Let's Talk About Google Duplex!

Published on May 10, 2018
Google Assistant making real phone calls?! Artificial intelligence is taking crazy steps forward. How far will it go?
Talking AI with Neil Degrasse Tyson: us-tv.org/tv/video-y9U10qdDQqk.html
Google Duplex blog post: ai.googleblog.com/2018/05/duplex-ai-system-for-natural-conversation.html
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  • What!! Google assistant, OMG. That's so cool

  • It doesn't matter, it's gonna take 10 years after this is implemented for any laws or regulations to pop up anyway.

  • As human beings when did we ever not go too far when did we ever do anything in a box

  • I like the idea but I believe they should implement a feature like "hello this is a Google assistance I am calling for a client to book a haircut" so it identifys itself at the start

    • it´s already implemented after a shitstorm which followed after the presentation.

  • Yes but no

  • Uh.

  • Love that u put lord willin as intro Logic is best

  • Bro. This is the beginning of the end of human interaction. I know it's your livelihood but it is still immoral. You can't stop smart people from thinking. That's the problem. You just need to hope that whatever they think would be good.

  • can you use this to quit your job without the hassle of explaining why and going thru and exit interview as an alternative to just ghosting the job?

  • A huge milestone would be a translator

  • I would like Fortnite, and marques brownlee


  • Put "i am duplex" in the end of conversation

  • Oooo I heard that logic at the beginning

  • The matrix by Google

  • *I really need to delete my history*

  • the greatest gift for introverts

  • Next up we will see the restaurant's and the salon using google assistant to take calls of clients.......and we might end up seeing google assistant taking over call not only from consumer but also from service providers and then google assistant talking to google assistant

  • Am I talking to a G assistant ? UUUUUUMMMMM yes ? Well then ciao

  • google makes the world a better place.......

  • "Hey Google, pretend to call me at 6:00 PM tomorrow so i have an excuse to leave"

  • Akria happens in 2019

  • google duplex... and checks (cheques)

  • If the concern is that people might be caught off guard or fooled by a “robot”. Just have it lead with “Hi this is Marquees’ google assistant...” seems like it wouldn’t cause and problems and it’s a simple fix

  • 5:21 link below the like button, huh? clever

  • Ok google call my hair place. Hi I’m here to **** ******** *** *******. What if it malfunctions

  • On the part where you said soon I’ll drive you to work; “ok google call an Uber”

  • Why are u here if u got an i phone....get the fuck outta here ...

  • Mark Ass Brownlee

  • Whenever Karen asks me If I wanna go on a cruise I immediately ask her if she wan's to sit on my face. She falls apart every time.

  • google do i need to jack it tomorrow

  • This could work wonders for black people

  • KIRA???

  • Is this the technology behind 2B from Nier?

  • "mh-hmm"

  • Fire

  • Maybe I'll have someone to talk to now ;-;

  • Why am I JUST hearing about this?

  • Oh damn, that intro is Logic, I love you even more!

  • For what it's worth: *No, it certainly did NOT pass the Turing test!* Turing test involves a human chatting with another human and a computer, explicitly told in advance that one of them is a computer, and failing to identify it. Any 80's cassette player can fool a busy call center employee, if not aware.


  • K

  • Get it to call a scam center

  • This was very likely staged. Anyone working on commission would be sure to mention their name as many times as possible.

  • Add them saying there a robot at the end

  • Mark ass bronw lee

  • Ay! It's the guy from rewind!

  • 1:31 I thought for sure he was going to say "Hey Google" and turn on my Home Mini :D

  • kira is the name of my cousin

  • Intro music, logic lord willin

  • I kind regret selling my android for an iPhone now.

  • Phone sex hotlines will make a come back. "0.99 cent a minute for the first 5 minutes $2.00 a minutes after. Must be 18 years or older."

  • Bruh.... Siri needs to step it up..... mind blowing video

  • Does any one dare me to get a google shirt on and walk into an Apple store I used to be an i-sheep but now I’m a g-sheep I know people in the Apple store

  • I don’t like it

  • +mkbhd When do you think we will get this technology. Another thing is what about having regular conversations with Google Assistant without the wake command. When will we see that.

  • Mark ass brownlee!!!

  • Hey Google call Santa 🎅

  • Can i ask google to connect me to the president or Haward university? XD

  • Intro song?

  • Possibilities are frightening.

  • does anyone know the name of the beat he used in the into or where its from i swear ive heard it on s logic track before

  • All need is one.

  • Dude Terminator is real

  • I am actually more interested on conversation between two or more AI’s

  • @ 5:30 about the reservations Now that was FN SCARY! But I like it!😁

  • I want a mode in which my assistant talks with my wife for me

  • That crowdshot of nauseating clapping NPC seals freaks me out more than the actual assistant 😨😨😨

  • machine gonna take over the humans

  • Sounds like heaven for phone scammers

  • Tech support scammers failed no nut November...

  • Davy Jones comentou melhor. Coitado, acreditou.

  • goggle assistant, is porn night, talk to me dirty.

  • It did not pass the Turing test. Since if you were to ask it to do anything else it would not be able to tell

  • Finally something so I don't have to sound retarded when I mess up talking to strangers

  • the comma is that umm sound

  • The second interaction was truly scary.

  • I don't think this could work for vehicle services or mechanical services..... Doctor's appointments? hmmm interesting

  • Google: Become Umm Hi I'm Calling For a Client

  • Google assistant is acting like human on the phone lol

  • This is so awesome xd😂😂

  • Google should ask that restaurant owner: "Do you maybe speak Chinese" - answer: "Yes", google: "Ni hao, ...". Why limiting to English only ;)

  • Rip humanity.

  • Skynet

  • "Hi, I'm calling for a client..." "Mhm..." ...

  • That t-shirt can give someone a heart attack

  • if a receptionist is able to take a call from google assistant, they're also able to just take an online booking from google assistant? I think businesses with 'no online bookings' will be phased out, much sooner than call-making AI assistants get phased in. google assistant could do the exact same thing (make a booking for you, conduct simple negotiations etc) without imitating an actual human and being so morally...grey.

  • I would not be bothered at all by speaking to an AI without knowing. Unless I'm being tricked by an AI designed to extract information out of me that I wouldn't give public, I'm not bothered at all. I'm even open minded enough to just chit chat with an AI when they get advanced enough. What's the difference?

  • KIRA💪👍🤘❤💞💓

  • Why that 2nd ai sounded like cheif pat?..also it goes to point where we can upload our consciousness into android or mother boards

  • If you saw ex machina then you know how this technology is being developed, I like Google assistant ... She keeps it real!

  • Then hair salons started to use google duplex to pick up calls

  • We want slaves. So we can do nothing.

  • Restaurant: Are you a robot? Google Duplex: Mhm

  • Why should we know that we are not speaking to a human?

  • I bet duplex never showed up to that appointment.

  • My guess is that it can't initiate or continue a conversation that is too open ended. When you're booking something or talking to a professional consultant, it's pretty easy to guess what they're going to say before they say it. But it won't actually have conversations, more just give instructions and fail when things get too complex. That being said, it's pretty decent.

  • the Turing test is freaking me out

  • R.I.P call centers.

  • Google gonna be the first to make living, breathing androids, calling it now