Kids Meet a Black Belt | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

Published on Mar 1, 2018
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Kids Meet a Black Belt | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids
HiHo Kids


  • Should meet a UFC fighter

  • He sounds like Bart from jk news😂

  • My brothers were black belts before we moved to america

  • I’m Filipina too!

  • My cousin got a black belt 3 times and she’s 27. She got them within 14 years

  • I did karate for a bit. Then we moved, so now I do Judo. The difference is that Judo is throwing and pinning, while Karate is kicking and punching.

  • 🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • my older brother is a black belt

  • i hope that kid dont get splinters

  • Man i wish i had stayed in martial arts, it looks so cool now. But i think im gonna stay in wrestling

  • Pilipino!🔥

  • I love the way Austin punched his hand instead of a high five😂😂

  • i thought that kid got socked in the chest at the beginning

  • Filipino here!

  • I'm a judo brown belt and 3rd in my country

  • Yey pilipino po silaa

  • My favorite video by far.👍 His skills 👊 are like a praying mantis swift, precise, and lethal.

  • 2:36 his eyes were closed

  • Well I was a black belt, but my teacher doesn't teach me how to break a plank or even how to use weapon (hand to hand combat), more of a Kumite ex athlete

  • Um how come when i was 7 i got green belt in like only 1 month in karate and then quit xD

  • "knock bullies out all day, bro" AHHAHAH love this austin is honestly the cutest little boy i swear

  • I only know the belt colors from club penguin RIP

  • This guy ancient


  • My best friend is a blue belt one day someone bullied me than he came aaaaaand i have nevet seen him so mad he left him with a broken nose

  • I'm a filipino to.

  • I was in karate before... Im glad I don't go anymore

  • In the next vid Kids meet an actual black belt

  • I'm on black one and it took me 4 yrs too.

  • I saw my sensays aprentice break a stack of like 8 bricks so not that impressed

  • Filipino squad

  • like if pilipino


  • I’m a black belt in taekwondo at the age of 14... I think that’s good 😀

  • Austin: “saaaouuuuuuu”

  • There's people who doesn't know Bruce Lee. That's sad. :(

  • I am shook when he said he came from the Philippines.

  • i love austin’s dad

  • I'm a brown belt and this is cute ❤

  • Looks at the belt and asks are you a black belt

  • Im actually a black belt

  • In Europe the belts order is : white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, 3 brown belts and finally black

  • 5:04 'boards dont hit back' like if you get it

  • pink belt

  • 0:05 thought he killed the kid

  • This guy probably one of the teachers of Joaquin Montes

    • Asczeiy ll Joaquin Montes practices Taekwondo, a South Korean Martial Art. Karate is a Japanese Martial Art, originally from Okinawa.

    • Asczeiy ll I teach Karate not Taekwondo... aside from that my students would know better...

  • 5:03 - "Wow"! 😱😀 5:07 - Sister Shook! 😱😳 Drops 2 pieces of wood I laughed so hard 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Is it just me or does the girl with colurful hair look like ariana grande


  • If I was there I would’ve immediately said “I NEVER GO BACK ON WHAT I SAY, THATS MY NINDO, MY NINJA WAY” (Only Naruto fans would get it)

  • Joaquin Montes meets black belt

  • As kardeşim (aanlayan anladı)

  • Kid @5:22 "he never even imagined he had the sabertooth hand"

  • I'm impressed I actually guessed he's Filipino in just first few seconds in the video when he was counting.

  • "knock bullies out all day bro" - Austin's dad

  • Bugbog O dignidad?

    • g gracefullyxx lol 😂. I hate bullies and the reason why I started karate in the first place.

  • I am trening karate for 6 years

  • Oh lol, i am actually almost black belt in taekwondo ( it is kind of like karate but it is from South Korea) , i started when i was 6 and my first language was Japanese.

    • so? don't stereotype people+Anh Lê

    • Your 1st language is Japanese but you started with Taekwondo? That's weird

  • I have been binge watching these videos.

  • 3:30 makes cliche gong noise

  • Austin soo cutee

  • 6:01 as someone who does karate, i must say this is a good punch for a beginer

  • I've never been so happy to do karate

  • I’m in taekwondo and I’m yellow belt

  • Philippines tho

  • Highest i made was yellow with the so come stripe

  • Aww loved This!

  • Boxing. Muay Thai. Judo. Jujutsu maybe some wrestling and you'll be just fine. Skip Karate day, those haaaa! Hiiiiii! Hewooo! Are not needed..

  • I did MMA I'm a orange belt

  • Im a blue belt

  • I’m a black belt

  • Filipino squad :D

  • I’m a black belt too XD in martial arts

  • My step dad is a black belt

  • Raf saying *"Knock bullies out all day, bro"* is funny af

  • Tell this guy I'm a green belt

  • When anime comes to life...

  • lol kids these days don’t know who Bruce lee is but they know who wide neck and daddy long neck is, 😞😞😞

  • Kaway kaway sa mga pilipino

  • I am a black belt in karate my school is SKC

  • Random pinoy comment here

  • He looks japanese.. Very cool sensei tho

  • I have a black belt and I’m ten

    • then your martial art school is fake

    • Ava Moon And I'm a famous video game character!

  • Sensei: *kicks* *suddenly hits chair behind him* Sensei: Woopsies Dude that was cute😂😂😂

  • Crystal is just so polite


  • I started learning Korean martial arts when I was 9 and I left when I got my black belt at the age of 13, im 18 now. I encourage everyone to go and try it, i met a lot of wonderful people and made a lot of great memories

  • Me toooooooo

  • Chunli💙💚

  • 4:00 me practicing around my house and kicking a bit too hard

  • Filipina!!!

  • I thogt it was senpai

  • wtf type of karate has red belt before orange and yellow after orange?

  • Bruce Lee + Pokémon =Hitmonlee

  • I love crystal she does not care she just gives it here all and all the others do to

  • Sensei is french

  • do kids meet a voice actor!

  • Precut boards but still cool

  • Poot Austin 😂

  • He doesn’t sound nor look filipino wtfffff suprised as heccccc