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LeBron Flexes His Muscle In EPIC Game 2 Performance! | 46 Points, 12 Rebounds, 5 Assists

Published on Apr 19, 2018
Relive LeBron James' impressive performance from Game 2, leading the Cavaliers to a victory over the Pacers.
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  • He pushed it hard and won the game. 07-27-18.

  • lebron is the best

  • 1:12 bruhh 5v1

  • this dude can play till age 50 and still be all nba 1st team

  • 👏

  • GOAT

  • If one of you guys could check out my Donavan Mitchell vs Ben Simmons Rookie mix and drop a like on it, it'd mean the world to me

  • Stephenson and McMillan(Pacers Coach) were both slipped hehehe

  • *LeGoat James teammates need to STEP THE FUCK UP*

  • There's nothing more unstoppable in sports than an angry Lebron

  • lebron's kobe impression

  • Some interesting facts in this game that some analysts didn't touch on. LeBron scored 46% of his teams points (46 out of 100). Was responsible for over half the points the Cavs scored in the game with 5 assists included. Was the leading scorer by 28 points for both teams. Scored more points on the Cavs starting lineup combined (38). As well all the bench players combined (16). He pretty much the Cavs only lifeline right now.

  • Appoint receive Democrat can use ride no apply.

  • machine

  • If I was a Cavs fan I wouldn't even babe able town joy this performance because I wouldn't be able to ignore the fact that he had yo have a transcendent performance and play at least dirty minutes just towin by three to a team whose best player sat the first quarter. I dunno if anyone can accept it but even with the changes this team as a whole is bad. Great as he is he is still only human and he'Ll wear down sooner or later. Hope Cleveland enjoys him while he lasts

  • :Game 1 james harden 44 points Lebron: Hold my beer....

  • 2:16 Lance fell so hard mcmillan fell too.

  • 2:13 "Sit down bitch! Be humble"

  • 2:15 LeFlop foul Stephenson and even McMillan!! where amazing happens lol

  • No LeBron, no NBA

  • Lebron is like the one kid in the 7th grade who hits puberty earlier then all the other kids

  • LeBron had 5 assists

  • Qf

  • To be honest with all the bad calls and bad missed calls this should have been for the pacers, but only the people who watched the game really knew what happened

  • Typo on the title. It’s 5 assists

  • Still the best player in the league.

  • Hehehehe he gonna play with leonard in LA next year

  • Pacers lost by 3. THREE.

    • Knicks Tape it Winning's winning. You'll never hear that they lost only by 3 about couple years from now. Just the fact they lost.

  • nba was like sorry lebron we couldnt get you a decent team this year heres a free triple double!

  • 2:15 Who else saw the indiana pacers coach slip after lance??

  • 16-1 run in first 5 minutes because of one player

  • He got 5 asts but still GOAT

  • @1:32 Speaker: "James Worthy, that's what he used to do!" Me: "What? Travel?!

  • Playoff LeBron is something serious.

  • gOAT

  • Has anyone else noticed that at 2:15 when lbj threw a player on the floor his coach also fell😂😂

  • 5 assist

  • One man army he is...

  • lol wtf nba is hyping bron with 8 fake assists

  • LEGOAT In 5

  • wow, what a performance, lights out, this guy would dominate MJ in a One on One

  • lebrow james best pleyer basketball

  • LBJ will be the GOAT when he retires. No one can carry a team like LBJ.

  • Wait what I thought he had 5 Assists...clickbait huh

  • Well they wanted him to be more aggressive...

  • Despite of Lebron's greatness this playoffs the cavs really need a rim protector fck kevin

  • Still can’t believe the Seahawks didn’t run the ball...

  • Le dominate

  • Lol Nba just gave him a triple double, someone needs to be fired 😂

  • This man scored 20pts in 1 quarter.Saying true,I don't like lebron but I like the way he play like a single man team . Appreciated a lot.