Published on May 11, 2018
*After looking over this footage, I definitely need to change my lighting a little bit! Just bare with me, ill get it right! XO
Kylie cosmetics x Kris Jenner collection - swatches and demo!
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  • Don't worry girl. If you don't like it. You don't like simple!!!!

  • Wtf did she do to her face? 😒

  • Next is TALENT... Yes Kris Jenner hahahah low key shady love it

  • i’ll stick to morphe thanks

  • You got a new subscriber

  • 🇧🇷

  • Which eye brushes did you use? I'm just starting to play around with eye makeup and love your channel because we have the same color eyes and the direction is AMAZING

  • Over all just don’t give Greedy Piggy Kylie Jenner a cent. Got her lip kit and it was empty. $30 down the drain.

  • Kris Jenner is always wearing a black eyeshadow or a sparkle shadow so I understand why there is only 4 mattes.

  • Shit. Over it.

  • Sooooooo about that pallet

  • Girl do you know how to put on makeup??? All of the pigment flew off the brush!!!

  • I love you Jaclyn 💜😋

  • Love this video. Wouldn’t spend money on the collection anyways, but I appreciate this video and your honesty.

  • Love you Jaclyn thanks so much for giving an honest review!!! ❤️❤️

  • Do you wear the packaging ?????? Sorry I don't understand getting excited about cardboard.And Kylie likes to say " ohhhhhhh I just love you guyssssssssss "----- translated = I want your money to pay for my expensive lifestyle. Those poor young girls that hero worship her could look like her with a big bank balance and her plastic surgeon. I'm British so its probably a cultural thing.

  • i can't get over how dirty that eyeshadow palate looked after once use though

  • I hated this video so much just by the way you've acted sis

  • *I loved the momanger set*

  • Even though you had trouble with the eyeshadow palette, you made it look amazing. You have the most beautiful eyes xxx

  • I love your video ! But I feel like the lighting could have been brighter.. maybe it’s just me ? Kinda dark and hard to see.

  • Fave moment ngl 11:48

  • It's totally okay that you don't love every part of it! It's honest and real, and that's what's great about you. You got this!!! xoxo

  • I love honest reviews! Please do more 😍

  • They sold you some pressed baby powder 😂 dollar store makeup does it better 😂

  • First time watching your videos. Subscribed for honesty👏🏼❤️

  • Thank God for youtubers with honest reviews!

  • I definitely appreciate your honesty!! It takes balls to do that in today’s society haha. Appreciate and love you ♥️

  • Wtf is wrong with your nose contour

  • I really respect your honesty in this video. I feel like I can trust the authenticity of your reviews.

  • You are jealous

  • The fallout. WOAH

  • How much powder went flying from the blush? Was it even pressed properly? No is the answer to that last rhetorical question.


  • I have so much respect for you now, we need more honest youtubers like you ❤

  • Is there a surgery to put more space between your eyes tho???

  • I think your amazing, but why the huge brows? not a good look.

  • In the beginning of this video, you looked like Alison Henry ! Lol

  • I’m pretty sure the tea was spilled when she said “nothing I hate more than cheaters and liars” 😶 But I love you Jaclyn. You’re doing amazing sweetie ! 💕😂

  • I love how honest this review is. 💕 I know you feel bad but don’t cause I would rather you tell us so we don’t go wasting our money on meh products 🙌🏽

  • Subbed for your honesty. Don’t fall for the hype ladies.

  • New to Jaclyn Hills channel and I don’t understand why people are so mean to her...

  • Thank you 😄😉😍

  • Awesome video! I actually really love the lighting..It's natural and not too bright or stark on the eyes. I think the only thing I was interested in was the first lipstick you put on. Is it available on its own?

  • I love your honest review ❤️🙂

  • Hello,I'm new here.i do like the it expensive?

  • she looks like Michelle visage towards the end lmao

  • At first I was like “can you get your head out of kris stank a$$ and do the review already?” Then I was like okay 👌🏼 honesty u have and I adore you for it J H

  • My fav video from Jaclyn ...finally told the truth!!! Didn't sugar coated...thanks!! More of these videos, raw truth!

  • Queen

  • I do love the honesty 😘 xxx

  • I swear her face changes every video- she doesn’t look like herself anymore

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE honesty! I will still be purchasing the highlighter palette just to try it out myself, but I loved seeing your review on it!

