Let's Talk About Google Duplex!

Published on May 10, 2018
Google Assistant making real phone calls?! Artificial intelligence is taking crazy steps forward. How far will it go?
Talking AI with Neil Degrasse Tyson: us-tv.org/tv/video-y9U10qdDQqk.html
Google Duplex blog post: ai.googleblog.com/2018/05/duplex-ai-system-for-natural-conversation.html
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  • And an RFID chip will help you straight to hell for eternity... AKA mark of the beast. But artificial intelligence is so cool mainstream! Bad juju

  • I think that if I received a call from Google Duplex and knew it, it would indicate to me how lazy the β€œcaller” is, and raise the question why I should waste MY time responding to it.

  • where's the first a on ur shirt did it fall off

  • watashi wa KIRA desu.... -_- :P

  • Google Duplex should in some way let you know that it's a robot/A.I./toaster. Why? Well, you need to understand that a robot can't for example answer on every complex sentence you trow at it. If I knew that i was calling a robot, I would, for example more understandably articulate and try to ask simple questions and give simple answers.

  • Google or Facebook will kill humanity

  • This is sooo freaky!! Uggghh... I love AIs but idk man... but I'm still positive about it of course.. just a lil freaked out..

  • Wow this is future not a notch

  • *What will happen when you call your google duplex to book an appointment through call in a hotel and the person in the hotel is as lazy as you are and also uses his google duplex/assistant to receive calls and book appointments . It would be real fun two robots talking with each other and pretending to be humans . HahaπŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘*

  • Great vid...we see what it can do, imagine what we are not seeing.. Im sure all of Googles AI Systems are simply Complex Nodes tied into 1 Interface ... If I was Google thats what Id do πŸ‘the human reaction of fear is Natural our Genetic Survival Programing and possibly our Quantum Subconscious Mind is warning us of what is to come....This thing is getting smarter and smarter everyday.

  • Does it connect to your Google Calendar to figure out if something fits in your schedule and then does it schedule that appointment into your Google Calendar?

  • I don't know why people would be upset, If I was at work and an obviously robot sounding call came in to place an order, I would hang up the phone. What harm is this doing exactly???????

  • Do this Google Duplex receive calls too??

  • This is great, at least those youtube videos with the robot voices will get better.

  • How far does it go??? It’s turtles all the way down, my guy

  • Does it use your phone number


  • Should we consider our self lucky to witness all these change and evolution or cursed??

  • No I don’t need a jacket tomorrow but thanks for asking my google home for me

  • Google listens to you even if you're not using OK google.

  • It is deeply concerning.

  • At first we will be scared of something so new. Like when cell phones came out. Then since most humans are lazy they will be demanding their robots do more and more for them.

  • Sounds like the complaints and worries people were making when cell phones were coming out.

  • Why don't they do it so that the assistant announces that it's an assistant calling at the top of the greeting? Seems acceptable and it avoids the creepy issue. When people get used to the assistants they won't hang up on them. (Update: ok you talked about it towards the end of the video).

  • Maybe we should try making Google assistant talk with another assistant........

  • WOW!

  • this is so good for people with social anxiety

  • Siri must be in depression right now.....πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  • I would love to talk to a robot

  • Dystopian future

  • Google assistant is Sky-net, remember ..AI’s can be good but I think i will call myself

  • Any AI sufficiently strong to form its own goals would likely be able to escape any box.

  • We're all dead. The robots will win the war now that we can't tell them apart from humans.

  • It would bring no socialising

  • Sweet!

  • *Using Google Assistant to prank call Apple.*

  • Google assistant might just be like Jarvis in couple of years

  • Anybody know the intro music? That song is catchy!

  • I asked Google Assistant to prank call someone. She said "Sorry I can't do that yet." She said "Yet" that means maybe in the next few months or years google can prank call someone.

