Kids Try Pizza Battle! New York Thin Crust vs. Chicago Deep Dish | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

Published on Nov 28, 2018
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Kids Try Pizza Battle! New York Thin Crust vs. Chicago Deep Dish | Kids Try | HiHo Kids
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HiHo Kids


  • Why they got it burned like that , Chicago pizza do not look like that

  • "Pokemon or Fortnite?" "Fortnite" I have no faith in this generation.

  • My heart broke when they preferred fortnite over Pokémon 😭💔

  • I love crust

  • If Cavalli isn’t your favorite Tester are you even watching Hiho kids 😂

  • My favorite place for deep dish in Chicago is the art of pizza

  • where is maddox ?? he loves pizzas

  • I CRINGED when they said fortnite.

  • Bottomings? What?

  • That little black kid is literally me eating anything...

  • 4:36 Girl You just got Roasted!😂 JK

  • Omaygllooobbb deeep dish =(((

  • 3:06 that chin is

  • Me and my brother are crust lovers so when we had something other than thin crust we were ecstatic.


  • Y'all really set up the deep dish style to lose with all the vegetables... Most kids here prefer it over regular pizza because it has so much cheese.

  • These kids never played fortnite and they choosing fortnite 😂

  • I think that the Deep Dish Pizza from there is different from here from Chicago because I live in Chicago and here the Deep Dish Pizza it looks much better

  • Im from Chicago and the deep dish is actually really good

  • "Do you know where pizza was made?" "No" "Do you want to guess?" "No thank you" Honestly.. Same😂😂😂

  • Gigi is such a cutie so freaking cute 😍😍😍😍❤

  • Why do kids not like pizza

  • I think every one likes crust but you haha but it’s true

  • Fortnite? I'm leaving this.

  • That’s the worst deep dish I’ve ever seen lmao I don’t know where you got that pie but it wasn’t from Chicago 😂

  • The deep dish looks like Chicago style

  • Is that how Washington kids eat pizza

  • Lmao I dropped it when the black said: "I'mma try to eat it all Mmmmh Mmmmh BOMB!"

  • deep dish is better because when you live in chicago you aint gonna find any new york style

  • I Wish I Was Them

  • 1:33 i love this kid

  • What are tater tots ?? Lmao , I’m on the UK

  • Cavalli is me

  • Kids are stupid, now you know.

  • y’all didn’t make that deep dish right that’s for sure

  • Deep dish does not look like that

  • I’m disappointed in the kids who chose Fortnite over Pokémon...

  • Clara reminds me of Elle from up aww

  • 1:33 “ima try and eat it all” he’s my spirit animal

  • If you ask a child pokemon or fortnite they will answer fortnite, but kids in the 90’s i beg they’ll choose pokemon. Those trading cards ask your friend to play with.

  • Okay if you gonna do a test with pizza make the toppings the same and don’t burn the pizza your danm New Yorker. (From a Chicagoan)

  • It’s 2am.. I have school tomorrow..

  • everyone is complaining about how they treated Chicago badly but not how all of them chose fortnite over pokemon.

  • nice pizza folding

  • They burnt the deep dish big time

  • That's technically a pan pizza, not a deep dish pizza. Try Bacino's or Amato's deep dish next time! 👍

  • "We don't get along that much anyways" 😅😂😂😂😂😂

  • Deep dish is the best what do you mean!?

  • That deep dish was wayyyyyyy fucked up. Someone needs to find them an actual chef.......

  • Really be doing us Chicago people dirty like that

  • bold of y’all to think that’s deep dish pizza

  • as a chicagoan seeing the deep dish they gave these kids makes me sad

  • 3:23 ommmmmmg

  • 0:34 automatically puts thumb up

  • We just gonna miss that all kid say fortnite im sad

  • Kids are never gonna like all those toppings. Should have kept it fair. Just pepperoni. Giordanos is my fav. Super cheesy. !🍕🍕🧀😍

  • 1:34 calm down little black pork. I really hate that way of eat

  • I love clara so much😭❤️such a relatable angel and so well mannered

  • Skip to 0:27 & 0:47 Hahahahahahaha this girl is so cute

  • Disliking for mentioning fortnite and flagging

  • Clawa ❤️

  • 1:25 😂😂

  • Both cities are cringing at those pizzas rn lol

  • I'm got pizza hut ads

  • I’m from Chicago and I can tell everyone right now that Deep Dish pizza does not look like that at all it has a lot more cheese and and other stuff

  • Wow..... I'm Italian and I am insulted Clara doesn't know where pizza was invented

  • Oscar brother looks like Lachlan

  • I live in Chicago and the best place to get deep dish pizza is gordanoz

  • Kids try brings purity to my every day life

  • my mood when I say I’m on a diet and then 3 seconds later I’m at 1:34


  • deep dish is not pizza. it’s a pie. idc what anyone says lmao.

  • I am from Chicago and that pizza is a disgrace.I have had better looking deep dish than that.

  • lil dude at 1:35 is totally relatable 😂

  • I'd love to see Cavalli in a video with Zaddychunkchunk

  • Cavalli and GG are gonna grow up to be gigantic fatsos

  • peep that he was doing heads up 7 up at 0:35

  • Can't stand Pizza of any kind! Revolting stuff.

  • 4:32 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 siblings!!!!!

  • 1:35 -1:39 me when my friends say there full.

  • New York's or Chicago's pizza? Napoli's pizza 🍕 (Sorry but I'm Italian 🇮🇹)


  • Lmao you shitmericans have no idea what REAL pizza looks like. Have fun with your gum bread and plastic cheese while we're enjoying high class ingredients over here in Europe.

  • BOTH

  • Clara just made me go ‘awwww’ aloud... precious child :’)

  • This video doesn't prove anything except that most kids don't like vegetables on pizza that much. Make two pizzas with just pepperoni and hire someone who knows how to make a deep dish pizza without burning the crust ie Lou Malnati's and then we can have this discussion lol.

  • Lmao the way they looked at the deep dish pizza I’m actually dyingggggg lmao

  • I’m a new Yorker born and raised there’s nothing like a New York style pizza 🍕

  • How can I come on this channel? With my sister

  • I’m from England and I don’t like fish!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!

  • i lost at 2:11

  • Cavali is my favourite kid!!!

  • Clara is a total babe 😍🙌💫

  • Pokémon

  • Pizza or Burger?🤔

  • I don't trust the kids after hearing their answer to the Fortnite or Pokémon question

  • Why Clara is so adorable? I just love her so humble nd calm God blss u little girl

  • Why does my life suck I want to die

  • I mean Ive seasn much thinner crust

  • 4:19 “Youuuuuuuu!” “Should head to New York!”