  • Meanwhile, you and 99.7% of your subscribers don't know what Brexit is, where Saudi Arabia is, who Daesh are, it can even remember what your REAL faces look like under all the lies... I mean... "Makeup."

  • You should make a youtube setup video

  • Hey Jaclyn! So I purchased your eyeshadow palette from ulta and it has so much fall out!!! Like a lot. I hate it. I thought it would be better!! 😭😭 is it supposed to be like that???!!! Please let me know or can anyone let me know... I’m really unsatisfied with it!

    • Strange i got the palette and does not happen. I can do my eye look after my base as i dont get fall out on my face, there is some kick back in the pans but nothing you wouldn't expect and its not a lot.

  • Yes love your honest review!

  • You need to try LipSense girl! Kiss proof, smudge proof! It’s the bomb! As is all our makeup 💋

  • you’ve always been such an honest youtuber and i appreciate that. i also love how detailed you are!!! you go through each product, gave swatches, and gave tons of comments while doing it. i love this video and i love you and i can’t wait for your return to making videos and stuff. sending all the good vibes and prayers. love you jaclyn.


  • Her quality is worse than Hot Topic. She really thinks her customers are suckers. It's all about the money for them.

  • Girl, no need to feel uncomfortable. You receive these packages to give your honest opinion. Some companies (including hers) will drop you like a fly if you say anything negative, but you are out there, you have SO many supporters who love you! Thats why you get supporters because we love people who are honest with us because we don't have the funds to waste money! So thanks Jaclyn!

  • Honest reviews are refreshing. It takes guts and huge balls.

  • youre doing way too much kardashian ass kissing to be consider unbiased

  • Thank you for your honesty

  • “It is what it is, that’s life” that’s EVERYTHING ! Love you Jaclyn

  • Jaclyn what camera are you using and microphone????????

  • The thing that annoys me about beauty gurus is they always jump on bandwagons. Bc she did this review and was actually honest abt it they prob all will do the exact same thing bc she's getting praise for not kissing ass like most of them do. You can't really take them for a grain of salt.

  • Forever a Jaclyn supporter, you're amazing, real, and strong! Hell yes girl. Take my support (and my money) 💰

  • 15:05

  • This is the same back drop as glam and gore

  • They're pumping out makeup because they know they're only a trend. Just selling out the name for as long as they can.

  • Kylie and her make up cheap!

  • Super appreciate you posting a negative review and being honest!! I trust your opinion, and I would rather know the truth from you and not waste my money.

  • Love the honesty

  • I love how she tries to make it good but it isnt...

  • That's probably my freaking problem Jaclyn I use shitty eye shadow....

  • 17:46 that blush was GONE WITH THE WIND!!

  • You are my GOD DAMNED FAVORITE. I just want you to have everything that makes you happy.

  • I loved this video! You definitely saved me some money. Where’s your jewelry from in this video??

  • Thank you for your honest review! You are saving everyone money and heartache!! I love your realness and your personality! Never feel sorry or bad for being real. You are super talented and many such as myself, look up to you! Xo Toni

  • Not sure if anyone else is having this problem but your audio is so quiet! I'm struggling to hear you even with the volume all the way up. Love the setup otherwise! :)

  • when she was putting on blush, you could see the powder in the air

  • Loveeeee this

  • Jaclyn, you are so real, it's amazing, thank you for being so funny and relatable!

  • Love you Jaclyn !!

  • A red lipstick called boss Sounds familiar

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I love this, but i am a Mommy sooooo lol

  • Is it just me or is the new audio a bit quiet? Once I turn the volume up it sounds great, but I have to turn it up a lot more than usual. Anyone else?


  • the eye palette reminds me Sigma palettes

  • This video made me resubscribe to you. It wasn’t nasty or rude. Nor did you bash Kylie and her company. You just presented it and let the product speak for itself. It wasn’t “brutally honest”, just authentic and real. I can trust that. Thank you!

  • I think the lighting actually killed the video from the start. With the muddy contour that probably really isn't. Brighter!!!

  • 8006885296

  • Maybe a little brighter lighting! 😁


  • So can we talk about the nails.... Completely lost interest in review, just the nails! Love them!

  • We need more Jaclyn's in the US-tv industry because we need an honest bitch.

  • love! great set up! thank you for the honest review!! :)