KINGDOM HEARTS III - Opening Movie Trailer

Published on Dec 9, 2018
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Longtime Kingdom Hearts contributor Hikaru Utada has teamed up with longtime Kingdom Hearts superfan Skrillex to create the amazing theme “Face My Fears”.
Watch the forces of light and darkness gather as the battle for KINGDOM HEARTS approaches! It is time for Sora and all the KINGDOM HEARTS characters to face their fears!
KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Sony PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft Xbox One on January 29, 2019.
Pre-order the song "Face My Fears" from Hikaru Utada and Skrillex and get instant access to “Don’t Think Twice” available at 12am EST / 9pm PST!
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  • my fears sora not being in smash

  • horrible music choice

  • Holy SHIT😮 and why can't it be for a PC?😢

  • Everybody is reaching for someone in this trailer but the real loss is the sea salt ice cream @ 0:50!!

  • yes! thank you for dropping this on my birthday!

  • Didn't expect it come so early

  • The actual game will be a grave disappointment to half of these commenters, the other half will defend it with their lives. Let's see who wins the war.

  • Me: "If they do a Movie instead of a game I'll still be OK with that." Dark Hooded Figure: "Why not both?"

  • the actions and graphics are exact like Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

  • One of my fav childhood games coming back . YES

  • Darkness, Darkness everywhere

  • The fact that Disney with this dark story works so well is beyond amazing. I can’t wait for this game !

  • Skrillex fucking killed it

  • Nice music *-* nice trailer boom :D

  • ❤️

  • But why does Riku still have the Way to Dawn keyblade? I guess he peaves it after the battle for his “other” welp guess we’ll fin out soon

  • For someone whos only played chain of memories, im really freaking excited. I been watching gameplay vids and plot explanations to kind of catch up. ( i didnt have playstation )

  • I’m so dangerously hype.


  • To me this looks like a game trailer of a game that doesn't look anything like the released game. Get me?

  • Keiichi okabe should make the music from now on

  • To anyone who isn't going to blindly defend this shit excuse of KH music, remember to dismiss any retarded bitch "fans" on the internet that can only unironically spew "hayturs/ing" because you can't expect anything that actually sounds intelligent.

  • fuck what y’all talkin bout, skrillex and utada murdered this

  • They have to release the previous games on X-box one .

  • Wow, they actually did a cool trailer. Usually they are straight trash and look like someone threw them together last second.

  • Как же круто)

  • Xion!!!! ;-;

  • I need the whole song dam it

  • the music is good, the video is good, but somehow I find them incompatible.

  • I think the real problem with this song is that it’s not nearly as great as 1 and 2 or even 2.8s remix theme songs. I love kingdom hearts and skrillex but this song to me missed the keyhole.


  • I got exams this morning, and this song is helping so much with it. It's making me feel assured in what I studied

  • Chilllls 💙


  • I love following the story of the series through this trailer; starts with the BBS trio, Terra getting lost to darkness, Ven losing his heart (or however you want to put it); the KH1 trio running on the beach, straight to Ansem, then Sora and Kairi separating; the Days trio, losing Xion, straight into Roxas fighting Axel; Sora in CoM fighting Marluxia; then Xemnas in KH2.

  • Been waiting what feels like my whole life! Thumbs up, if you replayed the whole series leading up to this release!

  • My questions still unanswered.... DOES DONALD HEAL A LOT NOW?!

  • I need the full opening Soo badd!! 😤😂😀

  • such a terrible song for Kingdom Hearts god it's disgusting, but the OP is amazing if you exclude the cringe music

  • Goosebumps every time I see this. Im a goddamn chiapet by the end of the video.

  • The more you listen to it, the more it grows on you. The song fits perfectly onto the visuals.

  • Domics

  • I think the chess set has a bigger meaning to it than we think.

  • That's lit yo

  • We’ve almost made it boys!

  • Skrillex fucked the music #thanksfordestroyingmusic

  • love the song babe! 😍

  • Oh man I loved that so much

  • January 29 ... Here we go!!

  • Song pls

  • Skrillex❤

  • fr this song sounds like his japan Fiji rock ID

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • "A far off memory like a scattered dream. A scattered dream like a far off memory. I want to line the pieces up, yours and mine."



  • Best god damn early birthday gift ever. Actually watching this 7:30 Am December 10th, on my birthday.


  • Subscribe to my azions

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Xehanort, you are as good as dead.

  • Listen to it in 0.75 speed. I think slower would be better!

  • Cool intro, but Treasure Planet isn’t in this game! So not interested!

  • I need this game and I need this song

  • From Skrillex🔥

  • ついに来たー!! 日本人いるー!?


  • Wait, is this the full opening?

  • This could be perfect for nintendo switch

    • Super-six-one GT it’s gonna come probably after they release it on PS4/Xbox One.

  • this give me goosebumps cant wait to have it

  • Kingdom hearts has the BEST music selection for a video game! It Matches how the game makes you feel

  • Я просто посмотрю это ещё, ещё, ещё один раз.

  • *internal screaming of fangirls

  • Put Your Finger Here 👇

  • Numbhaaaaa 1 on trending baby!!!!! Thats the power of the key blade! Fucking stoked!

  • After playing 358/2 Days I really need to get this lol

  • *Will this comment appear at the top?*

  • Scrillex is a fraud of a musician

  • OMG, im so glad that i become the CE of this incredible Game 😍😁 i cant wait 😥😅 this Opening makes me Nostalgic and a lot of Epicness, especially with My dudes on 0:48 👊🏻😊


  • Fucking stoked for this!!!....but skrillex was the wrong call to produce this track...

  • Hate the music, love the visuals. That is all

  • People running after other people who disappear, the trailer.

  • Oh my gods I can not wait for this game!!!

  • A few more days to go guys !!!!!

  • forever in my heart forever in the feels.

  • Omfh that looks so good! It's finally here!!!!

  • 14 years + waiting gang here

  • man the tone the visuals and utada's angelic voice all come together so perfect

  • Ima just say love the games love the series also love this song but with that much hype we better have a epic battle on a huge chess board because if the opening can show chess pieces and a board you better believe I want to fight on a chess board

  • Rated E for Edgy

  • Read my name 🗿

  • Let's blow this joint and go get a cheese sandwich😲😭

  • wow

  • #1 Trending 🔥🔥

  • Skrillex the Best!!!

  • Wow this is the only opening theme i absolutely fucking hate because its annoying as fuck. Fuck any actually singing, lets use annoying ass hamster sounds because fuck talent amiright? Will be skiping this shit.

  • IMO,,the music is downgrade from the previous; hikari/simple and clean and passion/sanctuary XD

  • I feel like a 15 year old weeaboo again, this is great. I had drifted away from KH but you made me remember those fond memories, thanks Squeenix. Day 1 buy now.

  • Wtf is this music...