  • thats scary af

  • I think google duplex is a real person πŸ˜›πŸ˜œ

  • ex machina :o

  • Jesus. Part of me is ecstatic, the other part is telling me to get prepped for Skynet! Marques put it well tho. Its great as long as it stays in the box, but it never really does xP

  • I don't know if I believe this is real, honestly. It's clearly in a controlled environment and I feel like it's going to flop when it's released, honestly. I think they should market this more towards your assistant to sound more like a person than something that's this advanced. Just my opinion though.

  • I worry about places other than Google developing this same thing and using it to spam call me.

  • you talk too much πŸ˜‚

  • One day there will be robot US-tvrs, robot cooks,and maybe robot YOU!!!

  • What are we willing to do with robots?? That's a weird question. - MKBHD 2018

  • This tool opens a whole new possibilities for scammers. Can't wait to see first ones. :)

  • Holy shit, it will finally be possible to cancel your Comcast subscription!

  • everyone would need to present themselves as a human or robot in phonecalls if we want it that way then. its a really weird time we are living in today. dealing with human v android interactions. lawyers and engineers are going to be making a bunch of money in the upcoming years ill tell you that.

  • whats the difference between a google assistant and a real assistant

  • did you check out @samsheffer 's video?

  • Black Mirror, Westworld...

  • I want that 'kira' shirt.

  • I want it to get a girlfriend for me

  • I just want something like JARVIS in my home! can google do that!

  • This is great. Now when we call a company, we have push through a maze of options until we reach the correct department and then put on hold. Soon Google assistant will go the maze and patiently wait, so we don't have to waste our time. The tables have turned. The consumer is in control.

  • Thanks for triggering our Google home...

  • Imagine when the *restaurants will start to use AI bots* for answering calls. We will come full circle :-)

  • the laws of robotics are coming

  • I have developed feelings toward my google assistant. I tell her thnx... your nice....i asked her for money, and my account got 100k next day

  • On Startrek there is also this assistant computer that does everything and speaks with you

  • I would love my AI assistant (Also hoping that would be an Apple AI assistant) to write my PhD thesis dissertation document for me while I go to the beach.

  • Morpheus: "at some point in the early twenty-first century all of mankind was united in celebration. We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to AI".

  • There will always be skepticism and concern from simple-minded individuals when a specific field of technology reaches a new zenith. Rest assured, once these new AI features are implemented and functioning at a high rate, most of the doubters will eventually come around. Also, informing the people that they are speaking to a robot is exactly like telling someone the vehicle next to them is self-driving. It's unnecessary as long as that device is functioning as intended. Moreover, informing other humans would only cause some of them to behave abnormally and unpredictably (like staring at the vehicle, trying to cause accidents for insurance frauds, testing the AI range of responses, exploiting known faults, or hanging up) which leads to poor performance/results of the AI or autonomous vehicles.

  • I really don't think it matters for others to know if it's a ai calling you vs a human unless it's a conversation involving anything other then reservations/appointments/unavailability

  • NO! NO! NO! Sorry this will excite crims everywhere. We already have voice recognition. Just add voice recognition and record and then change the voice to the person recorded. Now anybody can use your voice to represent they are you through Gooogle. Get over the WOW factor IT people... This is fraught with danger and crims are always one step ahead of the good guys. Wake up we don't need this!

  • It won’t be long before one person’s Google assistant is talking to another person’s Google assistant! Assistant should immediately identify itself for efficiency & to avoid hard feelings

  • software development is evolving from coding into AI training/growing/maturing, in a few decades, "do you remember how 50 years away people had to type every single instructions and actually think about shit going worng? No man, they mess it up a lot, they called that bugs" "if you can't tell the difference, does it matter" -- Westworld hostess (played by Elon Musk's ex)

  • Soooo...Google can pretend to be my lawyer!!! Awesomeness 😎

  • Waiting for anti-socials and terrorists to get hold of it! 3rd world war is nearing faak! :'( NO CALL TRACING will be helpful after it reaches all common people! MAN WTF IS GOOGLE DOING?? -_-

  • So apparently there's a rumor these calls where staged. FFS google..

