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Published on Mar 1, 2018
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Curious kids meet--and interview--people with particular points of view.
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Kids Meet a Black Belt | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids
HiHo Kids


  • i was holding my breath when he used those weapons right next to the kids i was expecting him to hit them

  • I perform the careful choke every evening before going to bed

  • Is he half Japanese half Pilipino.. Im really curious kasi Kalahi ko pala siya hahahha. pati rin ung isang Girl

  • 5:46 YAAAAAASS

  • My dads a black belt

  • 3:47 Knock bullies out all day bro

  • I hope there could also be a Kids Meet a Kung Fu Master, or Kids Meet a Shoulin Monk.

  • Waw i'm a filipino.. xD

  • 4:38 I thought the guy was gonna tell them, "wax off, wax on," for a second lol

  • this cures my depression...

  • We're same im half filipina

  • I’m yellow belt

  • I am from the philippines also☺

  • I got my black belt in 4 years I stared at when I was 8

  • 4:08 it looks like she just hit the fattest whip XD

  • Sup

  • I've gotta learn how to use nunchucks like that!

  • I love his voice

  • My dad was a brown belt

  • I’m twelve and I have a black belt

  • "Do you like weapons.." lol, Crystal can learn what i used to do, which is Filipino martial arts called Arnis/Kali. the weapons are mostly rattan or a knife

  • Im Filipino

  • *S A H*

  • My friend is a 6th grade black belt 🥋

  • I'm a Filipino! FILIPINO POWER!!!!

  • Ey Filipino

  • Kid meets black people

  • I’m a purple belt but I suppose to be red

  • Goshhh Austin's smile soo cute. And hey, can I adopt Helena?

  • Putek, from the accent I knew he was Fillipino! XD

  • I am nearly a black belt and will be in 2 years if I past my tests. I am 15 and I started when I was 10

  • Hey guys, vsauce is here

  • crystal is my fave 😍 finding out shes a filipino too makes me SO happy 💗

  • U knw education some have agreed shuld change ,imagine setting such a programme where kids meet professionals(good with kids)where they try out different stuff instead of putting straight through years of doing what ur parents want ,think about it

  • man these kids really want to punch! it's real tough to be a kid you know , listen to NOs all the time

  • THAT WAS SO COOL especially the outdo DUDE

  • Oh no! She has mastered the "slow choking technique"!!

  • My teacher is a aikido black belt stage two ._.

  • That woid thing is bullshit

  • Wow!! These are super addicting. I started with "Kids meet a Holocaust Survivor" and I havent stopped watching!! I wouldnt mind volunteering for "Kids Meet a Competitive Runner!" There are millions of us all over the world and we come in all shapes and sizes!! Sometimes we run in 5ks, 10ks, 15ks, Marathons and even Triathlons. We arent paid for what we do, but we just love doing it because it makes us feel good about ourselves and it inspires others to start training and running. Ive been doing it for 7-years and I have competed in over 80 races, won 45 gold medals and 13 first place trophies and it would be really cool to see young kids be more active and love the outdoors and not always staying inside and playing video games all the time. Keep making these videos because I think they are very educational and they keep teach people alot!! :)

  • I am blackbelt to

  • Napaka-common dito sa pilipinas yung self-defense. Proud ako sa kanya. (Self-defense is very common here at the Philippines, and im proud of him.) Mabuhay Philippines🇵🇭 Kaway-kaway sa mga pinoy dyan!

  • You know Bruce Lee? "No." ...Oh. *Dejection* Literally the story of my life 😂

  • Lol "ok let's see it" "Saw!" "SAWWWWWEHHHHHH!!!"😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💜

  • austin's dad:knock bullies out all day, dad of the year right there

  • I’m a black belt and I’m 12

  • my karte belt ranking is white,yellow,orange,greeen,blue,brown,black plus stripes

  • hey im a filipina as well

  • Those kids really didn't have very thick board to break. Ever done a 2 inch? They are NOT easy, those were probably like a quarter inch, maybe less.

  • Black belt in 4 years ..... yeeeeaaaahhh no

  • Love austin

  • Ohhoo austiinnn

  • 4:23 Ganji is that you?

  • woah i had no idea the guy was filipino. usually us filipinos would be able to spot another from a mile away lol.

  • Kids are so funny

  • That outro was lit af!

  • I'm filipino as well

  • Philippinessssss!!!,!

  • It took me 2 yrs to get to black

  • i used to do karate when i was in 5th grade! i was the best in my division and even competed with people in a higher belt in the tournaments! it was a lot of fun, and this video brought back great memories :")

  • Filipino Friend / Fan!

  • i took taekwondo at school and its cool to see a black belt so i can learn more about taekwondo

  • Im A FILIPINO Also Austins dad is FILIPINO why do i want to get a sponsorship

  • I Think My Crush Has The Black/Red Belt, I Forgot, But Oh Wow UwU.

  • For every monday saturday gaming like fortnite and more

  • Born for gaming not for karate

  • I hate when they have so many belt colors. My dad runs a karate school and he said that adding extra belts is just a way to make more money, since you have to pay for the actual belt and the ceremony and such.

  • Wait is it a girl or a boy the uhh Austin yh

  • When you don’t break the board it hurts

  • I miss Karate

  • What's the practical use of Karate? lol

  • I was in karate for 3 yrs and the 1st time i was gonna brake the wood it actually broke

  • 5:41 This scene impressed me cause he helped the girl to break the wood piece! I wont tell ya. You would have to figure it out by yourself! :) ;)

  • 3:59 He kicks the gong! LMAO but I still have respect for you! (Y)

  • Sensei Oss Senpai


  • 4:34 #offspringgoals

  • Should’ve just did kids meet Jackie Chan

  • I'm Filipino

  • i was scared he was gonna accidentally smack the kids with the numb chucks

  • „Knock bullies out all day, bro!!!!“

  • Kid: do you like weapons? Karate man: yes I do Me: 🤣🤣🤣

  • 2::55 too close. dangerous. teachers must not swing around tools near them.

  • My boi came from the Philippines. Mah man.

  • Why does he look so much like my principal

  • I like this dude

  • Oh my gawd, Sensei Roland! 😂

  • im a filipino too

  • Proud filipino here

  • Oss sensei. Iam also a karateka in the PH:) just sayin not braging. Alright?

  • I. Go. To. Karate 🥋. My. Belt. Is. With. And. Yellow.

  • Anyone else had the urge to shout "Sa!" ?!

    • God, this comment is honestly great... I hope others pick up on this genius

  • 0:29 how much you wanna bet that kid will be in karate 5:20-5:28 nvm

  • My cousin just got Black Belt

  • Wut he is a filipino wow im too but no one cares

  • Filipino-Japanese squad here?

  • 3:42 Austin’s dad is an OG

  • Wow I just realized that the future generations may never experience an authentic Bruce Lee movie or know his legacy 😳.

  • Pilipino ka dong. Hahahaha