPe! Crazy how our inner spirit is represented Thru ouR sOn..🔱🐶😈🔱 👑

  • They're both adorable

  • This kid is a white devil. Nursery him

  • Mans best friend

  • Can someone please get them a reality show???? I'd watch it every day

  • I’m focused how hey live in a rich nice house

  • Too adorable for words.❤️😁

  • I bet 90% of you watch this because you were bored and selected a random video on the Recommendations page

  • But what happen if he dies

  • This dog has better friends than me.

  • I feel like this needs to be a picture book

  • Connecticut river near Lyme?

  • One look at this boathouse's surroundings I knew immediately this had to be the Columbia River in Oregon. To make sure I googled Buddy and Reagan. In doing so, I learned that Reagan and Buddy will be FOREVER BEST BUDDIES. Buddy's foster family has adopted him as their forever son.

  • Sooo.. the BOYS name is Buddy and the DOG'S name is Reagan??? Hmm..

  • 😐😑😕:-[

  • Nice video what a handsome dog. I'd like to know what breed It is.

  • Love this so sweet

  • This is to cute!!!

  • I LOVE THESE TWO 💙🐾💙🐾💙🐾💙

  • His on tv

  • That’s a beautiful Dog. Has just the sweetest face.

  • Jake the dog and finn the human

  • THIS IS SO CUTE🐕🐩😀😁😄😊

  • This video is cute and all but the dog has a person name and the kid has a dog name.

  • Aw that is so cute

  • So heart touching

  • What a cute pair! Love the matching clothes.

  • Thats my name but spelled "ragen"

  • This is such an adorable video and the message brings an impact in people's life. My family and I fostered some kids that we eventually adopted, and that bond is incredible! And Reagan and Buddy are the cutest things ever! Great Job!

  • The photo with the noses booping is heartwarming

  • Yes I remember him ❤️❤️

  • I think your dog might be a muppet.

  • Love it :D

  • What kind of dog is Reagan?????

  • so cute

  • 👍👍right 🐕part of family❤️🐕👍,we like this video, so cute

  • She gave them the opposite names.

  • That’s one cute doggy

  • Coco crump

  • Kinda dog is this?

  • That's a great relationship but it safe for kids.

  • What a beautiful relationship. 😊❤

  • You lady are more than human. You surpass the challenge of what you do.


  • Reagan's haircut is cool af

  • This lady is a beautiful human.

  • fake dog ....mmm real ok..

  • Aww so cute 👦🏼+🐶 = love ❤️

  • This is so cutttte

  • The thumbnail is adorable

  • OMG i LOVE dog"s

  • There's no bond like that of a canine and human being.

  • You are an 😇

  • So sweet❤️💕♥️

  • cutest thing I ever say,,,,,,,,warms the soul

  • I have the same name as the dog🤣

  • Maybe not boyfriends just freinds

  • What breed of dog is he?

  • Buddy is such a weird name for a boy..

  • Thank you for sharing their story with us. God bless you!

  • hi there, can I ask what breed of dog is reagan.

  • So cute

  • She’s such a good momma 🥰

  • It’s a Kids Best Friend

  • What type of dog is this

  • I wish my dog was more playful...

  • So they boy is buddy and the dog is Reagan?

  • This labradoodle is my dogs sister

  • Awww, so sweet.

  • This is so cute !!❤️

  • Is this real?... this is freaking adorable....this is like a cheesy Hollywood movie.. and i love it🤗🤗🤗

  • The matching T-shirts are so adorable ! Keep it up !

  • I thought buddy was the dog and Reagan was the boy

  • I wish my dog taught me like this.. 😢

  • Hahah I missed the first like 10 seconds and didn’t realize for a while the kid name is buddy and the dog is Reagan

  • If you're putting matching clothing on a child n dog you deserve to be shot XD


  • That's the little boy from Stuart Little yall ain't fooling me haha😂😂

  • This is too cute, reminds me of when i waw little i had a pet cat and we were hest friends just like those two, sadoy he died when i was 11 or 12..

  • What kind of dog is Reason?

  • That dog is so cute

  • OMG buddy is precious

  • Little buddy looks like that little boy from "little Stuart"

  • They call the kid buddy bc they dont want to give out his real name

  • Very sweet kid and dog story. Gives one hope for human-kind in the face of all the awful things in the news. However, maybe the dog in the speed boat should be in a pet life-vest just like any other kid?

  • LOVE THIS! Thank you for always sharing uplifting videos in such an evil world. God bless

  • The thumbnail is kinda scary