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Published on Nov 5, 2018
Get more Christmas for less at Walmart. Free 2-day shipping. No membership fees. Light up Christmas.
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  • Is this same dog from a dogs way home

  • Great be Walmart commercial with the dog

  • Cutest commercial this holiday season. The song, the adorable dog rushing to the door to check out the latest package from Walmart, and his growing holiday apparel (he really hated those booties...).😏🐕

    • Meowy Christmas to you too, Tia! 🎅

    • +Walmart Oh yes, definitely more their style. Meowy Christmas! 😻😻🌲⛄❤

    • +Walmart Maybe my granddog in California. He's little but a big ham.

    • Maybe this will get them in the holiday spirit though, Tia!

    • +Walmart My 2 indoor kitties are very sweet but definitely would not go for that, lol! 🐱🐱

  • What breed of dog is this? 😍

  • Hey Walmart, do you sell the dogs Christmas items shown in the commercial? I’m most interested in the dog’s collar and wasn’t able to find them on your website. Please send me the link if you have it. Love this commercial!

  • Hey Walmart! What song is this?

    • "Keep it Coming, Love" by KC and The Sunshine Band."

  • I order from Walmart all the time shipping and service is excellent

  • Cute.

    • Give that dog a rib eye! So cute!

  • Fuck Walmart

  • more Christmas for less at Walmart

  • When you're literally so bored and lazy, you decide to dislike a fuckin' Walmart ad on US-tv.

  • Buy Sears kmart jcp for toys and other items wmt is weak for everything but food. Sears Hasbro Mattel are not dum to me retailers except for JCP shld are because every time I was brought there the same brand of clothes would look worse not at sears jcp but Kohls wmt and m that is from the last 8 years yes I have a good memorizing capability, the war we call retail and e commerce pushed the oldest chains to a revival because shld JCP kmart are more resilient amazing in the way they showed the founders ideas come and out and have a back up plan to show off better than wmt buy shld JCP frsh stocks, Eddie lamburt fought for the brand in anyway to make sears Corp expand at his own cost , he didn't want this trials or the fanbase fighting against the rich on e commerce And fighting off the rest of big retail , sears and JCP are very old the impatient people who use e commerce and other strategies lose look wmt and other physical chains are struggling to be like sears because they are not they can't fill the desires of me so why listen to the old songs pushing for them they are art in their own right I know that people want to protest the abuse of Illinois California, and New York, Oregon do just because you let your self get obcessed didn't mean sears Corp had to be pushed to .4 dollars and below , sears has shown that the entire country is actually rude and dum as a whole, kmart is a store chain Eddie did what was good for sears , the vain toxic people pushing everyone down in retail is not trusted with my money sears was opened in the best time of the modem era the 19th century JCP was opened before the wars just barely it was a good thing , too because Europeans were trying to ensure empires , sears is not like the other companies in tech entertainment that whent out in the last 40 years ge is kicking Wal-Mart in volume who wins liberals the traditional companies do, I rant and rant to make sure sears is not killed by entertainment tech e commerce because sears is over a tenth of the nations age its dum to let the newer competition win in techophllic campaigns , soon the chain factions in retail will go down to just 2 companies shld vs jcp

  • great dog video!

  • Free shipping? That is amazing!