Published on May 11, 2018
*After looking over this footage, I definitely need to change my lighting a little bit! Just bare with me, ill get it right! XO
Kylie cosmetics x Kris Jenner collection - swatches and demo!
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  • Love honest reviews! ❤️💓💗 thank you! Agree, packaging is amazing.

  • I appreciate your honesty 🖤🖤 thank you for going out of your comfort zone ,to really give us an accurate review 💯🔥🔥

  • You were sincere and that's what matters. 👍

  • The names are so hilarious i lost it at your sisters going to jail XD

  • 💞💞love the Kardashian’s 💞💞 I don’t give a f*** what anyone says about me I get so much shit for loving them 💞💞💞

  • I like more shimmer in a pallet and once you realize why you’ll love it

  • Hahahaha.....I’m so late seeing this, but is spot on🤦🏼‍♀️

  • It seems like her lip products are pretty nice but babygrrill cant make shadows or highlights or any powder palletes attt allllll lmaooo

  • I can’t believe kylie removed you from her pr list! you stated several times you love her products, but this just wasn’t her best work. im glad you were honest, but kylie is saltyy!!!

  • love love LOVE this video jaclyn!!!

  • No she’s lying because I bought it and it was amazing

  • I agree, those are not my go-to eye shadow colors but I LOVE names - they are sOOO Kris Jenner-ish!!

  • DONT BUY THIS OVERPRICED OVERHYPED BITCHS PRODUCTS colorpop has better quality and over half the price

  • her palette looks like sigma's palette , I can't believe her blush was mainly powder omg !!!! girl you're amazing for keeping it real with us subscribers

  • "That's someone's MAMA?????" The same woman that put a stripper pole in Kendall & Kylie's bedroom? You are an idiot.

  • Thanks for honest review, not keen on the black background , but loved the review!!👌💖

  • Your nose looks dirty

  • I never saw blush go up in the air like that before smh 🤦‍♀️ if they take you off the PR list it sad 😞 because this show there not about the buyers or Quality but instead about the money Jaclyn greatly done ✅

  • I’m glad you said that about the eyeshadow. I bought Kylie’s first eyeshadow palette and have the same problem. I’ll never buy another.

  • I literally laughed out loud when she started to apply the blush. 😂😂😂 She was questioning her sanity when she couldn't see any blush

  • My phone died at 15:05 and i died😂😂😂

  • Omg I love your morphe palette more than the whole Kylie Cosmetics collection!

  • Stop buy those products thay stolen them from other companies and kris j is f....k mass how brings up your kids in a thief way to still other people's stuff you do bad mom 🙄😏😤not in to

  • I'm sorry but all I could think of when she said "I Love Myself" all I could think of was "I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE MYSELF Y'ALL PLAYERS, HATERS YOU SHOULD LOVE YOURSELF BRR" i will go home now

  • bored

  • back here to rewatch after she's been kicked off the PR list .-. lmao

  • Thank you Jaclyn! OMG love love love your honesty and the review. But its true, why should we overpay for makeup that isn't worth that money. Awesome Jac. If I could give you a million thumbs up I would. Awesome review...that blush was flying away like clouds..... xoxoxoxo

  • Thank you for your honest review.

  • I really hope you removed that makeup after filming. Your face just looked kinda dirty after the look was finish and usually your makeup is bomb. Love your honesty

  • Thanks for an honest review jaclyn!

  • Then blush just flew away, waaaayyy to much kick back on nether eyshadow and over all this collection sucked!! Keep doing more honest reviews like this with every brand and product you test

  • I might be super late on this but yea the audio is too low lol

  • I'm so happy that you were honest about it! You didn't bash her or be disrespectful which is so respectable. Her lipsticks look amazing but that's about all I liked.

  • It's sucks if you got removed from the PR list . I hadn't watched this review, but I wasn't excited about the collection myself . I totally get it. Everyone has different preferences. Thank you for keeping it real !!!

  • 11:48 had me dying 😭

  • love this vid

  • This is amazing xxxxxx

  • Love how honest you are in this video. Enjoyed watching x

  • How is allll of that blush just flying off the brush? 😂

  • Now review the 21 birthday collection!!

  • Her putting on the blush was the best part of the video 💀😂

  • Jaclyn is one of the cutest beauty gurus I have ever come across

  • I don’t think this should have kicked you off the list

  • thanks for the honesty bb

  • bye bye blush! lol

  • ngl i kind of like that lip stick shade! never purchased kylie cosmetics before, i feel like since the scandal of her and colorpop using the same factory or whatever, id rather just purchase colorpop! but it would be so cute to have a kris jenner product , i loveher . also im super late lol im not into make up videos but i needdded to see the swatches on someone else other then kylies snap

  • The shimmer eyeshadow was worse than my wet and wild shimmer shadow

  • Biggest US-tv nobody

  • I love you for being honest 😘

  • This was uploaded when I made it into colorguard

  • Nobody’s gonna talk about the welcome back this time 😍😍💕 love you jac😘

  • I’ve watched this like 3 times but I’m never paying attention because all I’m thinking is: ‘Wow Jaclyn’s eyes are so pretty.’