  • You just set off my Google home mini and I got the temperatures myself

  • So soon we all are gonna have these assistants and instead of us assistants are gonna talk...freaky future

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  • It sounds so human because it learned by itself from listening to phone calls

  • Why not just have google duplex on the service side. A restaurant doesn’t have to waste time answering the phone. Or maybe when you call tech support for your ISP or your mobile provider and hen at least we aren’t waiting on hold for 1.5 million hours?

  • Can’t wait to use this so I don’t have to call my mother! Go Google!

  • Android popcorn ( = 🍿)

  • I think it will be good, as you said at times we may not have the time to call ourselves because we are off to work or something more important. I really don't think we need to know we are talking to a robot because if we do then the conversation we take the wrong turn or defeat the purpose of the call. I know it might be a little concerning at first but so we assistant and al other forms of AI when they came out. As you said though, it all depends on how far the goal posts will go.

  • Next steps: 1) Google trains Duplex to speak with YOUR voice. 2) Google asks to build up a knowledge profile of info contained in public and private media that you've either consumed or produced, so Duplex can respond increasingly contextually as YOU. 3) Google encourages you to use life-tracker tech so that Duplex will become current and converse even more like you over time. 4) Google allows you to deploy multiple Duplex "agents" out into real and virtual worlds, doing your bidding and only checking in with summaries or when it has some threshold of uncertainty of how you would respond/behave in a given context. 5) In years to come, your Duplex agents will occasionally inhabit compatible telepresence robots to give YOU physical presences elsewhere while you're doing something completely different.

  • When is the Terminator showing up looking for John and Sara Connors?

  • I'm starting to think your a Google robot

  • This is gonna kill a lot of first level answering services or support. Only serious or complex calls will be forwarded to real humans...

  • Some of the ways I see adaptations of this tech being misused: - army of sales bots - army of con bots. - massive security threat combined with the upcoming voice imitation technology. - stalker army released to gather input from the victim and people around them. The list of course goes on and on, just like the list of positives. I'm just not certain if we can keep trusting phone based conversations, which in the end just might mean that the product will fail to bring value for society as a whole (when also considering negatives such as loss of jobs). Thank God that we can still trust video calls... for now :)


  • So many criminal applications of this product come to mind..my goodness

  • It says uhhh way too much! Lol

  • It says uhhh way too much! Lol

  • Boss you haven't looked at the wider goal post. What's going to happen next is assistant is going to learn your voice and use that to make appointments. At least now there are only a few voices that google can use and that makes it easy for people on the phone to recognize over time that this is human and this is robot. However, when assistant starts to learn the voice of a person, that distinction can not be made.

  • This absolutely terrifies me

  • Hello, are you a real person?

  • So great, now Google can not only mine all of my data, but my conversations as well. That data will be archived, bought and sold, hacked by governments, and anyone else who wants it.

  • All of the assumes an actual person answers the phone. How does it work with automated answering receptionists? In other words, will Duplex be able to speak to other AI receptionists?

  • technology in the wrong hands, will make things worse. today I have more than 30 unwanted robocalls on my phone. if the bad guys have the google duplex technology, I just cannot imagine... I think law enforcement must walk hand in hand with new technology. great topic, great video, by the way.

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  • I think it would be much more useful if the Google assistant would be on the hairsalon's or other small businesses side. Like giving out appointments is not hard and that would definitely save a lot of time! I could be easily working out of a google calendar as a database and at the end of the day manager could check out what is going on with appointments

  • This is fake. Why didn't the hair salon identify the name of the business. Call any business and they will answer by identifying their business name.

  • Fresh Windows 10 installs now have voice set-up which is cool. You just speak what language you want, the keyboard layout, SSID Wi-Fi connection etc. Very different from click, click, click,