LGBT Issues

Published on Apr 19, 2018
3:15 Class Starts
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  • They pay for the class but u force them to get video taped and close their laptops what a trash school

  • Gender change: 1. Harmful to health- infertility; high suicide; serious medical issues 2. Body Disfigured - if you don't like your new body - your old parts just dont work quite right and need major surgery to get it back. 3. Social Relationships- family disconnects; messed up family life - affects on your current children or plans to have children; friends/community - avoided = loneliness. 4. Workplace - Trans identity will limit your job opportunities. 5. Too Expensive - Is the cost worth mutulating the body for it? How many surgeries? How much for the daily medications, frequent doctor visits, many surgeries? Wouldn't the money be better spent on buying a house? How much is this lifestyle preventing me from saving for retirement or a rainy day? 6. Serious psychological therapy is needed for people who are Trans.

    • Most of these points are dubious and the rest don't cite sources. More importantly, isn't it amazing that some people still think it's worth it, despite the struggle? Can you imagine how it feels to identify differently from your biology? You can choose to see courage instead of perceiving foolishness :)

  • Its not right for the teacher to be Gay and married to a women. He probably sexually devious and risk exposes his wife to HIV/Aids or cant hold feces (poop) because of the butt stuff (anal sex) with partners.

  • Totally get the family thing. It is just super awkward, or maybe the word is difficult, to change who you are with your family. I am basically straight but it would be super difficult for me to come out if I was gay because first of all my family has already said a massive amount of extremely anti-gay things to me.