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Lil Xan - The Man ft. $teven Cannon

Published on Mar 30, 2018
Lil Xan's debut album TOTAL XANARCHY is out now:
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Directed by: SAMKING
Produced by: SAMKING & Noreberto Garcia
@samkinglv & @norbertogarcianava
Written by: Jordan Page & SAMKING
DP: Lerry Kin
Production Company: Buffnerds Media
@Buffnerdsmedia @jakobowens


  • God dam daddy

  • What the fuck in the fucking fuck is this? is this supposed to be music? hip hop? cat shit? what the fuck is this supposed to be? on top of that, you called pac trash... HOLY FUCKING FUCK KYS.

  • Lemme quote something tht I heard years ago which makes all the sense in the world: "U will NEVER be as high or feel as high as you were the very 1st time you ever got high"

  • 0:38,1:58,3:01,

  • 0:38,1:58,

  • 0:38,1:58,

  • this reminds me of xxxtentation and i think we all can relate #subscribe to my channel

  • This “song” got boring after the second row of “God damn lil xanny the man”

  • Yo wassup everybody ma name is lil and iam addicted to xan

  • wtf do people listen these days

  • This is for all the haters why you hating on Him at least he accomplished something and what did you accomplished I tell you what nothing

  • These litlle punks wont say it . Lol

  • Fuck that, god danm god danm ya IM the man

  • 0:39 fkn scared the 💩 out of me

  • they needa get lil xan on shamesless frfrfrffrfr

  • Genio

  • I came for Ethan.

  • Only talent he has is not being talented

  • Okay the beat hard but why he get all deep only to start saying stupid shit again? Like when the music stops in the middle and he asks him about how he feels when he uses, I can legit relate to that. Then it’s just back to “god damn god damn I’m the man” like smh.

  • Lil xan thinks he i cool but he iz just a twat

  • Lil xan thinks he i cool but he iz just a twat

  • Pengggg

  • Hope Carl isn't a true fan of this shit. Side note. They do look alike.

  • This is fkn awful. What a joke

  • Ja od Binczu xD

  • This kid is a fucking idiot

  • What in the actual fuckaroo is this shit? How the fuck can people find this mumbling crackhead entertaining to listen to?

  • Just here becuase of carl

  • This shit is so whack dead by 25 should be the next album

  • I’m just here for Ethan Cutkosky-

  • Takin drugs, and talkin like ya got a dick in your mouth = shit music.

  • Goddamn goddamn these lyrics are shit

  • damn i need a friendship like diego and ethan 😴

  • And this little promotional puppet that say 2pacs music was BORING like wtf you talking about with this shit no contest Lil junk

  • Boring

  • 💗

  • WOW WTF IS THIS GARBAGE ASS TRASH SHIT THIS IS NOT MUSIC AND THIS LITTLE PUNK ASS XAN says that 2pac music is boring lmfao this dude DOESN'T even sound good ive heard kids with Down Syndrome sing better than this sound better than this this is fucking pure trash and this dude just sucks

  • this song better make bad insults

  • Jesus Christ do you people honestly enjoy this brainless mumble "rap" you are aware there is loads of good music out there. Before you say I came here to see the dislike to like ratio and I feel like the human race is doomed


  • Lmao who else noticed lil carl 😂

  • Now we Wait when The Cause Of Death going to be show RIP Xan

  • 4:43

  • This is terrible!

  • why do he look like billie eilish ?

  • Mom where's the bleach

  • Jennifer lowkey pretty

  • Wait, this is the guy who rated 2pac 2 out of 10 and said that he made boring music? Wtf is this shite

  • God dam god dam this song is fucking shithole what happened to rap these days like fuck makes no sense at all before people were robing niggaz on the street and killing bitches now days these guys get handed everything like this shit is wack

  • I watched a couple of interviews with this guy and he seems likable, but this just sounds flat out bad to me, and that's coming from a perspective of actually wanting to enjoy it.

  • I fw $teven Cannon but with Lil Xan not so much

  • this song makes me want to steal my own wallet. the beat is addicting. so catchy. I hope one day my music will reach this many people. people say my music is similar. like this comment and have good luck for one year

  • Jesus I want a song not a movie with self promotion

  • Remember when he called Tupac boring and then he makes this shit hahahahahaha

  • Idk but I hate that fool face

  • After long consideration and confusion, I have come to the conclusion that Lil Xan is sexy as fuck .

  • So fucking cringey

  • Diego looks like a baby in this video xDD

  • Lil Xan is the man 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • 2018?

  • Fuck anyone who supports this trash

  • 4:28 eis q vc fingi ser o Rezende brincando com a amoeba;-;


  • Lil xan is the most popular rapper ever 😍😘😎😜😝

  • If you subtract money from any situation and then reevaluate, you can see true value. Take money away from this right here and lemme know what yall think.

  • i press 1:00 over and over again coz he is cute as with his lil dance

  • What a said 2pac is boring...say it on your this boring music vid.

  • God damn god damn lil xan is trash

  • Is it just me or does the chick twerking on the bed look like the molly that is or was friends with faze rug

  • the lyrics aint shit. im not hating the dude. but god damn man.....

  • That was hands down by far the worst thing I've ever heard in my 30 years on this earth. Being a long time rap lover this should be hung, tarred and feathered.

  • this video is a very good

  • Que asco

  • Start a beef say somethin hoe ass I fuckin dare you.

  • Stupid ass bitch, sayin Tupac is boring so I checked your music. Man what the fuck is this shit if you even call this music.

  • I swear you are another repetative trash ass wannabe rapper that says anything over and over and saying 2 pac is boring you have zero fucking skill I hope you OD. one less dumb fuck on this earth.

  • god damn god damn i'm his biggest fan

  • god damn god damn i'm his biggest fan

  • I love mumble rap

  • Ay kill xhaty💔💔

  • Oh stop hate training Diego y'all know you want to dance

  • Anyone Here for Ethan?

  • Nobody should wish anyone died it was X's time I miss him to y'all need suck it up and stop being all bitchy to everyone about this

  • This shit is ass

  • despacito3

  • Wasn’t that girl from a kids show now SHE IS A FULL TIME TWERKING STRIPPER😅😅😅

  • This is way more boring than 2pac

  • Canta como mierda JAJAJA. Amigo deja esta musica xq haces quedar mal a verdaderos raperos con tus huevadas.

  • Shameless

  • I can't believe this stuff actually sells

  • It’s kinda sad because of how many Xanax he’s popped. He’s ruined.

  • Lil Peep, Xxxtentacion, Lil Xan is next

  • Why he look like this nigga I just fucked

  • Fuck lil xan, idgaf which of you emo fucks likes him. This nigga is the most annoying man in the game.

  • So this guy saying shit about tupac's song being boring? Man this shit is completly trash, he ain't got anything of talent 0. This shit just gave my ears cancer. I don't know how there's people liking this crap.

  • I love the beat, but the lyrics are dead its like he is always high

  • Mumble rap smh trash as fuck

  • Ooh ya ooh ya ooh ya ooh ya ooh ya evolution of mumble rap

  • I have no comprehension of how people like this?

  • Ches nalgasos salvajes