Light Up Christmas

Published on Nov 5, 2018
All the joy. All for less. All from Walmart.
Save Money. Live Better.
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  • Didn’t you just copy the slogan ‘Save Money. Live better.” From Asda because you couldn’t make up your own?

  • I want to know who tf subscribed to Walmart?

  • Anyone know the title of the song?

  • Fuck Walmart

  • I want a Minecraft for kill the Jews day!!!

  • 0:08 Best part of the whole commercial. (I love cats!).

  • All they want for Christmas are Walmart products.

  • Yet you still build wmd's

  • I’m lighting up rn

  • Buy from sears instead wmt is a food department only to me soon the other departments that are about the trade war will be voided because sears gave a better presentation to me even with closing locations and sears Corp has as chance to reach 6 dollars today because walmart and other brick and mortar chains are very young and have issues worse than sears kmart JCP and they know it because you don't stay in business as long as 130 years for nothing

  • Music by The Isley Brothers. Listen -

  • Walmart is the best place for Christmas shopping!

    • +Le weber ok

    • I vant yutub

    • ​+An- imations I think all the Walmart prices are different, depending on where you live.

    • Walmart is garbage, I got scammed $20 for a fricking bag of cheetos.

  • Can someone please, PLEASE PLLEEAASSSEEE tell me who subscribes to Walmart? Wait hold on Walmart is a big company that makes billions a year. That's enough money to buy 301 thousand sub bots. Nevermind.

  • Lol the first thing that you see is a cat lol

  • Target and Amazon 2 day shipping no minimum order. NOT WALMART

  • Cool