Kirk Jay Astounds Again with "In Case You Didn't Know" - The Voice 2018 Knockouts

Published on Nov 6, 2018
Team Blake's Kirk Jay performs "In Case You Didn't Know" in The Voice Knockouts.
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Kirk Jay Astounds Again with "In Case You Didn't Know" - The Voice 2018 Knockouts
The Voice


  • whenever I listen I close my eyes S2

  • I hope he wins

  • Omg he have so Beautiful voice. He is my favorite.

  • I love you Kirk Jay I'm ready to buy your CD beautiful voice sang baby

  • So is anyone else wondering if him and his ex-girlfriend got back together? Ugh I’m hoping they did. Work it out guys 😭😭😭 He sang this song. I need the recording

  • Wonderful work Coach Black, I love u man :)

  • hey everyone!! im a singer/songwriter! i have a cover of in case you didnt know on my channel and i also just posted my first original song! please check them out and let me know what you think! thanks so much and have a great day :)

  • Addicted. Bottom Line. This performance punched my soul.

  • ❤️

  • He sings from his heart

  • Both versions are good even Kirk would say it as well bruh he’s pure country

  • I can’t count the times, how many times I watched this video!??!🤪🙃

  • In case you didn't know . . . Kirk Jay is goin to win the VOICE!!!!

  • In case you didnt know the number of times I've replayed this perfomance 😊

  • Wow..Good job man.!

  • I keep coming back to watch this time after time it touches my soul!

  • dude brett young needs to hear this this is amazing!

  • God bless the Girl in his Life 😭😭😢😢😢

  • Le meilleur!!

  • This needs to go on spotify asap. Touched my soul. Just incredible

  • Best performance this year! Best of the Voice 2018 world wide!

  • Can’t wait until I find The One Who Feels This For Me🌈❣️💝💐

  • He is amazing. His vocal talent, the way he tells a story, together with his humility are a powerful combination. I wish him success, winner of The Voice or not.

  • This is epic!

  • I'm crazy bout you

  • Still listening 😍

  • Everybody talking about Adam and how he threw one of his singers under the bus mean while Blake and Jay quietly creeping up about to take the trophy baby

  • can he just release an album already

  • Damn...i like country again

  • Beautiful Never heard this song before but damn i loved it by Kirk. I can hear it all day long and get choked up, what passion.

  • The best I've ever heard...... Hands down.

  • ♪♫♬♪♫♬🎤📻🎼

  • I love you Kirk Jay

  • I'm a Country music fan and I love this guy. He's has more of a Country tone than Darius Rucker and I love Darius Rucker, but my favorite artist now is Kane Brown.

  • One of he best voices on the voice.

  • Yessssssss...he sang that song and made me fall in love with country music!!

  • I come here every day to watch this. It's my moment of peace!

  • So emotional ..

  • After him singing this song I searched the original.... Well I dont want to offend the original but all I can say that Kirk made this song his own.

  • Ive been feeling so down lately. I just cant explain but this performance has just brought me to a different place. I feel like there's so much hope. Thanks for this the voice! :)

  • Chills while listening to this man. The passion for music is so heartfelt.

  • I would truly pick Kirk he is truly gifted by God! Gloria from Toledo.

  • I'm not that into country music but this was absolutely beautiful

  • LOVEEEEE his voice! I have watched this video like 109864800000079 times!!!!!! I am crazy about this song!

  • thankful ...

  • we need this on Apple Music!

  • repeat mode ....

  • Love from the Caribbean. He always gives me chills

  • So touching I think she knows now Kirk I'm just listening to this really beautiful I believe every word wooo Kirk jay is on the replay even my neighbors know.

  • I’d listen to you sing anything Kirk🙏🏾

  • He got me googling country music!

  • Kirk has the soul and voice so much country is missing now, he deserves to win. GOOD LUCK!

  • I swear he makes you feel like he’s singing directly to you. I... I just can’t. He needs to just hurry up and ask me to marry him at this point.

  • He sounds a lot like Charlie Pride when hes goes low.

  • somebody's gonna sign that guy! awesome vocals and he plays the keyboards to boot!

  • He is just so doggone good. He makes me cry.

  • I need him to do an album NOW!👏👏👏 I'm not really into country music but I could listen to him all day💛 loved it! I hope he goes far.

  • Black people we love country music now y’all

  • I’ve watched this over and over and over and over again.

  • I wish you success Kirk .your voice is just great

  • Proof this world still holds angels among us.

  • He give me chills! He is amazing

  • Best song and performance of the season



  • I have no idea how the coaches do it!!! 😍😍😍

  • I can't count the times I almost said what's on my mind But I didn't Just the other day I wrote down all the things I'd say But I couldn't I just couldn't Baby I know that you've been wondering Mmm, so here goes nothing In case you didn't know Baby I'm crazy 'bout you And I would be lying if I said That I could live this life without you Even though I don't tell you all the time You had my heart a long, long time ago In case you didn't know The way you look tonight That second glass of wine That did it, mmm There was something 'bout that kiss Girl it did me in Got me thinking I'm thinking One of the things that I've been feeling Mmm it's time you here 'em In case you didn't know Baby I'm crazy 'bout you And I would be lying if I said That I could live this life without you Even though I don't tell you all the time You had my heart a long, long time ago In case you didn't know You've got all of me I belong to you Yeah you're my everything In case you didn't know I'm crazy 'bout you I would be lying if I said That I could live this life without you Even though I don't tell you all the time You had my heart a long, long time ago Yeah you had my heart a long, long time ago Mmm, in case you didn't know No, no in case you didn't know

  • He's the best singer the show has made👍

  • Come on boy tell her😂 love jhud

  • Kirk is amazing and definitely a winner! Blake will be a winner again! What I like about Blake is that he cares and truly believes in Kirk!

  • Beautiful keep it up!!!!!!

  • Magnifique performance! tu sais vraiment comment communiquer de l'émotion aux autres. Waouh

  • i cryyyyyyyyyy my gosh what performance he gave us, i feel each word he pronunces!!!!!

  • Where can i get the full version? Im in love with this song... so full of emotion.. so awesome :)

  • My champion whatever happens ❤️

  • 😍❤️

  • Man I’ve always loved Country music, but Kirk man is the future of Country Music

  • Woah 😳 he had that country voice with a whole lotta soul and he wasn’t struggling either, well executed performance

  • I felt this!!!!

  • Pain

  • 442 Dislikes to 42,000 Likes . . . what it must feel like when your opinion matters to nobody else in the Universe.

  • no offense kennedy can sing, mackenzie can sing, even jordan can sing, but this guy can not only sing but he can make u believe every words he is singing

  • Oh I can listen to this over and over again. ♥

  • He made the song sound so sexy .. Amazing voice .. Calmly pure n so emotional... Tears of love in my eyes

  • This men can win this season.

  • I don’t even listen to country, but if he released an album I’d buy it.

  • Please make available on Google Play Music for purchase.

  • I love this song!!1

  • This is his best performance on the voice to me.

  • They gotta add this to Apple Music please

  • Blake should have him. He is country. Great voice

  • This guy needs to sing "COLDER WEATHER" behind the piano

  • In case you didn't know🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤


  • He makes u believe what he is singing

  • For the win... Hope not just another young talent

  • Please put this on Apple Music already!


  • Made me cry and Now I like Country Music and I watch this over and over again

  • 1:14 😿 I felt that