Published on May 21, 2018
We're honored to be hosting KOHH's USA live debut at 88rising's first Head In The Clouds festival!
88rising Music Festival HEAD IN THE CLOUDS
9.22.2018 ☁ Los Angeles, CA
Tickets available now: hive.co/l/hitcla
Head In The Clouds, an album by 88rising, coming July 20th, 2018
88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour
Tickets: 88rising.com


  • wtf is yung bans doing in this lineup lmao

  • 最KOHH

  • This song been out for like 2 years

  • was at toronto show kohh had amazing stage presence and holy shit... as a performer... the best from the show especially by himself!!! sad the crowd was dead and didn't appreciate him :/ even if ya'll don't know his songs... them beats were BANGING like shit... jump!!!

  • just sounds like ear rape but bet he has better songs lol

  • idk why but i feel like this song would be the most epic song for an anime intro

  • Yay KOHH in the U.S.❤

  • I'm guessing he ranked in as one of scream rappers


  • 好有魔力的音樂 與 聲音

  • Song Names : Die Young by KOHH

  • Come on kohh!! We need your new album now!

  • えまーじで言ってんの


  • More albums pleaseeee

  • kohhとapeとか熱すぎ。めっちゃいきてえ

  • Aint this the dude that ate pussy like he’s afraid of it in that one video?

  • What is this song called? I like it, it grows on me

  • ようやく来たね!昔とkeithape一緒にIG MAおだしってだもん(´-ω-`)

  • Kohh a legend

  • Ждём в россиии

  • Kohh i love his artistic and musical views man

  • btw this song is called "die young" and isn't new, there is also an mv if you're curious

  • Bruhh wtf is this?? lmao

  • You guys, I have a petition link on my account to bring 88rising to the UK 👀🇬🇧 please check it out!!

  • come to montreal

  • Screaming

  • Period.

  • メンツやべえ

  • Track name?

    • TigerV1 KOHH - Die Young

  • Can someone name this song for me?

  • ZION.T

  • Need a Kohh U.S tour

  • Finally the beast has risen

  • Обожаю Коха 😍😍😍

  • yes kohh!

  • Damn that’s fucking awesome

  • Kohh, the nipponese RAPGOD.

  • he lost his style

  • New music ?

  • Fuck this should be featured in a horror movie

  • hardcore rap ?

  • i been spamming KOHH to show up in LA for the past 3 years and its finally happening brooooo !!!

  • I love kohh and wish to see more of him but this song is shit his part with keith ape was lit

  • I think Taka from One ok rock taught him to scream 😂

  • This shit smooooooth

  • Gg

  • finaly kohh

  • Woow

  • holy shit wtf, 0:50 made me nut hard as fuck, DAMN.

  • where tf did kohh disappear?

  • This is only one version of this track. He has several that would be more....’hip-hop centric’. Lets not pigeon-hole 88rising’s content into just hip-hop and r&b folks. Let it take over everything.

  • It's about time


  • MC Igu aka trap lord bring me here

  • yeeeeehhh buddy!

  • whats the name of this track

  • 88rising when you guys doing a tour in the northeast? i'll be there

  • I hope he drives a car onto stage

  • guys what is the name of the song at the end

  • omg i missed this song so hard

  • That line up wtf

  • Why defuq do I live in germany #FeelsBadMan

  • So he is a part of keith's team? The cohort

  • I don't think I could ever really get into this kind of music.

  • But what is this song called

  • Need Kohh in the Netherlands

  • I was waiting for this man to sign in. Oh yeah...🙆

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • he rlly needs to drop smth new

  • yall needa quit sleepin on kohh. liten to his other songs damn

  • 色々やっば

  • Anyone can tell me why zion t suddenly in 88 rising? Isn't he in YG?

  • Wtf

  • this is terrible.

  • Legendary

  • ain’t bad it’s aiii

  • Im ded

  • ok..... sry i will go joji

  • Can't stop replayin this bih 😭🙌🏾

  • KOHH 😭😭 Finally!!!!!

  • 🔥88⬆4Life⚡

  • Listening to this at 1.5 speed.

  • 88rising with some trap metal🔥🔥

  • NANI??? Keep em coming!!!

  • I don't hate this.

  • Damn this is trash

  • f i n a l l y

  • Anyone know the name of the song?

  • #needs88risingmerch

  • 자이언티도 나오는구나

  • Kohh is honestly a god. He’s slept on massively, he’s the best in Asia hands down.

  • thought this dude quit rap hope he drops an album soon

    • America's Imperialist I believe it’s called dogsoji

    • Joji 305 what's his clothing brand?

    • Koiden he’s been focusing on his clothing brand more but at least he’ll be on the “Head In The Clouds” album hopefully

  • とうとうここまできたか…

  • holy fucking shit....... fucking fire right from the hell bro mmmmm just the way i like it

  • Kohh is back 😍

  • soundcloud.com/dumpstermilk

  • I miss Frank..

  • I am QUAKING