KOREAN McDonald's VS. Burger King in Seoul South Korea

Published on Oct 5, 2018
Many of you guys asked me to try out the McDonald's in South Korea and I was super excited as well. With burgers such as the Shanghai burger, I was expecting great things. After eating at McDonald's I also stopped at Burger King in Seoul and tried out some of the interesting items there.
So here is my review and comparison of Korean McDonald's and Burger King in South Korea.
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  • Burger King foot shrimps


  • You must like your whoppers

  • Can you also try JOLLIBEE? 😊

  • I feel like I’m being cheated by American McDonalds

  • Who helps him film ? Or is it some sort of camera tripod affect ?

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  • Mikey needs to enter a hot dog eating contest on July 4.

  • How much the King paying you :)

  • I prefer Mickey D's myself but I will admit I'm a sucker for a good ol' Whopper.

  • This video made me subscribe.

  • Team bk

  • I wish Burger King in NYC had these truffle and the shrimp burgers at least! Even just packets of truffle sauce!! 🍄

  • I feel like America drew the fast food short stick. Other countries have some insanely amazing things there in other countries 🤤🤤🤤

  • the monster X burger omg it's the burger for monsta x (a k-pop group)😂😂

  • I genuinely love your channel so much because as a vegetarian I don't get to eat pretty much anything from fast food restaurants so I feel like I'm just living vicariously through you. Also minus all the calories hahaha. Love it, just subbed!

  • Fast food is gross. I never eat a MickyD. The only thing that looks good is the corn pie

  • How hard would it be to Steal One of them Big Tv's on the Buildings and put it in my room :D

  • What exactly is a whooper burger?

  • Wait how can you eat 14 burgers in one day i wish i could eat that much :( Your so lucky also because i think everything else in Asia is like american food but its like 5.0 to the max. Not really but i just wish u could eat there dndndn. It think most food in america is crappy but there are the good parts lol

  • Doubt their were any McDonalds in Korea circa 1955 considering it was just recovering from a war.

  • I live in Texas and they dont have Texas bars but Korea does what is this world?

  • i like your story of the 5 whoopers a lot

  • We all agreed with my friends that burgers in Burger King are sooo much better in Korea ,but the fries are definitely better in McDonalds. I wish they would combine a menu like that haha

  • McDonald's is so third world in the USA. The food has become so bad, I won't consider eating it. Ten years ago, it wasn't bad... but they have cut the quality and raised the prices. Three years ago, a McDouble was a dollar and was a decent burger. Now it's doubled in price and the meat has shrunk by 1/4. Couple that with a half stale bun and rude employees and forget it. I won't go there. I'll travel an extra half hour to go to Burger King or a Taco Bell.

  • im starving now

  • all of that looked good on the menu... then I felt like throwing up when he was unwrapping it all!

  • Missing out Lotteria and Mom's Touch in Korea. Kk

  • How can you finish soooo much burgers

  • 2018 here n I wanna try all of those burgers!

  • I thought he was going to cry when he took a bit out of the truffle burger.

  • Monster X 😚

  • ,what happens to all the leftover food? I hope not trashed

  • 5:43 dude fingers for sure. Do you wash your hands before you eat btw?

  • Rip to the toilet.

  • Burger king ALWAYS BABY

  • Bulgogi ?! Very interesting

  • I could eat all that for sure if i didnt eat and played ball that day. Maybe i big sandwich less

  • My heart hurts after watching this

  • TeamBK all day

  • Now I understand why Taehyung loves Burger King so much 😂

  • how does that nigga stay skinny

  • There is no way he eats all those burgers.

  • 16:04 F R E S H A N D S N A P Y

  • Iowa's pretty lit

  • No.4 burger king foot lettuce heheh 😏 😂 😆

  • 맥도날드 좋아해 😋

  • omg

  • Mike Chen has figured out our Korean secret! Subtle racism as payback for being conquered! Darn!

  • Been watching you videos for awhile. I'm from iowa and I'm not far from fort dodge

  • Is it just me or does anyone else hate when he opens the food up😭

  • Lol, I worked for Burger King this summer. Burger King is good but I prefer McDonalds. Burger King exploited me as a working machine and i disapprove this.