  • lmao the swatches finally showed the kylie eyeshadow palletes aren’t as pigmented as her snap chat videos

  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t like a product . Just because she has like a high status doesn’t mean anything . Like it’s okay to have a bad review because her makeup isn’t worth the price and it’s okay to admit that . If she can’t take the criticism then she’s dumb Because she’s always gonna get it . I wish you would do more honest reviews.

  • My mom just enters my room and hears my phone screaming "Winner winner chicken dinner " and she's like " um..I think you should slow down the youtube for a lil bit hun" . Looool😂😂😂

  • The blush: LET IT GO, LET IT GO 🎶

  • Lmfaaao I looooove Jacyln omg

  • I hate how she crosses her eyes😭

  • Can you stop yelling every 2 seconds

  • She was brushing the blush off the hell?


  • The attitude in this video is ON POINT 🔥 👌🏼👄

  • thanks for being honest

  • *an A ploose ploose*

  • I’m feeling you, I would be hella hating the feeling but I’m grateful for your honest review! I mean we can’t all buy everything to try, so to see you be totally honest I respect the hell outta that!! I don’t want someone to review something then like just give a good review because they got it! Thanks Jaclyn

  • Did anyone else see all the blush fly away 😂😂

  • Holy amount of blush flying away when you're putting it on

  • I think this collection over all one is for a much older person .

  • She should stick to lipsticks and MAYBE highlighters.. but eyeshadows are never too good by her brand, in MY OPINION. Also her makeup brushes everyone hated.

  • You’re a beauty guru, and as a beauty guru your job is to give your full honest opinion on these products. Don’t feel bad. You’re doing amazing sweetie!! ❤️

  • lol’ing while watching you put the blush on! It’s just flying away which is crazy but love you and love your honesty! xxxxx

  • ABH subculture IS SHOOKKKK

  • Definitely appreciate the honest review of products. I don't take it as hate or disrespect at all, I think you gave a great honest review while still showing love and kindness. You rock!

  • Your hon3sty is awesome😉

  • That face she makes when she puts the blush...😂😂😂

  • Thank you for being so honest! Wouldn’t want to spend my money if it is not worth it! Gorgeous as always! 💕😘

  • Saw your post this video on insta. Had to come watch and subcribe to your chanel. Maybe its my phone, but your video looks a tad blurry. Not as clear as it could be. Already love you and your videos though

  • I loved this review. Very honest but very respectful! THAT’S how it’s done! This video made me subscreibe!

  • "MAMA KRIS" 😂

  • Her voice ...😫 And she’s a brown nosed

  • "there's nothing i hate more.... other than cheaters and liars" 😂

  • the only good things bout this collection is the highlighters, the lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and maybe the eyeshadow

  • the only time the blush was showing off was when it was in the pan and flying away from the brush 😂😭

  • Hoi oh you found me again

  • Absolutely love the way you handled yourself in this review. Honest but not a di** about it. PS I need to know what nail polish that is 😍

  • Winner winner chicken dinner stands for pubg it's a game you can download it right now

  • I never liked your older videos from the past year or two but I really liked this one. And I’m not a Kylie hater either I love what I have from her. Also I think the blush is sheer (my fav kind) and it being so close to your skin tone is why it didn’t work on you. ALSO that rosey shade you tried on was sooo beautiful on you. I would love to see you try more cool toned looks with mauvey lips 😍

  • The shadows are not that dusty BE HONEST❗️❗️

  • andddd 11:02 she sounded like invader zim

  • 10:33 is my mood

  • Dont apologize. If they dont want this reviews, they should work harder.

  • They need a double chinned emoji so I can say... MAMA CRIS

  • SHOP

  • She wouldn't be THAT bad if she wasn't trying so hard to be a kardashian clone. I feel like its her dream to be a kardashian.

  • LOVE the setup, sexy and classy!👏👄🖤

  • Good for you and being honest. Very brave and I envy you so thank you

  • I think jaclyn has such a beautiful face, I love her glam looks of course, but I also think her more natural looks are incredible

  • Baaaah your browns are very ....😂🤮🤢

  • Do the new kylie jenner banana pallete review

  • You are more down to earth in this video and i love it