Kimchi Hamburgers and Bulgogi Fries in Texas - K-Town

Published on Apr 12, 2018
Host Matthew Kang is in Texas eating hamburgers covered in Kimchi. At LA Burger, two brothers are putting a Korean twist on American classics.
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Our Video Crew:


  • Wow when I clicked on this video I thought it might be LA burger but I did not expect at all that this video was in Carrollton! It feels weird when you see US-tv videos that were shot where you live.

  • So basically to make things korean as possible put KIMCHI on everything. Next Episode: Best Kimchi beer.

  • omg i want to visit america just for this burger!

  • Notice he said “in and out” and not “whataburger” ☺️

  • All the Korean moms are quaking

  • Ayyyy, LA Burger! This is down the street, I've sat in that booth! K-town burger is my go-to, and the bulgogi fries are freaking amazing. Eater should check out Gang Jung Chicken across the parking lot, great Korean fried chicken.

  • I've been to this place and this burger is LEGIT! So GOOD!

  • eating it while the toothpick is still in it is freaking me out.

  • My city is famous. This is the first time ive ever heard Carrollton mentioned in a video.

  • Watching this, wondering if he's going to bite the toothpick still in the burger

  • that bread on bottom of burger is what we call "TEXAS TOAST"

  • ima go try this.

  • Wait are they double frying the onion rings or are those not handmade. Look cooked and wabbly when throwing into the fryer

  • I live in Dallas and this place is everywhere it’s not that special lol

  • This is literally my favorite burger place close to my place. Even if you dont go for a korean style burger its fantastic and the bulgogi tots are to die for.

  • That meat looks so good man

  • I want to eat it RIIGHT NOW !

  • I got hooked on Korean food while stationed there, so good

  • awesome!

  • Beautiful ! I love Korean food so much

  • kimchi bulgogi fries 😋

  • His description of a "Cali Burger" sounds just like a Big Mac! :D

  • Enough Korean food...

  • I don't get what's special about this place. There have been places doing this kind of food for years now.

  • A place in Hawaii has had Kimchi Burgers for years now. Over 10yrs.

  • there hot dogs are awesome also

  • as a Korean American, this restaurant is like all my stoner meals i put together with my parents leftovers lol

  • He doesn’t seem that impressed by the burger.

  • Kim chi is good on everything as far as I am concern.

  • *Kimcheeseburger*

  • Dislike for that subtle shot at In & Out. How dare u.

  • I have seen a lot of delicious food on this show, but this burger made me DROOL.

  • inb4 bulgogi shwarma and kimchi tabule

  • Its should be kimchiseburger

  • My parents live in Carrollton! I know where I’m going next time I visit

  • Some how the first word that came to my mind was NO.

  • Who picks your music? Get rid of them.

  • Kim Chi is basically like a spicy pickle... OF COURSE IT'D WORK!!!!

  • It’s Korean-Americans who’re innovating K food. Koreans can’t do it.

  • do a pinoy series next

  • JP, WTF, go back to the Hellthy Junk Food

  • just stop. stop trying to fuse different cultures when everyone GotDamn knows races stick to their own

  • How can this be a Korean burger, with teriyaki? This food looks gross.

  • The Kimcheeseburger

  • If they didnt call it the kimcheese burger ill be disappointed

  • The way he said Bulgogi....... "Buhgogi"

  • Where is Lucas and nick they are mia for awhile now

  • Freakin love LA burger! 🤤🤤

  • poutine is dog food

  • This made me hella hungry