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Lil Xan - The Man ft. $teven Cannon

Published on Mar 30, 2018
Lil Xan's debut album TOTAL XANARCHY is out now:
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Directed by: SAMKING
Produced by: SAMKING & Noreberto Garcia
@samkinglv & @norbertogarcianava
Written by: Jordan Page & SAMKING
DP: Lerry Kin
Production Company: Buffnerds Media
@Buffnerdsmedia @jakobowens
#LilXan #TheMan #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo #StevenCannon


  • It's a sad day when death metal lyrics are easier to understand than mumble rap lyrics.

  • The man vs. drug addicts

  • 2:13 aint that carl from shameless?

  • Die meid van lil xan wejow gek

  • I hated this song the first time I heard it, but I was playing music randomly and I did not because I wanted to play it all the time

  • Lyrical genius

  • did justin bieber become a rapper ?

  • White boy Carl!! White boy Carl!! Lmao I always thought lil xan looked and sounded like him XD

  • Tae

  • I rather listening to dumb ass christian church music then listen to this cancerous shit

  • What the fuck is this shit?

  • eu acho ele muito fofo!!!

  • 😐😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Hip Hop is officially dead 💀

  • 2:12 I see you Ethan😂

  • Legend says this track took 3 years to compose and was rewritten at least 20 times

  • St Andrews Hall ❤️❤️ good seeing you there

  • Muzik d0nt MAke.v..eli

  • Pacs alive bitch...kasinova is comin for you.

  • no disrespect but this is dumpster juice wtf they trying to do the kids!

  • I have to go to church now

  • what is this

  • This is the dude who called 2pac boring. I guess lil xan is the man... ha

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Fuck, I can’t do it but tried.. This shit is just garbage, sound like they can’t talk n about to fall asleep doing it. These young kids these days don’t know shit about rap.. Times can change but I won’t with this shit n today’s rap or what the fuck ya wanna call it... I’m keeping it real n bumpin ole school, The Classics and real legends that were the true Gs

  • makes soldier boi sound good.

  • He needs to eat more hot cheetos

  • I don't think he could please that woman in his wildest dreams, he looked like a five year old pretending to drive a car.. Pathetic. I hope he reads this because he deep down knows its true.

  • Saw this live front row in Cincinnati you and cannon rocked that shit it was turnt!💢💲 i been on my shit tho ooh 👌

  • That's a fucking great hook whether you like him or not.

  • omg you suck mate

  • ethan cutkosky is beautiful

  • Garbage

  • Brain at 2:00 am

  • You guys are some haters 😂 just let him do his stuff in peace, just like everyone's letting you. You decided to listen to this song, no one made you. So don't come to the comment section leaving bad vibes, go get a life. Let Diego be the man 🙏🏽Geez

  • Xan ‼️‼️‼️

  • How the fuck is this trash called music........


  • 2019 v:

  • Dear Lil Xan can you die because of spicy cheetos pls?

  • Mumble rap

  • like if ckan is better than lil xan

  • He's a hot ass mess. What the he'll did I just watch?!

  • What the fuck is this asshole talking about.????

  • Lil xan is known for sleep rapping because when ever we raps it looks like hes about to sleep XD

  • Honestly this shit is garbage....This kid could have real talent but hes blinded by brain damage...

  • Its f***ed up that this is cool nowadays... set a better example for kids nowadays bro.

  • que fachero que es

  • Do us all a favor end it now or at the very least visit an orthodontist.

  • He fucking trash

  • U cant even understand what he rapping garbage junk

  • damn, why dont people like lil xan?? i love him

  • How the hell did this idiot get a record deal? Anyone can do this, literally, anyone. This takes zero talent.

  • I weep for the ears of our youth. Producers and record labels should be ashamed of releasing absolute no talent garbage like this. Remember when you used to be required to posses talent in order to get a record deal? Xan, Remember when people told you that you can do anything you put your mind to? Well,,,,they lied to you. You call this hate, because while you got paid from brain dead hood rats who appreciate shitty music to smoke meth to, I do actually hate this song. I'd rather put my head in my car door and slam in repeatedly, then listen to another second of this elementary school drop out. This is the part where all you social media gangstas puff out your bird chest and put in your fake gold teeth and go all kinds of hard core on your keyboards.

  • One flew over the cookoos nest meets Mary Kay Leterourneau? WTF did I just watch, and why did I watch the full thing!? It's not like it was going to get better.

  • How can people here this trash, what, how, come on kids cant be this dumb

  • Jennifer can suck my fuckin dick

  • Real "I'm not a vampire" vibes

  • A god damn lyrical genius.

  • Trash music from this dude, but I respect the hussel

  • My goodness this is truly terrible.

  • I played this this while drinking water Im drinking lean now

  • So tired

  • Just think in millions of years when another society rises up after the fall of humanity this is what they'll find...

  • hi

  • Who put this fucking vid on the you tube... Remove the fucking video

  • True art will always be controversial, everyone's a critic

  • KARL?

  • If lil xan can get girls,then anyone can...

  • Wow this might be the worst song I've ever heard. I usually never hate on anyone trying to do their thing, but i dont even know what this shit is...I must be getting old lol

  • This is complete garbage

  • first hot as fuck second this is the awesome. god dam, stop hating.

    • sofa nobell this shit is fucking cancer

  • Why so much hate in this comments, like wtf get a FUCKING LIFE, if you dont like him, just dont hear the fucking song , omg , shut up your mouth bitches

  • Is there an instrumental version? Beats tight but he completely ruined it with these "bars"

  • Who's the chick in the video that twerks on him

  • Love you xan keep kickin these tracks🔥

  • He's addicted to Cheetos lol the f*** out of here

  • An addict to hot cheetos lame as fuck

  • wats up the sky like

  • Lmfao if 2pac was still alive and heard this crap he would smack the shit out this kid!

  • PURE trash

  • Just heard this for the first time, when the beat dropped at the beginning I was like “god damn beat sound hard as fuck”, it was slamming on my subs, then dude started “I fun dah bih yah I fuh dah bih yah” and was like maannn kill yourself.

  • who thw fuck is thos EMO boy ?

  • Lil xan: god dam god dam lil xanny so sexiest

  • This is so hard to watch this is so fucking weird

  • I just want to know who is listing this trash so I can punch them in the fucling ears!

  • Wth


  • Si está de locos chido.

  • Lil xan is trash and should die

  • TURN IT OFF!!! IT gave me Cancer

  • fuck yeah

  • This kid needs his azz beaten. This is trash.

  • Terrible

  • I can't describe how much I want this little boy dead, I tried to listen, but had to turn it off before I punched through my tablet. His parents must be proud... no wait it's there fault

  • Omg that ass 2:26

  • what the fuck is this garbage?!

  • What the hell 😴😴😴

  • This dude seriously sucks, WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GENERATION !. Your lyrics are super whack, And you have the balls to smash Pac ! If pac was here today he would end ur little punk ass. Pussies like you is whats wrong with people today. Your so annoying. All you do is say the same god damn in this song. and ur ugly! LOL SO UGLY !!!!!

  • In 10 years when lil xan is 18, I’m punching him.

    • That seems about right!!!!

    • Bruce Bigbie This guy is 21. In 10 years he'll be working at a Burger King