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Lil Peep - The Brightside

Published on Jul 28, 2017
"The Brightside" out now:
Listen to COME OVER WHEN YOU'RE SOBER (Pt. 1) here:
Shot by Mezzy, Wiggy, and Joseph Breese
Edited by Mezzy
Produced by Smokeasac
Co-produced by IVIVIVI
I know that you want me
You know that I want you
The memories haunt me
I know that they haunt you too
But it's alright you'll be fine
Baby it's alright you'll be fine
As long as your mine take a look at the time
It gets cold at night when you're alone outside
But it's fine I'll be fine
Pay me no mind
Pay me no mind
Just look at the brightside
Just look at the club lights
I gotta look at the brightside
I guess she wasn't the one right
This isn't what loves like
That's for sure
Help me find a way to pass the time
Everybody's telling me life's short but I wanna die
Help me find a way to make you mine
Everybody's telling me not to
But I'm gonna try
Now I'm getting high again tonight


  • ''when I die you'll love me''

  • 3:05💔

  • Почему вы все пишите люблю лил пипа??вы все так пишите,а вы не подумали,что он сам употреблял наркотики и сам себе желал смерти.Задумайтесь да мы его помним но он был наркоманом и ни кто его не заставлял их пренимать.......

  • топ

  • Gone way to fucking soon.

  • I will always love you R.I.P Legend


  • RIP Lil Peep your time has passed sleep well😥

  • BRAZIL! Peeper's Club

  • Rip I love u😭😭

  • 2018 who(кто)?

  • *R.i.p lil peep your music is safe with us and your soul ❤️❤️❤️*

  • What jacket is that in the very beginning

  • 0:38 Russian flag

  • i wish gus could see how big he has blown up :/

  • Can you guys do me a massive favour and check out a remix I made on soundcloud, it only got 10 plays :/

  • R.I.P lil peep / R.I.P my dog coco

  • R.I.P😭💔

  • #Gothboiclic love lil peep r.i.p✌🙏 see u soon like for respect follow me for lil peep 2 come back 😭

  • here was easter egg with the Russian band named "Красная плесень" at the beginning of video 0:08

  • 2:08 ))))))))

  • 400k likes thx peep for his music


  • rock in peace gus;-;

  • 2020 anyone ?!


  • Why he died? Because marijuana?? He fetish marijuana? but nice tatoo :D

  • Bye brother


  • ВОТ по русски .. это лучшее что слушал

  • miss you lil peep

  • He has good music, definitely get a nirvana type of vibe from this song

  • R. I. P

  • Почему бог забирает таких хороших людей??

  • I love you... ❤

  • Rip chelik

  • i love this song RIP TO LIL PEEP

  • R.I.P. lil peep ❤️

  • he was a true legend

  • Cute Baby Boo🎶💗🔐

  • *Your music is my Brightside* 💔

  • 🙏🙏🙏

  • “Help me find a way to pass the time”

  • Who's here May 2018

  • I love this song !

  • word I wanna die

  • Peep:as long as your mine Me:I miss you alot💔

  • Alone outside but its fine 😝

  • I want that fucking jacket.

  • 🎶🎶🙌👏😢❤

  • выпелился из нашего мира,но мы будим помнить,смотреть и слушать

  • R.I.P

  • Lil peep is the best forever 💔 we love you so much 💔

  • u helped me but now who can

  • That chorus gets me in my feels every time

  • Rip little peep.. I feel the pain.. I’m going they so much problems rn.. your music makes me feel better!! Rip to the greatest

  • Beautiful song...i miss him❤️

  • If only he was still around imagine the great music he would be producing now.

  • Play fortnite

  • R.I.P lil peep

  • This video is so nostalgic

  • Look at the dude, I’m not surprised he died... sad shit man.

  • a mix with Keys!!! That would be great. T on em

  • damn i love all of the candid moments in this


  • Era el Kurt Cobain del trap

  • It feels like I lost my best friend rip peep u we’re gonna change rap 😢and u did in your short life but u could of more rip

  • в конце так ушел........

  • RIP