  • 1955 is reference to the year Mcdonalds opened as a chain I dont think its that special ingredients wise though

  • OK I have to know! How many times do you feast like this per week?!

  • Kimchi for life.

  • BK add that truffle burger from Korean BK menu to US menu and while you are at it, add those spicy ones also. Adding burger X wont be a bad idea. I know I will make a few visits to BK per week instead of a month. I can live on BK Korea menu instead of US menu. I am not Korean but love Korean food, it's got oomph!

  • I bet there ice cream machine works 😂

  • Can’t sleep so I’m watching food eating videos. Yay

  • the monsta x burger legend

  • I would be ALL over that egg burger! That Burger King menu.. FIRE~!!

  • How does this guy even go to the toilet with all that crap

  • Most of those McDonalds meals didn't look great at all, all very samey. Golden Egg (first one) did look a pretty good however like some effort went into it.

  • being an American i feel so jellus when you get the good stuff from McDonalds and weve had the same menu for like 100 years

  • Anyone else looking for the Cheritz company??

  • If you ever find a 133 burger, it's wonderful. We have one hotchkiss yumilise

  • Ok red lobster you need to come up with the surf and turf burger, and not layden with grease

  • Holy cow young man seriously how can you eat that much, I'm getting sick just watching

  • Dam u can eat .btw Luv your channel

  • do you work out since you eat so many things

  • The only burger I do want to try is the mushroom burger . It’s unfair .. Korean has a better Burger King than what I have in my country .

  • I want to try that Truffle burger. It looks so good. Thanks for trying out both fast food restaurants .

  • you eat a lot me too

  • When I pig out at McDonald’s I spend maby 10 or 15 bucks, how are you eating 50$ worth?

  • I love your videos but... that food sorta sucked. Just horrible.

  • I really want to try that shrimp burger from Burger King. and I wish they would bring it here in the U.S. for our BK menu

  • i was waiting for my burgers while watching this

  • Questions: 1) How do you eat so much? 2) How is that food not making your skin break out?

  • Dude do you starve yourself before you do these videos. How can you est all that food😱

  • 8:01 That chicken looks undercooked.

  • Looks like I need to learn Korean

  • I don’t know if it’s the lighting but I’ve noticed sometimes with the chicken you order it doesn’t seem fully done.. looks pink

  • Mike you said you ate 4 burgers from burger king when you were kid correct? Try and top this when I was 8 I ate 3 LARGE PIZZAS BY MYSELF. And I also ate a salad and dessert.

  • That fried egg burger looked really good. A few looked ok but the rest I'm not sure. Way too much mayo.

  • This is why i wanna be rich... I just wanna travel the world and vlog my experiences

  • Whyyyyy do people say "sandwich", its not a sandwich, its a burger! Americans.....

  • The differences in food quality between McD in USA and EU is like night and day. But the difference in food quality between McD in EU and Asia is like night and day another time over. The best Burger King i've ever had is in Asia, by a huge margin.

  • This man just spent 50$ at McDonald's. That's more than I'm willing to pay for a full course dinner.

  • I really should stop watching your videos. haha

  • This dude is living the life he gets to travel and eat and post it and make money

  • You really help me see all kinds of things cause really want to get out of the USA and go there

  • 3:40 "this is how burgers came at McDonald's in Korea in 1955" U SERIOUS? Right after the Korean War nobody was thinking about fkn McDonald's in Korea. How can you know sooo little about the history of a country you travel? The first McD in Korea opened in 1988 (ok, had to google that)

  • Aussie tips for eating giant burgers without a mess - hold the burger at the base (opposite side of where you bite) rather than the sides like a steering wheel.

  • He's making a lot more money from this video than the 50 dollars he spent there. smart investment

  • Every fast food is better outside of the united states lmao. it's not fair. I'm happy i got to try burger king and McDonald's in Japan, Korea, and the Philippines(cebu)

  • Why don't they have that in Canada!

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